Now I Understand….

Don’t act like this isn’t the cutest thing ever.  I have this weird obsession with koala bears.  I’m aware that they are not necessarily as cute and cuddly as they look but I still love them.  Is this cheesy?  Of course, but it’s still cute!Booty Bear

My myspace got hacked.  The myspace administrator kept telling me to change my password and i would change it and then it would say I didn’t do it.  I did it three times until it said error and I was like fuck this.  I deleted my account and what a fucking relief.  I have hated my page for a good 3 years.  I joined myspace quite a while ago so I had managed to accumulate a bunch of friends that were people I totally didn’t know and that shit was ultra wack.  Stupid invites to things I would never go to, people asking me to be friends that were like 16 years old etc.  Needless to say I was happy to start over.  I don’t really go on there anyway except to link dnb peeps but at least now I’ll know all the people that are my friends.  Anyways, the reason for this rant is to lead up to the fact that I only have one pic on there and I figured I could stand to put one more.  I was looking at my photobucket and found this gem….

Those were the days when I used to almost strangle Pipeline in every pic.  He looks so young!  That was his hipster do that he sported for a while, you can’t see the back but there most certainly was a tail back there.   Look how short Ju Ju’s hair is, now it’s totally rapunzel and shit.  I try not to look at this pic too much because I’m wearing this jacket that Stunna decided to just give away to someone and then couldn’t remember who after I had left it in his car.  (pause for a moment of silence in memory of my cheap ten dollar H&M prize)  Anyways I’m not putting it on my myspace but I figured it was a good enough pic to share. 🙂

I’m kinda digging this new Dj Zinc – Take Me With You.  I find that quite surprising because most of Zinc’s stuff lately….  well I don’t really have the words to describe how I feel about it.  We’ll just say I wasn’t necessarily feeling it, kinda like the other track on this record.  Not for me unfortunately.  As I’m writing about Dj Zinc, I have been thinking what my favourite track by him was.  That’s a tough one.  After a long think I’ve decided to go with Junglist Remix.  It’s just too classic for me not to pick it.  It represents such a great time in my jungle raving days and it’s still a great banger. *sigh*

Dj Zinc – Junglist Remix

Dj Zinc feat Katy B – Take Me With You

Enough about Zinc.  I’m loving this Spectrasoul too.  Nice and moody. 🙂

Spectrasoul – Dark Hour

I feel a procrastination day coming on.  I’ve been at work since 7am (i’m a nerdy early riser and if I get restless at home I just come into work early) and I’ve really done fuck all. *shakes head*  Does procrastination ever stop??  I’ll be 32 this year and I don’t really see it subsiding any time soon. 😛

Raw QStudio Mix

Kjell – Grand Groove (Dub)
Raw Q – Vital Soul VIP (Dub)
Zero T feat. Steo – No More (Dispatch)
Calibre feat. Larriman – Overeaction (Signature)
Random Movement, Mixmaster Doc & Focus – My Sentiments (Dub)
Eveson – Brooklyn (Dub)
Alix Perex – Inferno (Soul:R)
Sinistarr – Leeroy Jenkins (Dub)
Calibre – Lectro (Signature)
Raw Q – Other Voices (Dub)
Calibre – Always Loving You (Signature)
Mixmaster Doc – Eeka (Dub)

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