Kiki The Cheesehead

So I’m in Wisconsin with my mum.  Eating food, watching tv, lounging around etc.  Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you go to your parents house?:)


Q Project – Holy War (track is in the player)  I’m actually really digging this one, I heard it yesterday when I was listening to the Hospital Podcast.  I went on a super Q Project kick from about ’05 to ’07 and then I got over it and haven’t bought anything him by him this whole year.  I am loving this one though.

Today’s Oldie:

I have no idea why I’ve found it necessary to devote two posts in a row to Q Project but whatever.  I’ll just round it all out by making today’s oldie something of his as well.  LOL.

Q Project – Slowly But Surely – Hospital Records 2005

I’m not very familiar with Soundsurfer but I really enjoyed this mix.  Check it out.

SoundsurferWinter Warmer.  Chill Mix


Infuzoria – Lightning Flashes [CAMINODIGITAL002]
Deep Gemini – Deepness in the sky [COVNTD011]
Naibu – Ktx [FOKUZLP003]
Furney & Tayla – You must stand still [LV006]
Sonic Saturation – Have you [CAMINODIGITAL002]
Future Engineers – Re:Source [NEXUSLP001]
Alaska & Nucleus – Aufeis [AM004]
Soultec – Bullet train to Mount Fuji [dub]
Seba – Cruising in time [NU12013]
Marcus Intalex – Astro Dance [SOUL:R034]
Spectrasoul – Peninsula [SHA023]
Icicle & Switch – Looking away [OSMUK005]
Danoo – Different Touch [BWCD04]
Seba & Krazy – Finola [INN026]

Gobble Gobble

I just pulled up to my mum’s house aka Little Africa/Little Bangladesh. As I’ve said before my mum is Sierra Leonean. My mum and my stepdad lived in Bangladesh for a while and when my mum moved back to America she redesigned the house and it totally looks like Little Africa/Little Bangladesh. I love the little things that make your home home.

My drive was awesome. I didn’t want to leave yesterday because of traffic and I really wanted to go to Lava. This morning I sailed through. No traffic, just me raving out in my car to Stunna, Random Movement and the likes. There’s nothing like raving out in your car to dnb at 5a.m.

Lava was awesome. Good music, good people, good times.

Happy Turkey Day U.S. folks.:)

Today’s Oldie: Dj Sappo Ding Dong Bass RemixRinse Out 1997 Ooh. Tune and a half! I loved those dancefloor bangers. I told you I was a speaker girl. I just would go stand by myself and feel the bass and dance my ass off. During that period tracks like this were ideal. I just wanted to dance for hours and hours… now I feel exactly opposite. LOL. I just want to be able to stand in a corner and hear good music and hang out with my friends. Dang I’m old.😉

Q ProjectHospital Podcast #71


01. Hospitality At Heaven 28/11/08 Cancelled
02. Q-Project – Credit Crunch
03. Zero T Beta 2 – Bizzy Time (Break Remix)
04. Q-Project – Holy War
05. Total Science – Stone Love
06. Q-Project – Just 3 Things
07. Spirit – Fantasy
08. A-Sides and Fats – What You Don’t Know
09. Total Science – SOS
10. Damage Inc – Overload
11. Q-Project – Divided We Stand
12. Wastin Time – Kaidi Tatham TS Remix

Productive Kiki

I’m on a roll people. It’s only 8:37 and I’ve already gotten a lot of shit done. That might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been up since 4:45 a.m. but still it feels good. I stayed late at work yesterday to get my work done so now I get to leave early and that has definitely put a magnificent start to my day. Yay. I’m also just really excited at the thought of not having to work for the next four days.

If you’re in Chicago tonight definitely stop by Lava! It’s gonna be a fun Seminar with Stunna, Submorphics, Radiata & Timid. D&B and Dubstep and all my friends? You don’t have to ask me twice. Black wednesday is definitely one of my favourite nights out in Chicago.


Utah Jazz – Leap of Faith (track is in the player)

Hobzee & Zyon Base – 1000 Paper Cranes (track is in both players)

Today’s Oldie: Absolute Zero & Subphonics – The Code – Renegade Hardware 1998 It’s the day before Thanksgiving so I figured why not get old and dirty and grimy and loud right? Awesome Renegade Hardware oldie. Gritty goodness.


Saw this mix on DOA and it was a nice listen.

Dj GozuNew Horizons


Technicolour – Le Corbusier
Chris SU & State Of Mind – Deeper
Dirty Harry & D Minds – Ghost Town
Mindscape – Vulture
Spectra Soul – The Tube
Dom & Roland – Sanity
Concord Dawn – Choloroform
Bungle – Be Like This
System – Near Miss
Fierce & Break – Keeper
Well Being – Lend Me Your Troubles
Zyon Base & Sol ID – World of Emptiness
Fierce & Survival – Prism
State Of Mind – Floor 14
Optiv – Inertia
Bungle – The Source

Bizzy Bee

Remember Bizzy B? Remember Joker? I do have one Joker record that I actually refuse to part with. Something about Money Hoes and Clothes. LOL. I don’t remember the exact title but I know that the sleeve is grey.

This post will have to be short and sweet.  I’m super busy. My boss isn’t going to be here tomorrow and he says if I get all the work he left me done, I can leave early tomorrow, which would be dope.  Right now the amount of work I have to do will not be allowing any leaving early to be happening, so I’m trudging away.


Decem – Tearing You (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie: A-Sides feat. MC FatsWhat You Don’t KnowEastside Records 2003 I like this record a lot. I’m gonna have to dig it out again.

Listened to this at work already. It’s from earlier this month. Good listen.

Soundtrax4Life – Big Bud – Bassdrive – Special Guest Electrosoul System

No tracklist

All About Kiki

It was snowing this morning. It didn’t look like the pic above but it would have been nice if it had.

This weekend was lovely. It was all about me, me, me time. I listened to a ton of music. Cleaned my place. Made an attempt to organize my records. (a rubbish attempt at that) Wrote for a while. I’m not one of those people that doesn’t like to be alone. I definitely relish in it. I love having time to focus on what’s going on in my life and reflect on how to make myself a better person. Woh, we’re getting too deep here, lets talk about music.😛

I had 3 mixes on heavy, heavy rotation this weekend. Really good listening. Zero T D&B TV Mix, Stunna Rubiks Podcast and the SpectraSoul Kongkast #55. On the SpectraSoul mix there is this really awesome track towards the end that’s one of their dubs called In Profile.


Redeyes & LenzmanThieves In The Night
This is probably my favourite track right now. I heard it a while ago and have been waiting to find some kind of sample to share with you but unfortunately there is none or I should just say I couldn’t find one. I pretty much stay tuned to Bassdrive hoping someone will play it. LOL. Old school style. I was totally that kid that used to do that. Just keep the radio on hoping I would hear them play the songs that I liked. (i don’t even listen to regular radio anymore so I guess I’m showing my age since radio today only rotates about 10 songs total) I’ve heard it on Dj Presha’s show and Random Movement played it last week. Sexy tune. Just sultry and melodic. I love it. Keep your ears peeled people.

Random Movement & Mixmaster DocRattled System
Loving this one. What’s not to love? There’s a Bjork sample in it! (track is in the Random Movement player)

Today’s Oldie: Pieter KRapportOffshore Recordings 2003
When I first started listening to Offshore, I was fortunate enough to be given the first 6 or so releases all at once. This Pieter K was the one I listened to non stop. Awesome track. I’ve been having a hard time tracking down mp3s today. Finally found one on Chemical. It’s track c.

Yay for a 3 day work week this week.


Haven’t listened to this yet but I do like Sonorous Music so it’ll do.

SinistarrExclusive Mix for Sonorous Music


Bachelors Of Science – One Friday Night – Dub
Edward Oberon – Change Everything – Dub
Facing Jinx – Front 2 Back – Dub
Eveson – Brooklyn – Influence Records dub
Sinistarr – Pole Position – Sonorous Digital Dub
Sinistarr – Uptown – Peer Pressure Recordings Dub
Mutt – It’s Pouring Once Again – Horizons Music Dub
Lynx & Nu:Tone – Whistle Stop – Brand:Nu
Sinistarr – Leeroy Jenkins – Influence Records
Mutt – Feelings For You – Horizons Music
Soul Intent – Studio Pressure – Influence Records Dub
Cybass – Japonica – Vibez Dub
Atom – Excursion – Sonorous Digital Dub
Sinistarr – Golgo 13 – Dub
Survival – Daylight – Audio Tactics
Chris Inperspective – Sitting on Crayons – Dub
Sinistarr – Corporate – Offshore Recordings Dub
Justice & Invincible – Forever – Dub
Brother – Everything To Give – Dub
Dave Owen – Our Little Secret – Dub
Nujabes – Reflection Eternal – Hyde Out Recordings

Frozen Friday

Yes it’s friday.  Yes it’s fucking cold as fuck.  And yes I’m swamped at work.

Moving on.


Blue SonixDisco

Calculon & Andy Sim – Bristol Blues

Today’s Oldie:  DigitalWaterhouse DubFunction Records 2001 Absolutely awesome record.  Loves it.  Classic.

Australian Atmospherics on Bassdrive 11/17/08



01. ATP – ‘Montego Funk’ (golden orb)
02. Invisible Landscape – ‘Funky Fresh’ (dub)
03. Lenzman – ‘String City’ (Fokuz)
04. Operon – ‘Old Timer’ (dub)
05. ATP – ‘Soho Lament’ (golden orb)
06. Paul T – ’30 Something’ (dub)
07. Operon – ‘Want To Dance’ (dub)
08. LM1- ‘City Lights’ (golden orb)
09. Paul SG – ‘Changing Mind’ (red mist)
10. Switch – ‘Documents’ (fokuz)
11. Yorkee – ‘Synth Dawn’ (red mist)
12. Paul SG – ‘Slipper’ (influenza media dub)
13. Kubatko – ‘Fly Without Wings’ (red mist)
14. Operon – ‘Inch by Inch’ (covert operations)
15. Electrosoul System – ‘So Close’ (fokuz)
16. Flirt with Dirt- ‘Taken to Reverie’ (golden orb)


01. Embarassing Oscar – Dimina (Mendelayev rmx) (Modulate dub)
02. Electrosoul System – Colours (Allsorts 004)
03. Cryo – Mermaid (unsigned dub)
04. Cutworks – Female Demands (Golden Orb dub)
05. Electrosoul System – So Close (Fokuz 034)
06. Spherique – Another Side Of Senses (unsigned dub)
07. Cutworks – Starfall (unsigned dub)
08. Mendelayev – On Edge (unsigned dub)
09. Cryo – Girls And Their Demons (Covert Operations 023)
10. Cutworks – Alone In A Silence (Golden Orb dub)
11. Electrosoul System – After Hours (Brand Nu X 002)
12. Cutworks – Eclectic Soulroot (unsigned dub)
13. Spherique – Falling Leaves (unsigned dub)
14. Cutworks – Exile (Digital Blus dub)
15. Mendelayev & Cutworks – Across The Space (KOs.Mos.Music dub)
16. Electrosoul System – Honcho (Kos.Mos.Music 002 )

Early Bird

I came into work hella early today, 7a.m.. I just wanted to get my shit started early. Also that means I get to leave early which is definitely win.


Klute Ashram

Today’s Oldie:
Jagged Edge aka Ryme Tyme & OpticalRockbaby V Recordings 1999 Today’s oldie goes out to Daniela. This is one of her favourite tracks. :) I remember when V was my go to label. This track was from their gold medal era. Hot ish.

Zero TD&BTV Live #29

No tracklist.

I’ve been listening to this mix all day. It’s dope.:)


Meh, Bleh, Bah, you get my drift. It’s cold. It’s hard to get motivated. There’s only a 3 day work week next week. I’m trying to be good but procrastination is getting the better of me dammit!😉 This week is pretty quiet compared to last week.

I can’t stop listening to Tyler Straub. I feel like I should talk about him way way way more than I do cuz he’s uber talented. I’ve been listening to Easy Does It, Walk The Line, Drawn Faces, Waiting For You, Baixo Capoeira, etc. all morning cuz it’s the total soundtrack to the mood I’m in. Good stuff. Become a fan. I am. You can hear the majority of those tracks on his myspace. :)


Electrosoul SystemDeep Blue Loving this one. I heard it on Overfiend’s show recently (I think) and was digging it. It’s been a while since I have bought an Electrosoul System track.

Today’s Oldie – Decoder & SubstanceDogfightBreakbeat Culture 2001 I was a huge Decoder & Substance fan. Hazardous is really my favourite on that Encrypted EP on Tech Itch Recordings but I couldn’t find a sample so I went with Dogfight instead.

Looking forward to this one. I❤ Spectrasoul.

SpectrasoulMix for Kongkast #55


01. Lomax – Come & See (Critical Dub)
02. Physics – Dream World (D-Bridge Remix)(Blindside)
03. Subwave – Think (Shogun Audio Dub)
04. Alix Perez – Crooklyn (Soul:R)
05. SpectraSoul – How Strange (Innerground Dub)
06. Calibre & D-Bridge – Untitled (Dub)
07. Alix Perez – Stray (Shogun Audio)
08. SpectraSoul – Alibi (Critical Dub)
09. Icicle & Nympho – Franky Mountain (Ram)
10. Break – Authentic (Quarantine)
11. SpectraSoul – Untitled (Dub)
12. Break – Headz Up (Metalheadz Dub)
13. SpectraSoul – The Tube (Shogun Audio)
14. Proxima – Critical Force (SGN:LTD Dub)
15. Break – Destiny Comes Ringing (Commercial suicide Dub)
16. SpectraSoul – Adoration VIP (Dub)
17. Icicle & Jubei – Keep Up (Dub)
18. SpectraSoul – Tectonics (Dub)
19. Commix & Icicle – Ultraclean (Dub)
20. Nympho – Indemnity (Crunch Dub)
21. Friction & K-tee – Overtime (Renegade Hardware)
22. D-Bridge – True Romance VIP (Dub)
23. SpectraSoul – In Profile (Dub)
24. Zero-T & Survival – No More (Dispatch)
25. SpectraSoul – Dark Hour (Critical)
26. Logistics – Waiting Line (Hospital)
27. SpectraSoul – Flourescent (Dub)

Mission Impossible

Dun dun dun dun dunnun – that’s supposed to be the mission impossible theme… bare with me people.😉

I’ve got numerous tasks ahead of me today. Fingers crossed I get them completed. Time is the ultimate hater wouldn’t you say?? It just doesn’t ever want to give you enough hours in the day. Boo.


B-complex – Beautiful Lies (track is in the player) I’m a wee bit obsessed with B-complex. I just love his stuff.

Robot Redford & Carl Matthes – Get You (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie: Dj Marky & XRSRudebwoy Innerground Records 2003 Love this record. I really was excited when the Brazilians made their appearance on the dnb circuit in early 2000.

Format Next Level 95BFM 11/15/08


T:Solo – Speak easy [Samurai Red Seal dub]
Atlantic Connection – Crossing Paths [Westbay dub]
Sintez – Follow Me [Future Thinkin dub]
Nutone + Logistics – Trademark [Hospital]
Fourward – Eyelash [Focuz dub]
Invaderz – For all the people [Liquid V]
Cern – Life’s Curse [Renegade Hardware dub]
Enei – Morning Talk [dub]

01. oak – chizra [kos.mos dub]
02. data – encore [deep soul music]
03. icicle ft. nymfo – adrift [crunch]
04. q project – credit crunch [hospital]
05. ben e – system [industry dub]
06. system – near miss [digital soundoy]
07. enei – food for us [dub]
08. loxy – green destiny [digital soundoy dub]
09. loxy – wildlife on one [horizons dub]
10. proxima – vital signs [cylon]
11. loxy & isotone – ancients [cylon dub]
12. spectrasoul – peninsula [shogun audio]

Tiki – Always on my Mind (Mosus + Zero T remix) [Liquid V dub]
Apex – Emo Funk [Cyanide]
Spinline – Cold Feet [SOM music dub]
Yorkee + Soul Intent – Routine [dub]
Die + Break – Coming from the top [Clear Skyz]
Atlantic Connection – Disco Shit [Westbay dub]
State of Mind + Trei – True Stories (The Upbeats remix) [Samurai dub]

Holidays Schmolidays

It’s totally reached that time.  Thanksgiving is next week.  Christmas is around the corner.  Where the hell does time go?

I  had a good weekend.  I just spent quality time with my buddies and that’s always the best.

I’m actually trying to do some work today… yeh I know, I’m surprised myself, so this entry is pretty short.



ATP – Montego Funk (track is in the player)

Command Strange – One Fine Day (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie:  Acen116.7Higher Education 1999 Good rolling track.  Me and Stunna and Submorphics were just talking about this label the other day, that’s what made me think of digging out an oldie from their releases.  I have a majority of the Higher Education releases and it’s all really great stuff.:)

StunnaRubiks Podcast 15