I’ve made an attempt to write several posts on here and then just kind of abandoned them.

2021 didn’t start out that great for me. My father passed away on December 30th of last year. There’s a lot to try and sort out as I live in America, my father was in London and we’re Sierra Leonean. I’ll be leaving on Monday to go to Sierra Leone to bury him as that was what he wanted.

I’ve been really overwhelmed and sad and have just been zoning out to dnb mixes as I try to get stuff organized.

Loz Contreras & Myras’s show has been so lovely. I am usually there to listen immediately after it’s posted, but the past 6 weeks have been a bit trying, so I’ve basically spent this week catching up on like 6 shows. The selection is 100% up my alley. I’m so here for the “feel good” selections. They are really comforting.

I really enjoyed this week’s show so I’m sharing it here. Always going to love a Logistics spotlight. 🥰


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