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Steppers Aliance Reunion

I’m an old lady. I grew up in London and I listen to a lot of drum and bass.

I spent a lot of years raving and djing, and that visceral love for DnB is still with me 25+ odd years later.  

I may not rave or mix out as much as before, but DnB is still a huge part of my everyday life.  

This is a platform that definitely isn’t updated as much as it used to be, (I’m a rubbish blogger), but still is a place where I like to post current mixes and tunes I’m constantly playing on repeat. 🙂




56 thoughts on “About Me

  1. i like your style kiki, this blog is wicked.

    i too love drum and bass and have done so for around 15 years..nice to see someone feel so passionate about it without having an alterior motive.

    keep the vibe alive : )

  2. “you got a dolla little girl?”

    the Office UK:

    “David: People say I’m the best boss. They go, ‘Oh, we’ve never worked in a place like this before, you’re such a laugh. You get the best out of us.’ And I go, you know, ‘C’est la vie.’ If that’s true – excellent.”

    “Rowan: (in role play) i don’t care, it’s not my shift
    David: (in role play) i think you will care when i tell you my complaint.
    Rowan: not interested
    David: — I think there’s been a rape up there!”

  3. really nice to read about a fellow dnb head.

    it really is a way of life – big up to all that live for it!

    keep up the good work 😉

  4. Hey girl–
    Nice to meet you today (it’s sasha from the kokorokoko store)
    hopefully see you soon and in the meantime check out the store blog at koko-rokoko.blogspot.com
    My personal one is lovemelovemebaby.blogspot.com if you’re bored and feel like checking it out.

  5. wow your just like me 🙂 d&b 20 hours a day every day hahaha and im a mad headphne fiend wether im on my bike or on public transport 🙂 been making beats for a while now too,,i recon ive got another year or so till i reach the level i wanna achieve,,im in no hurry,,good things take time yeah,,anyway il be bookmarking your page,,love listening to new mixs constantly,,hey if you havent heard this one yet get on it,,its fukin sick,full of new dubs and a great interview also 😉 bless mate

    • Well it’s always nice to meet a fellow d&b nutter. 😉 I heard that Samurai show. Loved it. my obsession with Calibre is just too ridiculous for words. Good luck with your tunes and when you reckon you reach the point that you wanna share them with others lemme know, I will gladly listen.

  6. Hahaha… you’d never guess how I found your blog, let’s just say uber random. Ping me if you want to know. I started reading and I was like, hey, I actually know this person! That’s life on the internet. Good stuff. Glad to hear you are still rocking out, it’s been a while. Peace :J)

    • lol. no i didn’t. on wordpress you have to approve the comments. i just hadn’t gotten around to it until just now. 🙂 i don’t usually visit my blog that much on the weekends. i will gladly check out your mixes. i’m always happy to meet fellow dnb peeps. 🙂

      • Whoops, i feel stupid now lol, sorry about that. Thanks for the link up btw.
        I hope your having a groovy weekend in the sunshine etc.

        Are you going to catch Bukem before his tour ends?, i managed to go to the last two Logical Pro tours on various nights, man is dope but then i guess nobody needs me to state the obvious 🙂

        In a bit.

  7. thank you so much for your site and all the linked mixes !

    i´m “into dnb” since it started back in the early 90s – and nowadays i simply enjoy getting so many good tunes via your site … keep up the good work !
    best wishes from germany !

  8. KIKI It’s Dennis we met last night! You wrote down your blog info for me and here I am! Definitely awesome to meet you. How can I find out when you’re playing more shows? I want to come and see you play for sure!

    • Hey Dennis! Yesterday was fun. It was nice to meet you. I usually post about my shows in my blog. There’s an RSS feed so you can subscribe to it if you want. I pretty much post monday thru friday.

  9. Greetings from Russia, Kiki! I came across your blog occasionally and I loved it 🙂 Thanks for the big collection of liquid-style music, it’s truly awesome 🙂

  10. You listen to a lot of drum n bass …i listen to a lot of drum n bass

    Life without D n B is unimaginable

    so lets D N B it UP Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. hi kiki! i’m a dnb-head in MA (Elements, Boston is where I hang out most of the time) and it seems there’s not as much going on in NYC these days. I’m visiting this weekend — anything going on dnb-wise? <3, -ee

  12. Hello Kiki I saw a post about a mix on Soul:ution Radio 15 I have managed to track down every volume minus vol 15 any chance you have a copy?? Cheers.

    • Hi! I scoured my mixes and I don’t think I have it. 😦 It might be on an external hard drive back home but currently I’m living in Japan and the one I think it might, (stress the might) be on is in America. I’ll have a look when I get home and of course if I do find it, I will gladly send it your way!

  13. Nice one thanks for the reply! Going to post all the mixes very soon so everyone can download them and feast on the good selection of music…. Japan is also amazing nice place to live!

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