RAM & Kiki

I brought some of those mixtapes of mine that I found at my mum’s back to LA with me and have been converting them to MP3s. It’s so funny to listen to 20 year old me mixing records. There’s one tape where you can totally tell I had just learned how to juggle beats using the phono/line toggle and proceeded to do it for like 30 minutes straight.

Oh man, the hold RAM Records used to have on me! πŸ˜‚ I’ve converted 2 tapes already and it’s just all RAM tracks.

Here’s a RAM Trilogy gem for old times’ sake.

Dunno how I missed this one, since we all know how much of an Alix Perez fan I am.

Doing some curriculum development and listening to this.

Have a good day!

00:00 Dogger, Mindstate & Liam Bailey – Broken Home (Calibre Music) [1985 Music]
04:41 Alix Perez & Verbz – Stayed The Same [1985 Music]
5:52 Alix Perez – Desanka [1985 Music]
07:52 Visages [1985 Music]
09:11 Trail – Resident
10:40 Visages – Sunshine Mystery [1985 Music]
12:31 Visages – ID [1985 Music]
13:58 Alix Perez & Halogenix – AmΓ¨
15:04 Halogenix – Don’t Need That
16:10 Monty & Redeyes – Birdland [1985 Music]
17:28 Giveon – Favourite Mistake (Halogenix Edit) [Epic / Not So Fast]
18:35 Foreign Beggars ft. Laville – Reveal (Alix Perez Remix) [4NCΒ₯]
20:05 Alix Perez – Evermore [1985 Music]
21:30 Monty & Visages – VIBIN’ [1985 Music]
22:58 Tyrone – Untitled Matrix [The North Quarter]
24:27 Visages & En:vy – ID [1985 Music]
25:55 Visages & Laville – About You (Alix Perez Remix) [1985 Music]
27:24 SubMarine – ID [1985 Music]
28:52 Bredren – ID [1985 Music]
29:58 Scepticz – Silent Killer
31:04 Monty & Visages – ID [1985 Music]
32:27 Alix Perez Ft. T-Man – ID [1985 Music]
33:30 Alix Perez – Babylon Burning VIP [1985 Music]
34:40 Alix Perez – Trinity VIP [1985 Music]
35:51 Alix Perez – Trinity (Skeptical Remix) [1985 Music]
36:55 Hyroglifics – Dancefloor Friendly Club Track [Critical Music]
37:42 Bou ft. Trigga – Veteran (Alix Perez Remix) [Souped Up]
39:32 The Sauce & Critical Impact – Grimiest Ever
40:38 Bredren – ID [1985 Music]
41:44 Cesco & En:vy – ID [1985 Music]
42:50 Cesco – ID [1985 Music]
44:24 Visages & Strategy – ID [1985 Music]
46:10 Metrodome – ID [1985 Music]
47:35 Metrodome – ID [1985 Music]
48:40 Unknown Artist – Shmurda Inna Dancehall [Dubplate Championz]
49:39 Fracture – Loving Touch VIP [Exit Records]
51:13 Was A Be – ID
52:25 Alix Perez, Bou Ft Trigga – ID [1985 Music]
54:30 DLR – Capable Of Murder
55:36 DLR & Break – Absolutely True
57:05 Alix Perez, DLR & SP:MC – Keep Up [1985 Music x Sofa Sound]
58:12 DLR & Alix Perez – Blips [1985 Music x Sofa Sound]
59:00 The Sauce – Buggin’ [The Sauce Recordings]

Liquid & Kiki

It’s funny to me that I used to mix super duper noisy, rowdy, party drum n bass in my younger years. While I was at my mum’s I found all these old mixtapes of tag team sessions with me and my crew and they were so live and fun!

At 45, my knees and ears are def not in the mood for that type of dnb, but it was really enjoyable to take a trip down memory lane. (my mum still has a stereo with a tape deck, so I listened to the tapes).

It’s been liquid all day ‘erry day for me since about 2003. But I had a good 8 or 9 years where I was only about jump up, ragga jungle, and whatever you want to call the different genres that came out over those years that made me want to hug the speaker the most. 😊

I still like to go out and listen to dnb when I can. I do have the odd dance here and there. That Phonox event that Greg played at back in November, I danced for like 4 hours straight! Most of the time though I’m looking for a pleasant soundtrack for my day-to-day activities. As long as they are “Senior-citizen/pensioner” friendly. LOL. Really just mostly want background music as I lesson plan, clean, work out and drive for long periods of time.

I’m probs late to the game, but I just subscribed to this YouTube channel and it’s bringing me so much joy as I lesson plan for the week. 😍


Currently listening to the Calibre mix.

2022 & Kiki

2021 gone. The year seemed extremely long and not long at all.

I spent my dad’s 1 year memorial with my mum. I don’t want to get too eerie and weird, but I do feel like he came to hang out with me that day. I just felt his presence quite strongly. That’s all I’ll say about that. 😐

I get the feeling he is doing well and definitely resting in peace. He’s buried with my grandparents and all his siblings and I feel immense comfort knowing that.

Back in LA now. I got a new position at work and am busy all the time. I’m not complaining, it’s just vastly different from how I spent the majority of my 2021. πŸ˜‚

Listening to Echo Brown.

Lazy Bum Kiki

I honestly don’t remember the last time I had an extended period of time with no responsibilities. It’s a very strange feeling, but I’m def eating it up. I’m just relaxing at my mum’s, laying around, being cold, bundling up, drinking hot drinks and watching Netflix. πŸ₯°

Happy Holidays!

Hols Kiki

I used to love it when it would snow on your WordPress blog. What happened to that? Is it only with certain themes. πŸ€”

Headed to Wisconsin on Thursday for Christmas. Gonna hang out with my gorgeous mum and get my dose of cold weather, winter coats and scarves. Very much looking forward to it. πŸ₯°

Monty’s Hit the Lights album came out and I’m happy to see all the tracks that I’ve been hearing on mixes and couldn’t ID.

Listening to Lenzman and Submorphics as I get some admin tasks for work out of the way, so I can spend this dreary rainy LA day lying in bed watching copious amounts of telly.

Procrastination Paper Kiki

Is it delusional to believe that I actually do my best work under pressure? Who bloody knows? I’ve been living with this delusion for the past 45 years, so, why change now?

Anyway, writing a paper that’s due at 11pm today.

I’ve pretty much just been listing to 1985 Music 5 Years Remix EP and that Confessions EP on Integral on repeat. It’s a great soundtrack to my research paper I tell you. πŸ˜‰

California Kiki

Back in LA. Looks like I left London at the right time, as the temp started dropping and a new variant wanting some attention. I lived in the Midwest for over 20 years, and 4 years in LA has made me forget what life in negative temps is like. πŸ˜‚ That damp wet cold that showed up in London when I was leaving had me acting a straight fool. You would think I never experienced walking to the train with prickly cold cheeks as the wind made me cry.

I do feel a little less anxious about my dad’s estate. There’s still a long road ahead, as there’s still a lot of unfinished business, but it’s nice to get a little more clarity and closure on the house sitch.

It’ll be 1 year since he died in a couple of weeks, and it’s been hard that it’s taken this long to sort some of these things out. I have an amazing support network and I just have to trust that everything will work out like it needs to.

Planning some lessons for my classes that I have to teach tonight, after not having taught in almost 6 weeks. πŸ™ƒ

This Flowanastasia and Nymfo hitting a little too on the nose for me today. πŸ˜‚

Also really vibin’ to this Break remix.

Old Lady Raver Kiki

The North Quarter label night was so fun! It was great to see Greg and the music was amazing! Just good vibes and people dancing. I really enjoyed myself. Me and my old bones stayed out til 4am. I heard so many great new remixes. All round everyone just had wicked sets.

My time is London is coming to an end for now. I’m headed back to LA on Sunday.

Currently trying to get ahead on school work so I don’t have to frantically catch up when I get back.

I had been keeping my eye out for this Monty tune ever since I heard it on that Redeyes and Monty Outlines mix back in June and have pretty much had it on repeat ever since it got released. Really looking forward to his album. πŸ₯°

Rinse Wash Repeat Kiki

Still in London. Still got heaps to sort out with the house. I’ve kind of developed a routine, so the process of going through all my dad’s stuff, albeit repetitive, has become a little easier. I had to sort out his clothes the other day though and that broke me. I have also somewhat figured what I need to do to get the house emptied and ready to be sold, and I’m still doing all my school assignments. Basically, I’m hanging in there. πŸ™ƒ

Me and Kathy are going to see the homie Submorphics this weekend. I’m very much looking forward to this show: a) It will be great to see Greg! b) We all know how much I love Lenzman. c) The whole lineup is actually great and d) I haven’t been to a show in almost 2 years!

Ideally I’d post a North Quarter tune, but I’ve been listening to this Tatora & Satl on repeat for the past couple of days, so I think I should share that instead. πŸ₯°