I’m Awake! I’m Awake!

I’ve had the worst insomnia lately, and it’s been really hard to get a move on in the mornings.  I trudge around my apartment as slowly as possible, and just groan and groan and groan.

This morning I really wasn’t feeling it and my iPhone knew it.  (You know Apple knows everything).  I hopped in the shower and pressed play on my speaker (one of my fave Xmas gifts ever) and this came blasting out.  I just laughed and lamented out loud “I’m awake!  I’m awake!”

The version that played off iTunes is from some compilation, so the tune just started right after the breakdown.  Oh it was so damn loud.

I have a pretty wonderful memory about this record.  It definitely wasn’t wonderful at the time, but now I think about it, it reminds me of some really fun times during my raving years.

I was a hardcore Bad Company Stan.  Who wasn’t?  I remember taking the bus to go pick up my copy of Planet Dust at the record store.  I couldn’t wait because I of course had been waiting FOR-EVA for it to come out.  I went there, picked it up, left immediately and was so excited to go home and mix it.  I then proceeded to get off the bus and leave my damn record on it.  I called the bus company (yes I did)  and they said I should call at the end of that driver’s shift, 8 hours later, and I could see if the record was still on there.  Um nope.

Being the most dramatic person I could be, was definitely my speciality in 2001.  I went into my apartment, sulked for like 10 minutes, left the house and got on the bus again and returned to the record store to get another copy.  I held on to this one for dear life.  I’d be damned if EVERYONE was going to be playing it that weekend without me.  LOL

I’m still dramatic af now, but dang, I really was killin’ it in ’01.😛



I’m not a person that worries too much about age.  I like getting older.  *shrugs*  I do think it is weird though when you think about stuff and you’re like “Dang that was a really really really long time ago.”

I just keep my iTunes on shuffle when I’m getting ready in the morning and this track came on.  I remember buying this bootleg and just being so excited that it was a combination of Masters at Work and DnB.  It sounded pretty and made me think of summer, simple as that.

Shout out to my roommates back then that pretended it wasn’t annoying af that I just kept this ish on repeat.




Morning Tears

About to spend my morning cleaning.  

Ugh.  Cleaning is the worst.

The cleaning mix I made, starts with the Marky & Bungle remix of Tears.  

Yasss.  That song is the best.

I loved that period of time where it was nonstop Marky & Bungle remixes.  


DnB you are so versatile.  I zone out to you when I’m planning a bunch of lessons and,  I zone out to you when I know I have no intention of planning said lessons.  This morning it’s the latter.

Thanks Juju for the reminder, I am now in full-blown Atlantic Connection mode.

It’s gorgeous outside this a.m. and I’m only planning on listening to tunes from 2006 – 2007 today.:)

April Showers

The only way for me to get a move on when it’s a rainy, dreary, grey morning, is to zone out to some dnb and go on auto-pilot.

Thank you Logistics.  One of my fave tracks of the Electric Sun LP.



First day of actual classes today.  

It’s my last term here in Japan.  Even though the school year in Japan starts in April, our contracts follow the American school year.  So we basically arrive in the middle of the school year, and leave in the middle of the school year. 

I’m really looking forward to coming home.  

I’ve enjoyed the past 3 years of travelling around and teaching.  I’ve learned so much!  Especially at Togane High School.  Being given the opportunity to plan a curriculum from start to finish and really assess what happens to the kids English education upon entering the international course and follow, guide, and tweak what they leave with, has been really eye opening and rewarding.  It’s exactly what I went to school to study, and have been able to put my copious amount of student loan dollars to use!

That being said, 3 years away from family and friends is a long time.  I’m ready to go from always being 14 to 16 hours ahead, to the more acceptable pace of actually talking to people and having us both be on the same day of the week.

Current mood —






I’ve been putting off cleaning for so long, and now I’m pretty sure I’m going to be doing it for 8 million hours.  And of course, I can’t even think of getting out of bed until I find the perfect tracks to accompany this momentous occasion.😉  

Def. need this bootleg in my life.❤




So far December has been wonderful.  I’m pretty sure I’m just super excited to go home on Thursday, so I’m unnecessarily geeked about everything.

I somehow managed to talk my 85 year old dad through fixing the internet on his new computer and video chatting with me.  I was so proud of him and it was so awesome to see his face.  Technology is cool yo.  So that was awesome.

Next I went to the Human Elements night on Saturday.  Makoto, Velocity, Tokyo Prose, Akira, Dx, Aya… Everyone was amazing.  I don’t use this phrase, but for real, that gave me life.  LOL.

I listen to drum n bass every day.  Here, I listen to it in my headphones at work or and have little speakers in my apartment.  They have dnb nights in Tokyo and I don’t go because I don’t lead that life anymore where I can just stay out all night and party and roll up to work like it was nothing.

But hallelujah, this night was on a Saturday.  I danced for 5 hours.  The venue was nice and intimate with loads of people dancing and good sound.  I had so much fun.  So much good music.

I felt like it gave me a boost.  My life here is not even anywhere close to the life I lead in the States.   And I’m not really that bothered by that, but the one thing I do miss terribly, is not having regular access to go listen to dnb with other peeps who are as crazy about it as I am.

This is one of my fave Makoto tunes.❤ (Besides Golden Girl of course. :P)



My place is a mess.  Listening to good mixes while you clean up, helps to pretend that it isn’t one of the most annoying tasks ever.  (That’s what I’m telling myself anyways)


1. Naibu – Into The distance (Break Remix) [Horizons Music]

2. LTJ Bukem – Music (Technicolor 12’’ Rework) [Good Looking]

3. LSB – XLRS [Shogun Audio]

4. Simplification & Translate – Desire [Shogun Audio]

5. Karma – The Searching (ft. Emmy J Mac) [Shogun Audio]

6. Logistics – Jungle Music [Hospital]

7. Ivy Lab – Gomeisa [Critical]

8. Halogenix – Paper Sword [Metalheadz]

9. Technimatic – Bristol [Shogun Audio]

10. Nelver – Just One Day [Expressions]

11. Break – The Flux [Symmetry]

12. Whiney – Don’t Wait For Me [Liquicity]

13. Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – One Step Closer [Fokuz]

14. ID – ID [Dub]

15. Drake – Hold On Were Going Home (J:logic Bootleg) [Soul Deep]

16. Commix – Painted Smile [Metalheadz]

17. Break – Pushing Me On [Symmetry]

18. Zero T – My Name [Dispatch]

19. SUBSEQUENT – Let Go [Liquid Tones]

20. Chroma – Sovereign [ProgRam]

21. Zen Dub – Believe (SEKTOR Remix)[Soul Deep]

22. Planetary Secrets – Wormhole (Silence Groove Remix) [Offworld]

23. Muzzy – Feeling Stronger (Priority One & NCT Remix) [Monstercat]

24. Dawn Wall – Angel Field [Integral]

25. GLXY – It’s Whatever [Liquid Tones]

26. SEKTOR & SUBSEQUENT – Take it to Me [Liquid Tones]

27. SEKTOR – The Story of Our Lives [Liquid Tones]

28. Bipolar – Sublime [Fokuz]

29. T-Base – Zeitreise (SEKTOR Remix) [C Recordings, forthcoming]

30. Legion & Logam – Holding On feat. Micah Freeman [ProgRAM]

31. Amphix – Twilight Town (Pulsate Remix) [Bay6]

32. Flame – Saturn [Lush Stuff]

33. > Hybrid Minds – Lifted [Spearhead]

34. Pennygiles – Looking In [Tempo]

35. Enei – Just One Look feat. Charli Brix [Critical]

36. GLXY – I Want 2 [Limitless]

37. Dimension – Dark Lights [MTA]

38. > North Base – Join the Dots [Hospital]

39. L – Plus – Raindrops [Technique]

40. Monrroe ft. Emily Jones – Dawning [Liquicity]

41. Silence Groove – Only You [Fokuz]

42. Radicall – Cosmopolis [Influenza]

43. Pola & Bryson – Bad Habit (Arch Origin Remix) [Soulvent]

44. MOS – Halcyon [Influenza]

45. Seba – Blaze And Fade Out [Special Ops]

46. Silence Groove – Air Up There [Offworld]

47. Northern Zone – Faint [Limitless]