April Showers

The only way for me to get a move on when it’s a rainy, dreary, grey morning, is to zone out to some dnb and go on auto-pilot.

Thank you Logistics.  One of my fave tracks of the Electric Sun LP.


Yes, It’s Me… Prodigal Kiki

I haven’t updated since January?  Ooh I’m horrid.

I feel like I don’t remember what it’s like to have free time anymore.

I was excited cuz I’m only taking one class this summer, which means I’ll actually get a summer holiday this year.  Didn’t get one last year but I survived.  I signed up to take the class at the end of the summer so I could start my summer holiday now since school just finished and then they switched the class to the beginning of the summer.  Can you say gutted?  I was so devastated when I found out. 😦  Now I just have to buck up and wait til July as school starts again in two weeks now.  I still get a summer holiday but I just have to wait 2 more months.  I’m dealing.  I did get a good sulk in though.

I’m in London right now.  Came to see the fam.  So at least I get a mini break.  I just really wanted to have more than 2 weeks off as I am completely burnt the fuck out.

It also happens to be my blog’s bday today.  I know I never have time to write in it but I’m still gonna acknowledge its bday.  I decided not to delete it and will just post whenever some magical free time comes my way.  I thought I would have more free time to write while I was here but my cousin just passed away two days ago and I’ve been doing family stuff.  R.I.P. Anthony.

Hope all is well in your brocktastic land,  I’m busy but alive and still getting my dnb fix when I can.


These tunes are prolly old to you but since I haven’t updated in eons they are tunes that I have kinda just kept in mind.

LogisticsWe Are One (Nu: Logic Remix)
Can’t get enough of these drums.  They are just amazing.  Really great remix.

Penny Giles – Rhodes Adrift

KyshidoI Like The Way You Move
I prolly like this tune cuz whenever I hear it it makes me want to mix Pulp Fiction.  Nice simple effective bassline.

Planas feat Ed ThomasBreathtaking (dBridge Remix)
Loves it!  So good.

Today’s Oldie:
LogisticsTogether VIPHospital Records 2004
I’m pretty sure I already posted this as an oldie but I was thinking about it this morning and it doesn’t stop being awesome so I’m posting it again. 😉

Heavy 1Rubik Records Podcast 15
Always love Heavy 1.  This Rubiks Podcast is dope. ❤


01. Heavy1 – Minimalized
02. Heavy1 – Untitled
03. Ena – Splinter
04. Heavy1 – Untitled
05. Fade – Untitled
06. Lynx – Rankoor
07. Loxy & Resound – League of Shadows
08. Heavy1 – Ongaku
09. Heavy1 – Diehard
10. Unknown – Untitled
11. Heavy1 & June Miller – Judge
12. Philth – Dreamimg (Need For Mirrors Remix)
13. Phil Tangent – Forgiveness
14. Heavy1 & Iriann Joyce – Light upon my road
15. Heavy1 & Quantrek – Independent
16. Mr Joseph & Pennygiles Ft .Katie White  – Fly Me Away
17. Pennygiles – Momentary Switch
18. Pennygiles – Au Revoir Blackbird
19. Sevin & Pennygiles – Last words
20. Velocity – Hide & Seek
21. Makoto & Deeizm – Paradiese
22. Heavy1 & Iriann Joyce – Light upon my road (Makoto Remix)

Welcome back Kiki, Here’s Some Crap Weather For You

I’m back.  LA was wicked.  The weather wasn’t the greatest but it was still ten thousand times better than the 30 degrees and snowing we’ve got here right now.  Boo.

George’s art show was amazing.  I was so happy for him.  He’s so talented.  It was also great to see Mollie.  I say it all the time, I have wonderful friends and I’m very grateful to have them in my life.

Stunna and Bachelors of Science killed it.  I’m really glad I got to go to the show.  Really good vibes.  Fun times.

Did you guys listen to the RM Podcast 18?  Good tunes on there.  I ran to it this morning. 🙂

Command StrangeBeautiful Days

Today’s Oldie:
Utah JazzJumpstartHospital Records 2003

Dj LekkeDoddiblog Podcast Vol. 3
I always love Lekke mixes.  Haven’t heard one in a while.  Downloading straight away! ❤


01. Calibre – All You Got
02. Bachelors of Science – The Ice Dance (Lenzman remix)
03. Submorphics – Post Modern Soul
04. Random Movement – When You Come Alive
05. Drifter – Sunstreak
06. Alix Perez – Contradictions
07. Lenzman & Switch – Ice Cold Soul
08. Phil Tangent – Lunar
09. A-Sides – One DJ
10. SPY & Total Science – Gangsta
11. SKC & Saffair – Free My Soul
12. Calibre – Ringtone
13. Vice Versa – Spacebridge
14. Mutt & Visionary – Lady Love
15. Random Movement – Cutting Thru Hackney
16. Zero Tolerance – Goes Around
17. Commix – Painted Smile
18. Dekata Project – At Least We Can Dance (Nu:Tone remix)
19. Redeyes & Lenzman – Thieves In The Night
20. Calibre – What To Do In These Times
21. Bachelors of Science – Song For Lovers (Lynx remix)
22. Acma & Godfarm – Blue Tone (Makoto remix)
23. Seba & Krazy – High Priestess
24. Random Movement – The Self Aware Convection Oven
25. Lenzman & Cliff – Lose You VIP

Original Sin Kiki

There’s an Original Sin Cider pin up contest at work today so I reckon it will be a fun shift at least.

Jubei & Alix PerezUntitled
I’ve been loving this one for a minute.  I don’t know if the track is untitled, or is titled untitled…  LOL.  Whatever it is I love it. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
High ContrastMagicHospital Records 2005

PhysicsBeatniks Show @ Basso FM 09/17/2010


01. Mr Joseph -True Love-Fizzy Beats
02. BCee & Spy-is anybody out there?-Spearhead
03. Bungle-The Source-Innerground
04. Grado&Janky-The Flow-White
05. Savage Rehab-Tiger Moth-V Recordings
06. Atom-Dolly-Sonorous
07. Seba & Physics-Before I Can BReathe-Secret operations
08. Data-The Black Padoga-metalheadz
09. Trisector-Failsafe-DUb
10. Seba & Physics – ?
11. Eveson-Marley-Spearhead
12. Mr Joseph-Rodigan-White
13. Total Science & riya-Redlines-CIA
14. Electro Soul System-Doom Star-Kos Mos Music
15. Zyz & Ruffen & Oak – ?
16. Physics-Last Breath-Midnight Sun
17. Outrage & KIrsty Hawksaw – ?
18. Seba-Never Let You Go-Warm Communications
19. Spy-By Your Side-Spearhead
20. Furney-Delasoul-Dub
21. Chris Inperspective-Herb Minus-Nu Directions
22. John Legend & The Roots – The Fire

Insomnia & Kiki

Insomnia is back.  I’m not surprised.  I’m pretty stressed these days so of course I can’t sleep. *shrugs*

Utah Jazz – Quincy (track is in player)
Going to hip hop shows has ruined the novelty of hearing The Pharcyde’s Passin Me By as it is usually a classic mixing track in people’s sets but I actually like this sampling in the Utah Jazz track.  It’s pretty.

Today’s Oldie:
High ContrastMusic Is EverythingHospital Records 2002

FDCritical Podcast #7


Sam KDC – Chains – Dub
Code 3 – Response Call – Exit
Alix Perez & Zero T – Enemy of Reason – Dub
Total Science – Concrete Proof – Dub
Fracture & Neptune – Dustball – Astrophonica Dub
FD – Third Glance – Critical Dub
Ulterior Motive & FD – All That We Are – Metalheadz Dub
dBridge – Kismet – Shogun Audio
Photek – Knitevision – Photek Productions
System – Time Target – Dub
Jonny L – Uneasy – XL
FD, Hydro & Keza – Remorse – Critical
Consequence ft. dBridge – Life Is Timing – Exit
Shed – Ostrich-Mountain-Square – Ostgut Ton
L-OW – Inspect (Sigha Remix) – Dub
Headhunter – Paradigm Shift – Tempa
Efdemin – Acid Bells (Martyn’s Bitersweet Mix) – Curle Recordings
Ramadanman – Don’t Change For Me – Hessle Audio

Peacoat Kiki

Boo.  The peacoat is back out.  It is cold outside!  Pretty sunny weather please come back. 😦

SabreOne Hundred Teeth (Furi Anga Remix)

Today’s Oldie:
Lenny FontanaSpread Love (Nu:Tone Remix) – Hospital Records 2003

KluteCommercial Suicide Mix


01. Dom & Klute – Buy More Now (forthcoming Music for prophet LP)
02. Mindscape & Jade – Razorsharp (SUICIDE049)
03. Nymfo – Bionic Fingers (forthcoming)
04. Klute – Blackpony (forthcoming Music for prophet LP)
05. Klute – Autumn Stone (forthcoming Music for prophet LP)
06. Amit – Slug (forthcoming)
07. Mindscape – Damn Tough (forthcoming)
08. SKC & Chris SU – Crash (forthcoming)
09. Dose, Trei & Menace – Valium Express V.I.P.
10. Tactile & Trace – Body Move (SUICIDE026)
11. The Upbeats – Ionized (forthcoming)
12. SKC & Hydro feat. Munk – Head First (SUICIDE047)
13. Insight – Bomb Factory (forthcoming)
14. Nymfo – Matchstick (forthcoming)
15. Klute – Fools Love (forthcoming Music for prophet LP)

Spring Chicken Kiki

Yay sun!  It’s amazing what the sun showing it’s beautiful face can do for a person’s day.  Love it.

I feel like my week is kinda boring to be honest, so I’ll keep the chatter to a minimum. 😉

Artificial Intelligence feat. DBridgeThree’s A Crowd

Today’s Oldie:
SonicMake Me Wanna (Artificial Intelligence Remix)V Recordings 2003
Figured I might as well do an A.I. oldie too. 🙂

Hospital Podcast #107


01 // Camo + Krooked – Turn Up (The Music)
02 // DJ Madd – Don’t Want To Be
03 // Spor – Overdue
04 // Blue Motion – Only Words
05 // Kabuki FEAT Jenna G – Just Hold On (Serum Remix)
06 // Netsky – Memory Lane
07 // Sonic – Piano Anthem
08 // Sinistarr – Anorak – Lynx Remix
09 // Sunchase – Moulded
10 // Pryzma – Ufology
11 // DKay and Raw.Full – Directions

Bring It On Kiki

This week has gone by surprisingly fast.  I’m looking forward to the weekend.  There are still some peeps I haven’t seen since I got back so there will be a lot of hang out sessions going on. 🙂

Intelligent Manners – Stutters (track is in player)
I’m a sucker for any dnb tune that uses r&b samples.

Today’s Oldie:
High ContrastMake It TonightHospital Records 2001

BalistikAssassin Sounds Show on DnB Radio 02/06/10


01 – R.I.S.A – Morning Jam
02 – PFM & Formula One – ????
03 – Danoo feat Jett – Can’t Wait Anymore
04 – Notion – It Always Was (Hobzee Rmx)
05 – Edward Oberon – Change Everything
06 – LM1 – Season Of Descent
07 – Blade – Just A Little More
08 – LM1 – Blue Mountain
09 – Well Being – Without A Doubt
10 – LM1 – Unbreakable
11 – Qumulus – Better Than Before
12 – ???? – ????
13 – Savage Rehab – Quite Stars
14 – Commix – Back Chat
15 – Ez Rollers – Shoot Me Down (Bladerunner Rmx)
16 – Mefjus, Bowser & Kaisa – Gravitational Lensing
17 – ???? – ????
18 – Paul SG – Grey Skin (Mefjus & Bowser Rmx)
19 – Bladerunner – Mercinary
20 – Capone – Friday
21 – Mr Explicit – Who Do I Trust
22 – Paul Sait Jack – Timeless (Mefjus & Bowser Rmx)
23 – Mefjus – Subtronic
24 – Mefjus – Teknique
25 – Mefjus & Che – Dr Satan
26 – Mefjus – Assassin
27 – Amex & Kaisa – Sourcream (Bowser Rmx)
28 – Mefjus – Secret Chamber
29 – Mefjus – No Choice
30 – Mefjus – Static
31 – Mefjus & M Force – Wholetrain

End of Year Kiki

My buddy AbedNego just reminded me today that it’s time to start compiling my top tunes of the year.  This is serious bizness folks.  Last year I compiled pages of post it notes and made an excel chart… no joke (I should also tell you though that I had a job and was finding ways to do anything except what I was supposed to be doing while at work, hence the elaborate unnecessary methods LOL).  This year might be a little easier but prolly not as focused as last years as I was no longer sitting at a desk for 8 plus hours listening to mixes for hours on end and making lists of tunes I liked for the latter half of the year.  Still, even I’m curious to see what I end up with. 😉

dRamatic & dbAudio – Neyo Remix (track is in dbAudio player)
Pretty pretty. ❤

Today’s Oldie:
Future Forces IncWho’s Da ManRenegade Hardware 1996

London ElekrticityHospital Podcast #102


01. Bop – Space Abyss (Electrosoul System Remix) [KOS MOS MUSIC]
02. London Elektricity – Bare Religion (Subwave Remix) [HOSPITAL]
03. Fracture & Neptune – Tape Fog [ASTRAPHONICA]
04. Electrosoul System – To My Galaxy (Makoto Remix) [KOS MOS MUSIC]
05. Culture Shock – Gears [RAM]
06. Synkro – Departure [MED SCHOOL]
07. Mutated Forms – Centuries [GRID]
08. D-Bridge – 5th Floor [EXIT]
09. Enei – Z Grab [MED SCHOOL]
10. Distorted Minds – Thief [STEREOTYPE]
11. Sub Focus – Could This Be Real (DNB Mix) [RAM]
12. Bop – Nothing Makes Any Sense (Blu Mar Ten Remix) [MED SCHOOL]
13. Daft Punk – One More Time (Cyantific Remix) [BOOTLEG]
14. Sonic – Piano Anthem
15. Liquid – Sweet Harmony (Danny Byrd Remix) [HOSPITAL]
16. MANDY vs Booka Shade – Donut (Logistics Remix)