Summer is Over Kiki

Yeh right. Tell that to LA. I didn’t do much this weekend as it was 111°. The only thing I wanted was my central air.

The goal is to be proactive this week and complete a lot of tasks. I’m happy to say that I’ve been sticking to the plan and have managed to get a lot done so far.

There are a lot of awesome mixes out right now so I’ve been vibing as I scurry around.

Super excited about the Redeyes Selfportraits album coming out on The North Quarter this week. I’ve heard some tracks played from it already and they sound 🔥🔥🔥.

Currently listening to Satl on Integral Records’ Radio 1 Wind Down.


  • Mura Masa – I’ll be Alright
  • Tokyo Prose & Satl – Lights Down Low
  • LSB & DRS – Umbrellas
  • Redeyes feat [ K S R ] – Untitled
  • Satl – Yang
  • Satl – The Train
  • FD – Serious
  • Sam Binary – Surface Tension
  • Satl & Artificial Intelligence – Surreal
  • Phil Tangent – Wonder
  • Goldie feat José James – Open Truth
  • Redeyes – Untitled
  • Tatora – Blank Pages
  • Edlan – Affection
  • Artificial Intelligence & Satl – No Choice
  • Random Movement – Police State
  • Zero T & Steo – Refusal
  • Javano – Track 11
  • Satl – The Storm
  • Satl – Self Reflection
  • Satl – So Much Better
  • Harland – Leo
  • Satl & Submorphics – Untitled
  • Satl – Untitled

Throwback Kiki

I’m listening to an old Lenzman mix as I write a quiz.  So many amazing tunes.  I do like the odd newer tune every now and again, but I could listen to old liquid for hours. 😍😍😍

DnB Reverie

I’ve had a long couple of weeks. Some good things, some bad things.

Through it all, I love that there have been so many good mixes about.  It’s allowed me to  to completely lose myself in musical bliss, as I try and sort my shit out. 

This Redeyes mix is everything. 



More Redeyes

This used to be one of my fave tracks back in the day.  I just thought it was so pretty.

Lenzman & Redeyes – Thieves in the Night – Integral Records 2009

I’m totes here for all the Redeyes mixes, so keep ’em comin’. 😍😍😍

Holz Kiki

Holz are dope.

Just got back from holiday.  Had such a lovely time.  Saw the fam in London, and also went to Ibiza for my cousin’s 40th.

Ibiza was fab.  23 of us getting our proper holiday on.  The Whatsapp group chat for Ibiza is still lit, cuz everyone wants to keep the vibe going.  😂

Here’s me and some of the crew aperol spritzing it up at Playa Niu Blau. 🍹🍹🍹


Anyhoo… came back to a bunch of mixes to listen to, since I didn’t download anything the entire time I was gone.

I love Redeyes.  The idea of Lenzman reintroducing Redeyes I love even more. 😍

Turntable Nostalgia

I miss my turntables.

I never really wanted to dj.  I didn’t like mixing out at first.  I just really like loud electronic music and mixing records was a way to hear the tracks that I wanted to hear on a really loud sound-system.  When you’re a foreign kid that moves around a lot and is always new to school, you try your hardest not to do activities that make people stare at you for long periods of time.

As time went on, I joined a bunch of great crews and started to really enjoy mixing with them and learned to like bits and pieces of the whole djing culture.  Once I started graduate school, it became difficult to keep up with that lifestyle.  I worked all the time and had a ton of homework so I couldn’t feasibly justify staying out til 4am.  I barely sleep as it is and decided I would much rather go to bed than rave.  #oldpeopleproblems

Now that I don’t mix out any more, one of my favourite pastimes is long ass bedroom mix sessions.  All my stuff is at my mum’s house and I have my turntables nicely set up in my bedroom in the basement.  Before I moved to Japan, I was just a jobless offspring eating all my mum’s food and would spend my time posted up in my room, doing 4, 5+ hour mixing sessions.  I would be like “Ooh, lets do all Virus Recordings today,”  or “This feels like a Formation Records day”. 

It’s rainy out today and I really wish I could just have a marathon mix session.

I guess I’ll just listen to this mix instead. 


01 Redeyes – She Said (Vandal Ltd)
02 TaylorMcFerrin – Florasia – Redeyes Edits (Free)
03 Calibre – Let me Hold You (Signature)
04 J Daure – Redemption feat. Hanna Eve (Vandal Ltd)
05 Forren Feat Zoe K – You’re the One (Unreleased)
06 Tokyo Prose – Ventura (Samurai)
07 St : Cal – Losing Ground (Soul:r)
08 Robert Manos – Madness – Bcee Rmx (Spearhead)
09 Fluidity – Deeper Vibe (Vandal Ltd)
10 Halogenix – Her wave (Critical)
11 Random Movement – Stayed Around (Unreleased)
12 Redeyes Feat Dan Stezo – Psychonaut (Vandal Ltd)
13 Redeyes & Atlantic Connection – Cant Hide (WestBay)
14 Rosie Lowe – Me and Your Ghost – Redeyes edits (Free)
15 Colossus – The Road (Hospital)
16 DBridge – Mr. Malcontent (Exit)
17 Redeyes – Long Night (Unreleased)
18 Calibre – Run away feat Fox (Signature)
19 Forren – Sometimes (Unreleased)
20 Lukich, Tim Reaper & The Funktion – Safari at Night (Vandal Ltd)
21 M.A.Y.F.O.R.M.S – Boulevard (Vandal Ltd)
22 Ivy Lab – 20 Questions (Critical)
23 Unknow – Unknow (Unreleased)
24 Anile – Losing My Mind (Hospital)
25 AI & DBridge – Better Days (Liquid V)
26 Submorphics – Rosewood (Shogun Ltd)
27 Calibre – All the While (Signature)
28 Jazzassins – Odron (Jazzsticks)
29 Redeyes – Memory Lane (Vandal Ltd)
30 Technimatic – Music is Music (Shogun)
31 Tokyo Prose & Lenzman – Wont let me Go (Samurai)
32 Redeyes – Time For Peace (Vandal Records)
33 Redeyes – Underneath (Vandal Ltd)

Redeyes Vandal Podcast #17… Again

Dude.  If you didn’t download the Redeyes Vandal Podcast #17, run, don’t walk, and scroll back to yesterday’s post and go do it now.  So awesome.  I should be sorting out my lesson but I’m listening to it again and felt I should come and be Miss Bossypants and tell you to get on that ish.  Nicely mixed and so many goodies on it like this dope Stray tune that always gets me rowdy…  Is it normal to be rowdy before you go teach your students at 9:23 am? 😉