Gritty Kiki

I was listening to some mix the other day and there was a dnb track on it that wasn’t a liquid tune, and I had no idea what sub category it would come under, so I couldn’t even attempt to look for it and there was no tracklist. I love the idea of not classifying anything and having it come under a huge umbrella, but at the same time it makes it more difficult to find what you like. Is there a category called “extremely gritty and growly with a melancholy melody? Is that still considered liquid? 😂

When I started listening to jungle/dnb I was all about the harder the better. I used to call the category I liked “Angry White Boy DNB”. I remember playing the Minnesota State Fair at like 10am and just blasting the noisiest, loudest dnb and having parents walk by with their kids and be like WTF. Don’t worry by the afternoon the intended crowd was there. I was booked to play a 4 hour set for 3 days. The first 2 hours were rough because no ravers were trying to show up to the state fair at 10am, but they were there in the afternoon and it was fun.

Anyways, Dillinja’s Hard Noize showed up on my Spotify daily mix and I love it so much. I’ve brought it up on my blog many a time because it brings me so much joy. I think the original is the best. Haven’t really been much of a fan of any of the remixes. What a great tune.

There’s this Monty tune that he played on that mix with him and Redeyes that I’m hoping comes out soon. In the meantime, you know me, forever listening to old dnb tunes that came out ages ago with a sprinkle of newer stuff when I try to hang with the cool kids.

This post is just verbal vomit and mad disjointed because I’m avoiding lesson planning and thinking random dnb thoughts.

Currently listening to some In:Most and Ruth Royal and pretending I’m on a tropical island, instead of at my desk making a handout.


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