Kiki + Summer = <3

So World Cup is over and now I can move on to the rest of my summer.  Pitchfork is this weekend and my friend Andy’s band Why? is playing on saturday so I’m gonna go.  Woot.  Chicago summers are awesome.

Paul SG – Dash Dash (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Alex ReeceFresh JiveMetalheadz 1994

ATPStudio Mix for Breaksblog


01. D.A., Clart and MS Dos (Feat. Greg Diamond) – Disco Infernale (NexGen Records Dub)
02. Command Strange – Vanilla Dream (Fokuz)
03. Vibes – Mystline (Dub)
04. Derick and Tonika – Hi Life (Dub)
05. Native – At my side (Red Mist)
06. Squash and Sensus – Old Piano (Urban Chemistry)
07. Simplification Feat. Miss Drop – Angel (Basswerk)
08. Lenzman Feat. Riya – Open Page (Metalheadz)
09. Broken Drum – Crying Game (Urban Chem Dub)
10. Glen E Ston – Talk To Me (Influenza Minus)
11. Calculon (feat Kelly Dean) – Premonition (Stunna Rmx) (Rubik Dub)
12. Paul SG – Slings and Arrows (Think Deep Records)
13. ATP – Hey There (Dub)
14. Calibre – Don’t want your love (Samurai Records)
15. Mutt (Feat. Kevin King) – Forget (Spearhead)
16. Marky and Random Movement – Gabriel’s Theme (Innerground Dub)
17. A Sides – White Riesling (East Side Records)
18. Phors – Shining Star (Fokuz)
19. ATP and SoulTec – Mr JC (Rubik Dub)
20. Vice Versa – SpaceBridge (Human Elements)
21. Cutworks – Exile (Digital Blus)
22. Random Movement – Lucky Guess (Innerground Dub)
23. SPY – Innersoul (Innerground)
24. 8 Bit – On Your Mind (Digital Soundboy)


Back 2 School Kiki?

It’s funny that when you hit a slump it takes a while for you to realise that you’re there.  I’ve been back for almost a month now and it was just yesterday that I realised that I’m over it.  I’ve been enjoying my time back and try to avoid the whole unemployment problem but the situation is still the same and it needs to be fixed.  The jobs don’t seem to be coming.  The prospects seem promising and then they fall through.  I would love to go back to school but I was stressing about the whole getting into more student loan debt thing.  At this point I don’t know really know what my options are, I just know that I can’t keep doing what I have been doing…  This also may be just my winter blues and I might not feel the same way once the sun starts coming out to play.  I still have to at least make an attempt to fix the problem though cuz I hate being depressed.  It’s so not fun. :/

Omar feat. EstelleLay It Down – Triad Remix (track is in Triad player)

Today’s Oldie:
Robert HoodMuseumAxis 1994
I’m very well aware that this is a techno track.  I was having a very techno day yesterday and didn’t really listen to much dnb.  This is my fave Rob Hood track.  I really like techno and I wish I was more familiar with the Chicago scene to frequent their events but it’s no biggie.  I don’t go out that much as it is so I can’t really say that I would go to the shows anyways.  LOL.  I still download the odd mix here and there and go to the odd event if Daniela reminds me and that seems enough for now.  This track is old and still so awesome. 🙂

Paul SGKmag Guest Mix February 2010


01. Clart & Paul SG – Rhodesomes – Jazzsticks Dub
02. Paul SG ft. Koko – Reversed Motion – Dub
03. Furney & Paul SG ft Grimm – Hurtings – Dub
04. Paul SG ft. Andy Sim – Sweet and Fresh – Fabric
05. Furney & MC Conrad – Drum Toolz – Good Looking
06. Paul SG & Recline – Falling – Dub
07. Mr Joseph – Sexy Lady – Fizzy Beats
08. Paul SG & Recline – Tell Me Why – Dub
09. A-Sides & Makoto – Hot Rock – Human Elements Dub
10. Sabbia ft. Wiosna – Soulmates (Paul SG RMX) – Addiction Dub
11. Dave Owen – Infinite Mischief (PSG & AS RMX) – Think Deep Dub
12. Paul SG – Chapter 3 Lesson 4 – Dub
13. Paul SG – Sometimes – Jazzsticks Dub
14. Paul SG & Calculon – Hear thru Me – Dub
15. Paul SG – Taspa – Dub
16. Soultec & Dramatic & DB Audio – Smokers Suite – Jazzsticks Dub
17. (OUTRO) Peshay – Retro – Blue Island

Boo Snow

So much for nice weather.  It was a tease.  I seriously have the winter blues.  I need sun STAT!

Paul SG feat BladeMiss Patterson

Today’s Oldie:
KluteSurvivalCertificate 18 Records 1995

Dj PreshaSamurai Music Radio Bassdrive February 2010


Eveson – A Broken Soul – ??
Pearson Sound – Higher – Darkestral Excursions
Jubei – The Take – ??
Atom – Everything – ??
Hybris – The Cleaner – Critical
Klute – Def Yewie – Music For Prophet Lp
Nymfo – Invisible Heating – ?
Total Science – Skinz – Shogun Audio
Calibre – Thirst Dub – ??
Switch – Lightworks – ??
Calibre & St Files – Devil Inside – Footprints
Nymfo And Cern – ??
Klute – Strange Dinner – Music For Prophet Lp
Insight – Dread America – Commercial Suicide
S.P.Y. – Legacy – Innerground
Nymfo – Energy Source – Som Music
Klute – Black Pony – Music For Prophet Lp
Outfit – New York City Vip – ?
Escher – Cymbal Runner – ??
Ulterior Motive & Fd – Dol – ??
Klute – Knowing How To Get There – Music For Prophet
Insight – Alien Nation – ??
Skeptical – Cold One – Ingredients
Spinline – Radioactive – Shogun Limited
Bop – Tears Of A Metaphysician (Lynx & Hellrazor Remix) – Med School
Jubei – See Through You – ??
Need For Mirrors – Swallow – ??
Mindscape – Vibrations – Commercial Suicide
Dom & Roland – Aliens – ?

Ghouls & Kiki

Happy Halloween! 🙂

In Minneapolis now.  Talk about horrible flight.  It’s over now though so there’s really no use griping about it.  Looking forward to a fun weekend.  Hope you guys have one too.

Stereotype – Need to Know (track is in player)
This one is pretty old but I’m still digging it.  I guess I was in that type of mood this am.

Phat Playaz – Fact of the Unknown (track is in player)

Paul SG – Follow Me (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
LTJ BukemDemon’s ThemeGood Looking Records 1992
Figured I’d try and have a spooky oldie in honour of Halloween. 😉

I am not familiar with this person at all.  Found the mix on Fonik’s site.  Love it.  It was quite a delight to listen to as I sat at the airport endlessly awaiting my flight.
Klay PigeonStranded Pigeon Mix


Calibre – Honeypot (Signature)
Big Bud – I Want you so Bad (Soundtrax)
Random Movement – The Things You Do (Innerground)
Switch – Hilltop View (Soul:R)
Calibre – What U Need (Creative Source)
Alix Perez – Contradictions (Shogun)
Furney + Tayla – You Must Stand Still (Liquid V)
Calibre – Let Me Hold You Now (Signature)
Commix – Scarlet (Hospital)
Aperture – Need U Here (Breakbeat Science)
Mutt – Hot Lick Squeeze (Creative Source)
Random Movement – Scotch Bonnet (Integral)
Marky + S.P.Y – Tapestry (Innerground)
Calibre – Tru Beat (Critical)
Alix Perez – Fade Away (Shogun)
Commix – Breaking Through (31)
Mistical – Believe it (Soul:R)
InstraMental – Pacific Heights (Darkestral)
Alix Perez – Forsaken (Shogun)
PFM – One and Only (2002 rework) (Goodlooking)

Hibernation Kiki

I had a pretty nice weekend.  The cold is settling and I’m starting to feel the hibernation mode kicking in.  I’m starting to get excited about my trips coming up this year, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New York and London.  Being unemployed gives me ample amount of time so if I have the money I have no excuse but to dip out.

Quantrek – Sugar Soul (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Mampi SwiftHi TekCharge Recordings 1998

Paul SG2 Years of Influenza Media


01. BCee – Out in the Cold
02. Well Being – Storms by Streetlight
03. Grimm & NuSense – Soulful Music
04. Atlantic Connection – Echo Park (BCee Remix)
05. Qumulus – Begin Again
06. Peyo & Stunna – Do You Remember
07. Donnie Dubson – Grapefruit
08. Qumulus – Better Than Before
09. Paul SG & Eros – Ask Her
10. Smote – Precious Love

Normal Kiki

Wow.  I had an amazing bday.  Thanks to all involved.  I had such a lovely week last week that normalcy doesn’t seem that exciting anymore.  LOL.  I’ll survive. 😉

CLS & Wax – Gonzales Theme (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Artificial IntelligenceThrough the GateV Recordings 2004

mSdoS & Paul SGLiquid DnB Sessions Episode 20


01. D-Fect & Crix – All I ever (Golden Orb)
02. Paul SG & Andy Sim – Years go by (Dub)
03. LM1 & Decem – Epilogue (Dub)
04. Smote – Time (Red mist dub)
05. Syncopix – Smile (Blu Saphir Dub)
06. Mikrob & Human Factor – Polar (Allsorts Dub)
07. Phat Playaz & Jrumhand – Mr.Cosmic (Dub)
08. Dj Clart – Brick city (Dub)
09. Paul SG ,mSdoS & Eros – Loosing brave (Fokuz Dub)
10. Zezo and 2cents – Summer Jam (Calculon mix) (Dub)
11. Matt-U & Sol ID – Babylon Funk (Dub)
12. Broken Drum – Stolen Love (Dub)
13. Simplification – Take Me Over (Have A Break)
14. Intelligent Manners – Love freeze (Dub)
15. Command Strange – You don’t deserve me (Dub)
16. Utah Jazz – Survival Of The Fittest (Spearhaed Rec)
17. Champagne vs Subject13 – Perfect World (Dub)
18. S P Y – Moving In Circles (SoulR)
19. Flaco & Glen E Ston – The Aftermath (Dub)

Paul SG
01. Herbie Hancock – Cantaloup Island (DnB Mix) (White)
02. Paul SG – Vienna Melange (Jazzsticks Dub)
03. Furney – Elmalougalou (Dub)
04. Paul SG – On my Way (Dub)
05. Redeyes – Conart (Spearhead)
06. Paul SG – Listen to What I say (Jazzsticks Dub)
07. DJ Chap – When Passion ends (Dub)
08. Tidal – Impressions (Good Looking)
09. NotioN – Searching for an Answer (Paul SG Remix) (NuDir Dub)
10. Akira – Only (Spearhead)
11. Paul SG – Casanova (BluSaphir Dub)
12. Makoto – Music has never let me Down (Good Looking)
13. Peyo – Old Times (Good Looking)
14. Paul SG ft. Eros – Forever (Good Looking)
15. Paul SG ft. Grimm – Lonely (Jazzsticks Dub)
16. Unknown – Ride Thing (White)
17. Eveson – Food for Thoughts (Good Looking)
18. Marky & SPY – Kinky Funky (Innerground Dub)
19. Jason Mraz – Details in the Fabric (DnB Mix) (White)

Glowstick Kiki

I frequently think about how strange it is that I rave out to dnb at 5 a.m.

This morning’s gym selections were Stunna & Submorphics’ WMC mix (sorry I don’t have a link for this one) and Alegria’s Influenza mix.  I worked out to Alegria but listened to S & S in my car on the drive there.  I actually stayed in my car after I parked to listen to S & S because the mix was almost over and I wanted to hear the end, even though I’ve listened to it numerous times before.  It’s just a really good mix and I was totally in the zone.  I totally got that feeling after you would get home from a rave and it would be ass crack o clock.

I think one of my fondest memories is after one of the times I saw Andy C.  It was back in ’99.  The rave was called Mental and it was at the Roy Wilkins in St. Paul, MN.  I left the auditorium at 8 a.m. was pretty much deaf cuz the sound was insane and couldn’t have been more content to go to bed yet I was definitely on cloud nine from all the good music I had heard that night.  I’m feeling a little nostalgic this morning I guess.  😉

Brother – Dig Deep (track is in player)
I’ve liked this one for a while.  Paul SG played it on his show recently and it reminded me how much I liked it.

Today’s Oldie:
Shimon & Andy CMind KillerRam Records 2001
Might as well have another Andy C oldie right?  He’s coming to Smart Bar on the 17th.  Stunna is playing so I’ll prolly go.  To be honest though I’m more a fan of Andy C of yesteryear not necessarily of the Andy C of today. *shrugs*  This oldie is another of my faves for sure.  It was the track that I played the most on this Ram Raiders Part 3 release.  I’ve said it before, I really like the tracks that Andy C and Shimon make together.  🙂

StunnaFen Entertainment Mix Autumn 2009



Early A.M. Kiki

It’s  really early.  I’ve been an early riser for as long as I can remember but still it never stops being strange that I’m awake kicking it when everyone else is completely passed out.  My gym is open 24 hours so I think I’m gonna head over there once I finish this post.

I don’t really have anything exciting to talk about this week.  It’s a pretty slow week.  I’m definitely feeling the unemployment factor right now because I’ve been working with my friend for the past couple of weeks so my idle time has been pretty much non-existent.  This week he’s out of town though and I’ve had to keep myself busy.  There are activities to do but they are activities of my own creation, so that makes the “I really have nothing to do factor” quite high.

Spectrasoul feat. Mike Knight – Melodies (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dj ZincFruitellaTrue Playaz 2004

Now you can listen for yourself.  Paul SG is awesome.  Good tunes.  You can  also check out his other archives with Recline at the Bassdrive archive home.  Click here.

Paul SG Bassdrive Grifted Radio Live from Vienna 07/27/09 Special Edition

No tracklist.

Cough Suppressant Kiki

So I must admit I’ve been pretty poorly for the past week.  My allergies manifested themselves into this horrid cold and I’ve just been surviving.  Now it’s almost all gone apart from this nasty cough.  I guess I’m not taking the right medicine cuz this ish is not going anywhere.  I bought some theraflu so hopefully that helps.

If you’re in Chicago tonight go check out Raiden at Smart Bar.  Woot.

Paul SG – Living in the Past (track is in player)
I even annoy myself with how much I keep gushing about Paul SG.  I just dig his vibe.  He’s my current obsession so I guess you’ll just have to ride this one out like you do all the other ones. 😉

Today’s Oldie:
Ed Rush & OpticalFunktionV Recordings 1998
I find it very strange that I haven’t put this as an oldie yet.  I prolly was avoiding putting the obvious ones and just forgot.  I have a list of all the oldies that I have posted so I don’t repeat and I looked on it and was like huh?  This is definitely one of my fave Ed Rush & Optical tunes.  Lovesit.

My buddy Hwilde informed me that the Nymfo mix I posted yesterday is ridden with emcee loudness.  Boo.  I apologise.  I didn’t listen to it.  I just posted it.  I told you I’m behind on listening. :”(

Here’s Bassdrive’s own Methodus with a summer treat.  Should be a good listen.

MethodusNatural Selection Summer 2009 Mix


. Lynx ft. Kemo – Global Enemies (Flaco Rmx) [Unreleased]
. Dave Owen & Glen E Ston – Jazz Collab [Unreleased]
. Calibre – What to do in These Times [Signature] ❤
. ATP – September (m25 Rmx) [Unreleased]
. Komatic & Technicolour – Innervision [Worldwide Audio]
. Atlantic Connection – Leaving Home (Hollywood mix) [Westbay]
. Bcee – Glitter Balls [Spearhead Recordings]
. Stunna – Face the Night [Unreleased]
. Zero T ft. Steo – Refusal (Calibre Remix) [Integral]
. Magnafide – Shapes [Unreleased]
. Break – Enigma (Calibre Remix) [Quarantine]
. Atlantic Connection – Situations (Zero T Remix) [Dispatch]
. Zero T & Mosus ft. Steo – Call Waiting [Liquid V]
. Zyon Base – Ghetto Blues [Deep Soul Music]
. Joe Syntax – We Get By [BIOS dub]
. Beatchemist – Document 1 [Unreleased]

Pollen Kiki

So fine, whatever, I’ve come to terms with it, I’m a full blown allergy haver and that shit is not fucking fun.  I’m a sneezing maniac, my throat hurts, my eyes itch, and my nose won’t stop running.  Is that cute?  Absolutely not.  I’ve been   trying to be a trooper and not whine but it’s 4:55 am and I can’t breathe and I’m bloody miserable.

Moving on, it is the weekend, though for an unemployed person that shouldn’t really mean that much since I kinda don’t have a schedule but it does mean that others will be able to hang out with me so at least there will be fun things to do.

It’s Juju’s bday tomorrow.  Yay.

Concept & Shnek – Never Give Up (track is in player)
Heard this one on Paul SG & Recline’s show on Bassdrive.  Still totally obsessed with their show btw.  Loves it.

Today’s Oldie:
MakotoInside Your LoveGood Looking Records 2001
Lovely track.  Makoto always = win.

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode 9


Mr. Distance & Joe Syntax – Void [Hustle Audio dub]
Linden – Sabotage [Broken Audio dub]
Decem & Glen-E-Ston – Star City Saga [dub]
Operon ft. Manta Ray – Airports
Division – Deep Roots
Scenic & Advisory – Don’t Tell Me [dub]
Lenzman – Marseille
Crix & D-fect – All I Ever Needed [dub]
Brooklyn – Someone (Naibu Remix)
Undersound – Into The Woods [dub]
Simplifciation & Edward Oberon – Loveline [Digital Blus dub]
LJ High – Trouble (rework) [dub]
Loxy & Isotone – Ancients
Fre4knc – The Tube
Druid – Lightheaded [dub]
Proxima – Serengeti
Raiden – M82
London Elektricity – Just One Second (Apex Remix)
Fourward – Lucid dreams
LAOS – Everything
Deadmau5 – I Remember (J Majik & Wickaman Remix)
Druid – Burning [dub]
Camo & Krooked – Get Funky
LAOS – We All
Druid – The Power [dub]
Random Movement – Her Song
Syncopix – Nightlistener
Glamour For Better  – Architeks Of Disco (John B Remix)
Druid – The Blue Yonder [Deep Instinct dub]
Greg Packer – Meltdown
Redeyes – Poetry In Motion
Zero T – Why Would You