Good Day Kiki

I’m trying my best to be in charge of setting the tone for my day. I pick a song that puts me in a good mood and it helps me begin my day on a good note.

I’m such a Leo Wood fan. Her vocals are always on point. I do love a good Phaction tune too. This one came out at the end of February. 🧡

Fresh Kicks: Submorphics

Always gotta support the homie.

Lovin’ the mix. 😍😍😍


DRS feat. Patife & Vangeliez ‘I Will’ ❤❤❤
Lenzman & Submorphics ‘Bayview’
Need For Mirrors & Phil Tangent ‘Polaroid’
Seba & Method One ‘Dawn Patrol’
FD ‘The Edges’
Lenzman ‘Waves’
Submorphics feat. Adrienne Richards ‘Maybe It’s Time’
Villem & Phase ft. Steo ‘Thru My Soul’
Macca & Loz Contreras ‘Better World (Lenzman Remix)’
Submorphics ‘Without You’
Friction & Karma ‘No Return’
Elliot Moss ‘Slip (SpectraSoul Remix)’
Serum, Paul T & Edward Oberon ‘Take My Breathe Away’
Ulterior Motive feat. Ben Verse ‘The Real’
Submorphics ‘Arcata’
Calculon, Shamanga & Austin Speed ‘Fierce (Skeptical Remix)’ 
Submorphics feat. T.R.A.C. ‘Stratospheres’
Mako & Andy Skopes ‘The Mercenary’
Klax ‘The Sway’ 
Phil Tangent ‘Bardarbunga’
Hyroglifics ‘Talisman (JME Vocal)’
Skeptical & Alix Perez ‘Killa’
Lenzman & Jubei ‘Park Hill’ 
Nu:Tone & Anile ‘Merk’ 
FD ‘Serious’
Submorphics feat. Christina Tamayo ‘Lost in the Lights’

Technimatic – Shogun Audio Brighton Promo Mix March 2014

FYI, finding mixes can be quite difficult.  LOL.  I remember having a conversation with my buddy Judi about this.  You traipse the internet looking for something decent to listen to and you find someone you don’t know with a decent tracklist and you think oh I’ll give it a go and then… rubbish.  It just goes to show that just because you have good tunes and know how to match beats, doesn’t make you a good dj. It sounds so nerdy, but you can hear the love of the music in the way the tunes are presented and mixed.  I love it when you get to rely on old faithfuls.  The process may seem repetitive when you just listen to the same djs all the time but I love being able to see people I know, see a good tracklist and know that I will enjoy the mix.

1 LSB ‘Leave’ (Soul:R)
2 Technimatic ‘Sphere’ (SGN:LTD)
3 Ivy Lab ‘Baby Grey’ (Critical)
4 Calibre ‘Schlager’ (Signature)
5 DKay ‘It’s On The Way’ (Soul:R)
6 Random Movement ‘Connections’ (Prestige)
7 Adam F ‘Circles (remix)’ (N/A)
8 dBridge & Vegas ‘True Romance’ (Metalheadz)
9 Lenzman ‘Paper Faces ft. Martyna Baker’ (Metalheadz)
10 Phil Tangent ‘Rinjani’ (N/A)
11 Total Science ft. Grimm ‘Another Time’ (Spearhead)
12 Calibre ‘Windows’ (Signature)
13 Lenzman & FD ‘Joanie’s Theme’ (Metalheadz)
14 Technimatic & LSB ‘Serendipity’ (Integral)
15 Karma ‘Salute’ (CYN Music)
16 Zero Tolerance ft. Riya ‘Truth Hurts’ (N/A)
17 Calibre ‘Cully Bridge’ (Signature)
18 Anushka ‘Never Can Decide’ (Ivy Lab Remix) (Brownswood)
19 Bungle ‘Blue’ (Spearhead)

SpectraSoul – Hearts

myleene klass heart nail wraps

Hearts all around!  Especially to SpectraSoul because I heart them and this track.  Then to my homie Judy cuz I heart her and she deserves props for getting her nail game back on track… no more chipped nail varnish JuJu.  Also hearts to this awesome pic because I heart getting my nails done and these nails look dope.

On Point Kiki

I kinda got my act together just in time for the first 6 week session of summer school to be over.  Woot.  1 week break and then I start it all over again for another 6 weeks. *sigh*

One reward for being such an amazing student… cough cough, Spectrasoul gave away “In Profile” for free yesterday.  So awesome.  They reached 10,000 likes on the Facebook page and decided to bless us with a tune.  Do you know how long I’ve coveted that track?  Loved it from the first moment I heard it which was back in 2008.  Nice one boys.

Spectrasoul – In Profile (download)

I actually have a lot of tunes I want to share but am having trouble finding samples so hold tight, hopefully by next post I’ll have some good clips.

Today’s Oldie:
Sound of the FutureThe LighterFormation Records 1995
I’m having a hard time believing that I haven’t posted this one.  In the beginning, when I first started doing the oldies section, I tried not to do the obvious ones.  Now I just forget about them cuz I think I already did them.  LOL.  Thank god for the search box on my blog.  This track is one of the ones that threw me completely in.  I had already been listening to jungle for a while and just really loved the sound.  All the classics were just amazing.  Then I went to this rave one time when I was home in London and Dj SS dropped this and I just remember standing in the middle of the dancefloor just taking it all in.  The sound system was wicked and I was like, this is it.  Alas, here we are now, I’m a grown ass woman in her 30s and still brock out to dnb like I’m a 14 year old raver. ❤

Shogun AudioMinistry of Sound Radio 06/21/11
No tracklist.  Love their show on MOS though so I’m sure it’ll be a good listen.

Busy Bee Kiki

New job = exhausted Kiki.  Once I get used to my new schedule I’m sure everything will be fine.  In the meantime all I want to do is sleep. 🙂

RockwellShogun Audio @ Ministry of Sound 01/03/11


01. Ena – Band [Dub]
02. Rockwell – Untitled [Dub]
03. Phace & Noisia – Micro-Organism [Neosignal]
04. ? – ? – ?
05. XX – Shelter (Alix Perez Remix) [Dub]
06. Jubei – Gateway [Dub]
07. C4C & Fierce – Moonbreaker [Dub]
08. Jubei & Vicious Circle – Cloak & Dagger [Critical]
09. Alix Perez – Myriads VIP [Dub]
10. Rockwell – Live For The Moment [Critical]
11. System – Sy-Fi [Integral]
12. Commix & Icicle – Ultraclean [Dub]
13. Enei – One Chance [Critical]
14. Noisia & Icicle – Driftwood [Shogun]
15. Ulterior Motive – Featherweight VIP [Subtitles]
16. Sinthetix – Ultraviolet [Ohm Resistance]
17. C4C – Blindside [Renegade Hardware]
18. Siren (Vicious Circle & Universal Project) – Squadron [Siren Recordings]
19. Rockwell – DJ Friendly Unit Shifter [Shogun Audio]
20. Jubei & D-Bridge – Patience VIP [Dub]
21. Rockwell – Untitled [Dub]
22. DJ Shadow – Def Surround Us (Rockwell Remix) [Dub]
23. Friction & K Tee – Set it Off (Icicle Remix) [Shogun]
24. Enei – Forgive Me [Critical]
25. Rockwell & Phace – Untitled [Dub] (???)
26. Matrix & Fierce – Climate (C4C Remix) [Metro]
27. Jubei & Vicious Circle – Deliberate [Critical]
28. DJ Fresh – Heavyweight [Digital Soundboy]
29. Alix Perez & Foreign Beggars- Dark Days [Shogun]
30. Icicle & SP:MC – Dreadnought [Shogun]
31. Phace – Strange Science [Shogun]
32. Noisia & Phace – Close Second [Dub]
33. Moving Fusion – The Beginning [RAM]
34. Phace & Misanthrop – Desert Orgy [Neosignal]
35. Pilotpriest – Body Double (Phace Remix) [Dub]
36. Rockwell – Full Circle [Shogun]
37. Rockwell – Untitled [Dub]
38. Ena – Untitled [Dub]
39. Rockwell – Aria [Critical]
40. Rockwell & Untold – Rekohu Sunrise [Critical]
41. Alix Perez – Reckless [Dub]
42. Subwave – Deadhead [Metalheadz]
43. Eastcolors, Noel & Enei – Cracker [Critical]

Over-age Kiki

So me and Daniela went to see Caspa at Smart Bar yesterday.  I like dubstep.  I don’t listen to it as much as dnb but I do enjoy the genre and all its sub categories.  Yesterday I was up for some rowdy party dubstep.  Apparently no one told me and Daniela that it was a 22 year olds only party.  LOL.  I don’t know why I keep being surprised every time I go to his shows.  He has a huge following.  He’s totally grabbed the new ravers crowd.  Me and Daniela were some of the oldest people there.  These kids love him.  Camera phones, autographs, etc.  It’s awesome.  I love watching it but at the same time it’s definitely a reminder that we are old.  It was seriously like a rave in there except we were in a club and it’s 2010.  I had fun nonetheless.  Caspa is  a good dj.  Good times.

Total Science & SPY – Gangsta (track is in both players)
I’ve been digging this track since I heard Friction play it on the first Shogun Audio podcast.

Today’s Oldie:
CalibreRun Around – Defunked 2003 

SabreGRAM Agency Podcast


01. Notion – Even Now [N/A]
02. Data – Burning Paradise [Blackout]
03. Sabre – 100 Teeths [Critical]
04. Zero T & FD – After All [Subtitles]
05. Hybris – Of Two Minds [N/A]
06. Sabre – Peril (Stray Remix) [Critical]
07. Data & Keza – Surveillance [Inside]
08. Cern & Dabs – What Remains [N/A] Cern LP
09. Dot – Secure Zone [N/A]
10. Alix Perez & Zero T – Enemy Of Reason [N/A]
11. Hybris – Dirty Money [N/A]
12. Judda – Pressure Plate [Critical]
13. Cern & Teknik – Wasabi [N/A] Cern LP

Kiki Roker

Al Roker is a weatherman right?  I swear you would think I’m a meteorologist since all I do is talk about the weather these days but seriously it’s gorgeous out.  I just came in from frolicking around outside…  okay I wasn’t frolicking but I feel like it paints a sunnier picture of how lovely it is outside if I say frolicking.  Bear with me people, the weather is a huge focus for an unemployed person like myself who spends a majority of her time inside her apartment. 😉

Last night was fun.  I miss not being able to go out and hear dnb regularly.  We have really awesome local dnb djs here in Chicago.  Love it. ❤

Nymfo – Matchstick (track is in player)

Rockwell – Stay Calm (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dj RedMad PLOTrouble On Vinyl 1996
I can’t believe I haven’t put this one yet.  I got so sick of hearing it on all those tape packs back then.  LOL.  Undeniably a notable jump up tune though. 🙂

FrictionShogun Audio Podcast 5


01. Lenzman & Jo-s – Fade Away [SOUL:R]
02. Alix Perez – Menacing Ways [SHOGUN]
03. Total Science & Riya – Redlines [CRITICAL]
04. Taxman – Dreamland [LIQ-WEED GANJA]
05. Ascend & Ultravibe -What Kind of World
06. Calibre & DRS – Judgement Day [SAMURAI]
07. Icicle – Xylophobia [SHOGUN]
08. Netsky – I Refuse (Shock One Remix) [SPEARHEAD]
09. Hazard – Against The Clock [GANJA]
10. Need For Mirrors – Gallows [SGN:LTD]
11. Total Science & SPY – Above The Clouds [SHOGUN]
12. K-Tee – Hypnotize VIP [SHOGUN]
13. Notorious BIG – Juicy