Wash, Rinse and Repeat Kiki

I won’t talk about school for long cuz that’s all I talk about these days.  Basically this semester is really hard and I’m trapped in a study/work cycle.  Boo.

Looking forward to seeing LTJ on the 16th and SPY on the 22nd.  I have to plan my let loose days way way way in advance.  LOL.

I’ll post more deets on those two shows as we get closer to the event dates.

CalibreForeign Bodies
Been waiting for a sample of this for ages now.  I know it’s just a podcast rip but you can hear it nonetheless.  I heard it on a Marky mix a while back and just loved it.  I can’t wait to hear it on a loud sound system.  Some serious bass there.

Intelligent MannersStill
So good!  I love tunes like this.  I actually really like all the songs on his Everybody Knows EP.  Nice one.

Mob TacticsThe Machai
Nice rowdy tune.  See I don’t only listen to pretty stuff.  😉

Flaco – Gonna Take Time
Love it!  I heard this on that Makoto Human Elements 5th Anniversary Mix and meant to post it then but totally forgot.  Wicked.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj DieReincarnationsFull Cycle Records 1996

Dj HypeKiss FM 09/08/2011


Jaydan-Insatiable-Innerground Dub
Original Sin-Detonate-Playaz Dub
Dillinja-So Hard-Valve Dub
Icicle-Alien Groove-Shogun Promo
Serial Killaz-In Your Eyes-Dub
D Minds-Rinse 2-Dub
Camo & Crooked-Anubis-Hospital Dub
Chap-Seven Lines-Innerground Dub
Protection-Culture Shock-Ram Promo
Heist-Verdict V.I.P.-Dub
Krome & Time -Ganjaman [Total Science & S.P.Y. Rmx]-Dub
Digital-Gateman V.I.P. [Taxman Rmx]-Dub
Total Science & S.P.Y.-Whoonga-Cia Dub
Sub Focus & Brookes Brothers-Late Run-Dub
Sub Zero-Retro Feet-Playaz Dub
Devise & Shookz-Comin On Stealth-Dub
Sigma-Night & Day-Dub
>>>> Dreggs-At The Bottom-Collab
Need For Mirrors-Zercon-Zoltar
Camo & Crooked-Run Riot-Hospital Dub
A.I. Ft. Mc Drs-Pigeon Hole [Rmx]-Dub


Studious Kiki

It feels so much better when one is busy.  Good busy.

In my past year of unemployment, that is what has caused me the most depression.  It’s just not fun to feel useless.

I have Joia again today.  Her dad will be back this weekend I think.

My biggest problem right now is that one of the programs I’m applying to requires a writing sample, like a research paper of sorts…  Hmmm.  Nope.  My programs that I studied second time around at school were very creative:  screenwriting, sitcom writing, sketch comedy writing, public relations marketing plans and the like.  None of that will work for a writing sample and I’m completely screwed.  LOL.  I did have one paper that I wrote for a psychology class and recently threw it out with numerous other piles of crap as I was trying to figure out why I had papers that I had written in primary school in London still in my room.  I just purged numerous nonsense piles of rubbish that were creating mayhem in my cabinet.

Anyways, now I have to  spend this week writing some semblance of a writing sample to turn in.  Wish me luck.  This is something I am horibble at.  Hence the reason I went the creative angle in my studies.  I remember when I was in high school my teachers always complaining that I was not allowed to write how I spoke.  That is the only way I know how to write!!  LOL.  APA style was definitely not my friend.  This paper will be very interesting. 😉

Mutt The Art of Forgetting (been loving this one since I heard it on RM’s podcast.  Woot)

SinistarrTriple Beam

Today’s Oldie:
Dj Die LandslideFull Cycle 1996

Chris InperspectiveInperspective Radio 06/07/10 (the download button is hidden but pops up if you hover above “share”)


1. Profane – Kevlar Switch (Inperspective forthcoming)
2. Double O – Hypnotize
3. Stranjah – One Note VIP (Wrekanise Recordings)
4. Antidote – Broken Spirits (Inperspective forthcoming)
5. L.I.S. – Apple Fingers (Play:Muisk forthcoming)
6. Chris Inperspective – ???
7. ??? – ???
8. Calibre – ???
9. Chris Inperspective – ???
10. Profane – Fuckyoshitforreal (Inperspective forthcoming)
11. Chris Inperspective – Heather’s Hot Waffles (Re-Edit)
12. ??? – ???
13. Andy Skopes – Sleeping Pill
14. Macc – Fake Bus (Inperspective Records)
15. Serum – ??? (Critical)
16. ??? – ??? (Amen tune, my guess is Andy Skopes)
17. Infarkt – Combined Dust
18. Chris Inperspective – ???
19. Justice – Aquisse
20. ??? – ???
21. Chris Inperspective – ???
22. ??? – ??? (too nice)
23. ??? – ???
24. Profane – Nazareth Crime (Inperspective forthcoming)
25. Profane – Cobra Sin (Inperspective forthcoming)
26. Profane – Bodied (Inperspective forthcoming)
27. ??? – ??? (Chris chats bout Tek Unlimited INP001)
28. Alpha Omega – Klash (Gremlinz Remix) (Unreleased)
29. ??? – ???
30. Bullion – Young Heartache

Computer Fail Kiki

Ugg.  My computer isn’t working again.  It’s an old laptop so I really can’t complain.  It’s just annoying that’s all.  I really need a new one.  The second I get some money that will be the first thing I buy.  Alas I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to post everyday if it doesn’t get sorted.

Apart from the computer business I actually had a pretty lovely weekend.  Good friends, good times. 🙂

JayBee & FlacoCorridor (track is in Jaybee player)

Today’s Oldie
Dj DieNastyFull Cycle Recordings 1995

FDFabricLive Promo Mix April 2010


Scuba – Latch – Hotflush
Ramadanman – I Beg You – Hessle Audio
Sigha – Early Morning Lights (Marcel Dettmann Remix) – Our Circula Sound
Pangaea – Coiled – Hessle Audio
Kyle Hall – You Know What I Feel – Hyperdub
Black Pocket – You’re A Sta (Martyn Remix) – Fat City
Instra:mental – Futurist – Naked Lunch
Shed – Intro (Paul Stretch’s Edit) – Ostgut Ton
Sigha – Light Swells – Hotflush
DB1 – Vanguard – Dub
Halogenix – Rock-a-By – Dub
Ulterior Motive – Yogurt Brainwave – Subtitles
Seiji – Storm Report – Reinforced
Zero T & FD – After All – Subtitles
Hybris – The Cleaner – Critical
Paradox – Esoteric Funk – Reinforced
Jubei feat. dBridge – Patience – Metalheadz
Blocks & Escher – Shadowplay – Digital Soundboy
Rockwell – Full Circle – Shogun Audio
Ulterior Motive – Well of Envy – Dub
Martyn – Get Down – Soul:R
Total Science, SPY & DJ Lee – Useless – Atlas
FD & Script – White Horse – CIA Deepkut

Sze Chuan Kiki

One thing I like about Mike being in town is we always go out for good eats.  Yesterday I had the best Chinese food I’ve ever had.  Lao Sze Chuan in Chinatown is awesome.  So many options.  The menu is huge.  There are things on there that I have never even heard of before.  All the food was non greasy and really flavourful.  I will definitely go there again.

When I was in college I used to be best friends with this Chinese girl and her parents owned a Chinese restaurant in South Dakota where she was from.  I went home with her once and eating at their restaurant was wonderful.  When we ate dinner they made absolutely nothing that was actually on their menu.  There were all these entrees that I’d never seen and they were so full of great seasonings and yummy.  I guess it’s easier to keep the Americanized versions for us and keep the good good ish for themselves. 😉

Leaving tomorrow.  I will try and write while I go on my two week excursion but can’t promise that I’ll actually get to.  I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday!  Safe travels if you are going anywhere and just enjoy spending time with the people you care about.  I plan to. 🙂

Simplification feat. Command StrangeMelody (track is in Simplification player)
Loving the flow of this one.  I love tracks where you can just get lost in the head nod.

Today’s Oldie:
Roni Size & Dj DieAll The Crew Big UpV Recordings 1995
Drums drums drums.  Love it! Great Oldie.

BalistikAssasin Sounds Show DnB Radio 12/19/09


01 – Mefjus – No Choice
02 – Zeal & Litta – See You Next Tuesday
03 – Mefjus, Bowser & Kaiza – Gravitational Lensing
04 – Arsenic – Decapitator (Audio rmx)
05 – Savage Rehab – Antithing
06 – KZSS & The Colaboration – No Peace
07 – Savage Rehab – New Dawn Project (Still Dark Mix)
08 – Incident – Serial Killers
09 – Mr Explicit – Trapped Inside
10 – Kiotek – Beyond Comprehension
11 – Paul Saint Jack – Timeless (Mefjus & Bowser Rmx)
12 – Katharsys – The Chain
13 – Mefjus & Bowser – Cerberus Paws
14 – Audio – Fallout (Rollout VIP)
15 – Break – Is This What You Want VIP
16 – Die & Break – Get Some
17 – Serum & Bladerunner – Snakefist
18 – Capone – Friday
19 – Mr Explicit – Who Do I Trust
20 – Cooh & Dereck – Adrenaline
21 – Dillinja – Hard Noize
22 – Paul SG – Grey Skin (Mefjus & Bowser Rmx)
23 – Prolix feat Maldini – Hall Of Mirrors
24 – Gridlock – Know This Sound
25 – Randall & Andy C – Sound Control (Bladerunner Rmx)
26 – DJ SS – Black (Bladerunner Rmx)
27 – Explicit + Balistik – Exsistance (Explicit VIP)

Hide & Seek Kiki

I’ve been having a really nice time here in Madison.  I really needed to get out of Chicago.  Now I’m milking it though cuz I don’t really want to go back to sitting in my flat reading Craigslist so I’m hiding out.  I’ll come back on tuesday. 😉

DBridge5th Floor

Today’s Oldie:
United Future OrganisationThe Planet Plan (Dj Die Remix) – Talking Loud 1997
Props to Dj Cansoe for reminding me of this, it’s in his mix I posted below.  I remember getting this record and being so excited about it.  It’s totally fun to ride out the mix with.

Dj CansoeLe Pueblo aka Attention Span Mix


Dj Die – Reincarnations

Calibre – High Note

Alix Perez – Crooklyn

Marcus Intalex – Poledancer

UFO – The Planet Plan (DJ Die Remix)

Serum & Bladerunner – Images

D-Bridge – True Romance

Calibre (feat. Lariman) – Tru Beat

Coerse & Andy Skopes – Soulful Stereo

DJ Suv & Big Bud – Stumbling Block

The Kox – It’s O.K. (S.P.Y. Remix)

Insiders – Music

Fresh – Heavyweight

Gappa G & Hyper Hypa – Information Centre (Bladerunner Remix)

Dj Suv – Output

Capone – Bongo Rock

Mutt feat. Kevin King – Conversations

Spinback & DJ Gwange – The Execution (Serum Remix)

Fracture & Neptune – Clissold

Alix Perez – Contradictions

Midwest Kiki

I retract yesterday’s statement about hibernation.  It’s lovely outside today!  The high is supposed to be 63…  you know you’re a midwesterner when you rave about how nice the weather is even if the numbers are just in the 60s.

I’m back on a Dan Marshall kick.  I never stopped really being on it, it’s just that now that I’m unemployed I tend to forget to listen to him and Jamo’s show but when I was working I remembered to tune in all day everyday because they came on after Spinn.  I work out to their archives constantly.  Love the show.  Big up Bassdrive.

I have a couple of tunes that I’m coveting.  Unfortunately I don’t know the names and I can’t ask anyone cuz I’m on some straight up “it kinda has that one kick and then goes dun dunn dun tsch” bizness right now.  LOL.  So I’ve decided that I will just hopefully discover the names of these tracks at some point and leave it at that. 🙂

Jubei – Outcast (track is in player)

SinistarrTwo Tone (track is on Facebook fan page in music section)
Love this one!

Today’s Oldie:
Dj DieNastyFull Cycle Records 1995

I used to have an unhealthy obsession with Optical.  Like his old skool production drove me insane, in a good way.  I got anything and everything I could of his.  I haven’t listened to this but I’m sure it’s lovely.  I know I can’t listen to liquid funk all the time.  Sometimes you have to switch it up. 😉
OpticalBreakbeat.co.uk Podcast


01. body&soul vs fourward – authority
02. Mindscape & Sleeper Cell – Epidemic
03. bse & eye-d – milkshake
04. audio – control freak
05. ed rush & optical – satellites
06. muffler – mindgames (dabs remix)
07. illskills – dubplate
08. Jade, mindscape & axiom – dirt diver
09. jade & mindscape – banshee
10. bse – camoflage
11. optical – whats the difference (1997) dubplate unreleased
12. c4c – stranglehold
13. brookes brothers – crackdown (shockone remix)
14. the upbeats – binge drinker vip
15. endgame – noisia

500 Days of Kiki

I apologise for my absence on Friday.  I sadly report that I spilled water on my laptop.  I have never darted so fast but alas it didn’t really help.  I should be grateful that it still works though.  It’s been drying for the past 3 days.  The keyboard is shot so I had to get an external one.  Fortunately it’s a wireless one so it’s not as annoying as it could be, but it’s still kind of annoying.

Smart Bar was cool.  I’m so used to playing gigs where me and my friends just sit around and drink so it’s nice to have gigs where people actually dance and they definitely do that at Smart Bar.  Not quite sure where these people come from cuz I never see them at Lava for the dnb shows there, but I am still grateful for their enthusiasm and appreciate their dancing. 🙂

I’ve had a pretty lovely weekend.  Sam and Katie are here so I’ve been enjoying really good meals and some good hang out sessions.

Yesterday I went to go see 500 Days of Summer with Melissa and Zora.  CUTE!  Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are my two favourite indie actors so it’s a double pleasure having them both be in the same film and they were adorable.  I loved the movie.  Fun fact:  I found out that the guy that directed the film went to my high school.  Not like oh in 1948 or whatever but like he was in the same year as my older brother and Melissa.  Melissa  knows him. (Melissa and I went to high school together but she was just two years older than me.)  I think as you get older you realise that at some point there’s a good chance that at least one person you went to high school or college with is going to be famous.  There’s at least 5 people that I knew during that period of my life (high school/college) that are famous.  Props to them.

Metrik – Time to Change (track is in player)
I was a huge fan of Stranger (also in player) last year, Spinn turned me on to it.  Metrik’s tunes give me that Video Killed The Radio Star feel.  Don’t ask me why.  LOL.  It’s not a bad thing.  Video Killed the Radio Star was my favourite song when I was like 5 and I still love it to this day.  Big up The Buggles.  Eek… my age is definitely showing!

Geez.  I must have missed you.  I’m all chatty cathy today. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Scorpio aka Dj Die & Roni SizeTroubleV Recordings 1997
This tune was one I loved to mix.  It’s definitely not a good stand alone tune but it’s fun to ride out mixes with.  I remember I mixed at a Minneapolis outdoor fest called Cedar Fest one year and it was so ridiculously hot.  It was a horrible gig as they had asked me to mix between the bands but the bands kept doing their sound checks while I was mixing and they were really loud and annoying as it was some weird rock station stage (I was the queen of getting random gigs back then.  LOL.) and it was like 95 degrees out and the tables were set up directly in the sun and my records were warping as I was mixing.  I kid you not.  I remember being annoyed that I had put my records in such hot heat for people that couldn’t even hear my set anyways.  This record suffered the most.  I turned it into an ashtray for the apartment as the warping was so bad I couldn’t even play it anymore.

Chris InperspectiveMjazz Podcast 4


Chris Inperspective – Alfas Weekend
Chris Inperspective – Getting There
Chris Inperspective – Thursh and Grump
Chris Inperspective – Just Being
Chris Inperspective – Back from P
Chris Inperspective – Rather Be
Chris Inperspective – Why Does it make U
Chris Inperspective – Caricou
Chris Inperspective – Elite
Chris Inperspective – Fires
Chris Inperspective – Pandaling Hands
Chris Inp + Diamond Eye – Realms of Bias
Chris Inp + Diamond Eye – Ten

Weekend + Kiki = Love Affair

Yes.  Friday arrives once again.  Woot.  I’m back to eagerly anticipating the arrival of summer.  I need some sun to rid me of my disdain for pretty much everything and anything.  LOL.  Aren’t I pleasant?!

Cyantific – Empty Streets (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
3 Way aka Roni Size, Dj Die & KrustReplayDope Dragon 1998
God Damn Replay Replay Replay!  Love it.

Will MilesGuest Mix on PFR Radio May 2009


01. Dave Owen – On Point (Will Miles Remix)
02. Silver & Will Miles – Mother
03. Will Miles – West Grace
04. Will Miles – Together in Autumn
05. Will Miles – Pleasure Center
06. Will Miles – Lottery Winner
07. Will Miles – Knock First
08. Will Miles – Give Love a Chance
09. Will Miles – Hot Breath
10. Will Miles – Intonation
11. Style Control – Magic Style (Will Miles Version 1.0)
12. Will Miles – Private Account
13. Will Miles – Smokem
14. Will Miles – Tandem Crushing
15. Will Miles – Healing
16. Will Miles – Plate Up


May.  Hmmm.  ’09 is trudging a long a little bit too quickly.  Slow down.  Dang.

Greg Packer & MullerKat Magint
I’m lovin this.  It has a bouncy Danny Byrd type feel to it.  Party dnb.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj DieJitta BugFull Cycle Records 2000

Robby, I think you might actually like this mix… despite the fact that Chubrub is on it. 😉
SPYExclusive Mix For Cloud Nine Vienna
I listened to this mix yesterday while working out and was really digging it.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, dnb is awesome workout music.


01. SPY – Hurricane [???]
02. Lenzman Feat. J-oS – Fade Away [31 Recs dub]
03. SPY – ??? [???]
04. Code 3 – Delta [Shogun LTD dub]
05. SPY – ??? [???]
06. Heist & Lomax – She’s Cold [Co-Lab dub]
07. Ed Rush & Optical – Chubrub [Virus]
08. SPY – Sunship [Spearhead]
09. Marky & SPY – Riff Raff [Digital Soundboy dub]
10. Total Science – Nosher (SPY & Marky Remix) [CIA dub]
11. SPY – ASBO [SOUL:R dub]
12. Ed Rush & Optical – Mystery Machine
13. SPY – Monochrome [SOUL:R]
14. Doc Scott – Drumz 95′ (Nasty Habits Remix)
15. Optical – To Shape The Future [Remix?]
16. ??? – ??? [???]

Fresh To Def

I think it would be really funny if I always used the terms that I write in my everyday speech. Most of them are made up mish mashes of terms I think are funny. Other times I just know they sound funny when I say them so I purposely use them. If you know me and you ever hear me use the term Fresh to Def please slap me.

I’m having a pretty good morning. I love those days where you wake up refreshed and ready to attack whatever’s coming at ya. Amit tonight at Seminar. Stop at Lava if you’re in the Chi. I don’t know how I feel about Amit these days. I actually don’t even know any of his new stuff. I just like going out to hear dnb so I’m sure it’ll be a fun night nonetheless.

Commix – Underwater Scene (track is in player)
I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about this track but I like it.

Submorphics – Philly Dub (track is in player)
I’ve been meaning to put this one up for a while and just kinda forgot. Dope tune.

Today’s Oldie:
Breakbeat EraControl Freak /BullitproofXL Recordings 1999
Couldn’t decide between the two so I picked both. Die & Roni Size make a good duo. I really liked this album. I’m really starting to feel old. I can’t believe that I was listening to these tracks 10 odd years ago, seems so strange.

Andy SimRubik Podcast Feb 2009


01. Hobzee, Zyon Base & Brother – 125th Street [Fokuz Dub]
02. Zero T ft. Alix Perez – Threads [CIA]
03. Kharm – Undisclosed [Dub]
04. Adam Form – Down Inside (Subterra & Dekko Remix) [Rubik Dub]
05. Lomax – Human Network [Dub]
06. Paul SG & Andy Sim – Indigo [Think Deep Recs Dub]
07. Spectrasoul – The Weakness [Deep Soul Music]
08. Paul SG & Andy Sim – Space and Time [Dub]
09. Lomax – Shortlist [Dub]
10. Submorphics – Wax Poetic [Westbay Dub]
11. Pentagon & Ethics – Rejection Dub [Rubik]
12. Smote – Deeply in my Soul [Think Deep Recs Dub]
13. ATP – I Still Believe [Dub]
14. Intelligent Manners – Showtime [Golden Orb Dub]
15. Paul SG & Caine – Quiet Steps [Dub]
16. Adam Form – Halls Shine [Think Deep Recs Dub]
17. Re:criminate – Linear [Rubik Dub]
18. Adam Form & Andy Sim – Let You Know [Dub]
19. Kharm – Everything’s Relative [Think Deep Recs Dub]