Kiki Lives…

Barely.  I’m tired, crazy, awake, stressed, happy, non-stop on the go, hungry, everything.  This semester is going to be extra cray.  There’s a beautiful, spectacular light at the end of the tunnel and it’s called graduation so all this better be bloody well worth it!! 😉

No real time to write.  The fliers speak for themselves.

I’m guesting on Stunna’s Bassdrive The Greenroom show Wed Jan. 30.  Tune in.


Then I’m playing at Smart Bar.  If you love deep, liquidy, dnb then this night is seriously not to be missed.  Hope to see you there.








Kiki Raises The White Flag

I admit defeat.  Graduate school is officially the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  I still am enjoying what I’m learning but dang, there’s so much work and it really is becoming a bit overwhelming.  Don’t worry I’m not gonna get all emo.  I’m hanging in there.  I can’t wait til this semester is over though.

Some good dnb shows come up in the Chi so that’s at least something to look forward to.

Always good to see A Sides.  He never disappoints. ❤

The following week Calculon will be back throwing down at Smart Bar.  Love Calculon too.  Will be an awesome distraction to hang out with the dnb homies and listen to some good tunes as finals approach.  If you are in town make sure to come hang out.  You know there are good times to be had!

Been loving this one for a minute.  Nice vocal.

Command Strange & Intelligent MannersMore Than You Know

T.E.E.D. GardenCalibre Remix
I know sometimes I get a bit Calibre happy on the tunes but this one is so pretty I had to post it.

Today’s Oldie:
MatrixCan’t StopMetro Recordings 2002
Old dnb rocks my world.  Love this tune.

Sevin – 1xtra Guest Mix
I just recently started hearing Sevin tracks.  I’m officially a fan.  Loved this mini guest mix on 1xtra.  You’ve prolly already heard it but I’m posting it anyways. 🙂


01 // Penny Giles — Au Revoir Blackbird! [Good looking]
02 // Imagery — Flying Trapeze [dub]
03 // Sevin — Tonight [Rubik]
04 // Mr Joseph — Wondeful Feelin [Liquid V]
05 // Random Movement — Heard it in my head [Rubik]
06 // Flaco — Northstar [Rubik]
07 // Jaybee — Dry Air [Instinct Audio]
08 // Sevin — Really old computer [Soul Deep]
09 // Penny Giles — Momentary Switch [Dub]
10 // Sevin — Lost in translation [Stepping forward]
11 // Sevin — No Wonder [Prestige]
12 // Sevin — Monday Blues [Soul Deep]
13 // Fugees — Fu-gee-la (DnB Bootleg)

Midterm Kiki

Studying for midterms.  Grad school is good.  I’m still enjoying it but dang there really aren’t enough hours in the day.  I am stressed cuz I don’t ever have time for anything.  Sigh.  There’s a beautiful bright light at the end of this tunnel and so I will just keep trudging through. 🙂

Dave Owen is at Smart Bar today.  Go check him out if you’re in town.

Also Natives at Crocodile is tonight. Ike Release is playing.

Should be a fun night all round.  I’m excited that I get to see my dnb buddies. ❤

Here’s a teaser for the April Natives Show with Total Science.

Sub ZeroBrighter Days
Really loving this one.

Today’s Oldie:
DigitalDeadline31 Records 2000

mSdoS & Command StrangeLiquid DnB Sessions Ep. 31


01 Dave Shichman & Dave Owen – Life Moves Fast (Luv Disaster)
02 Flaco & Glen – Crescent (Human Elements)
03 Subsid – Keep Wondering (dUb)
04 Physics – Runaway skies (dUb)
05 Ackute – Tropicks (Textures Music dUb)
06 mSdoS – Oldschool Madness (Soul Deep)
07 Static & Scott Allan (dUb)
08 Amy MacDonald – This Is The Life (Roller & Euphorics rmx) (dUb)
09 BrokenDrum – Closure (dUb)
10 Duo Science – Consequence (Stepping Forward dUb)
11 Magnafide – Now Approaching (dUb)
12 mSdoS – Passenger 7 (Stepping Forward)
13 Simplification & Command Strange – Melody (All Street Rec dUb)
14 Vibrant Scientists – Prolong (dUb)
15 Jill Scott – He Loves Me (soulTec Booty) (dUb)
16 Sevin – Fu Gee La (Bootie)
17 Submatic feat. Albert Tempel – Stronger Than You (Soul Bros Rec)
18 Blue Motion & Wreckage Machinery – Dream On (Urban Chemistry)
19 Fracture Design – Emotions [Nelver remix] (Offworld Rec dUb)
20 Unbridled Valley – Nemanoe (Extent Rec dUb)
21 ATP – Hey There (Enea Rmx)(Bassdrive Tunes dUb)

Command Strange
01 Donnie Dubson – Bad Habbits (FOKUZ)
02 Marky & SPY – Mystic Sunset (Innerground)
03 Intelligent Manners – Never Wanna Be Alone (FOKUZ)
04 dbAudio & dRamatic feat Grimm – Far Away (DUB)
05 Pouyah – Care Of It (DUB)
06 Command Strange & Intelligent Manners – Flirt (DUB)
07 BlueMotion & Soultec – Don’t Wanna Loose U (Influenza Media)
08 Paul T – Beautiful Girl (Fizzy Beatz)
09 Command Strange – Real Thing (LDNB)
10 Dwele – I THink I Love You (Zero T remix) (White)
11 Paul T & Edward Oberon – What Do I Do (DUB)
12 Command Strange – Sugar (Nu Directions)
13 N!tex – Inside (DUB)

You Still Here Kiki?

Yes I’m here.  Didja miss me?  Last week was hectic.  I ended up staying home for a full week.  I got a lot of essay stuff done for my masters apps.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to write, but know it was cuz I was actually really busy and not just cuz I was being lazy. 🙂

Fall is upon us and it seems like my schedule keeps getting busier and busier.  I’m not complaining.  I am not a person that likes to be idle.

Last week was a good music week.  I saw Martyn in Millenium Park at the Sonar Festival which was awesome.  Falty DL and Marcel Dettmann performed at the Smart Bar after parties.  Mixed at a dnb rave.  Really good times.  Plastician is this week.  As an electronic music enthusiast, I really can’t complain much these days. 🙂

KubiksDo Me Wrong

Today’s Oldie:
Roni SizeAnswer BackFull Cycle 2000

SubmorphicsOctober In Serbia Prom Mix September 2010
It’s been ages since I’ve listened to a mix from my buddy Submorphics.  Downloading as I type.  Heading to the gym in a mo and will def. be working out to this one. 🙂


01. Jay Electronica- Victory is in my clutches (Clart remix)
02. Submorphics-Triple Crown
03. Lenzman & Submorphics- Respiration (Submorphics VIP Remix)
04. Jazz Thieves- Midnight Hour (Submorphics remix)
05. Flaco- Choose Me
06. Random Movement and Mixmaster Doc- To Create a Mood
07. Will Miles- Old Gold
08. Silent Dust- Untitled
09. NotioN and Sam KDC- Binding Line
10. Stunna- Forecast Dub
11. Eveson- Numbers
12. Mutt and Generic feat. Kevin King- The Goods
13. Submorphics- Workitout
14. Alicia Keys- Unthinkable (Lenzman Remix)

Over-age Kiki

So me and Daniela went to see Caspa at Smart Bar yesterday.  I like dubstep.  I don’t listen to it as much as dnb but I do enjoy the genre and all its sub categories.  Yesterday I was up for some rowdy party dubstep.  Apparently no one told me and Daniela that it was a 22 year olds only party.  LOL.  I don’t know why I keep being surprised every time I go to his shows.  He has a huge following.  He’s totally grabbed the new ravers crowd.  Me and Daniela were some of the oldest people there.  These kids love him.  Camera phones, autographs, etc.  It’s awesome.  I love watching it but at the same time it’s definitely a reminder that we are old.  It was seriously like a rave in there except we were in a club and it’s 2010.  I had fun nonetheless.  Caspa is  a good dj.  Good times.

Total Science & SPY – Gangsta (track is in both players)
I’ve been digging this track since I heard Friction play it on the first Shogun Audio podcast.

Today’s Oldie:
CalibreRun Around – Defunked 2003 

SabreGRAM Agency Podcast


01. Notion – Even Now [N/A]
02. Data – Burning Paradise [Blackout]
03. Sabre – 100 Teeths [Critical]
04. Zero T & FD – After All [Subtitles]
05. Hybris – Of Two Minds [N/A]
06. Sabre – Peril (Stray Remix) [Critical]
07. Data & Keza – Surveillance [Inside]
08. Cern & Dabs – What Remains [N/A] Cern LP
09. Dot – Secure Zone [N/A]
10. Alix Perez & Zero T – Enemy Of Reason [N/A]
11. Hybris – Dirty Money [N/A]
12. Judda – Pressure Plate [Critical]
13. Cern & Teknik – Wasabi [N/A] Cern LP

Stoneage Kiki

My internet and cable just came back.  Thank god!  I was so bored.  A majority of my loafing about my apartment involves watching telly or surfing the internets. 🙂

I’m playing Shakedown at  Smart Bar tonight.  Come.  Me, Stunna, Submorphics, Lamebrane and Radiata.

LM1November Studio Mix


1. Requiem-Synaethesis (OutsiderCD003 dub)
2. KMC – Rotate (Micro Deep Beats dub)
3. Hoax – Southern (dub)
4. Derrick & Tonika – Luna Park – (OutsiderCD003)
5. Trax – Forward Motion – (OutsiderCD003)
6. Method One & Stunna – Travelogue (Vampire)
7. Johnny Beverton – Whatever You Want (Offworld dub)
8. Method One and Besk One – Between 2 Worlds (Vampire)
9. Decem & Glen Easton- Star City (dub)
10. Seba – Alpha 34 (Secret Operations)
11. Proluxe – Flight Of Love (Intelligent dub)
12. Kyro – Dark Desire (Redmist dub)
13. Solar Empire – Spellbound (Redmist dub)
14. Arje – Infinite Recursion (v16) (Offworld dub)
15. Lm1 feat. Jett – Tommorow (Vibez dub)

Tinsel Kiki

I’m feeling super festive.  I love the holiday season cuz everyone’s down to hang out and I love holiday parties.

My weekend was really fun.  Got some Christmas shopping done, Rusko at Smart Bar was the ultra party and Bisl’s housewarming party was a blast too.

This week/weekend is busy too.  Mixing at Smart Bar on thursday for Shakedown (will do a seperate post on that), 2 holiday parties, 1 kiddie bday party and a holiday brunch.  At least it will get me out of my apartment.  That’s my only worry these days.  LOL.  Will it get me out of my apartment?  Yes??  Be there in 5. 😉

Kasra Perception

Today’s Oldie:
OpticalDark SkiesMetro Recordings 1997

mSdoS & The SquareLiquid DnB Sessions Ep. 21


1. Hypno – Telescope (Muted Remix) (DUB)
2. Bal – Red river valley (INFLUENCE)
3. Pete Voyager – Long White Cloud (CAMINO BLUE DUB)
4. Steez – Memories (mSdoS & mJt remix) (DUB)
5. Champagne – Talk To The Hand (BONAFIDE DUB) — TRACK OF MONTH
6. Crix – Secrets (ABSYS REC DUB)
8. Paul Saint Jack – Convergence (GOLDEN ORB DUB)
9. Greg Packer – Organ Revisited (INTERPHASE) —BACK TO BASICS
10.Neyo – Why does she stay (dRamatic & dbAudio mix) (DUB)
11.The Square,Wreckage Machinery & Blue Motion – One Second (TOUCHEDBY DUB)
12.Simplification & Command Strange – Melody (DUB)
13.Big Bud & Greg Packer – Ri$e (SOUNDTRAX DUB)
14.Drumlinezz – Brown Shade (DUB)
15.Motta – What u got (LUV DISASTER DUB)
16.Phat Playaz – The PFM journey (DUB)
17.mSdoS & MJT – Pat beat (DUB)
18.Kyro – Dark Devotion (RED MIST RECORDINGS)
19.Dj Chap – ??? (DUB)
20.Blue Motion – Wall Of Silence (TEXTURES MUSIC DUB)
21.Blue Motion – Life In The Suburbs (DUB)

1)Love in my Heart – Sconeboy, Blue Motion & The Square [Unsigned]
2)Wax Poetic – Submorphics [Westbay]
3)I΄m Sorry – The Square [Unsigned]
4)Watertight – ATP [Influenza Media]
5)One Second – The Square,Wreckage Machinery & Blue Motion [Unsigned]
6)Deeper Shadow – Smote [Deph Dub]
7)Lost Love – Glen Eston (The Square remix)[VibezDub]
8)Good Enough – Trifonic (Glen E Ston & The Square RMX) (Paul Sg VIP)[InfluenzaMedia]
9)End of Days – The Square [Unsigned]
10)You Dont Need Me – The Square & Blue Motion ft. mSdoS [Fokuz]
11)By My Side – Grimm & Stanza (The Square & Eros Remix) [InfluenzaMedia]
12)Love Sickness – Motta feat Jett (The Square RMX) [Unsigned]
13)Everything Disappears – The Square [Unsigned]
14)Anything But Monday – Still Standing (The Square & Dirrrty B RMX) [UniversalMusic]
15)Inner Focus – Verbal (The Square & Wreckage Machinery RMX) [Unsigned]
16)Without U – Mutt, Atmospherix,Blue Motion & The Square [Fokuz]
17)Dust Storm – Lm1 & The Square [Absys]

Rap Attack Kiki

It’s friday.  Woot.  I’m playing Smart Bar with Dj Rap and Cringer tonight so if you’re in the Chi definitely come out.  I’m on from 12 to 130.  I can’t even tell you the last time I saw Dj Rap.  I swear it was in like 2000.

I’m hoping the weekend gets this lazy bitch behaviour out of my system and I act better next week.

Kathy and her bf Matt are still here and my friend Jon is in town too.  I feel like I’ve had friends visiting non stop lately.  I will say that one of the things that is a perk of unemployment is I get to hang out whenever which is cool.

Mutt & Generic – No Clue (track is in Generic player)

Today’s Oldie:
John BUp All NightMetalheadz 2001
I remember getting so sick of hearing this track.  It was everywhere all day everyday.  It’s still a good track though. 😉

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode #16 November 2, 2009


Alix Perez – I’m Free
Atmospherix – Memories [Dub]
dRamatic & dbAudio – Cored [Hustle Audio Dub]
Alix Perez – 1984
Mr Sizef – Foggy World [Dub]
Joe Syntax – White Light [Dub]
Druid – ??? [Dub]
Mutt, Atmospherix & Eros – Today Halftime
Indivision – Out Of This [Dub]
Pessimist – Monday Nights [Hustle Audio Dub]
K-Dan – Truth [Dub]
Isotone – Human Error
Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Pad Cemetery [Dub]
Survival – Betrayal
Mikal – Highway
Loxy & Resound – Storyboard
Digital & Outrage – Snowballs
Dj Fresh – Fantasia
Spirit – Raygun
Futurist – Simple Things Simple Life
Druid – Headbumps (June Miller Remix) [Dub]
Lynx & Hellrazor – Shady Pastimes
Druid – Sidestep [Point9 Dub]
Stunna & Switch – Nightwatcher
Spinline – Razzia
Bachelors Of Science – Sweat
Lynx & Kemo – Global Enemies
Icicle – Lost Hours
Lomax & Focus – 5 Weeks
Brother – Ever After
Brookes Brothers – Drifter
Laos – Star Soul

Kiki is 33

I’ve had a pretty awesome week.  It’s my bday tomorrow.  I’m having a nice dinner with some friends.

The partying continues for the moment though.  It’s funny that I never go out and I’ve pretty much been out all this week.  Last night Calculon was still here so we went to Smart Bar and saw 12th Planet.  He killed it.  I was super into his set.  Smart Bar again tonight.  LTJ woot.  Submorphics is opening.  Woot squared.  I would have to give this week a 10/10… ha that also happens to be my date of birth.  Groan.  Yes I’m corny.

Enjoy your weekend folks.

SubterraEOC Promo Mix


01. Noisia ft Joe Seven – Hand Gestures – Vision
02. Ulteria Motive & Judda – Harbor – Subtitles
03. Jubei & dBridge – Patience – Metalheadz
04. Alix Perez – State 808 – Shogun Audio
05. S.P.Y – Xenomorph – Dub
06. Noisia & Icicle – Driftwood – Shogun Audio
07. Ulteria Motive & Judda – Vanishing Point – Subtitles
08. Jubei – Entrapment – Metalheadz
09. Spectrasoul – Buried – 31 Records
10. Sunchase – Varka – Xtinction Agenda
11. Kiat & HLZ – Badfellaz – 31 Records
12. Logistics – Murderation – Hospital
13. Spectrasoul – Suppression – Subtitles
14. Electrosoul System – Attention – Kos:Mos
15. June Miller & Syntax – Sleep – Dub
16. Subterra & Dekko – Undertow – Dub
17. Break & Silent Witness – Dog soldier – DNAudio
18. HLZ – Lowalk – 31 Records
19. Enei – Zues – Dub
20. Spectrasoul – Wedgehead – Critical
21. Oak – Tsunami – Tamp3Cords
22. Commix & Icicle – Ultra Clean – Dub
23. Total Science & S.P.Y – Venus Prime – Dub
24. Icicle – Cause – Shogun Audio
25. Noisia – My World – Ram
26. Lomax – Don’t Go East – Dub
27. S.P.Y – Asbo – Soul:R
28. Noisia – Deception – Ram
29. Break – Re Tech – Symmetry

Dubstep Kiki

So Chicago only comes out for big names I guess.  Andy C was packed last night and everyone was acting like they rave out to dnb on a regular basis.  It was very interesting to watch.  There was definitely a lot of rowdiness in the place.  Stunna killed it. 🙂

Going to see Skream tonight.  I like going to big dubstep shows.  They are fun.  I don’t necessary like going to Smart Bar for 2 days in a row but what’s a girl to do?

Bal – Demon Lover (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Bill RileyClosing InFull Cycle 1998

SinistarrQilin Music Podcast 2


Bal – Red River Valley – Influence Dub
Q Project – Back 2 Square 1 – Nu Directions
Mosus – Whistle Back – Advance//d
Hiten – Nuisance – Samurai Music
Sinistarr – Two Tone – Dub
Enei – The Straight Way – Dub
SpectraSoul – Adoration Vip
Sinistarr – Native – Qilin Dub
Sinistarr – Ascii – Prestige Music Dub
Jubei & Treez – Adaptor – Dub
The Insiders – Fantasy – Dub
Atlantic Connection f. Kemst – Cannabis – Peer Pressure Recordings
D Bridge – On Your Mind – Soul:r
Mist:I:Cal feat. Robert Owens – Believe – Soul:r
Ibex – Cavalier – Exchange Bureau Music