Guess Who?

Yes I’m here.  I was so swamped at work yesterday I couldn’t even write in my blog and you know how that messes with my OCD mind.  Argggh.  My boss has a lot of cases up this month so I’m surprisingly busy.  It doesn’t bother me cuz I don’t mind the work but it definitely is a switch up cuz I usually have a pretty leisurely day balancing my work and playing online.  😉

B-complex – Raindrops (track is in player)
I just love B-complex tunes.

The Square & ErosYou’re Something Special (track is in both players)
Heard this on Overfiend’s show.  I’m quite a fan of The Square.  Definitely digging the vibe.

Today’s Oldie:
Alix Perez & SpecificLove BugHorizons Music 2006
Definitely not that old but I was thinking about Jodeci this morning for some unknown reason and it made me think of this tune since the sample is in it.  God I used to love Jodeci!  R&B baby making music at its best!  LOL.  Anyways, I like Alix Perez and Specific together.

OperonAustralian Atmospherics on Bassdrive 03/12/09


01. Operon & Crix – ‘Pure Energy’ (dub)
02. Stunna & Method 1 – ‘Koda’ (dub)
03. Stunna – ‘Back in Time’ (dub)
04. Solar Empire – ‘Dynamics’ (covert operations)
05. J laze – ‘Zero’ (Fokuz)
06. Rantoul – ‘The Ladder’ (good looking)
07. Theory- ‘Aurora Flash’ (covert operations)
08. Sabukuko – ‘Warped’ (digital colours)
09. Operon – ‘Inch by Inch” (covert operations)
10. Nphonix – ‘Ideogram’ (Fokuz)
11. Stunna & Release- ‘Hallucinate’ (Fokuz)
12. Operon – ‘Liberty’ (Golden Orb)
13. Operon & Sabbia – ‘Harmony’ (addiction)
14. Paul SG & Eros – ‘Midnight Rain’ (golden orb dub))
15. Command Strange – ‘Goa’ (golden orb)
16. Soultec – ‘Slice of Funk Pie’ (golden orb dub)
17. Well Being – ‘I Heart You’ (dub)
18. Operon & ATP – ‘Light it up’ (Fokuz dub)
19. Electrosoul System – ‘So Close’ (Fokuz)
20. Big Bud – ‘White Widow’ (Soundtrax)
21. Operon & LM1 – ‘Crazy Nights’ (midnight sun dub)
22. Physics & Keza – ‘Insomnia’ (midnight sun dub)
23. Robot Redford – ’86’ (dub)
24. Sabukuko – ‘Warped’ (Instramental rmx) (horizons)
25. DJ Clart – ‘Back Room Chillin’) (dub)
26. Operon & LM1 – ‘Lorien’ (Covert Operations)
27. Directive – ‘Steal Their Mind’ (dub)
28. Paul St Jack – ‘Anticipation’
29. Bu – ‘Broken Planet’ (Syncopic rmx) (digital colours)


Claritin Kiki

I’m slightly better. Still stuffed up but I don’t feel like my head weighs 30 pounds so that’s awesome. Jeremy, Levi and Heath come today. Holla.

Have a good weekend peeps.

Electrosoul System – Attention (track is in player)

Phat Playaz – City Street (track is in player)
Overfiend is a fan of this dude.  I hear a lot of his stuff on Bassdrive. Nice chill bizness.

Beatchemist – This Close (track is in player)
I spend all day chatting to Beatchemist in the Bassdrive chat and I honestly didn’t know he produced and now that I hear his tracks I like his style a lot. I loved that These Days (also in player) that I posted back in January and this one is dope too. Really pretty.

Today’s Oldie:
Origin UnknownValley Of The ShadowsRam Records 1993
Lately I’ve been picking oldies by great duos. Andy C & Ant Miles are no exception. I remember when I got my copy of this record. It was just sitting in the bin at Bassment Records in Minneapolis and I was shocked that no one wanted it. I was clueless back then and didnt know that no one cared about jungle/dnb in Minneapolis at that time. I started listening to jungle in ’92/’93 but didnt start buying records til ’96 and was kicking myself once I started cuz I was bummed that I wasn’t going to be able to find all those tracks that I loved from back then on vinyl. Fortunately for me, no one in Minneapolis was coveting the tracks I wanted then so I managed to get a pretty decent back catalogue. It’s great that they did a refix in ’98 or whenever because this original is one of the slowest record known to man. Good luck trying to mix it with a Jonny L record. 😉 All in all this tune is a great memory from my jungle rave days. I love it.

DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode #1 02/23/09


Soulproof – Shelter
Qumulus – Better Than Before [dub]
Atmospherix – Jacked
Lenzman ft. Jo S – Emeralds
Brother – Ever After
Trap – Under My Skin [dub]
Soulproof – One In A Million
Zero Frequency – Missing Blue [dub]
Greg Packer – Meltdown
Syncopix – Happy Happy Joy Joy
Nu:Tone – Can We
Random Movement – Her Song
Carl Matthes & Bionic1 – Let It Go
Druid – Burning [dub]
Logistics – Summer Sun
Commix – Talk To Frank (Break Remix)
Isotone – Trip
Druid – Out Of The Woodwork [dub]
Trippcore – Move Your Body
Bionic1 – No Return
Undersound – Informer [dub]
Beastie Boys – Open Letter To NYC (Undersound Bootleg Remix) [dub]
D Kay & Lee – Extazzy
Universal Project – Comin’ Through
Kid Cudi vs. Crookers – Day N Nite (TC Remix)
Shock One – Way You Move
>>> DJ Hazard – Killers Don’t Die
Dirty Harry – Everyone’s Dead
2DB – Go Girl
DJ Die – Clear Skyz
DJ Die – Flashpoint
June Miller – Keepups
Ed Rush & Optical – Kerbcrawler
Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down
Quadrant & Cease – Rage & Rapture
Task Horizon – Lost And Found [dub]


I like adding “tastic” to the end of words.  There’s not real explanation why.  I just like doing it.

I had a really great holiday.  Nice to see the fam.  The ceremony for my stepdad went really well.  Back at work.  Nothing really exciting to report as I have been lounging around eating copious amounts of food for the last 5 days.

ATPSeptember (M25 Remix)
Track is in the player.  I already liked the original but I totally dig this remix.  I’m definitely on an M25 kick right now.

The Square – Lights In The Night
Sorry no sample.  Heard it on Overfiend’s show recently.  Check out the other stuff in his player.

Today’s Oldie:
Usual SuspectsKilla BeesRenegade Hardware 1999
Bad tune.  Loves it.  The era of noisy rolling basslines was such a good one. 😉

SebaD & B Arena Podcast Dec 08


1. Seba & Paradox feat. Robert Manos – Last Goodbye (2008 Recap) – Paradox music
2. Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw – Devotion – ?
3. Seba – Untitled – ?
4. Seba – Special Ops – Combination Records
5. Sabre – Global – Subtitles
6. D-Bridge – Mourning Dawn – Exit
7. Seba – Crockett – Combination Records
8. Seba – Planetary Funk Alert 2008 – Good Looking Records
9. Nucleus & Paradox – L.S.D. Jazz – Esoteric

Kiki On A Roll

I feel determined and productive and ready.  That’s a nice feeling.  It means that I will actually get things done.  I’m on a mission people.


Lenzman feat. Jo-SEmeralds (track is in the Lenzman player)  Everyone’s kinda been geeking about this track and I so wasn’t on the bandwagon… at first.  LOL.  The more I hear it, the more it grows on me and now I kinda love it.

Paul SG & Eros – Cape South (you can hear Cape South on Eros’s page)  Heard this one on Overfiend’s show.  Nice easy going pretty Brazilian type vibe to this tune.  I’m definitely digging it.

Today’s Oldie:

L DoubleSaturday Night Flex (Rollers Revival Remix) Labello Blanco Recordings 1997 I keep making it harder for myself every morning that I forget to look at my records and pick out an oldie.  It becomes a process and a half.  Stunna had an awesome one for me today but I couldn’t find a good sample and I at least like to have a nice mp3 to showcase these great oldies.  I finally remembered this one.  Oh I loved loved loved this tune.  Me saying I love a tune is so lame these days but I can’t help it.  I really do love dnb therefore I love all tunes obsessively until I get sick of them.  *shrugs*  Saturday Night Flex was so organically rowdy how could you not help but love it?  I remember when we had L Double come to Minneapolis and he was the coolest dude ever.  The rave was called Hijack and we had it in an airplane hanger.  I love thinking of old rave times in Mpls.  Warm memories.

I guess I’m having a Lenzman day today. 🙂  Submorphics turned me on to this mix Lenzman did for Gerard’s Drive By show on Kiss 100.  You know I enjoyed it since it has Theives In The Night on it.  I don’t have an mp3 but you can listen to the archive on the Kiss Kube for the rest of this week.

Lenzman on Kiss 100 Gerard Drive By on Monday Dec 1, 2008


* * 1st Hour * * *

Trisector ‘Morning Rain’ (Medschool)
Enei ‘Morning Talk’ (Dub)
Shy FX ‘Plastic Soul’ D Bridge Metal Soul Remix (Digital Soundboy)
Total Science Never Heard A Dream Furney Remix
B Cee ‘Consumed’ (Spearhead)
L.A.O.S ‘We All’ Blame Remix (Dub)

[Guest Mix – Lenzman]

Lenzman – Stuck – Dub
Lenzman + Redeyes – Thieves In the Night – Dub
Zero T feat. Steo – Refusal (Calibre Remix) – Integral
Specific – Time – Good Looking
Atlantic Connection + Lynx – Danger Zone (Submorphics Remix) – Westbay
Icicle – Reflections – Creative Source
Lenzman feat. Jo-S – Emeralds – SGN:LTD

* * * 2nd Hour * * *

[Guest Mix continued – Lenzman]

D-Bridge + Calibre – Ponderosa – Exit
Artificial Intelligence – Days Of Rage – V Records
Makoto – Feels Like Heaven – Good Looking
Redeyes + Mutt – Ode To The Ghetto – Good Looking
Total Science feat. MC Conrad – Soul Patrol (Lenzman’s Deep in your Soul Remix) CIA
Furney – Don’t Want Me No More – Good Looking
Calibre feat. DRS – Be There – Integral
Random Movement – Back In My Life – Innerground
[End of Mix]

Noisia ‘Crank’ (Vision)
Sigma ‘Nexus’ (Life)
D Product ‘Tell Me How’ (V)
The Upbeats ‘Masked Warrior’ (Ganja)
D*Minds & Dirty Harry ‘Ho Bass VIP’ (D Style)
Heist ‘Imparla’ (Co-Lab)
Total Science ‘Busy Time’ Break Remix (CIA)


Meh, Bleh, Bah, you get my drift. It’s cold. It’s hard to get motivated. There’s only a 3 day work week next week. I’m trying to be good but procrastination is getting the better of me dammit! 😉 This week is pretty quiet compared to last week.

I can’t stop listening to Tyler Straub. I feel like I should talk about him way way way more than I do cuz he’s uber talented. I’ve been listening to Easy Does It, Walk The Line, Drawn Faces, Waiting For You, Baixo Capoeira, etc. all morning cuz it’s the total soundtrack to the mood I’m in. Good stuff. Become a fan. I am. You can hear the majority of those tracks on his myspace. 🙂


Electrosoul SystemDeep Blue Loving this one. I heard it on Overfiend’s show recently (I think) and was digging it. It’s been a while since I have bought an Electrosoul System track.

Today’s Oldie – Decoder & SubstanceDogfightBreakbeat Culture 2001 I was a huge Decoder & Substance fan. Hazardous is really my favourite on that Encrypted EP on Tech Itch Recordings but I couldn’t find a sample so I went with Dogfight instead.

Looking forward to this one. I ❤ Spectrasoul.

SpectrasoulMix for Kongkast #55


01. Lomax – Come & See (Critical Dub)
02. Physics – Dream World (D-Bridge Remix)(Blindside)
03. Subwave – Think (Shogun Audio Dub)
04. Alix Perez – Crooklyn (Soul:R)
05. SpectraSoul – How Strange (Innerground Dub)
06. Calibre & D-Bridge – Untitled (Dub)
07. Alix Perez – Stray (Shogun Audio)
08. SpectraSoul – Alibi (Critical Dub)
09. Icicle & Nympho – Franky Mountain (Ram)
10. Break – Authentic (Quarantine)
11. SpectraSoul – Untitled (Dub)
12. Break – Headz Up (Metalheadz Dub)
13. SpectraSoul – The Tube (Shogun Audio)
14. Proxima – Critical Force (SGN:LTD Dub)
15. Break – Destiny Comes Ringing (Commercial suicide Dub)
16. SpectraSoul – Adoration VIP (Dub)
17. Icicle & Jubei – Keep Up (Dub)
18. SpectraSoul – Tectonics (Dub)
19. Commix & Icicle – Ultraclean (Dub)
20. Nympho – Indemnity (Crunch Dub)
21. Friction & K-tee – Overtime (Renegade Hardware)
22. D-Bridge – True Romance VIP (Dub)
23. SpectraSoul – In Profile (Dub)
24. Zero-T & Survival – No More (Dispatch)
25. SpectraSoul – Dark Hour (Critical)
26. Logistics – Waiting Line (Hospital)
27. SpectraSoul – Flourescent (Dub)

Basslines & Broomsticks

I was telling Stunna yesterday that I’ve totally been in a lazy funk. At first I was annoyed and stressed for a couple of weeks and now I’m just lazy. I decided to snap out of it yesterday and I’m in full form again. I went crazy listening to dnb and am back to full on post it note scrawled pieces of paper form. I have tracks to talk about and I actually went out. Holla.

It was dubstep night at Seminar. Chicago’s dubstep scene really is fire. Nameloc and Borja are on some other shit with their production. Loves it!

Tunes I’m lovin’:

NaibuHere Now (track is in the player) It’s no secret that I heart Naibu. This track is dope.

Arje – Awakenings Really great rolling track. Heard this on Overfiend’s show. No sample but definitely check out the stuff in his player.

Future EngineersEden ( Method One Remix) Track is in the player.

Today’s Oldie:
EZ RollersTough At The Top (Origin Unknown Remix)Moving Shadow 1998 Talk about great remix. I loved the original already and then Origin Unknown came with this gritty version and it was fire. Loves it.

If you’re in Chi you should make a trip to Smart Bar tonight for some liquidy goodness at Junglefly. All of your faves in the house, Stunna, BRC, Submorphics etc. Should be a good night.

Marcus Intalex feat. BreakSoul:ution Radio 12


Instra:Mental – Photograph – Darkestral
Carl Matthes & Tyler Straub – Avani – Break The Surface
Break Feat Kyo – Last Chance – Symmetry
Spy – Monochrome – Soulr
Calibre – Two – Drop – Signature
Lynx & Kemo – You Are Being Lied To – Soulr
Marcus Intalex – Electrocution – Soulr
Lomax – Too Real – Soulr
Mutt – Go On And Cry – Inside
Benny Page – Run It Back -Dub
D-Bridge – Wonder Where – Non Plus
– Break In The Mix 45 Minutes –
Craggz & Parallel Forces- Shake The Disease – Dub
DJ Stretch – Papa Lover (Serum Remix) – Dub
Lomax – Shortlist – Dub
Lynx feat. Spoonface – All You Own – Soulr
Calibre – Trying To Remember – Signature
Dan Habarnam – Zoom Back Camera – Dub
Marcus Intalex – Debbit – Revolver



I have numerous things to do but I’m just not doing any of them. I’m defiant as fuck… It’s nice to pretend your a bad ass for a minute. I of course will eventually do the things I’m supposed to do but for now I will procrastinate away.

It’s probably the weather that’s making me feel so blah.

Whatever, I’m in a weird mood. I’ve been tuned into Bassdrive since like 8am so I definitely have gone a little drum n bass crazy. Overfiend’s show has been awesome. You should tune in if you’re around.

I don’t feel like writing today. Boo. Yeh I’m lame but I’m sure you can do without my endless chatter for one day.

I have one piece of exciting news… Not only is BBS Bookings celebrating 1 year of their podcast but Edward Oberon did the mix. Woot woot.


Edward OberonBBS Bookings Podcast #14


01. Mutt – GED (Audio Decay)
02. Sinistarr – Nixed (Influence)
03. Edward Oberon – Fatal Hour (Soundtrax Dub)
04. Escher – Slice (Dub)
05. Naibu – Rita (??)
06. Carl Matthes & Tyler Straub – (Break the Surface)
07. Edward Oberon – Mr. Smith (Dub)
08. Brother – Make a life (Influence)
09. Tyler Straub – The Road (Dub)
10. Edward Oberon – La Vacca (Influence)
11. Bal – Eight and a Half (Influence)
12. Sinistarr – Full Extent (Influence)
13. E & E – Switch (Dub)
14. Edward Oberon – Kid Rio (DOA)
15. Loxy & Gremlinz – Silver Steez (Cylon)
16. Edward Oberon – White Scarf (Cylon)
17. Morphy – Turn the Tablas (Dub)
18. Motive Within – All that Remains (Red Mist)
19. Stunna & Tyler Straub – Passed Tomorrows (Dub)
20. Squash & Brother – Brain Train (Influence)
21. Edward Oberon – Watch the Nine (Dub)

Sir Grumbleton

Me and Stunna have had this joke about grumbling lately. I think grumble is such a great word. I’m doing a whole lot of it today. No specific reason. I”m just mildly discontented with my day and wish I was doing something else. I know it may sound crazy but I think a lot of this feeling has to do with the absence of my ipod. All of a sudden I feel like I have to pay attention to the outside world and it makes me really unhappy. Mainly because I’ve noticed there isn’t really that much interesting going on and it makes me even more disgruntled. At least I can play make believe when I have my ipod on and ignore everyone else. Thank god friday we’ll be here soon and I can by my new ipod and go back to living in my own world.

Another thing, I feel like I’m a “yuppie robot who hates their job and is stuck in traffic.” My best friend used to do a graffiti magazine called Life Sucks Die and they used to make these hilarious stickers with random shit on them. The yuppie robot was one of them.  It was a bumper sticker that said “Honk if you’re a yuppie robot who hates their job and is stuck in traffic!” LOL.  I feel like that lately as I trollop up the escalator with the rest of the a.m. workers who have packed themselves on the morning train. *sigh*

That’s enough grumbling. Aren’t you happy that I’ve managed to keep my complaints about people talking to me on the train out of my entries? It’s been in rare form but I don’t want to sound like a stroppy old cow so I’ve been keeping the whinging to myself. 🙂

I’m listening to Overfiend on Bassdrive.  I keep hearing some bangers but I’m attempting to multi task and by the time I go in the chat room to get the track id, cuz I keep missing Louis say it, nobody cares anymore and doesn’t wanna answer.  I guess I’m not dedicated enough to go chasing anyone to get the tracklist.  Lame , I know, but I’m trying to get some work done.  I naturally have a Laissez-Faire attitude.  If I was supposed to know the name of the track someone would have told me. 😉

I did manage to write down this one.  Intelligent Manners – On The Dance Floor.  I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot of his tracks lately and I’ve definitely been feeling them.

I also like Lenzman & Submorphics’ Respiration.  It fits nicely into my summer vibes collection I’m trying to build. It’s already out so you can pick it up where it’s not sold out like it is on chemical’s website! Way Back When is dope too.  I wrote about it before.

Also loving A-sides to Sugar Sweet.  Hot stuff.

Sorry I don’t have samples for these tracks.  I’m just hearing them for the first time and figured you can be on the look out for them just as I am.

I’m absolutely starving.


ESB – Detuned Radio July 2008


01 – the advocate – defining moments – new vision
02 – omni trio – nu birth – moving shadow
03 – st:cal – losing ground – soul:r
04 – alix perez & icicle – this is how – sgn:ltd
05 – commix feat. steve spacek – how you gonna feel? – metalheadz
06 – 4 hero – nine by nine (m.i.s.t. dub mix) – talkin’ loud
07 – tronic 100 – reachin’ – renegade
08 – martyn – next 2 u – play:musik
09 – black rain – lifecycle – scale
10 – nasty habits – golden fingers (goldie remix) – 31
11 – naibu – urban sprawl – creative source
12 – instra-mental – rogue – darkestral
13 – marstman – bluetone – warm communications
14 – seba & krazy – consciousness – secret operations
15 – calibre – savanah heat – signature
16 – d-bridge & calibre – palomino – exit
17 – lynx & maple – shaku – digital soundboy
18 – spectrasoul – tender doubt – citrus
19 – breakage – come back – bassbin
20 – stranjah – ? – cdr
21 – amit – changing lanes – function
22 – tactile – fallmouth – function
23 – st:cal – little man – soul:r
24 – sabre – these simple things – future thinkin’
25 – klute – don’t wanna be alone – metalheadz platinum
26 – calibre – lo note – signature
26 – d-bridge – mourning dawn – exit
27 – amit – white trash – commercial suicide

Lazy Lima Bean

Remember that skit on In Living Colour where the  Jamaican family was alwaysWanda complaining about how their kids didn’t have enough jobs?  Then Damon Wayans would yell “You lazy lima bean!?”  Today, I’m definitely the lazy lima bean.  I have a ton of boring shit that needs to be done and I’m sure as hell not doing it. 😉  Here’s a gratuitous pic of Wanda just cuz she was one of my fave characters on that show… “You aint got to go nowhere!!  I got you!  I got you!”

My friend CC is going away for the next couple of months.  She has to go train people at the new location of her job out in Tahoe.  It would be kinda awesome to pick up from your life and just go do shit for a couple of months and get paid for it.

Heard a new Paul SG that I’m all about on Overfiend’s show today.  Hot bizness.  Paul SG & FlacoSacrifice.

I’m listening to Stunna’s show right now.  Heard a little gem from Skyform called Hanging.  Nice.

Sorry no samples for the Sacrifice, I just heard it today but Hanging is on Skyform’s page. 🙂

I really don’t have much to discuss.  I’m just feeling ultra slothy.  Maybe it’s the weather.


Dj Presha Samurai Music 07/07/08

  1. Spectrasoul – Tectonic [N/A]
  2. Calibre – Understand [N/A]
  3. Atlantic Connection – Voodoo Woman [SOUL:R]
  4. Lomax – 15 Sided Dice [CRITICAL]
  5. Calibre – Electric Soul [SIGNATURE]
  6. Sight Unseen – Greenland [N/A]
  7. Alix Perez & Survival – Untitled [CRITICAL]
  8. Eveson – Naughty [N/A]
  9. Devize & Shooks – Emotinal Silence [N/A]
  10. Cooh – Obel [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
  11. Redeyes – Cruise Ship To The Stars [N/A]
  12. Rufige Kru & D Bridge – Mirror [METALHEADZ]
  13. Lomax & Kasra – Warrior [CRITICAL]
  14. Dis – Foes [TACTILE VINYL]
  15. Zero T & Mosus – Carbon Black [SAMURAI]
  16. Trei & Dose – Moments [N/A]
  17. SKC – The World Is Changed [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
  18. Calibre – Zombie Life [N/A]
  19. Eveson – Hotwax [CHANNEL 62]
  20. ??? – ???
  21. Stress Level, TC1 & Julen – Revelations [SAMURAI]
  22. State Of Mind & Trei – Dirt [SOM]
  23. Trei – Justify [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
  24. Dose & Menace – Pick Up [N/A]
  25. Marcus Intalex – Cabin Fever [SOUL:R]
  26. Eveson – Be With You [N/A]
  27. Calibre – Harbringer [N/A]
  28. Eveson – Machines [N/A]
  29. Soul Intent – Cold Blooded [SAMURAI]

Oi! F Ur Bike

I have quite the affinity towards grime. There’s something about it that is so much like my secondary school days in London that I just love it. Me and Brandon were talking about More Fire Crew’s Oi! the other day and it totally made me think of the Sway and $tush video of F Ur X that I’d been meaning to post for a while. I just kinda spaced it but I was listening to the song this morning and decided it was a proper way to start my day. 🙂

Sway feat $tush – F Ur X

Mo Fire Crew – Oi!

I completely fucked my leg up on my bike yesterday. I have old school pedals and it was one of the things I need to change out but haven’t gotten around to it.  Yesterday was my warning cuz I scraped the fuck out of my calf.  It went pretty deep and all the way up my leg and there was blood everywhere. It hurt pretty bad but I figured it wasn’t that big of a deal and I could moan about it for a minute but when I woke up this morning my leg is really badly bruised and very swollen and I can barely walk on it. Lame.

Overfiend is in Chicago this week. He’s playing at Seminar tonight alongside my bff Pipeline, so if you’re around you should come hang out at Lava, should be good times. 🙂

Busy work day. Hopefully I can get into the Spirit of actually being productive… yeah yeah, pun intended, sometimes it’s necesary to be silly and unfunny, you can’t be perfect all the time. 😉

Spirit @ Icon 06.14.08

01. Goldie – Lettin Go (A.I. Remix)
02. Phobia – Voltage
03. Spinline – Secret Mission
04. Amit – Dual sense – Commercial Suicide
05. Break – Destiny comes Ringing – commercial Suicide
06. A-sides – Tokiado
07. Marcus Intalex – Konspiracy
08. Spirit – Rendition – Inneractive
09. Proxima & Nymfo – Secret Lab
10. Phobia – Spooks
11. Kraken – Side Effects – Underfire
12. Keaton & Hive – The Plague (Hive remix) – Hardware
13. Spirit – 1471 – Inneractive
14. DJ Vapour – Karma Club – Inneractive
15. Vapour Vs Serum – True Calling
16. Icicle – Spartan – Shogun
17. C4C – Sleeper Cell (C4C)
18. Break – Groundwork – Commercial Suicide
19. Keaton & Hive – Bring It On – Violence
20. Tactile – Mekanik
21. Chris Su – Exodus – Inneractive
22. Total Science – Don’t Lose Your Head
23. Phobia & Jubei – Overdub
24. Phobia & Jubei – Guillotine
25. Jonny L – Wish u Had Something (Jonny L Remix) – XL
26. C4C – Dropout (C4C)
27. Goldie – Monkey Boy (Doc Scott Remix)