Guess Who?

Yes I’m here.  I was so swamped at work yesterday I couldn’t even write in my blog and you know how that messes with my OCD mind.  Argggh.  My boss has a lot of cases up this month so I’m surprisingly busy.  It doesn’t bother me cuz I don’t mind the work but it definitely is a switch up cuz I usually have a pretty leisurely day balancing my work and playing online.  😉

B-complex – Raindrops (track is in player)
I just love B-complex tunes.

The Square & ErosYou’re Something Special (track is in both players)
Heard this on Overfiend’s show.  I’m quite a fan of The Square.  Definitely digging the vibe.

Today’s Oldie:
Alix Perez & SpecificLove BugHorizons Music 2006
Definitely not that old but I was thinking about Jodeci this morning for some unknown reason and it made me think of this tune since the sample is in it.  God I used to love Jodeci!  R&B baby making music at its best!  LOL.  Anyways, I like Alix Perez and Specific together.

OperonAustralian Atmospherics on Bassdrive 03/12/09


01. Operon & Crix – ‘Pure Energy’ (dub)
02. Stunna & Method 1 – ‘Koda’ (dub)
03. Stunna – ‘Back in Time’ (dub)
04. Solar Empire – ‘Dynamics’ (covert operations)
05. J laze – ‘Zero’ (Fokuz)
06. Rantoul – ‘The Ladder’ (good looking)
07. Theory- ‘Aurora Flash’ (covert operations)
08. Sabukuko – ‘Warped’ (digital colours)
09. Operon – ‘Inch by Inch” (covert operations)
10. Nphonix – ‘Ideogram’ (Fokuz)
11. Stunna & Release- ‘Hallucinate’ (Fokuz)
12. Operon – ‘Liberty’ (Golden Orb)
13. Operon & Sabbia – ‘Harmony’ (addiction)
14. Paul SG & Eros – ‘Midnight Rain’ (golden orb dub))
15. Command Strange – ‘Goa’ (golden orb)
16. Soultec – ‘Slice of Funk Pie’ (golden orb dub)
17. Well Being – ‘I Heart You’ (dub)
18. Operon & ATP – ‘Light it up’ (Fokuz dub)
19. Electrosoul System – ‘So Close’ (Fokuz)
20. Big Bud – ‘White Widow’ (Soundtrax)
21. Operon & LM1 – ‘Crazy Nights’ (midnight sun dub)
22. Physics & Keza – ‘Insomnia’ (midnight sun dub)
23. Robot Redford – ’86’ (dub)
24. Sabukuko – ‘Warped’ (Instramental rmx) (horizons)
25. DJ Clart – ‘Back Room Chillin’) (dub)
26. Operon & LM1 – ‘Lorien’ (Covert Operations)
27. Directive – ‘Steal Their Mind’ (dub)
28. Paul St Jack – ‘Anticipation’
29. Bu – ‘Broken Planet’ (Syncopic rmx) (digital colours)


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