Summer Jams

Summer is coming to an end.  School has started.  I’m sitting in the office grading summer vacation journals.  The weather is gorge today.  The window is open and there is a  lovely breeze coming through the window.  I’m listening to this sick Sinistarr remix of Random Movement’s “Dancing Feat” and reading the students’ hilarious journals.

Dude.  This track is everything today.  LOL.   I love when you are in the mood for a song and you just feel like pressing repeat a bunch of times cuz you are vibin’ so hard. 

Hearts to the max.



Studious Kiki

It feels so much better when one is busy.  Good busy.

In my past year of unemployment, that is what has caused me the most depression.  It’s just not fun to feel useless.

I have Joia again today.  Her dad will be back this weekend I think.

My biggest problem right now is that one of the programs I’m applying to requires a writing sample, like a research paper of sorts…  Hmmm.  Nope.  My programs that I studied second time around at school were very creative:  screenwriting, sitcom writing, sketch comedy writing, public relations marketing plans and the like.  None of that will work for a writing sample and I’m completely screwed.  LOL.  I did have one paper that I wrote for a psychology class and recently threw it out with numerous other piles of crap as I was trying to figure out why I had papers that I had written in primary school in London still in my room.  I just purged numerous nonsense piles of rubbish that were creating mayhem in my cabinet.

Anyways, now I have to  spend this week writing some semblance of a writing sample to turn in.  Wish me luck.  This is something I am horibble at.  Hence the reason I went the creative angle in my studies.  I remember when I was in high school my teachers always complaining that I was not allowed to write how I spoke.  That is the only way I know how to write!!  LOL.  APA style was definitely not my friend.  This paper will be very interesting. 😉

Mutt The Art of Forgetting (been loving this one since I heard it on RM’s podcast.  Woot)

SinistarrTriple Beam

Today’s Oldie:
Dj Die LandslideFull Cycle 1996

Chris InperspectiveInperspective Radio 06/07/10 (the download button is hidden but pops up if you hover above “share”)


1. Profane – Kevlar Switch (Inperspective forthcoming)
2. Double O – Hypnotize
3. Stranjah – One Note VIP (Wrekanise Recordings)
4. Antidote – Broken Spirits (Inperspective forthcoming)
5. L.I.S. – Apple Fingers (Play:Muisk forthcoming)
6. Chris Inperspective – ???
7. ??? – ???
8. Calibre – ???
9. Chris Inperspective – ???
10. Profane – Fuckyoshitforreal (Inperspective forthcoming)
11. Chris Inperspective – Heather’s Hot Waffles (Re-Edit)
12. ??? – ???
13. Andy Skopes – Sleeping Pill
14. Macc – Fake Bus (Inperspective Records)
15. Serum – ??? (Critical)
16. ??? – ??? (Amen tune, my guess is Andy Skopes)
17. Infarkt – Combined Dust
18. Chris Inperspective – ???
19. Justice – Aquisse
20. ??? – ???
21. Chris Inperspective – ???
22. ??? – ??? (too nice)
23. ??? – ???
24. Profane – Nazareth Crime (Inperspective forthcoming)
25. Profane – Cobra Sin (Inperspective forthcoming)
26. Profane – Bodied (Inperspective forthcoming)
27. ??? – ??? (Chris chats bout Tek Unlimited INP001)
28. Alpha Omega – Klash (Gremlinz Remix) (Unreleased)
29. ??? – ???
30. Bullion – Young Heartache

Fri Sat Sun Kiki

There’s actually a ton of stuff for me to do this weekend so I’m kinda excited about it.  Woohoo. 🙂

SinistarrBroken Audio Podcast #11


Ghettron – Anthem (Kuru Rmx) – Media Contender
Notion & Nusense – The End Of Hope – Broken Audio Dub
Mr. Distance – Technology – Zero T Remix – Touched By Records Dub
The Villains Inc – A Scanner Darkly (Sinistarr Remix) – Dominance Records Dub
NotioN – iota – Phunkfiction Dub
Goldie – Unkle – FFRR
Perilelle – Damages (Sinistarr rmx) – Exchange Bureau Music
Noah D & Mixmaster Doc – Side 2 Side – Dub
Linden – Sabotage – Broken Audio
The KNS (Kiat & Sinistarr) – Delta – Dub
Data & Dynamic – Mask Of Sanity – Dub
Data & Dynamic – Encryption – Dub
Pessimist – Proceed (Sinistarr Hollywood Vice Remix) – Touched By Dub
Data – The Black Pagoda – Metalheadz Dub
Chris Octane & DLR – Rotten Earth – Peer Pressure Recordings Dub
Naibu – Discrete – Horizons
Heist – Acoustic Shield – Nu Directions
Henree & Hiten – Apologies – CIA Deep Kut
Sinistarr – The Blip – Phunkfiction Dub
Gonja Sufi – Ancestors – Warp

Midwest Kiki

I retract yesterday’s statement about hibernation.  It’s lovely outside today!  The high is supposed to be 63…  you know you’re a midwesterner when you rave about how nice the weather is even if the numbers are just in the 60s.

I’m back on a Dan Marshall kick.  I never stopped really being on it, it’s just that now that I’m unemployed I tend to forget to listen to him and Jamo’s show but when I was working I remembered to tune in all day everyday because they came on after Spinn.  I work out to their archives constantly.  Love the show.  Big up Bassdrive.

I have a couple of tunes that I’m coveting.  Unfortunately I don’t know the names and I can’t ask anyone cuz I’m on some straight up “it kinda has that one kick and then goes dun dunn dun tsch” bizness right now.  LOL.  So I’ve decided that I will just hopefully discover the names of these tracks at some point and leave it at that. 🙂

Jubei – Outcast (track is in player)

SinistarrTwo Tone (track is on Facebook fan page in music section)
Love this one!

Today’s Oldie:
Dj DieNastyFull Cycle Records 1995

I used to have an unhealthy obsession with Optical.  Like his old skool production drove me insane, in a good way.  I got anything and everything I could of his.  I haven’t listened to this but I’m sure it’s lovely.  I know I can’t listen to liquid funk all the time.  Sometimes you have to switch it up. 😉 Podcast


01. body&soul vs fourward – authority
02. Mindscape & Sleeper Cell – Epidemic
03. bse & eye-d – milkshake
04. audio – control freak
05. ed rush & optical – satellites
06. muffler – mindgames (dabs remix)
07. illskills – dubplate
08. Jade, mindscape & axiom – dirt diver
09. jade & mindscape – banshee
10. bse – camoflage
11. optical – whats the difference (1997) dubplate unreleased
12. c4c – stranglehold
13. brookes brothers – crackdown (shockone remix)
14. the upbeats – binge drinker vip
15. endgame – noisia

Dubstep Kiki

So Chicago only comes out for big names I guess.  Andy C was packed last night and everyone was acting like they rave out to dnb on a regular basis.  It was very interesting to watch.  There was definitely a lot of rowdiness in the place.  Stunna killed it. 🙂

Going to see Skream tonight.  I like going to big dubstep shows.  They are fun.  I don’t necessary like going to Smart Bar for 2 days in a row but what’s a girl to do?

Bal – Demon Lover (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Bill RileyClosing InFull Cycle 1998

SinistarrQilin Music Podcast 2


Bal – Red River Valley – Influence Dub
Q Project – Back 2 Square 1 – Nu Directions
Mosus – Whistle Back – Advance//d
Hiten – Nuisance – Samurai Music
Sinistarr – Two Tone – Dub
Enei – The Straight Way – Dub
SpectraSoul – Adoration Vip
Sinistarr – Native – Qilin Dub
Sinistarr – Ascii – Prestige Music Dub
Jubei & Treez – Adaptor – Dub
The Insiders – Fantasy – Dub
Atlantic Connection f. Kemst – Cannabis – Peer Pressure Recordings
D Bridge – On Your Mind – Soul:r
Mist:I:Cal feat. Robert Owens – Believe – Soul:r
Ibex – Cavalier – Exchange Bureau Music

Anti-Social Kiki

Yesterday Jessica made fish tacos with mango salsa.  We’re so fancy I can’t even stand it. 😉  Going out doesn’t interest me at all these days.  I would much rather stay at home with some good company, testing out recipes and eating yummy food.

Enough about boring old me, Stunna, Sinistarr and Xample are at Smart Bar tonight.  If you’re in Chi come check ’em out.

BCee feat. Ad-Apt – Heartache (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Artificial Intelligence – Switch OnCommercial Suicide 2004

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode 10 July 2009


Skitty – Icebox
Substance – Planet-X [Black Reign Dub]
Joe Syntax – Keep Doing It [Dub]
Deleted Scene – Mystery [Dub]
June Miller – Converge [Horizons Dub]
Mindmapper & Fre4Knc – Fangtooth [Dub]
Commix – Rack-It
K-Dan – Hi’aka Dub [Dub]
Operon – Kobayashi
Proxima – You Ain’t Ready
Mindmapper & Fre4Knc – Occultation [Dub]
Loxy & Isotone – Ancients
Loxy & Resound – Storyboard
Martyn – Get Down
Martyn – Wonder Why
Raiden – M82
Skc – Offguard (Remix)
Unknown Error – Shadows (Unicorn Remix)
Stakka & Skynet – Bios-Fear (Stakka & Kemal Remix)
Skc – Spacepigz
Proxima – Serengeti
Calibre – Go Back To Go Forward
D-Bridge & Commix – Providence
The Rhythm Beater – Pied Piper
Amit – Swastika
Icicle – Lost Hours
Lynx – Disco Dodo
Bachelors Of Science – Sweat
Proxima – Critical Force
Break – Submerged (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
Lomax & Focus – 5 Weeks
Mutt – The Motions

Theraflu Kiki

Well I guess Theraflu was the cure all.  I actually feel physically better.  The cough is still there but at least I don’t feel like I’m dying.  Woot.

Raiden last night, woohoo.  There wasn’t really anyone there but his set was fire.  Awesome.  I’m definitely digging his style these days.

How is it friday?  Unemployment just blurs my days together and since I don’t really have anywhere to be, ever, I just kinda float through the week.  LOL.

The 48 hour film contest is this weekend.  Tonight I meet with the other screenwriters and we write the script.  Should be fun. 🙂

Sinistarr – Rolland Berry (track is in player)
Also check out the track in the bottom of his player. It doesn’t have a name just an underscore _________. Sick bizness.

Today’s Oldie:
Mampi Swift SoulTrue Playaz 1997
Oh man.  I learned my first crossfader tricks with this track.  Dope.  I’ve been waiting for a youtube clip to show up and finally here it is.

Implex & Podcast 20


01. Squash – Mr Peg Leg
02. Resound – Secrets (Sabre rmx)
03. Sabre – Leaf
04. Noisia – The Bells Of
05. Seba and Kirsty Hawkshaw – Devotion
06. Mindscape and Identity – Ice Breaker
07. Jade and Mindscape – Banshee
08. Fierce and Break – In Limbo
09. Jade feat Rymetyme – Venom
10. Receptor and Engage – Wi-fi waves
11. Fourward – Stick to the Rules
12. Maztek – Breakdown
13. InsideInfo – Ticker
14. Psidream and Pacific – Runway (Dose and Menace remix)
15. S.P.Y – Dark Corners
16. Heist – Barny Rubal
17. Enei – Zap Venue
18. Netsky – Tomorrows Another Day
19. Brookes Brothers – Desert Island
20. Electrosoul System – Ghost
22. Derrick, Tonika and Implex – Personal Diving
22. Naibu feat Kiyomi – Fireflies (Seba remix)
23. Seba – Snow

Rainy Season

Isn’t it supposed to rain a bunch in April?  I love the rain.  I would much prefer rain to grey, murky skies.

Went to Wisconsin yesterday to hang out with my mum.  I like hanging out with my mum.  It’s fun to become and adult and actually enjoy spending time with your parents.

I’m really behind on listening to mixes so I’m just catching up.  One I’m caning right now is Sinistarr’s March mix.  Really great track selection.  Love it.

Dan Marshall – Let You Go (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dj HypeTrue Playaz AnthemParousia 1996
Brain activity is so strange.  I woke up with this track in my head.  No real explanation for it.  I don’t think I’ve even taken it out of it’s record sleeve in like 10 years.  LOL.

Marky has been gracing us with numerous mixes of late.  I found this one on Breaksblog via DOA.
Dj Marky Fabric Live Promo Mix


01 – Random Movement – Waterlogged – Innerground DUB
02 – Makoto – Good Old Days – Innerground DUB
03 – A.I & Steo – Let It Be – V? Integral ? DUB
04 – ???? – ????
05 – ???? – ????
06 – Lynx & Kemo feat. Henree – Deez Breaks – SOUL:R DUB
07 – Marky & SPY feat. Miri – Tapestry – Innerground DUB
08 – Interface – Get Low – Audio Zoo DUB
09 – Fresh – Heavyweights – Digital Soundboy DUB
10 – ???? – ????
11 – Nu Tone – Mind a Gap – Hospital ? DUB
12 – Paul SG & Eros – Finding The Right Words – Innerground DUB
13 – Total Science feat. Conrad – Soul Patrol (Marky & SPY Jungle VIP)

Scorpion Kiki

Submorphics is trekking across the pond  for the next six months so we’re having a little Chitown dnb posse going away dinner at the hot spot Wing Hoe.  I’m excited cuz I’m totally in a Wing Hoe mood and will definitely indulge in a signature scorpion drink.  Yum.

Lots of dnb goodness today in the Chi.  Sinistarr and Submorphics will be joining Stunna in the Greenroom for his Bassdrive show which will definitely be dope and the new dnb monthly Shakedown starts at Lava today so if you’re around you should tune in and stop by.

Big BudKiki
Kiki!!  Oh snap.  I was gonna post it anyways just cuz it was my name but I’m happy that I actually ended up liking it too. 😉

Today’s Oldie:
LogisticsInside My Soul (Friction & Nu Balance Remix) – Hospital Records 2005
Really nice remix.

DzineMarch 2009 Mix



Bizzy Bone

Lots of work today.  😦

Ed Rush & Optical – Chubrub (track is in player)
I guess they have a new LP coming out.  I’ve been playing Wormhole a lot lately so I’m curious to see what Travel The Galaxy will sound like.  I definitely like this Chubrub though.

Today’s Oldie:
Liftin SpiritsCup – A – ChaLiftin Spirits Records 1996
I have a lot of Liftin Spirit records.  Love it.

SinistarrMarch Mix 2009


01. Calibre – Lectro (Signature Recs)
02. Eveson – Touch (31 Records)
03. Zero T. feat Steo – Refusal (Integral)
04. Data – Hydrogen (Critical Music)
05. Chris Inperspective – Fool For C (Unreleased)
06. Chris Inperspective – Clubnight Grin pt.2 (Unreleased)
07. Justice & Invincible – Hindsight Corrected (MJazz)
08. The Insiders feat. MC System – Got To Maintain (Intrigue Recordings – Unreleased)
09. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – The Self-Aware Convection Oven (Unreleased)
10. Commix – Belleview (Metalheadz)
11. Paul SG & Caine – Operate (Unreleased)
12. Graphic feat. Beans – I Am Metal (Offshore)
13. Angel Zero – Recess (Warm Communications)
14. Sinistarr – Golgo 13 (MJazz – Unreleased)
15. Calibre – New Cons (Exit Records)
16. Lomax – Resist (Soul:r)
17. Nu:Tone & Logistics – Trademark (Hospital Records)
18. Resound & MC Stapleton – Shady (Horizons Music-Unreleased)
19. Sinistarr & JJ – Logarithm (Sonorous Music – Unreleased)
20. Plaid – Spokes (Warp)