Roomate Kiki

“Who’s roomate is he??” <– That’s a Juju and Stunna inside joke. 😉

My roomate’s boyfriend is moving in with us this week.  I’m about to have the cheapest rent I’ve had since I was 18.  Holla.  I’m extremely excited about this because it means I’m gonna have a nice chunk of extra moolah to go towards all the trips I have planned for this year.  Now that is really exciting as far as I’m concerned.  Woot.

I’ve been listening a lot to that Furney & Tayla DnB TV mix.  It’s really good.  Check it out if you haven’t already.

Danny ByrdChanges
I really like Danny Byrd.  I think his tunes are rowdy enough to get me going and they spice up my set.  He does for me what I’m sure clownstep does for other people.

SinistarrPark Avenue
I’ve loved this one for a while.  Really pretty.  Could never find a sample so I never posted it.  It’s out on promo now.  Woot.  Also check out Black Diamonds with Kiat, it’s in both of their players.  Awesomely sexy.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj ClipzCocoaFull Cycle Records 2004
I’m actually not a huge Clipz fan.  Too much clown for my taste.  For some reason though I don’t mind this one. *shrugs*

Grinda & ZigZagGood Way (Mini Mix) March 2009


01. Soul Power
02. Get Down
03. Mistrust
04. Blinding Lie
05. Winter Road (Feat. M4Mind )
06. Another Horizons (Feat. Sequent Industry )
07. Have A Morning (Feat. Stunna )
08. Good Night
09. Good Night ( Mage Remix)
10. Why Not She
11. Share Dream
12. Frozen Woods


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