I had a pretty low key weekend.  It was nice.  I think I needed it.

Donnie Dubson – Grapefruit (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Shimon & Andy CGenetixRam Records 1997
I totally forgot about this one! I really used to love this record. It’s just an overall nice roller to add to your set. Sounds really nice in the mix. I remember that one of the boys in my crew had it and I used to borrow it all the time cuz I couldnt’ track down a copy. Finally a kind soul sold me his copy. Back in the late 90s it wasnt as easy as it is now to just conjure up a copy of a record. I was definitely greatful.

mSdoSLiquid DnB Sessions Podcast March ’09


01. Derrick & Tonika – Master Step (DUB)
02. Edward Oberon – La Vacca (SOUNDTRAX DUB)
03. Grimm & Peyo – Nibiru (DUB)
04. Kjell – Calmante (INFLUENCE PROMO)
05. Squash & Sensus – Old Piano (DUB)
06. A Cutworks – Female demands (GOLDEN ORB RECORDS)
07. Dj Clart – Benched (LIQUID BRILLIANTS DUB)
08. Paul Saint Jack – Anticipation (INFLUENZA:LTD Dub)
09. Motta Ft. Jett – Lovesick (Vocal version) (DUB)
10. Broken Drum – Lonnie Shines (DUB)
11. Raw Q – Other voices (DUB)
12. Champagne – Life support (DUB)
13. Implex & Enei – Iceberg (DUB)
14. Redeyes – Sinth (VANDAL RECORDS DUB)
15. Flower & Majestics – In my heart (DUB)
16. S P Y – Sunship (SPEARHEAD DUB)
17. Furney – Distance (GLR)
18. Quantek – Resistance (DUB)
19. Flaco – Run Away (RUBIK DUB)
20. Seba – Last goodbye (UNRELEASED 08 mix)


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