Midterm Kiki

Studying for midterms.  Grad school is good.  I’m still enjoying it but dang there really aren’t enough hours in the day.  I am stressed cuz I don’t ever have time for anything.  Sigh.  There’s a beautiful bright light at the end of this tunnel and so I will just keep trudging through. 🙂

Dave Owen is at Smart Bar today.  Go check him out if you’re in town.

Also Natives at Crocodile is tonight. Ike Release is playing.

Should be a fun night all round.  I’m excited that I get to see my dnb buddies. ❤

Here’s a teaser for the April Natives Show with Total Science.

Sub ZeroBrighter Days
Really loving this one.

Today’s Oldie:
DigitalDeadline31 Records 2000

mSdoS & Command StrangeLiquid DnB Sessions Ep. 31


01 Dave Shichman & Dave Owen – Life Moves Fast (Luv Disaster)
02 Flaco & Glen – Crescent (Human Elements)
03 Subsid – Keep Wondering (dUb)
04 Physics – Runaway skies (dUb)
05 Ackute – Tropicks (Textures Music dUb)
06 mSdoS – Oldschool Madness (Soul Deep)
07 Static & Scott Allan (dUb)
08 Amy MacDonald – This Is The Life (Roller & Euphorics rmx) (dUb)
09 BrokenDrum – Closure (dUb)
10 Duo Science – Consequence (Stepping Forward dUb)
11 Magnafide – Now Approaching (dUb)
12 mSdoS – Passenger 7 (Stepping Forward)
13 Simplification & Command Strange – Melody (All Street Rec dUb)
14 Vibrant Scientists – Prolong (dUb)
15 Jill Scott – He Loves Me (soulTec Booty) (dUb)
16 Sevin – Fu Gee La (Bootie)
17 Submatic feat. Albert Tempel – Stronger Than You (Soul Bros Rec)
18 Blue Motion & Wreckage Machinery – Dream On (Urban Chemistry)
19 Fracture Design – Emotions [Nelver remix] (Offworld Rec dUb)
20 Unbridled Valley – Nemanoe (Extent Rec dUb)
21 ATP – Hey There (Enea Rmx)(Bassdrive Tunes dUb)

Command Strange
01 Donnie Dubson – Bad Habbits (FOKUZ)
02 Marky & SPY – Mystic Sunset (Innerground)
03 Intelligent Manners – Never Wanna Be Alone (FOKUZ)
04 dbAudio & dRamatic feat Grimm – Far Away (DUB)
05 Pouyah – Care Of It (DUB)
06 Command Strange & Intelligent Manners – Flirt (DUB)
07 BlueMotion & Soultec – Don’t Wanna Loose U (Influenza Media)
08 Paul T – Beautiful Girl (Fizzy Beatz)
09 Command Strange – Real Thing (LDNB)
10 Dwele – I THink I Love You (Zero T remix) (White)
11 Paul T & Edward Oberon – What Do I Do (DUB)
12 Command Strange – Sugar (Nu Directions)
13 N!tex – Inside (DUB)


Training Day Kiki

I started training today at my new job.  Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington were not there but to my surprise my friend Gianna was which was awesome cuz that meant I at least had someone to hang out with.

I’m knackered.  I had a ruff weekend with the girls which consisted of an unpleasant hangover all day yesterday and now I just got home and am just beat.  I’m going to bed.

mSdoS & Dj ClartLiquid DnB Sessions Episode 28


1. Command Strange – Summer Breeze (Fokuz)
2. Roy Green – Soulful Brotherhood (dUb)
3. Twist Project & Subsid – One Half feat.Di Moreira (dUb)
4. Jaybee & Duoscience – Wonderful Life (dUb)
5. D.A. – Affectionizm .Feat Dru Hil (NexGen)
6. Duoscience – Infinite (dUb)
7. Scott Allen & Deeper Connection – Have A Little Faith (dUb)
8. Paul SG – Casanova (Blu Saphir Recs)
9. Sonny Jim & Sleaze – The Long Road [Tidal Re-wire] (Eat Good Records)
10.Undersound – Ghosts (dUb)
11.In sight & Digital Hunters – Mini Monkey (V Records)
12.B4ssTee – Show It To Me (Textures Music)
13.Lm1 – Changing My Consciousness (dUb)
14.Broken Drum – The Other Side (TMG dUB)
15.mSdoS – By Cough (Echowide dUb)
16.Scott Allen – Thinking About You (Textures Music dUb)
17.Steez – So Right (Aquasion RMX) (Textures Music)
18.mSdoS – Philosophies (??? ???)
19.Phil Tangent – Pleasure Trip (dUb)
20.Static – Troubled Land (??? ???) —> TUNE OF MONTH <—

1. DJ Clart w/ mSdoS – Obstacles [Have-a-break]
2. DJ Clart w/ Reza – The Chances [influenza Media]
3. DJ Clart w/ Dave Owen- Deep Cover [Jazz sticks]
4. DJ Clart w/ Vortex- Ethos [Vampire]
5. DJ Clart – The Hatch [IM.ltd]
6. DJ Clart – Demons [ Sounds trax]
7. Giocator – Simply Complicated (DJ Clart remix) [Peer Pressure]
8. DJ Clart w/ Kiat – Chumps [Qilin]
9. DJ Clart w/ Jnr Blu – Experience [Syncopix]
10. DJ Clart – Brick City [Peer pressure]
11. DJ Clart w/ Paul SG – Rhodesomes [Jazz sticks]
12. DJ Clart w/ Fats – Good Sound technicions [N.A]
13. DJ Clart – Low Class [iamyourfather]
14. DJ Clart – Hangin’ [liquid Brilliants]
15. DJ Clart w/ Elijah John – Love Misunderstanding [N.A]
16. DJ Clart – Street Dreams [Influenza Media]
17. DJ Clart – Untitled [N.A]
18. Lenzman w/ Treez + Jo-s – Stellar [Subtitles]
19. D.A, DJ Clart & mSdoS – Disco Infernale [Nexgen]
20. Dave Owen w/ DJ Clart – Letting Go [N.A]

Muted Kiki

I had a pretty nice weekend.  I feel like I’ve got a lot of things on my mind lately which kinda has the opposite reaction with me in that instead of babbling I tend to just stay quiet, alas I really don’t have that much to say. 🙂

BCee & SPYNothing To Declare
I really like this tune.  I’ve heard it numerous times and had no idea who it was.  Nice roller.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj SSWhiteFormation Records 1995

mSdos & BladeLiquid DnB Sessions Ep. 27 November 3, 2010


01. Duo Science – Fragmentos (Luv Disaster)
02. Qumulus & Clart- Dreaming (dUb)
03. Donnie Dubson – Yellow Tops (dUb)
04. Phil Tangent – Billies Smile (Soul:R)
05. soulTec – Add The Funk (dUb)
06. Submorphics – As the World Turns (dUb Free tune)
07. DJ Clart – Street Dreams Bootie (dUb)
08. Subsid – My Own Life (Future Thinkin dUb)
09. Flaco – Waiting for Love (dUb)
10. Champagne – The Pledge (Bonafide dUb)
11. High Speed Dubbing – Three Fortyseven (Stepping Forward dUb)
12. Random Movement – Kids in the Sea (Forthcoming RM’s ”Lucky Guess” LP)
13. Stunna – Face The Night (KYRO remix) (dUb)
14. Static – Follow You (dUb)
15. Jaybee – Cold Days (Influence dUb)
16. Mad Vibes & Feindsoul – King of Kingz (Sidechain dUb)
17. Derrick and Tonika – Mokhito (Camino Blue dUb)
18. Mav – ???????? (dUb)
19. mSdoS & Steez – Going Back VIP (Textures Music -City Soul EP Level 1)

01.  Blade – Bookem danno (dUb)
02.  Blade – Who we are (dUb)
03 . Blade – No more goodbyes (dUb)
04.  Unknown – Unknown (?????)
05.  Blade – Bagheera (dUb)
06.  Blade – Black smoke (dUb)
07.  Blade – Congo (dUb)
08.  Steez – Liquid nights (Aquasion rmx) (Textures Music)
09.  Blade – Vegas vip (dUb)
10.  Blade – Massachusetts (dUb)
11.  Unknown – Unknown (?????)
12.  Blade – One chance (dUb)
13.  Blade – Flowers & rain (dUb)

Kiki On The Go

I woke up this morning and it was 43 degrees outside.  Yikes.  Had an awesome weekend.  This is my bday week so I intend on doing a lot of hanging out if possible. 🙂

Need For MirrorsGreazy

Zero T & Ulterior MotiveBreach
I’ve liked this one for a while.  I think I just forgot to post it.  Dope tune.

Today’s Oldie:
LTJ BukemEnchantedGood Looking Records 1993

mSdoS & KyroLiquid DnB Sessions Ep. 26


01 Phat Playaz – Katie Rae (Stepping Forward dUb)
02 Big BUd & Soul Connection – Dream love (Soundtrax)
03 Blade & Jrumhand – Cascade (dUb)
04 Aquasion – It’s A Jazz Thing (Textures Music dUb)
05 Jrumhand – Chance (dUb)
06 Dynamic and Pouyah – Issues (dUb)
07 CJ Styles – Voltage (dUb)
08 B4ssTee – Wintersun (Textures Music dUb)
09 Command Strange – Soulville (Basswerk Files)
10 Steez – So Right (Aquasion RMX) (Textures Music)
11 Clart & PaulSG – Rhodesomes (Jazzsticks)
12 Furney – Charlottes Song (dUb)
13 Smote & BlueMotion – Orange Level (Fokuz dUb)
15 Stunna – Aquarius (Bassdrive Tunes dUb)
16 Fuse – Sanguine (dUb)
17 Melos – Guiding Light (dUb)
18 Vibes – Mystline (Tribute To Nujabes) (??????)
19 Kyro – Looking Back (TouchTone Recordings)
20 mSdoS & Solid State – Amaryllis (Offworld Records)

01) “Sundancer”- Into The Emptiness – (Offworld Transmissons Vol.1)
02) “LM1 & Kubatko” – Mass Effect – (Offworld Transmissions Vol.1)
03) “Bfuse” – Dark Energy – (Offworld Transmissions Vol.1)
04) “Blu Mar Ten” – last dance – (Natural History)
05) “Blu Mar Ten” – Close (vip) – (Natural History)
06) “SeaTheSky & Beatchemist” – Learn to Fly – (Offworld Recordings)
07) “Lm1” – Esuna – (Dub)
08) “mSdoS” – Raining May – One7Six (Dub)
09) “Blu Mar Ten” – Gods Lonely Man – (Natural History)
10) “Kharm” – Charade – (Offworld Transmissions Vol.1)
11) “Tranzyt” – Little Big Adventure – (Absys Recordings)
12) “Sintez” – Need You – ‘SubLuvEP’ (Future Thinkin)
13) “Sintez” – Arabian Nights – ‘SubLuvEP’ (Future Thinkin)
14) “Blu Mar Ten” – Nobody Here – (Natural History)

Tardy Kiki

I got a late start to my day since I slept at my bro’s last night.  My punctual nature in general has been tarnished by this bout of unemployment.  Since I have nothing to do I find myself adopting the “I’ll get there when I get there” attitude.  Shame on me indeed.

Bal – Tirez Sur La Pianiste

Today’s Oldie:
XRS LandSecrets of the Floating IslandV Recordings 2004
I wish I was on a floating island.  I know I just got back from gallivanting everywhere but I would love to go on a warm sunny vacay.  I’m jealous of the WMC peeps who have such a beachy holiday approaching.  This tune will have to suffice as my getaway. 😉

mSdoS & SoulTecLiquid DnB Sessions Ep 24



01 Blue Motion – Neverending (Dub)
02 Dan Habarnam – Whakit (Sonorous)
03 Clart – Sludge Peer Pressure (Dub)
04 Glen E Ston – Above The Clouds (IM Ltd Dub)
05 Peyo – Evolution (Dub)
06 Blue Motion & Grimm – Burning For U (Blu Saphir Dub)
07 Jnrblue & Clart – Experience (Dub)
12 Broken Drum – I Dream (Dub)
08 Clart & PaulSG – Rhodesomes (Jazzsticks Dub)
09 Qumulus – World Keeps Turning (NexGen Dub)
10 Human Factor – Back Again (Progress)
11 Command Strange – Get In The Groove (Have-a-Break)
13 Motta – Morning (Dub)
14 Phat Playaz – Playa (Dub)
15 Indivision – Secret Vision (Climate Rec)
16 Incident – Travel with no one (Dub)
17 Howard Jones – Slip Away (Colourz Remix) (?????)
18 Darkhalf – To Be a Slave (Dub)


01 Pharell – Angel (Dave Owen RMX)
02 L-Side – My Thinking
03 Calibre – Hipnotize – Signature
04 soulTec & Blade – When I Fell In Love
05 TC1 & Stress Level – No Way Back – Advanced
06 ATP – Smooth Fella
07 Jrumhand & Blade – Miles Groove
08 Lenzman & Switch No More Tears – Phuzion
09 Glen E Ston – Flaco & Dave Owen – Get On The Floor
10 Alix Perez & Specific – Love Bug – Horizons
11 soulTec & Blade – Less Is More
12 Furney – Life Starts at 40 – Goodlooking
13 soulTec & Blade – Like We Used To
14 Stereotype & Will Miles – Island Son
15 soulTec – Baby Its You (VIP)

Boo Hoo Burr Kiki

My car is annoying the crap out of me and it’s effing cold.  Got the tire sorted and now my battery is shit.  I hate winter.

SPYFeel the Music (track i s in Spearhead Records player)

Today’s Oldie:
MatrixSnake SkinNew Identity Recordings 1998

mSdoS & ATPLiquid DnB Sessions Episode #23

1. Danoo ft.Jett – Can’t Wait Anymore (DUB)
2. Quantrek – Sign (Think Deep Recordings DUB)
3. Donnie Dubson – Stepson (DnB Remix) (DUB)
4. Qumulus – World keeps turning (DUB)
5. mSdoS – There will be rain (DUB)
6. Stunna – Face the Night (Red Mist Recs) —> TRACK OF MONTH
7. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Black & White Movie (Influenza LTD)
8. Champagne – Divine Inspiration (BCee Remix) (Bonafide Recordings DUB)
9. Giorgiolive – Feelings Away (Feat. G.Guimaraes) (Luv Disaster)
10.Incident – Travel with no one (DUB)
11.Command Strange – Again (Fokuz DUB)
12.ADM – Chaos note (Intelligent)
13.John Beltran – Aztec girl (Earth) —> BACK TO BASICS
14.Side 1 – Love Back (DUB)
15.SoulTec & Subsid – Waiting for you (DUB)
16.Flaco – I’m Thinking of You (DUB)
17.Phat Playaz – Global warming (DUB)
18.Drumagick – Full Energy (Beatmasters)
19.mSdoS & MJT – Fury (DUB)

1. Flaco and Glen E Ston – Cresent (Human Elements Dub)
2. Well Being – Darling Heart (Fokuz)
3. D Bridge – Inner disbelief (Exit)
4. Inside man – Ocean one (Dub)
5. Netsky – I refuse (Spearhead)
6. Glen E Ston and Flaco – She Got Me (GLR Dub)
7. DJ Clart Feat MS Dos – Obstacles (Allsorts Dub)
8. Calibre – Love’s too tight to mention (Signature)
9. DJ Clart and ATP (feat Elijah John) + DB Audio – So Close (Dub)
10.Hall and Oates – I Can’t Go For That (ATP rmx) (MPFREE)
11.Phat Playaz – Clockwork (Binary Soul)
12.ATP – Spoons (Urban Chemistry)
13.Mutt (Feat Kevin King) – Conversations (Deep Kut)
14.ATP – Tomfoolery (Urban Chemistry Dub)
15.Mutt – When You Said (Nu Directions)
16.Calculon – Friend Killa (Dub)
17.Dave Shichman and Dave Owen – Untitled (Dub)

Tinsel Kiki

I’m feeling super festive.  I love the holiday season cuz everyone’s down to hang out and I love holiday parties.

My weekend was really fun.  Got some Christmas shopping done, Rusko at Smart Bar was the ultra party and Bisl’s housewarming party was a blast too.

This week/weekend is busy too.  Mixing at Smart Bar on thursday for Shakedown (will do a seperate post on that), 2 holiday parties, 1 kiddie bday party and a holiday brunch.  At least it will get me out of my apartment.  That’s my only worry these days.  LOL.  Will it get me out of my apartment?  Yes??  Be there in 5. 😉

Kasra Perception

Today’s Oldie:
OpticalDark SkiesMetro Recordings 1997

mSdoS & The SquareLiquid DnB Sessions Ep. 21


1. Hypno – Telescope (Muted Remix) (DUB)
2. Bal – Red river valley (INFLUENCE)
3. Pete Voyager – Long White Cloud (CAMINO BLUE DUB)
4. Steez – Memories (mSdoS & mJt remix) (DUB)
5. Champagne – Talk To The Hand (BONAFIDE DUB) — TRACK OF MONTH
6. Crix – Secrets (ABSYS REC DUB)
8. Paul Saint Jack – Convergence (GOLDEN ORB DUB)
9. Greg Packer – Organ Revisited (INTERPHASE) —BACK TO BASICS
10.Neyo – Why does she stay (dRamatic & dbAudio mix) (DUB)
11.The Square,Wreckage Machinery & Blue Motion – One Second (TOUCHEDBY DUB)
12.Simplification & Command Strange – Melody (DUB)
13.Big Bud & Greg Packer – Ri$e (SOUNDTRAX DUB)
14.Drumlinezz – Brown Shade (DUB)
15.Motta – What u got (LUV DISASTER DUB)
16.Phat Playaz – The PFM journey (DUB)
17.mSdoS & MJT – Pat beat (DUB)
18.Kyro – Dark Devotion (RED MIST RECORDINGS)
19.Dj Chap – ??? (DUB)
20.Blue Motion – Wall Of Silence (TEXTURES MUSIC DUB)
21.Blue Motion – Life In The Suburbs (DUB)

1)Love in my Heart – Sconeboy, Blue Motion & The Square [Unsigned]
2)Wax Poetic – Submorphics [Westbay]
3)I΄m Sorry – The Square [Unsigned]
4)Watertight – ATP [Influenza Media]
5)One Second – The Square,Wreckage Machinery & Blue Motion [Unsigned]
6)Deeper Shadow – Smote [Deph Dub]
7)Lost Love – Glen Eston (The Square remix)[VibezDub]
8)Good Enough – Trifonic (Glen E Ston & The Square RMX) (Paul Sg VIP)[InfluenzaMedia]
9)End of Days – The Square [Unsigned]
10)You Dont Need Me – The Square & Blue Motion ft. mSdoS [Fokuz]
11)By My Side – Grimm & Stanza (The Square & Eros Remix) [InfluenzaMedia]
12)Love Sickness – Motta feat Jett (The Square RMX) [Unsigned]
13)Everything Disappears – The Square [Unsigned]
14)Anything But Monday – Still Standing (The Square & Dirrrty B RMX) [UniversalMusic]
15)Inner Focus – Verbal (The Square & Wreckage Machinery RMX) [Unsigned]
16)Without U – Mutt, Atmospherix,Blue Motion & The Square [Fokuz]
17)Dust Storm – Lm1 & The Square [Absys]

Normal Kiki

Wow.  I had an amazing bday.  Thanks to all involved.  I had such a lovely week last week that normalcy doesn’t seem that exciting anymore.  LOL.  I’ll survive. 😉

CLS & Wax – Gonzales Theme (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Artificial IntelligenceThrough the GateV Recordings 2004

mSdoS & Paul SGLiquid DnB Sessions Episode 20


01. D-Fect & Crix – All I ever (Golden Orb)
02. Paul SG & Andy Sim – Years go by (Dub)
03. LM1 & Decem – Epilogue (Dub)
04. Smote – Time (Red mist dub)
05. Syncopix – Smile (Blu Saphir Dub)
06. Mikrob & Human Factor – Polar (Allsorts Dub)
07. Phat Playaz & Jrumhand – Mr.Cosmic (Dub)
08. Dj Clart – Brick city (Dub)
09. Paul SG ,mSdoS & Eros – Loosing brave (Fokuz Dub)
10. Zezo and 2cents – Summer Jam (Calculon mix) (Dub)
11. Matt-U & Sol ID – Babylon Funk (Dub)
12. Broken Drum – Stolen Love (Dub)
13. Simplification – Take Me Over (Have A Break)
14. Intelligent Manners – Love freeze (Dub)
15. Command Strange – You don’t deserve me (Dub)
16. Utah Jazz – Survival Of The Fittest (Spearhaed Rec)
17. Champagne vs Subject13 – Perfect World (Dub)
18. S P Y – Moving In Circles (SoulR)
19. Flaco & Glen E Ston – The Aftermath (Dub)

Paul SG
01. Herbie Hancock – Cantaloup Island (DnB Mix) (White)
02. Paul SG – Vienna Melange (Jazzsticks Dub)
03. Furney – Elmalougalou (Dub)
04. Paul SG – On my Way (Dub)
05. Redeyes – Conart (Spearhead)
06. Paul SG – Listen to What I say (Jazzsticks Dub)
07. DJ Chap – When Passion ends (Dub)
08. Tidal – Impressions (Good Looking)
09. NotioN – Searching for an Answer (Paul SG Remix) (NuDir Dub)
10. Akira – Only (Spearhead)
11. Paul SG – Casanova (BluSaphir Dub)
12. Makoto – Music has never let me Down (Good Looking)
13. Peyo – Old Times (Good Looking)
14. Paul SG ft. Eros – Forever (Good Looking)
15. Paul SG ft. Grimm – Lonely (Jazzsticks Dub)
16. Unknown – Ride Thing (White)
17. Eveson – Food for Thoughts (Good Looking)
18. Marky & SPY – Kinky Funky (Innerground Dub)
19. Jason Mraz – Details in the Fabric (DnB Mix) (White)

Senior Citizen Kiki


It is amazing to me that I have naturally eased into my senior citizen status.  The funniest part is that it doesn’t even bother me anymore.  LOL.  I don’t really like to go out.  I prefer making dinners with my friends at each others houses instead of going out to the bar.  I can’t be arsed to talk to people I don’t know.  The list goes on.  I am comfortable with my new status now where as before I think I was a bit frightened by it.  I’ve had a good run.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying I’m never going out again, it was more of an observation of my recent behaviour.  I used to go out at least 3 to 4 times a week, now I’m down to maybe 1 outing and I have no qualms about spending the whole weekend without setting foot in a bar.  Yesterday I came home from the gym, made honey dijon chicken with roasted potatoes and asparagus, talked on the phone, watched some telly and then went to bed and was as happy as a clam with my activities.  Whereas if that was me circa 2002 I would be trying to find something to do and would be lucky if I made it home before 4am… (On a weeknight!!  Clutch the pearls!)

Silent Witness – Relay (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
TactileChanging SlowlyTimeless Recordings 2006
Definitely not old enough to be a real oldie but I was listening to a mix in my car the other day and this was on it.  Love it.

mSdoS & Aaron JayLiquid DnB Sessions Ep. 15


01. Acropod – Magnetic cube (dUb)
02. Donnie Dubson – 6 AM (Digital Colours Recordings)
03. Jody Watley & Aris Kokou (aka Intersperse) – Candlelight (dUb)
04. Sabbia & Operon – Harmony (Addiction Rec dub)
05. Atmospherix,Eros & Grimm – Lay Back (dUb)
06. Desperate – Believe in your love (dUb)
07. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Sad Song (Influenza)
08. Dj Clart – If you want this (Golden Orb)
09. Dave Owen – High Steaks (dUb)
10. Eveson – Brooklyn (Influence dUb)
11. Paul sg & Caine – Electrosoul master (dUb)
12. Submorphics – California Suite (dUb)
13. Marky and Drumagick – Super Bass (Beatmasters dUb)
14. Big Bud – Soulsista (Soundtrax dUb)
15. Fabio Kura – Soulfood (dUb)
16. Simplification – The Trilogy (Blu Saphir Rec dUb)
17. Robot Redford – To See Her (Jnrblue reEdit) (dUb)
18. Steez – Formular (Razor Mix) (dUb)
19. Dj Trax – Shady (???)

Aaron Jay
01. Mr. Joseph – Necessary (DUB)
02. Calibre – Model Way (Signature)
03. Dave Owen – Feeling Kinda Blue (Influence DUB)
04. Atom – Red Snapper (Influence DUB)
05. Bal – The Trendy Tune (Out There EP -Influence DUB)
06. Seba – Snow (DUB)
07. Commix – Breaking Through (DUB)
08. Lynx – The Semitones (Soul:r)
09. Mix Master Doc & Random Movement – Follow my own path dig my own grave (DUB)
10. Mr. Joseph – Winter Cold (DUB)
11. Bladerunner & Explicit – It’s Taking Over Me (DUB)
12. Calibre – Remedy (Signature)
13. Digital Hunters – Red Glass (DUB)
14. My Sentimental Moods – Makoto (DUB)
15. Mr. Joseph -Mad Selecta (Influence DUB)
16. Eveson – Dark Art (DUB)

Poppin’ Pills

I’m really not feeling well.  I’m not really one to medicate every ailment but yesterday I was not in the mood to feel like crap so I took some.  It made me feel shitty all day and I went home straight after work and went to bed.  Today we are at round 2 and I still feel horrid but will have to grin and bear it cuz I refuse to take medicine. 😦  Whine, whine, whine.  Bah, you have to get a good whinge in every once in a while right?

Dj Marky, Random Movement & SPYGive Me (track is in Marky player)

Today’s Oldie:
DMS feat. The Boneman XSweet VibrationsFX Records 1994
Man!  This was one of my absolute fave ragga jungle tracks.  I don’t own it but I wish I did.  This was the ultimate jungle rock from side to side shuffle tune. 😉

mSdoS & Big Bud – Liquid DnB Sessions Ep. 14


01. Glen E Ston – Lost Love (dUb)
02. Chris Inperspective – Love her (dUb)
03. Subway Funk – Morning city (dUb)
04. Unknown – ??????????? (dUb)
05. Komatic – Untold Stories (Phunkfiction dUb)
06. Atmospherix & Eros – Brother (Fokuz dUb)
07. Tidal – Impressions (Good Looking)
08. Vandera feat. Ellen – Is it Real (dUb)
09. Incident & Paul Sg – Dark eyes (dUb)
10.Danoo – Longing For (dUb)
11.Zero Frequency – Missing Blue (dUb)
12.Bu – Broken Planet (Syncopix RMX) (Digital Colours dUb)
13.Soulmatic & Utah Jazz – Disc-Oh (Innerground dUb)
14.Jazz Thieves- Midnight Hour (Submorphics Remix) (Pushin Wax dUb)
15.Kubiks and Zetek – Wake Up Call (Nu Direction dUb)
16.Makoto – Music In Me (Greg Packer Rmx) (Interphase dUb)
17.The Insiders feat. Ayah – Meltdown (Intrigue Music dUb)
18.Nusense – Mindset (dUb)
19.Felon – Driving force (DSCI4 dUb)

08..ERIC-AWAKE(Trackdonalds) ..
09..BEAT KONEXION feat..MIKE ROMEO-ONE LOVE (Trackdonalds)
10..MAKOTO-SENTIMENTAL MOOD (Creative source)