Boo Hoo Burr Kiki

My car is annoying the crap out of me and it’s effing cold.  Got the tire sorted and now my battery is shit.  I hate winter.

SPYFeel the Music (track i s in Spearhead Records player)

Today’s Oldie:
MatrixSnake SkinNew Identity Recordings 1998

mSdoS & ATPLiquid DnB Sessions Episode #23

1. Danoo ft.Jett – Can’t Wait Anymore (DUB)
2. Quantrek – Sign (Think Deep Recordings DUB)
3. Donnie Dubson – Stepson (DnB Remix) (DUB)
4. Qumulus – World keeps turning (DUB)
5. mSdoS – There will be rain (DUB)
6. Stunna – Face the Night (Red Mist Recs) —> TRACK OF MONTH
7. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Black & White Movie (Influenza LTD)
8. Champagne – Divine Inspiration (BCee Remix) (Bonafide Recordings DUB)
9. Giorgiolive – Feelings Away (Feat. G.Guimaraes) (Luv Disaster)
10.Incident – Travel with no one (DUB)
11.Command Strange – Again (Fokuz DUB)
12.ADM – Chaos note (Intelligent)
13.John Beltran – Aztec girl (Earth) —> BACK TO BASICS
14.Side 1 – Love Back (DUB)
15.SoulTec & Subsid – Waiting for you (DUB)
16.Flaco – I’m Thinking of You (DUB)
17.Phat Playaz – Global warming (DUB)
18.Drumagick – Full Energy (Beatmasters)
19.mSdoS & MJT – Fury (DUB)

1. Flaco and Glen E Ston – Cresent (Human Elements Dub)
2. Well Being – Darling Heart (Fokuz)
3. D Bridge – Inner disbelief (Exit)
4. Inside man – Ocean one (Dub)
5. Netsky – I refuse (Spearhead)
6. Glen E Ston and Flaco – She Got Me (GLR Dub)
7. DJ Clart Feat MS Dos – Obstacles (Allsorts Dub)
8. Calibre – Love’s too tight to mention (Signature)
9. DJ Clart and ATP (feat Elijah John) + DB Audio – So Close (Dub)
10.Hall and Oates – I Can’t Go For That (ATP rmx) (MPFREE)
11.Phat Playaz – Clockwork (Binary Soul)
12.ATP – Spoons (Urban Chemistry)
13.Mutt (Feat Kevin King) – Conversations (Deep Kut)
14.ATP – Tomfoolery (Urban Chemistry Dub)
15.Mutt – When You Said (Nu Directions)
16.Calculon – Friend Killa (Dub)
17.Dave Shichman and Dave Owen – Untitled (Dub)


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