Kiki & SpectraSoul

Sad to hear they broke up. I love so many of their tunes. I look forward to hearing what they do on their solo adventures.

Currently going down a SpectraSoul rabbit hole as I actually try and get a jump on my lesson planning for next week. Who am I? 😂

Way too many tunes to choose from. Here’s a few I’ve been head boppin’ to as I write these assessments.



Went to see the homie Submorphics on Saturday.  What a fun night!  Great turnout.  Fab lineup.  Awesome tunes.  Props to the Xcellerated crew for a great event!  Maybe me and my old teacher bones will venture out to another event soon.

Spending my Presidents’ Day lesson planning.

Current tune on repeat 😍

Geriatric Kiki

This came on during my morning commute and it really put me in a good mood.  This song is such a vibe.  What a great start to my day. 😍

In other news, the homie Submorphics is venturing back to this side of the pond on tour, and I’m happy to see that LA is one of the stops.  Great lineup!  My old teacher bones haven’t been out to a dnb event in yonks!




Custodian Kiki

8 days left.

8 days of doing nothing but cleaning. Straight up janitor Kiki here.  

Cancelling everything, going to city hall to say I’m no longer going to be a resident of Togane, blah blah, blah, blah.  Thank god for Mika, my ALT supervisor.  So much paperwork, so much Japanese.  

One thing that has been very interesting about living in Japan is the rule oriented lifestyle. That was a strange change for someone who lived in Chicago for 12 years and had learned the art of fighting with Comcast, ComEd, Peoples Energy and the like, whenever they did something I wasn’t down with.  I had become accustomed to being salty af, arguing my point til I’m blue in the face and then eventually ending up with 3 months free HBO or whatever.  That does not seem to happen here.  The rule is the rule and there’s really no negotiating.  

Yesterday though, a little miracle happened.  Everything was just taking soooooooooo long and I’m definitely not that patient of a person.  The paperwork gets really annoying after while.  Can we just have a website please?  Trust…  this shit would go so much quicker.  Everything takes forever. 

Anyway,  I was getting uber restless and super annoyed and so when my internet wanted to charge me a cancellation fee for being 5 days short of my 2 year contract, the Chicago Kiki came out.  I argued my point, came up with several other ways to combat this fee, asked for some official explanation behind paying the fee.  The fee wasn’t exorbitant but it wasn’t cheap either, when you added it to the total of also paying my last bill.  Anyway, they agreed and waived the cancellation fee.  

When I chose my internet service, I purposely chose one where they had English speakers so that I could handle stuff on my own if I had any problems.  Internet is life yo.  

Would they have listened to my gripes if it was a Japanese speaker translating back and forth between me and Mika?  Who knows?  All I know is I just wanted one mini victory for my day of annoyance and I got it.  😛

Currently listening to Spectrasoul and going through all my lesson folders and worksheets as I try and figure out what to throw away and what to keep for Neda.



Stab Stab Die

I woke up at 4am today and watched The Following and then had my usual conversation with my homie Shannon about stabbing, clown-faced murderers, killing people with a blowtorch (all The Following storylines btw) and then went for a run.

Seeing as started my morning in such a sinister manner, and it was still dark outside, I figured some dirty, moody rollers would be the way to go for my morning run soundtrack.

I listened to a Spectrasoul mix that I downloaded last month.  I don’t think I posted it.  I download new mixes pretty much everyday and eventually get around to listening to them.  This mix was kind of a showcase of all their tunes.  The highlight was that they started out their set with “Dark Hour” which is always a win in my book.  The mix wasn’t that long so I added a couple of tunes from my itunes library to make it an hour.

Some highlights.





SpectraSoul – Hearts

myleene klass heart nail wraps

Hearts all around!  Especially to SpectraSoul because I heart them and this track.  Then to my homie Judy cuz I heart her and she deserves props for getting her nail game back on track… no more chipped nail varnish JuJu.  Also hearts to this awesome pic because I heart getting my nails done and these nails look dope.

Sultry Kiki

I’m in hell.  2 more weeks of school and tons of assignments/last minute projects to finish up.  Kill me now.

Loving this Riya.  So sexy.

Riya feat. Zero T – Stolen Moments – CIA Records


Today’s Oldie:

Alix Perez feat. Peven Everett & Spectrasoul – Forsaken – Shogun Audio



Not really old enough to be an oldie but my friend Melissa reminded me of this one the other day and so I had to post it.  I played this to death… I mean like ridiculously.  I totally had an obsession with Alix Perez back then.  I was all about ominously, sultry, sexy, liquidy dnb at that time.  All you needed was some dark melody, sexy vocals and some dark bass and I would buy it.  LOL.

On Point Kiki

I kinda got my act together just in time for the first 6 week session of summer school to be over.  Woot.  1 week break and then I start it all over again for another 6 weeks. *sigh*

One reward for being such an amazing student… cough cough, Spectrasoul gave away “In Profile” for free yesterday.  So awesome.  They reached 10,000 likes on the Facebook page and decided to bless us with a tune.  Do you know how long I’ve coveted that track?  Loved it from the first moment I heard it which was back in 2008.  Nice one boys.

Spectrasoul – In Profile (download)

I actually have a lot of tunes I want to share but am having trouble finding samples so hold tight, hopefully by next post I’ll have some good clips.

Today’s Oldie:
Sound of the FutureThe LighterFormation Records 1995
I’m having a hard time believing that I haven’t posted this one.  In the beginning, when I first started doing the oldies section, I tried not to do the obvious ones.  Now I just forget about them cuz I think I already did them.  LOL.  Thank god for the search box on my blog.  This track is one of the ones that threw me completely in.  I had already been listening to jungle for a while and just really loved the sound.  All the classics were just amazing.  Then I went to this rave one time when I was home in London and Dj SS dropped this and I just remember standing in the middle of the dancefloor just taking it all in.  The sound system was wicked and I was like, this is it.  Alas, here we are now, I’m a grown ass woman in her 30s and still brock out to dnb like I’m a 14 year old raver. ❤

Shogun AudioMinistry of Sound Radio 06/21/11
No tracklist.  Love their show on MOS though so I’m sure it’ll be a good listen.