Covid & Kiki

Hi! I got Covid in Tulum. I’m still recovering hence the absence and lack of Locus update.

In the meantime I took some time out to listen to the homie Stunna’s Bassdrive show. He gave me a heads up to let me know he had done a mini Martyn highlight, and we all know how much I love Martyn.

I’ll write my updates soon. The lethargy from Covid recovery is just wiping me out!


Morning Mood

Summer semester is over! Hallelujah!

Lesson planning and listening to some Bank. 😊

Dan Guidance – Overdrive (Random Movement Rmx)
L-Side – Point of View
Evasion, Conman – Circle
Dunk – Drunk (Zero Zero Rmx)
NC-17 – Jugular (Creatures Rmx)
Bungle – Parallels
Messiah – Losing Your Love
1991, Empara MI – We All Need Somone
Silence Groove – Care More
Maykors, Neekir – Fly Away
Edan, Berrow – Wooden Rainbow
A-Sides, King Kapisi – Step 2 The Fire
DJ Hybrid, Trez – Comeback (Trex Rmx)
NC-17 – Carte Blanch (Myth Rmx)
NC-17 – Deep Blue (Myth Rmx)
Random Movement, Kasper – Tomato Bisque
Ben Soundscape – It’s All Music
Maykors, Neekir – Simplest
Random Movement – Modelo Fumunda
Silence Groove – Cheeky Growler
Submorphics – Lucinda
Random Movement – Booty Shake, Booty Quake
LSB – Bell Tune
Bcee – Not by Sight
Random Movement – Dooky Boogs
Submorphics, Satl – Dawn of Rebirth
Tatora – FWM
Trex, T>1 – Spirit Level
Dawn Wall – Fears
A-Sides – Fall
DLR – Squeeks
Qant – Amnesie
DLR – Don’t Come Too Close
Molecular – Figure It Out
Alix Perez, Verbz, Mr Slipz – The Rain
Bcee – If I Had To Die For Someone
Operon – Got No Trouble
Phil Tangent – Querencia
Submophics – Shadow Red
Piano Jazz – LSB
Bluefootal – Journey To The Valley of Nothingness
Dustkey – Keep Yourself Warm
Stunna, Indivision – The Red Son
In:Most – Her
FD – Heaven & Earth –
Donnie Dubson – Assemble
Calculon – Premonition
Calibre, High Contrast – The Other Side
Will Miles – West Grace
Utah Jazz – Runaway (Nu:Tone Rmx)
Unknown – Best I Ever Had (Bootleg)
Un-Cut – Midnight
Technimatic – Gravity Reading

Now & Forever Kiki

Summer is just speeding on. I saw Lenzman a couple of weeks ago and it was so so dope. I love being able to go out and see dnb again. I had such a good time.

I was listening to Calibre’s remix of Klute’s Now, Always, Forever on the walk home from the bar, and man, that Calibre era had such a chokehold on me. Such a great remix.

My school moved, so I’ve been busy with that. Still kicking it. Still missing my dad. Still slaving over grad school homework. Still listening to a ridiculous amount of dnb. 😊

Hope you all are well.

I really enjoyed this month’s BankBeats. 🥰


Total Science – Squash (Break Rmx)
Command Stranbe – Krusty Fingers
FD – Double Dribble
Halftone – Camouflage
Lens – Feels Like
nCamargo – Cherished
Pandora – Let Me See
High Contrast – Passon (BOP Rmx)
DuoScience – Dawns
Phaction, Stormae – What you Need
Mountain, Kojo – I’m Free (Hugh Hardie Rmx)
Mino Forms – Late Funk
Shodan – Infused
MELONYX – Energy (Zero T Rmx)
Motiv – Jupiter
FD – Sails
Berth, Hiraeth – Loved and Lost
Duoscience – Lucidity
Random Movement – Get the Funk Otta This Room
Phaction – Revelation Sequence
Bungle – Segment
Bredren – Grim Reaper
Dave Owen, Terraform – Sweet Love
High Contrast – Return of Forever (Camo and Crooked Rmx)
Syncline – The Big Easy
Random Movement – Still Aint Changed (Ben Soundscape Rmx)
Centrik – Beloved (Phaction Rmx)
Halftone – Maneuvers
Bungle- Tunnels
Command Strange, Cnof – Blossom
Dash – Dopamine Drums
In:Most – Domino Effect
NC:17 – Out of Sight
High Contrast – Make It Tonight (VIP)
Dave Owen, Terraform – Nautlilus
Monument Banks – An Evening With
Motiv – Out of Air
Fishy, Viewer – Around the Globe
Viewer – How It Feels
Tatora – PR8LMZ
High Contrast – Expose (AI Rmx)
Rizzle – Run To You
Pyxis, Melinki, Oktae – Your Sunshine
TZ – Native
Viewer – Thank You
TZ, Edlan – Blue Water
Dave Owen, Terraform – CrossRhodes
High Contrast – Music is Everything (Pola & Bryson Rmx)
Audioholic – Bottlerockets
Acen – Trip to the Moon (Danny Byrd Rmx)
hyroglifics – Bay City Ballers
Ivy Lab – 20 Questions
Marcus Intalex – Temperance
Nu:Tone – Beatnik
Satl – Turn Me On (Feat. Command Strange)
Break – Love So True
Hugh Hardie, Silence Groove – City Soul
Machinedrum – Backseat Ho


That emoji is my current mental state. I’m not sad, I’m just trying to make it through the day. I think since I booked my ticket and know that I’ll be headed to London soon, anxiety wants to kick it with me all damn day and I’m like “Okay, I guess you can come.”

Anyway, I’m listening to a Bank mix and lesson planning and he played this amazing oldie.

I haven’t listened to this track in ages. Such a lovely tune. Hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I did.

SKG, Vektah – Humdrum
Zero T, Need For Mirrors – Liar Liar
Satl – Never Far
Krust – It’s A Lot (Calibre Rmx)
GEST – Shame
Dustkey – Over the Moon
Dunk – Electric Lady
Ink, Loxy – Skitzaphonic
Sustance, Visages – I’ll Be There
Lupo – Retrograde
Black Barrel – I Love You
GEST – Deja Vu
Artsea – Finding Solace
Black Barrel – Bad Trip
Conrad Subs – Tape Packs and Speaker Stacks
Benny Page, Skibadee – Ride
Finnadrift – Vibin At The Track
Dylan, Ink – Need You (Calibre Rmx)
Kojo, Pola & Bryson – Closer to Home
Low:r – Love Hearts
Makoto, Ruth Royall – New Love
Satl – Give Up
Zero T, Aaliyah Espirit – Something Got Me
Joliliffe – Between The Spaces
Operate, Duskee, Degs – Diamonds
Satl – Takeshi
Synkro – Gagaku (Frederic Robinson Rmx)
Echo Brown – Block Work (VIP)
Mystific – Morally Alive
Mystic, Confusious – Like This
Artsea – Path to Never
Tokyo Prose, Satl – Hazards
Drs, Satl – Beautiful Struggle
Fixate – Hold That Thought
Influx Datum – Dayz of Glory
Dub FX – Run (Random Movement Rmx)
dBridge – Inner Disbelief
Commix – Trojan
Bungle – Northern Dub
Break – Time After Time
Bachelors of Science – The Ice Dance (Lenzman Rmx)
Air.K, Cephei – Desire (Break Rmx)
Goldie – Truth (Zero T Rmx)
Mutt – The Motions
SpectraSoul – Silence (Feat. LSB)
Rowpieces – Sweetish
Phase 2 – Kiana
Monika – Freedom
Legion & Logam – When Stars Fall
Kredit – Coincidence
Krakota, Urbandawn – Laguna
Kasper – Scorsese
Halogenix – Shank
FD – Top 2 Bottom
Dustkey, Petroll – Blow Fire
dRamatic, Command Strange – Try To Understand (L-Side Rmx)
Carl Matthes, Tyler Straub – Avani

Liquid Kiki

I had such a good evening yesterday.  I just mixed records in my living room and hung out with my roommate.  Still love all my vinyl so much.  

Threw on a mix when it was time to get some work done.  Really love this month’s Bankbeats.  Sooooo many good tunes.


Halogenix – Don’t You Know
Flowrian & Simstah – Gargamelle 
Euphorics & Phase 2 – Neon Sunset
Calibre – Butter Love
Break – Sunset Dub
DRS, GLXY – Rain Dance 
Calibre – Taciturn
Peyo – Routine
ALB, Phaction – Apart of You
Alibi – Scuffed
Lynx – Whistlestop 
Breakage – Ric Flair Strut
Alibi – Debris
Calibre – Venus & Mars 
Calibre – Proof Positive
Monty – Spatia
Monty & Alix Perez – Vergo
DLR – Dafunk
Liquitek, Electrosoul System – Whatever Makes You Tribal
Alix Perez – Numbers
Will Miles – Want Not
Dreazz, Mackadena, Emery – Too Fly
System & Wise – Snowfall
Flowrian & Simstah – You Knew
Hybrid Minds – Lost (Pola & Bryson Rmx)
St. Files, Marcus Intalex – Nightfall
Loz Contreras, Macca – Against the Wall (FD Rmx)
Halogenix – The Night
SpectraSoul – Move On
Submotion Orchestra – All Yours (S.P.Y. Rmx)
Technimatic – Bristol (Break Rmx)
Tokyo Prose – Tell Me 
Random Movement – Sabina 
Random Movement – Please Don’t Leave Me
Random Movement, Jaybee – Good Enough
Tokyo Prose – Brilliant Corners
InnaSelf – Emotions in Reverse
Commix – Emiley’s Smile
Command Strange – In Love
Artificial Intelligence – Missing Piece
Calibre – Kiya
Calibre, Zero T – Diamonds and Pearls
dBdrige, Calibre – Ponderosa
Zero T – Little Pieces
Bootleg – Modern Soul
Dan Marshall – Crazy (Zero T Rmx)


Tracks on Tracks on Tracks

I was listening to this month’s BankBeats, and was going to highlight a couple of the tunes that I’m obsessed with at the moment, but seriously the whole 2 hours is just fire.  Sam’s Bassdrive show is definitely one I look forward to every month.  Just listen to it. You won’t be disappointed.


Zed Bias – Energy High
Zed Bias – Dissecting Frequencies
Zed Bias – Just Like OHM
Will Miles – Nothing In Front Of Me
Survey – Get It
Will Miles, Kjell – Style Control Joint #2
Total Science, Hydro, War – Denial
Margaman & Coolhand Flex – Warn Dem
Will Miles – 3rd Gear
T>1 – All I Do
Zere, Gabriel Habit, Dave Owen – Rollin’
Halogenix – The Night
Pola & Bryson – Diamonds Fall (Was A Be Rmx)
FlashbackFm, Readsense – Please
Halogenix – Reset
Break – We are the People (instrumental)
Randall, Dave Anthony, Lisa Millet – Broken Plates (Voltage Rollers Rmx)
Children (D&B bootleg)
Pola & Bryson – Devil (Benny L Rmx)
Break – Midnite Classic Feat. Mc Fats
Claude VonStroke – Aundy (DJ Marky & S.P.Y. Rmx)
Pola & Bryson – Run From You [Hugh Hardie Rmx)
Legion & Logan – When Stars Falls
Edit, Soul Lady – Water Away
Emery, Dreazz – Starlove
Pola & Bryson – Call of the Night (Silence Groove Rmx)
Mitekiss – Some People
Loadstar – Feelings
Commix – Be True
FD – Always Something Feat. Fox
Scott Allen & Confront.Audio – Mixed Emotions
Phase 2 – Hot
Survey – Phosphor
Die & Break – Grand Funk Hustle
Bungle – Constant & Clear
Hugh Hardie – Love Troubles
Dima Pulsar – Easy Changes
Submotion Orchestra – Empty Love (GLXY Rmx)
Commix, Nu:Tone, Logistics – Ghost Snare
Random Movement, Jaybee – Good Enough
dBridge, Calibre – Ponderosa
Bcee, S.P.Y – Is Anybody Out There? (Vanguard Project Rmx)
Bank – Once Again My Friend


Itchy Feet Kiki

As an ESL instructor, explaining idioms is always a challenge.  I’ve taught units on idioms before, and the “itchy feet” one always gets loads of scrunched up faces.  😂  Anyway, I’m going on hols in two weeks, and I’m pretty pumped to get my travel on.  I’m due for an adventure. 😝

The weather is gorge right now.  I’m excited to have a productive morning, since I logged into Soundcloud, and the first thing in my stream was Bankbeats.  😍

Phaction – Signature Moves (Feat. Hugh Hardie)
Artificial Intelligence – Nobody
S.P.Y. – Soldiers
Phaction – Tonight
Scott Allen – After All (Paul SG)
Nympho & Phase – Bristol Bombay
Phaction – Should Have Known
Bungle – Cocooned
Bungle – Constant & Clear
D Bridge – Not What You Want
Becky Hill – Rude Love (SpectraSoul Rmx)
Alix Perez & SpectraSoul – So Close
Addiction & Villem – Makes Me Feel Fine
Cybass – Floating Dreams
Dave Owen – Blazin Arrow
Paradox – Drum Machine (2017)
Alix Perez & SpectraSoul – The Need
Alix Perez & Sabre – Solitary Native
Contract Killers – The Life Moments – Soundwall VIP
A-Sides MCMC – Keep Steppin’ (Unreal 2012 Rmx)
S.P.Y. – Alone in the Dark
A-Sides – Undeniable
Dan Marshall – Crazy (Zero Tolerance Rmx)
DJ Chap – Old Times
Arch Origin – Recovery
Never Left – Alix Perez
Blu Mar Ten, Stray – Blind Soul (Bcee Rmx)
Dan Marshall – Smoke and Mirrors (Random Movement Rmx)
Stunna & Place 42 – Relative
Clarity & Eastcolours – Someone to Count On
Calculon – Road Less Traveled
Bungle – Blue
Blue Sonix – This Feeling (High Contrast Rmx)
CLS & Wax – Backwards
CLS & Wax – Leisure
Alix Perez & SpectraSoul – Synergy

Bank & Kiki

I love having reliable go-tos.  Bank is one of my fave go-tos.  I know if I listen to a mix of his, there’ll be tons of good tunes, great mixing, and it will put me in a good mood.  Big ups to you and your new Bassdrive show Bank! 👏👏👏

Stray – Blink
Command Strange – This Night
Calibre – Echoes
Dawn Walls – Twin Falls
Macca & Los Contreras – Better World
Macca & Los Contreras – Wanna Be Your Lover
Pole & Bryson – Call of the Night
Random Movement – Three Days Straight
Dawn Wall – Mantis
Alix Perez – Losing You
Spectrasoul – Second Chance
Halogenix – Shank
InsideInfo – Glimpse
Enei, Foreign Concept, Peta One – Forgotten Planet
Calibre – Give It Up
BrokenDrum – Smile (Random Movement Rmx)
Innaself – Emotions in Reverse
Random Movement – Dreaming (Calibre Rmx)
Bert H & High N Sick – Hourglass
Pola & Bryson – Talk to Me
Pola & Bryson – Run From You
Dawn Wall – Holing On
Intelligent Manners – All By Myself
Intelligent Manners, Command Strange – Flirt
SpectraSoul – From the Jaws
Lenzman – Starz
Random Movement – Still Aint Changed
DJ Marky, S.P.Y. – Mystic Sunset
Unknown Artist – Finally (Kumarachi Rmx)
Will Miles – Pull Me Downs
Bungle – Leaving Sao Paulo
Will Miles – Healing
Western Sea & Cnof – Quiet Happiness
Turn the Tide – Macca and Los Contreras
Utah Jazz – Runaway (Nu:Tone Rmx)
Intelligent Manners, Nuage – Ball and Chain
Pennygiles – These Feelings (Zero T Rmx)
Hybrid Minds – Kismet
Switch, Icicle, Alix Perez – This is How
Zero T – Roxy Music

Stunna – Deep Podcast #29

Always happy to share mixes that my friends have done. Hearts out to my homie Stunna. ❤



Stunna – Back In Time

Stunna – Exclusive Mix

Stunna – Back In Time
nCamargo – Always Here
Nitri & Level 2 feat. Grimm – Lies (Calibre Remix)
Stunna – After the Rain
Serum & Paul T – Want You Back
Subsid – In Trouble
Apse & Thiago Pery – Jah
Quadrant, Iris & Homemade Weapons – Pembroke
Bladerunner – Lock Off
Jrumhand – Johnny Promise (PFM Remix)
Stunna feat. Place 42 – Hemlock
Blade – Telluric Current
nCamargo – All I Need
Soul Connection – Motions
DuoScience – Seconds Behind
Calibre – New Cons
Robustus – Achromatope
Flaco – Furnace
Large Mouth, D2 & Yukako – Same Scene (Velocity Remix)
Jaybee – Something Special