Teenager Kiki

13 years with DnB & Kiki and 20 years blogging. That’s bonkers.

I’ve thought about deleting this blog many times, but I kinda like that it’s always there when I want to wax poetic about dnb. 🥰🥰🥰

Listening to some Monty to try and liven up this dreary day.

Track Attack Kiki

I’ve been wondering what this tune was for ages. I heard it on an Alix Perez mix last summer and didn’t for the life of me know what it was. I love Visages. This tune is dope. It’s on the Dark Guru EP on 1985 Music. I also really liked the track Egotrip. 😍

Crystal Kiki

I received some crystals as a gift. I don’t really know anything about what you do with them. I decided to go with the flow and used my spring break to rearrange my room, go through my closet and donate some clothes, and place the crystals in the places the internet told me to. I need to breathe some new energy into my living space. My dad’s passing has left me with anxiety, and that’s not something I’ve ever really dealt with before.

Anyhoo… Been listening to loads of tunes. Currently have this on repeat. 🥰

Pulp Fiction Kiki

I’ve been taking this writing class to try and escape my grief. It’s actually helping as I’m really enjoying the class. I usually do my assignments on Saturday mornings. I was writing my assignment when this came on shuffle.

26 years later and the track is still dope. I’m a fan of the Lemon D remix too. I’m pretty particular about remixes. I could rant about it for ages, but I won’t. I think the Lemon D remix captured the same sentiment as the original and I appreciate that.

Starting off my Saturday vibin’. Enjoy your weekend. 🧡