It’s a sleepy Sunday. Just hanging at my mum’s doing my lesson planning.

Marcus came on the shuffle.

I’m always in the mood for some Marcus Intalex. R.I.P.

Winter Kiki

I really enjoy living in LA, but as a person who grew up in areas with cold winters and snow, I don’t enjoy 70 degree Christmases. I love bundling up, fires, hot chocolate, trees lightly dusted with white powder, hot apple cider… the whole gamut! For this reason, I love coming back to my mum’s during that time. I get my snow fix in and then head back to sunny LA. 😊


Just Do It Kiki

I’m an over organiser. I start planning for things way way in advance. I started sorting out being gone for 6 weeks, 2 weeks ago. I’m leaving tomorrow and I still feel like I haven’t done all I need to do. 😕

Currently making a worksheet and listening to Pola & Bryson.

Kiki & SpectraSoul

Sad to hear they broke up. I love so many of their tunes. I look forward to hearing what they do on their solo adventures.

Currently going down a SpectraSoul rabbit hole as I actually try and get a jump on my lesson planning for next week. Who am I? 😂

Way too many tunes to choose from. Here’s a few I’ve been head boppin’ to as I write these assessments.

Lyin’ Ass Kiki

November? Smh. I’m looking forward to going to my mum’s. Gonna post up there until after Christmas. I’m teaching online anyway so it doesn’t really matter where I’m at.

I usually start my weekend writing down all the things I plan to get done over the course of the weekend and really just do them all on Sunday. Who knows what the point of lying to myself is. It’s a fun little game me and my brain play.

Currently lesson planning and listening to Alix.