Dirty Kiki

Dirty Diana is one of my favourite Michael Jackson tunes.  Lovesit.  I mean when we’re talking Michael Jackson there are loads of tunes but I love me some Dirty Diana.  I remember making up some weirdo gymnastics routine for it when I was a kid cuz I hated using the music that was usually supplied for my floor routines, so I would just create routines out of the instrumentals of tunes I liked.  I guarantee you the only people that were entertained by me rolling around on the floor and doing leap jumps to Dirty Diana were my parents.

Why are we talking about Michael?  This super cute store, Kokorokoko, just opened up like 4 doors down from my place (I live on a busy main street) and I got this red leather jacket that reminds me of Michael Jackson in Beat It.  I said reminds me, so don’t go thinking I’m gonna be rocking some white glove a la some MJ fan circa 1983.  Anyways it’s just too cute so I felt compelled to write about it. 😉

Still sick.  Boo.  My best friend is coming this weekend so this ish needs to be gone asap.

Final Seminar tonight.

Madmen & PoetsAfraid Of Jazz (Lenzman Remix)

Craggz & Parallel ForcesWomen

Today’s Oldie:
M.I.S.TOuterspaceSoul:R 2003
I was listening to one of my old mixes this morning and this was on there.  This never stops being an awesome tune.  It’s newer than some of the other oldies but still an amazing track.  The way it rides in when you mix it is so awesome.  Lovesit.

PhysicsMarch Mix 2009


Cern – Eastern Gates – Samurai music dub
Electrosoul System&Sunchase – Alluvion
Smote – Deeply In My Soul – ?
Data – Muted – Metalheadz dub
Physics – Back To The Day – Dub
Physics – Dreamworld (D-Bridge rmx) – Blindside
Seba – Planetary Funk Alert 2008 – Good Looking?
Atom – Breath In – ?
K-Dan- Particle Collision – ?
Phil Source & System – Fearless – Vampire
Physics – Lifeline – Vampire
Atom – Dolly – Sonorous Digital
Physics – Revolution – Telluric
Jem One – Stalker – Metalheadz?
Muffler – Mankind – ?


Red Alert Kiki

No more wildin out… EVER. Remember that night that I stayed out til 5:30 a.m.? Well I got a fucking red light violation. Lame. I wish that shit didn’t take so long to process. My car is registered in my mum’s name and she kindly called to inform me of my $100 ticket that she received in the post yesterday. I guess that’s what happens when you’re rushing home cuz you have be at work in a couple of hours. Boo squared.

Last night was fun. I actually enjoyed Amit’s set. I got the news yesterday that Seminar is finishing. No more wednesday dnb night. I’m really bummed out about it. It’s been awesome to have, a local bar that I love, all my friends go to, and is a 5 minute walk from my house, be host to my weekly dnb outing. I’m just too fucking old to be traipsing around the city to go to dnb nights. I like to support my friends so I know I’ll still go out to dnb nights at other places but I can guarantee you it won’t be every week if it’s not within walking distance from my house. Sad. Sad that I’m a boring old cow and sad that my dnb weekly outings are finito.

Naibu – Piper Dream (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
AmitDual SenseCommercial Suicide 2003
I’m still in an Amit mood I guess. This track is dope.

RadiataBBS Bookings Podcast Feb 2009


01 Mixmaster doc – The Shakedown
02 Sinistarr – Recovery
03 L.I.S – Applefingers
04 Calculon – Lost
05 Klute – Ashram
06 The Square – Soul Crash
07 Noah D – Summon Riddim
08 Re:criminate – Linear
09 C.A.B.L.E. – Signifcant Other
10 Sight Unseen – Here 2 Stay
11 Break – Ringing Ears
12 Gridlok – Deadpan
13 Mayhem – Call my Bluff
14 Mayhem – Shibuya
15 Kubiks & Zetek – Final Thought
16 Edward Oberon – Fatal Hour
17 Mutt – Pin Drop
18 Sinistarr – Golgo 13
19 Electrosoul System – Bookworm

Fresh To Def

I think it would be really funny if I always used the terms that I write in my everyday speech. Most of them are made up mish mashes of terms I think are funny. Other times I just know they sound funny when I say them so I purposely use them. If you know me and you ever hear me use the term Fresh to Def please slap me.

I’m having a pretty good morning. I love those days where you wake up refreshed and ready to attack whatever’s coming at ya. Amit tonight at Seminar. Stop at Lava if you’re in the Chi. I don’t know how I feel about Amit these days. I actually don’t even know any of his new stuff. I just like going out to hear dnb so I’m sure it’ll be a fun night nonetheless.

Commix – Underwater Scene (track is in player)
I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about this track but I like it.

Submorphics – Philly Dub (track is in player)
I’ve been meaning to put this one up for a while and just kinda forgot. Dope tune.

Today’s Oldie:
Breakbeat EraControl Freak /BullitproofXL Recordings 1999
Couldn’t decide between the two so I picked both. Die & Roni Size make a good duo. I really liked this album. I’m really starting to feel old. I can’t believe that I was listening to these tracks 10 odd years ago, seems so strange.

Andy SimRubik Podcast Feb 2009


01. Hobzee, Zyon Base & Brother – 125th Street [Fokuz Dub]
02. Zero T ft. Alix Perez – Threads [CIA]
03. Kharm – Undisclosed [Dub]
04. Adam Form – Down Inside (Subterra & Dekko Remix) [Rubik Dub]
05. Lomax – Human Network [Dub]
06. Paul SG & Andy Sim – Indigo [Think Deep Recs Dub]
07. Spectrasoul – The Weakness [Deep Soul Music]
08. Paul SG & Andy Sim – Space and Time [Dub]
09. Lomax – Shortlist [Dub]
10. Submorphics – Wax Poetic [Westbay Dub]
11. Pentagon & Ethics – Rejection Dub [Rubik]
12. Smote – Deeply in my Soul [Think Deep Recs Dub]
13. ATP – I Still Believe [Dub]
14. Intelligent Manners – Showtime [Golden Orb Dub]
15. Paul SG & Caine – Quiet Steps [Dub]
16. Adam Form – Halls Shine [Think Deep Recs Dub]
17. Re:criminate – Linear [Rubik Dub]
18. Adam Form & Andy Sim – Let You Know [Dub]
19. Kharm – Everything’s Relative [Think Deep Recs Dub]

Wild Out Wednesday

Well not really, I definitely wouldn’t classify myself as a person who “wilds out.” I’ve just always thought that phrase was funny. The hosts on 106th & Park always sound so amped when they talk about it “What up, what up what up, it’s WILD OUT WEDNESDAY!!!”

I will however be “wildin’ out” to Mutt today though. I feel like my whole day will be Mutt related. LOL. First, he’s playing Bassdrive from 2pm to 5pm cst for a special Greenroom session with Stunna, and Sinistarr so definitely tune in. Then he’s also playing at Seminar tonight.

LenzmanLast Day On Earth (track is in player)

Eveson – Food For Thought (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
J Majik & Danny JThe LizardInfrared Records 2000
This wasn’t one of my fave J Majik tracks but I do remember people going nuts on the dancefloor so I figured it would work for today.

Might as well keep up the Greenroom momentum and post an old Stunna & Pipeline sesh from 2007.


Greenroom Studio Vaults Vol. 1 – Stunna & Pipeline
The Tea & Crumpets Session Jan 2007


I wish I had exciting things to tell you today but I don’t. LOL.

Going to Seminar tonight. It’s their 11th anniversary. Woot woot. Total Science is playing along with my buddy Submorphics. Should be a good night.

Will Miles 1 Week Later Been hearing this one for a while. It’s out on vinyl now.

Today’s Oldie:
Vinyl SyndicateMan Of StealUrban Takeover 1998
Hmmm. I can’t say I really cared for the whole Superman theme to this tune but I did kinda like the bassline. In my rave days, any rowdy bassline warranted me dancing in front of a speaker. I really wasn’t too picky. LOL. Remember when there were all these weird novelty jungle tracks that had theme songs from tv shows and shit? I’m happy that era never made a come back. I don’t actually own this record but for some reason today I was thinking about a rave I went to where everyone was going gaga over this tune and figured it wouldn’t hurt to post it as my oldie. 🙂

BreakDOA Mix 12/03/08


01. Sabre ”Try Your Luck” (Dub)
02. Break ”Hooked Up” (Symmetry)
03. Proxima & Nymfo ”HardDrive” (Dub)
04. Whizz & Daze ”Transit Zone” (Dub)
05. Break ”Adrenaline” (Symmetry)
06. Spinline ”Razzia” (X-Tinction Agenda)
07. Nico / Fierce / Break ”Draw” (Quarantine)
08. Dose & Menace ”Pick Up” (Samurai)
09. Break ”Is This What You Want?” (Symmetry)
10. Vicious Circle ”Access All Areas” (Critical)
11. Spectrasoul ”Tectonic” (Dub)
12. Break ”Traits” (Symmetry)
13. Loxy & Cern ”Juggernaught” (Revolution)
14. Break ”Evil Twin” (Symmetry)
15. Break ”Wine” (Dub)
16. Break ”Let It Lie” (Revolution)
17. Klute ”Trust Me” (Dub)
18. Nymfo ”Follow The Signs” (Dub)
19. Break Feat. Kyo ”Last Chance” (Symmetry)
20. Total Science ”S.O.S.” (Dub)
21. Break ”In Between” (Symmetry)

Productive Kiki

I’m on a roll people. It’s only 8:37 and I’ve already gotten a lot of shit done. That might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been up since 4:45 a.m. but still it feels good. I stayed late at work yesterday to get my work done so now I get to leave early and that has definitely put a magnificent start to my day. Yay. I’m also just really excited at the thought of not having to work for the next four days.

If you’re in Chicago tonight definitely stop by Lava! It’s gonna be a fun Seminar with Stunna, Submorphics, Radiata & Timid. D&B and Dubstep and all my friends? You don’t have to ask me twice. Black wednesday is definitely one of my favourite nights out in Chicago.


Utah Jazz – Leap of Faith (track is in the player)

Hobzee & Zyon Base – 1000 Paper Cranes (track is in both players)

Today’s Oldie: Absolute Zero & Subphonics – The Code – Renegade Hardware 1998 It’s the day before Thanksgiving so I figured why not get old and dirty and grimy and loud right? Awesome Renegade Hardware oldie. Gritty goodness.


Saw this mix on DOA and it was a nice listen.

Dj GozuNew Horizons


Technicolour – Le Corbusier
Chris SU & State Of Mind – Deeper
Dirty Harry & D Minds – Ghost Town
Mindscape – Vulture
Spectra Soul – The Tube
Dom & Roland – Sanity
Concord Dawn – Choloroform
Bungle – Be Like This
System – Near Miss
Fierce & Break – Keeper
Well Being – Lend Me Your Troubles
Zyon Base & Sol ID – World of Emptiness
Fierce & Survival – Prism
State Of Mind – Floor 14
Optiv – Inertia
Bungle – The Source

“I’m The One To Blame”

Came into work early today. Got a lot of crap to do. Better get to it. 🙂


Black Sun EmpireFiring Squad (SKC Remix)

I’m going to Seminar tonight for a little dubstep presha! Should be good times. Clever from Offshore is playing along with Cringer and BRC. If you’re in Chi you should come out. You know you’re pretty much guaranteed to see me at Lava on wednesdays… It’s a 5 minute walk from my house dammit!

Today’s Oldie: Everything But The GirlBlame (J Majik Remix) – Virgin 1999 I can tell you where I lost every record I’ve ever lost. LOL. The whole losing of the record is always so traumatic for me (god I love to exaggerate) that I remember the moment like it was yesterday. I love this remix. Like love love love it. It just evoked such a happy warm feeling that I always got excited when it came on. I loved the Everything But The Girl original and I just think that J Majik did a lovely job with the remix. I mixed at this huge new years eve party that year. It was about to be ’00 and the party was just insane.  I had a blast but there was seriously like 12 of us mixing from around 9pm to about 6am and all our records got mixed together due to the debauchery that was taking place. I’m usually pretty anal about watching over my records but these were all my really close friends so I was kinda lax about putting them away. When i got home the next evening, yes next evening, LOL, I was putting my records away and that record was nowhere to be found. It was part of a remix LP and I only had the other record with the other remixes that I didn’t like on it. Boo. I remember hounding Jimmy about whether or not he’d seen it and was so gutted. Lame. I know one of my friends probably has it but their record collections were all ridiculously huge and there wasn’t really any intense hunting going on to find it. I couldn’t find another copy of it around that time and just was so bummed. I had actually forgotten about it until today. I just found a copy online and bought it. Yay. This oldies section is doing wonders for replenishing my record collection. 😉

Operon – Australian Atmospherics Bassdrive 11/10/08



01. Kubatko – ‘Flying Without Wings’ (red mist)
02. Electrosoul System – ‘So Close’ (fokuz)
03. Glen E Ston – ‘Glow AM’ (dub)
04. Smote – ‘Living Soul’ (red mist)
05. Paul T – ‘Thirty Something’ (dub)
06. Switch – ‘Documents’ (fokuz)
07. Operon – ‘Want To Dance’ (dub)
08. Invisible Landscape- ‘Sunset’ (dub)
09. Well Being – ‘Without a Doubt’ (fokuz dub)
10. Kharm – ‘Elisa’ (dub)
11. Donnie Dubson – ‘Say Goodbye’ (fokuz)
12. Paul SG & Eros- ‘Green & Blue’ (dub)
13. Operon – ‘Whats The Soul’ (Vibez dub)
14. Spherique – ‘Falling Leaves’ (dub) Still really loving this one. That vocal is so pretty.
15. Subside – ‘Quiet’ (dub)
16. Brother – ‘Reversal’ (fokuz)


01. Craggz & Parallel Forces – Lost in Translation (Valve)
02. Raw Q – Vital Soul (Bingo)
03. Jaheim – Put that Woman First – (Calibre Remix) – (white Label)
04. Total Science & Marky – Tunnel Vision (CIA)
05. Greg Packer – Colourblind World (Interphase)
06. Dj Marky and Bungle – Back Like That – (White Label)
07. Random Movement – Her songs (Innerground Records Promo)
08. Solar G – Liquid Soul (white Label)
09. Makoto – Freedom Suite (Goodlooking)
10. DJ Roots e Theego – Sorriso de For V.I.P. (white Label)
11. Cinematic & P-R-S – Luminous Colours (Have-a-Break Recordings)
12. Ben Mono feat Bajka – Suburban Resident (Dharma One Remix) (Compost Records)
13. Bungle – Good Times (Liqweed Ganja)
14. Incognito – Raise (Nerada)

Basslines & Broomsticks

I was telling Stunna yesterday that I’ve totally been in a lazy funk. At first I was annoyed and stressed for a couple of weeks and now I’m just lazy. I decided to snap out of it yesterday and I’m in full form again. I went crazy listening to dnb and am back to full on post it note scrawled pieces of paper form. I have tracks to talk about and I actually went out. Holla.

It was dubstep night at Seminar. Chicago’s dubstep scene really is fire. Nameloc and Borja are on some other shit with their production. Loves it!

Tunes I’m lovin’:

NaibuHere Now (track is in the player) It’s no secret that I heart Naibu. This track is dope.

Arje – Awakenings Really great rolling track. Heard this on Overfiend’s show. No sample but definitely check out the stuff in his player.

Future EngineersEden ( Method One Remix) Track is in the player.

Today’s Oldie:
EZ RollersTough At The Top (Origin Unknown Remix)Moving Shadow 1998 Talk about great remix. I loved the original already and then Origin Unknown came with this gritty version and it was fire. Loves it.

If you’re in Chi you should make a trip to Smart Bar tonight for some liquidy goodness at Junglefly. All of your faves in the house, Stunna, BRC, Submorphics etc. Should be a good night.

Marcus Intalex feat. BreakSoul:ution Radio 12


Instra:Mental – Photograph – Darkestral
Carl Matthes & Tyler Straub – Avani – Break The Surface
Break Feat Kyo – Last Chance – Symmetry
Spy – Monochrome – Soulr
Calibre – Two – Drop – Signature
Lynx & Kemo – You Are Being Lied To – Soulr
Marcus Intalex – Electrocution – Soulr
Lomax – Too Real – Soulr
Mutt – Go On And Cry – Inside
Benny Page – Run It Back -Dub
D-Bridge – Wonder Where – Non Plus
– Break In The Mix 45 Minutes –
Craggz & Parallel Forces- Shake The Disease – Dub
DJ Stretch – Papa Lover (Serum Remix) – Dub
Lomax – Shortlist – Dub
Lynx feat. Spoonface – All You Own – Soulr
Calibre – Trying To Remember – Signature
Dan Habarnam – Zoom Back Camera – Dub
Marcus Intalex – Debbit – Revolver

Shiver Me Timbers

I swear I said I liked autumn… not fucking winter. It is really cold outside. Dang.

It’s funny when you have these mini moments in your life where you reflect and you’re like, damn I’m an adult. We went out to dinner for Stunna’s bday last night and it was really nice. All I require for my night to be great these days is the company of my lovely friends and a good meal. I can guarantee you that was not the case when I was in my early 20s. LOL.

I’ve been listening a lot to that Paul SG Bios Podcast for the past two days. What a great mix. I know I talk about Paul SG’s production a lot but you should really check it out. Just awesome stuff. Some gems that I’ve picked out from the mix that I love are Touch and Memphis Blues which is a collabo with Caine. Just listen to the mix. You won’t be sorry. 😉

Today’s Oldie: Cause 4 ConcernSkewer 2001 Renegade Hardware There’s something really sad and eerie about this track that just gets me. I love it. I remember I played it a lot. I just think all the elements have great impact once they hit your ears. I feel like it’s one of those tunes that you just kinda stand in the club and wish you were standing as close to the speaker as possible so you can just blissfully nod your head. Renegade Hardware was one of my main go to labels back then.

If’ you’re down to party tonight, Stunna’s having a bday jam at Seminar. Come out and hear him and Grand Marquee and Radiata. Should be fun times. 🙂

I’m having a hard time finding a mix today.  This Hospital Podcast will have to do.

Hospital Podcast 68


01. London Elektricity – Bare Religion
02. Logistics – Cosmonaut
03. Distorted minds and Dirty Harry – Hoe Bass
04. N*E*R*D – Nerdstep
05. Timmy Vegas – Danny Byrd Remix
06. Chase & Status – Smash TV
07. London Elektricity – All Hell IS Breaking Loose
08. London Elektricity – Fast Soul Music
09. Roni Size – Drity Beatz Street Mindz
10. Commix, Logistics, NuTone – Coffee
11. London Elektricity – Outnumbered
12. Commix – Bear Music
13. Logistics – Eastern Promise
14. London Elektricity – Sat Nav

Little Miss Sunshine

Yeh so I’m djing at Seminar tonight.  If you live in the Chi, come out.

I was practicing yesterday and I sounded like shit.  Everything was sounding ultra wack.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m not gonna stress on it anymore, I’m having an annoying enough morning as it is.  If my set ends up being horrible, I’ll get over it.  All in all it’s an opportunity for all my friends to come hang out and drink.  See, I like to have positive outlooks.

I have a lot of work to do.  I’m not happy about it at all.  The words crabby bitch come to mind.  I definitely do not look anything like this picture below today.  What a lovely pleasant person I am today!  LOL!

Today’s Oldie:  Dj SSBlack (Formation Records 1995)  I had just become obsessed with jungle when  I first heard this record.  I had spent the two years prior trying to get my hands on every ragga jungle mix tape I could come across.  I remember I had gone to a rave in London with my cousin where SS had played and I was amazed when I heard Whitney Houston coming through the speakers.  It was one of the very first jungle tracks that I loved that used an R&B sample.  I knew back then I had made the right choice to become ridiculously obsessed with this music! 😉


Dj SnowAugust 2008 Mix