Am I Bothered?

So I’m fucking lazy and can’t be bothered to write a good post today. Here’s some wedding pics and some Chris Inperspective. I’ll get my ass in gear tomorrow.
Shouts to Erin and Catherine Tate…. “Face, not bothered.” It probably won’t be funny to anyone else but Catherine Tate is fucking hilarious and she created a character called Lauren who’s catchphrase is “Am I bothered?”
So here’s a pic of where we were at in Two Harbors, Minnesota. Absolutely beautiful.
Lake Superior

Here’s the happy couple.

Here’s us ladies all dolled up.

I’m gonna go check out Dara tonight at Seminar for some old skool bizness. Should be fun.


Chris InperspectiveInpodspective Preview


Profane – Venomous States Reprise
LIS – Something Makes More Sense
ASC – Juno
Chris Inperspective – Spidsville
Paul T – Here Comes the Sun
??? – ??? (Sorry)
TVG – Rusted Instruments (Fracture Rmx)
Grimm & Sconeboy – Cheers VIP
Fanu & Silentium – Hangman’s Lullaby – Fanu Rmx (Lightless Records Dub)
Calibre – New Cons (Exit)
LIS – 1001
Chris Inperspective – Geek Chic
Chris Inperspective – Sisters
Profane – Nazereth Crime


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