4am Bizness Kiki

Thesis, thesis, thesis. It’s due this week, so I’ll stop talking about it in 6 days. 😂

Zero T, Onj and Aaliyah Esprit are my only solace at 4am. I’ve had this on repeat for a couple of months now. I can’t get enough of Aaliyah Esprit’s voice. 🥰


Spring Break Kiki

I teach at two different schools and their spring breaks are on different weeks. 😭 At least there’s a little reprieve during the two week span. This week I don’t have to teach in the evening, so that’s a plus.

Working on my lesson plan for my LACC students and Listening to The North Quarter on Echobox. Greg did a nice little Fats tribute collection.

RIP Fats. 💜

Tulum Kiki

Man! I’ve already been back from Mexico for 17 days?? It doesn’t seem like that at all. Covid really took me out. I’m in somewhat tip top shape again and back on the bullshit… begrudgingly.

Locus. I had a really really really lovely time. Much thanks to my homegirl Alley Cat for letting me be her +1. I loved her set so much! Not only did she play D Kay and Lee’s Wax’d, but she played a dope SPY remix of Piper. I guess it made the rounds last year, but that was my first time hearing it. It sounded amazing on that sound system in the forest. I love the Jonny L remix and SPY’s version does not disappoint. She also played an Alibi remix of Kosheen’s Hide U that was new to me and it was 🔥🔥🔥! I’m aware that some of these tunes have probably been making the rounds for a minute, but you know me, I am a bit rubbish at keeping up with the latest releases, so sorry if I’m late to the party on some of these gems.

I keep trying to pick a favourite set, but I can’t. The days were so fun and it was just a blast to be in super nice weather and listening to loud dnb. I loved LSB and Workforce’s sets from the day venue. Fabio and Dom & Roland killed it. I love the cenote venue. Such a vibe. Saturday night I raaaaaaved. 😂 I definitely danced for 8+ hours. Klute absolutely smashed it. I didn’t know the majority of the tunes he played, but it all just sounded amazing and I was so here for it. Kemal and Rob Data and Ed Rush and Optical were everything you wanted it to be. I left backstage for their sets and very much appreciated brockin out with my old JVC homies that were there as well. Shouts to MC Brace and Virgo. We deffo got our proper stomp on. 🥰

All the emcees were on point. Everyone brought it! I started feeling ill on the last day, but I’m happy I got to enjoy the majority of the festival. I was sorry to hear about all the issues some festival patrons were having with cartel and police. I was with the artists since I was staying with Alicia, and we didn’t really hear about everything that was happening til way after it happened. I had a fantastic time, but I do feel that next time safety for the festival patrons should be the number one priority.

I don’t think I will go again if they have it next year. The main reason I had so much fun is because I got to hang out with Alley Cat who is a good friend and I didn’t have to deal with any bullshit. That was my second time going to Tulum, and even though it was wonderful, I don’t think Tulum is spectacular enough for me to spend money to go there a 3rd time. There are heaps more places all over Mexico that are even more fantastic and a lot less expensive.

All in all, a fab time with some great people and amazing music. 💕

I’ve spent the whole week writing thesis chapters. I know it’s old, but this Workforce remix has matched my temperament for the past couple of days. Such a great tune.

Chapter Kiki

Writing a thesis chapter. My Saturday night is lit! 😂

This Jubei mix is keeping me afloat. It’s dope. I really enjoy Jubei. 😍

One of my fave tunes is this Jubei and Alix Perez from the Distrust EP.

Covid & Kiki

Hi! I got Covid in Tulum. I’m still recovering hence the absence and lack of Locus update.

In the meantime I took some time out to listen to the homie Stunna’s Bassdrive show. He gave me a heads up to let me know he had done a mini Martyn highlight, and we all know how much I love Martyn.

I’ll write my updates soon. The lethargy from Covid recovery is just wiping me out!