Life & Kiki

To be completely honest, I never imagined that I would know as many people as I do, that have taken their own lives.

Just heard this track for the first time yesterday when I was listening to Loz Contreras and Myras’s Old Red’s Drum & Bass show.

Very beautifully sung by Riya. Proceeds from the track going to a great cause.

CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably

Longevity Kiki

I’m always fascinated by the staying power of some tracks. I’m currently listening to Wormhole and it’s still soooooo good. Slip Thru just came on. 22 years later and I can’t believe how much this track still slaps. 🥰

I’m writing a test and just vibin’. I really just want to go to a dnb show and dance.

Summer is Over Kiki

Yeh right. Tell that to LA. I didn’t do much this weekend as it was 111°. The only thing I wanted was my central air.

The goal is to be proactive this week and complete a lot of tasks. I’m happy to say that I’ve been sticking to the plan and have managed to get a lot done so far.

There are a lot of awesome mixes out right now so I’ve been vibing as I scurry around.

Super excited about the Redeyes Selfportraits album coming out on The North Quarter this week. I’ve heard some tracks played from it already and they sound 🔥🔥🔥.

Currently listening to Satl on Integral Records’ Radio 1 Wind Down.


  • Mura Masa – I’ll be Alright
  • Tokyo Prose & Satl – Lights Down Low
  • LSB & DRS – Umbrellas
  • Redeyes feat [ K S R ] – Untitled
  • Satl – Yang
  • Satl – The Train
  • FD – Serious
  • Sam Binary – Surface Tension
  • Satl & Artificial Intelligence – Surreal
  • Phil Tangent – Wonder
  • Goldie feat José James – Open Truth
  • Redeyes – Untitled
  • Tatora – Blank Pages
  • Edlan – Affection
  • Artificial Intelligence & Satl – No Choice
  • Random Movement – Police State
  • Zero T & Steo – Refusal
  • Javano – Track 11
  • Satl – The Storm
  • Satl – Self Reflection
  • Satl – So Much Better
  • Harland – Leo
  • Satl & Submorphics – Untitled
  • Satl – Untitled


Nothing much to report as we go into month 7 of quarantine. I’m just lying on my bed staring at the ceiling like an emo teenager.

Yay for Loz Contreras having a radio show I can mope and zone out to for 2 hours. 😍

Scorching Kiki

This heat is crazy guys. It’s been 100 degrees practically everyday here in LA for like a week. The heat is causing all these blackouts. On Tuesday my internet was out for 9 hours… 9 HOURS! I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. LOL.

I read, cleaned my room, stared at the ceiling and talked on the phone like a teenager. After the internet came back on, the electricity went out for 4 hours. What a shit day.

Then the next day the electricity was out for 6 hours. smh.

Champagne problems I know, but a little whinge and a moan is ok once in a while when your trapped in your house during a pandemic and don’t want to be outside in 100 degree weather and can’t drive anywhere because your car is parked in a garage that has an electric gate. 😲😲😲

Going down a Visages rabbit hole as I mark these quizzes.  I’m doing  it early so I can get my grading out of the way and enjoy my Friday. 

This is still a banger.

DKay All Day Kiki

I mean, do you really need an excuse to listen to DKay?  I know it’s 2 years old, but I’m surprised I’ve never heard this mix before.  We all know how much of a DKay fan I am.  Shout outs to Dj Kali and that torn out magazine pic we had on our fridge for at least a year. 😂  

Starting off my Friday actually being productive and listening to some classics.  I went through a bit of a funk last week, but this week, I’ve really tried to turn things around and be positive.  I’m trying to make the best of this rubbish disaster movie we call 2020.

Music Intelligence DnB Podcast and Blog · DKay Promo Mix (Top 11 tracks mixed by Music Intelligence)

Up and at ’em Kiki

I watered my patio flowers which are actually still alive and look like they are flourishing, I’ve done laundry, organized my desk and written 2 tests.  Not a bad start for a Sunday.

Got that Alix on repeat while I’m feeling productive. 😍

1985 | Music · Alix Perez – Black Spirit