I’ve made an attempt to write several posts on here and then just kind of abandoned them.

2021 didn’t start out that great for me. My father passed away on December 30th of last year. There’s a lot to try and sort out as I live in America, my father was in London and we’re Sierra Leonean. I’ll be leaving on Monday to go to Sierra Leone to bury him as that was what he wanted.

I’ve been really overwhelmed and sad and have just been zoning out to dnb mixes as I try to get stuff organized.

Loz Contreras & Myras’s show has been so lovely. I am usually there to listen immediately after it’s posted, but the past 6 weeks have been a bit trying, so I’ve basically spent this week catching up on like 6 shows. The selection is 100% up my alley. I’m so here for the “feel good” selections. They are really comforting.

I really enjoyed this week’s show so I’m sharing it here. Always going to love a Logistics spotlight. 🥰


April Showers

The only way for me to get a move on when it’s a rainy, dreary, grey morning, is to zone out to some dnb and go on auto-pilot.

Thank you Logistics.  One of my fave tracks of the Electric Sun LP.


Morning Pick-Me-Up

Definitely need this, cuz writing midterms is not where it’s at this a.m. 


1. Zen Dub – Panacea
2. LSB – Mist Of You
3. Mr Probz – Waves (Bootleg)
4. Nu:Logic – Morning Light
5. Phil Tangent And Penny Giles – Untitled
6. Logistics – Triangles
7. Nu:Logic – Brown Shoes
8. Makoto ft. MC Conrad – Golden Girl (Lenzman VIP Mix)
9. Capital Cities – Safe And Sound (Nu:Logic Remix)
10. Bondax – Gold (Technimatic Remix)
11. Kove – Still High
12. Metrik ft. Elizabeth Troy – Want My Love
13. Subwave – Deadhead
14. Grades – King (Culture Shock Remix)
15. Freeze – Guess Who
16. Lamb – Gabrielle (Bootleg)
17. DRS ft. LSB And Tyler Daley – The View
18. Nu:Logic ft. Lifford – Everlasting Days
19. Maduk – Believe (Logistics Remix)
20. Logistics – City Life
21. Nu:Logic – Memories (VIP Mix)
22. Logistics – Transcending
23. Unknown – Short Stay
24. Fred V And Grafix ft. Josie – Sick Of All Your Secrets (Logistics Remix)
25. Logistics ft. Hugh Hardie – As Sure As Sunrise (VIP Mix)

Logistics – Polyphony

After I posted that Logistics tune, I realised that I never said anything about the Polyphony album even though I’ve been listening to it non-stop for the past couple of months.  September was  a super busy month for me so I’ve been busy living in dnb lala land and just listening to tunes and doing work.

Anyways, I love it, the album I mean.  Some really good tunes on there.  I started out just buying a couple of tunes and ended up buying pretty much the whole thing.  

When Now More Than Ever came out, I caned that thing to death and still listen to a lot of tunes off that album regularly.  I get super obsessed with an artist and play them until I get sick of them.  Some of them I don’t seem to get sick of (see Calibre, Lenzman etc … the artists that you are probably sick of me posting mixes of.) and others I have a minor falling out with and sometimes revisit.  

I haven’t listened to Logistics for a super long time.  Lemme rephrase that, I haven’t listened to new Logistics stuff in a super longtime.  I’ll play Together or The Great Drum & Bass Swindle (Life is Beautiful) remix or anything from back in the day like it came out yesterday. 

I don’t think I actually have a fave on the album cuz I seem to like most of the songs equally but here’s No Hurry Time anyway. 🙂


Yes, It’s Me… Prodigal Kiki

I haven’t updated since January?  Ooh I’m horrid.

I feel like I don’t remember what it’s like to have free time anymore.

I was excited cuz I’m only taking one class this summer, which means I’ll actually get a summer holiday this year.  Didn’t get one last year but I survived.  I signed up to take the class at the end of the summer so I could start my summer holiday now since school just finished and then they switched the class to the beginning of the summer.  Can you say gutted?  I was so devastated when I found out. 😦  Now I just have to buck up and wait til July as school starts again in two weeks now.  I still get a summer holiday but I just have to wait 2 more months.  I’m dealing.  I did get a good sulk in though.

I’m in London right now.  Came to see the fam.  So at least I get a mini break.  I just really wanted to have more than 2 weeks off as I am completely burnt the fuck out.

It also happens to be my blog’s bday today.  I know I never have time to write in it but I’m still gonna acknowledge its bday.  I decided not to delete it and will just post whenever some magical free time comes my way.  I thought I would have more free time to write while I was here but my cousin just passed away two days ago and I’ve been doing family stuff.  R.I.P. Anthony.

Hope all is well in your brocktastic land,  I’m busy but alive and still getting my dnb fix when I can.


These tunes are prolly old to you but since I haven’t updated in eons they are tunes that I have kinda just kept in mind.

LogisticsWe Are One (Nu: Logic Remix)
Can’t get enough of these drums.  They are just amazing.  Really great remix.

Penny Giles – Rhodes Adrift

KyshidoI Like The Way You Move
I prolly like this tune cuz whenever I hear it it makes me want to mix Pulp Fiction.  Nice simple effective bassline.

Planas feat Ed ThomasBreathtaking (dBridge Remix)
Loves it!  So good.

Today’s Oldie:
LogisticsTogether VIPHospital Records 2004
I’m pretty sure I already posted this as an oldie but I was thinking about it this morning and it doesn’t stop being awesome so I’m posting it again. 😉

Heavy 1Rubik Records Podcast 15
Always love Heavy 1.  This Rubiks Podcast is dope. ❤


01. Heavy1 – Minimalized
02. Heavy1 – Untitled
03. Ena – Splinter
04. Heavy1 – Untitled
05. Fade – Untitled
06. Lynx – Rankoor
07. Loxy & Resound – League of Shadows
08. Heavy1 – Ongaku
09. Heavy1 – Diehard
10. Unknown – Untitled
11. Heavy1 & June Miller – Judge
12. Philth – Dreamimg (Need For Mirrors Remix)
13. Phil Tangent – Forgiveness
14. Heavy1 & Iriann Joyce – Light upon my road
15. Heavy1 & Quantrek – Independent
16. Mr Joseph & Pennygiles Ft .Katie White  – Fly Me Away
17. Pennygiles – Momentary Switch
18. Pennygiles – Au Revoir Blackbird
19. Sevin & Pennygiles – Last words
20. Velocity – Hide & Seek
21. Makoto & Deeizm – Paradiese
22. Heavy1 & Iriann Joyce – Light upon my road (Makoto Remix)

Au Revoir 2009

I’m making an executive decision and doing my end of year top tracks today.  I’m going to Philly today and then I’m not taking my laptop with me to NY tomorrow so that really leaves me no time to write.

Here is my repeat of end of year disclaimers…

My list is always going to be kinda bogus.  LOL.  The tunes I blogged about towards the end of the year are still fresh in my mind and therefore get more attention than the ones I blogged about back in the beginning of the year cuz I’m not sick of hearing them yet.  The list is in no particular order.  I have been told that I have strange taste in some dnb track so my list means absolutely nothing.  It’s just a compilation of songs that I personally liked over 2009.  We also must take into account that the latter half of the year I wasn’t as diligent about writing tracks down due to the loss of my job so I’m not as up on new tunes as I used to be.  This list is just of tracks that I would have been happy to keep on my ipod for the past 365 days.

End of disclaimer. 😉

I mulled over my list for ages.  I started out with 70 tracks and could only cut it down to 30 this year.  LOL.  I really tried to narrow it to at least 20 but I really like all the tracks on the list, so 30 it is.  Eek.  This will be a long post. 🙂

Kiki’s Top 30

01. Utah JazzSurvival of the Fittest

02. Atlantic Connection & Grimm – Better Man (track is in Grimm player)

03. Alix Perez feat. Spectrasoul & Peven EverettForsaken

04. Klute – 174bpm (track is in player)

05. Random MovementWaterlogged

06. Total ScienceSoul Patrol (Lenzman Remix)

07. Beatchemist – This Close (track is in player)

08. Stunna – Generation Gap (sorry no sample :()

09. Dave Owen – Sending My Love (sorry no sample :()

10. Bal – Red River Valley (track is in player)

11. DBridgeWonder Where

12. NaibuTigresse (track is in Fokuz Recordings player)

13. Marcus IntalexAirbourne

14. A.I.Blind Eye

15. Quantrek & Heavy 1Independent (track is in Quantrek player)

16. BCeeGlitter Balls

17. SpectrasoulIn Profile

18. LogisticsJungle Music

19. CalibreLazy Rock

20. Mikal – Just Disappears (track is in player)

21. Jubei – Outcast (track is in player)

22. Metrik – Time to Change (track is in player)

23. CalibreRingtone

24. Kjell – Lincoln Place (track is in player)

25. CalibreTru Beat


27. dRamatic & dbAudio – Neyo Remix (track is in dbAudio player)

28. Mr. SizefGarmoniya Mirov

29. Stanza & GrimmBy My Side

30. CalibreLove’s Too Tight to Mention

Happy New Year!

Chicago Kiki

I’m back in Chi.  I had a pretty awesome time at home in Madison.  My niece is out of control cute.  Went to the African Festival with the fam and also hung out with some old high school buddies.  I’m 32 now but it’s definitely funny to hang out with people that have known you since you were 13 that you don’t see all the time.  You tend to resort back to high school days.  Good times.

Summer is coming to an end.  My goal is to have a job by October.  If it happens sooner, awesome.  I have never applied for so many jobs in my life.  Come on people.  I’m cool.  Hire me. 😉

I guess Logistics has a new LP coming out.  I listened to the tracks. (If you click on the Platinum link it goes to the Chemical Records deck where you can hear the other tracks that are getting released on the vinyl version)  *shrugs* They’re ok.  I do like this one though.  I like Murderation as well.

Today’s Oldie:
LogisticsMillionaireInnerground Records 2004
Might as well do a Logistics oldie too. 🙂

A SidesMixcloud Session August 2009


01. Winter Sun – Break
02. Forgetter Nights – Explicit
03. Conversations – Mutt Ft Kevin King
04. Chain Reaction – Die & Photek
05. Killing Time (Break Remix) – Noah D Ft Einstein
06. Go For Yours – Serum
07. The Clamp – Break
08. Eden Prime – Drum Cypha
09. Snake Fist VIP – Serum & Bladerunner
10. Mercenary Dub – Bladerunner
11. Insignia – SpectraSoul
12. Sequential Circuit – D.Kay & Rawfull
13. Warriors – Serum & Bladerunner
14. The Execution (Serum Remix) – Spinback & Gwange
15. Broken (Sigma Remix) – Mclean
16. Hi Top (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) – Sigma
17. Trident – Sato, Jubei & Treez
18. Nosher (Marky & S.P.Y Remix) – Total Science
19. Sorority Sleepover – Twisted Individual
20. Steady – Gridlok
21. Scrap Yard Dog – Heist
22. Cream Soda – Dan Miracle
23. High & Low – Lenzman & Redeyes
24. Evelyne (Worriesome) – Mutt
25. 3 Times Dope – Sappo
26. Remote Da Force – Digital & Lutin
27. Gutter Life – Serum
28. Slum Dub – S.P.Y
29. Down the Line (Break Remix) – Alix Perez & Fats