I’m all over the place. I genuinely look like the emoji in the title bar.

I have loads to tell you, but no time to do it just this second. This is just a quick post.

I was just listening to some Random Movement and his version of Pennygiles’s Rhodes Adrift came on and got me hyped. Def one of my fave RM tunes. Such a good remix.

Also been listen to that Saikon that came out on Spearhead last year. I can’t get that vocal out of my head. Luuurve the tone to her voice.



In between classes, when I’m planning lessons or practising my Japanese characters, I love to just sit and zone out to dnb.  30 min mixes and 1hr mixes are good for short tasks but a good ‘ol 3 hour mix is ideal for those things that have a lot of components to it.  I think it’s been a minute since I posted an RM mix.  I may have referenced a remix or something but I know that you guys get sick of me posting RM stuff all day every day. 😉  This mix is awesome though.  A nice 3 hour podcast mix for his 5 year anniversary.  Good stuff. 

Random Movement – Podcast 60 

Click here to download




Malaky & Tokalosh – Crossing Paths
Paul SG – Lady
Pennygiles & Sevin – ??????
Electrosoul System – Morning Forest (RoyGreen & Protone remix)
Critycal Dub – Got Me Waiting
Chromatic – Lounge Lizard
Intelligent Manners – Miracles
Blu Mar Ten – Hunter (Conduct remix)
Insideman – Punta La Marmora
Serum – G Funk
Eveson – Archangel
Paul SG – Stay Classy feat. T.R.A.C
Chromatic – Malibu
Foreign Concept – When You’re Alone
Command Strange – Remedy
Intelligent Manners – Love Is Love
Rowpieces – Engineers Of Our Future
Malaky – Acceptance
Packer & Rhodes – If I Never feat. Natalie Slade
RoyGreen & Protone & Natural Flavor feat. Dorian – The Storm
Satl – Joy
Cutworks – Top Floor
RoyGreen & Protone – Jazzypants
Lurch – Waves feat. Alice Devine VIP
Actraiser – Full Moon
Dirtbag – The Last Of Us
Eveson – Tempest
Phase 2 – One Time
Submorphics – Long Been Gone
Toez – My Style
Chromatic & Soul Intent – Marrakech
Malaky & Satl – For Your Love
Funkware & Msdos – Iguana Theme
Lurch – She Glows
Rowpieces – Artemis’s Temple
Electrosoul System – Awakening Of Kali (remix)
Lurch – I Can’t Lose You
Blu Mar Ten – In Your Eyes (Ulterior Motive remix)
Klax – Blackball
Pennygiles – Stories Untold (Nymfo Remix)
Kimyan Law – Run Ames feat. Robert Manos
The Invaderz – Soul Glow
Electrosoul System – Teardrop (Intelligent Manners & Command Strange remix)
Anthony Granata & Ted Ganung – Alchemical State (Random Movement remix)
Serum & Serial Killaz – Hold On
Jinx – Energy
Subsid – Fourth World
Silent Type – All I Want (L-Side remix)
Satl – You’ve Changed
Pennygiles & Redeyes – Wavering Lines
The Invaderz – Love Vibrations
Melody’s Echo Chamber – Some Time Alone, Alone (nCamargo remix)
Euphorics & Satl – Eastern Connection
Silence Groove – Through In
Intelligent Manners – Everyday Is The Same
M.A.Y.F.O.R.M.S – The Journey
Lurch – Turn The Tide
Intelligent Manners – Special Night

Summer Jams

Summer is coming to an end.  School has started.  I’m sitting in the office grading summer vacation journals.  The weather is gorge today.  The window is open and there is a  lovely breeze coming through the window.  I’m listening to this sick Sinistarr remix of Random Movement’s “Dancing Feat” and reading the students’ hilarious journals.

Dude.  This track is everything today.  LOL.   I love when you are in the mood for a song and you just feel like pressing repeat a bunch of times cuz you are vibin’ so hard. 

Hearts to the max.


Random Movement – Aerosoul Artist Soulcast – March 2014



RoyGreen & Protone – Back To Now (Rubik)
Joakuim – Go With The Weather (Dub)
Ivy Lab – Baby Grey (Critical)
Vigorous – By My Side (Paul SG Remix) (Dub)
BCee – Think Twice (Spearhead)
RoyGreen & Protone – Girl Talk (Demand)
Brunno Junglist – Little Birdie (Sheer Velocity)
Random Movement – Dancing Feat (BCee & Saxxon Remix) (Rubik)
Random Movement – Remember Your Purpose (Dub)
Random Movement – Chop Shop Burn (Dub)
Random Movement – Memory Lane (Dub)
Random Movement – When You Come Alive (Innerground)
Jaybee – Wide Open (Phuzion)
Ivy Lab – Live On Your Smile (Critical)
PennyGiles – Leyla’s Last String (Silence Groove Remix) (Dub)
Dave Owen – Bossin’ Ova feat. David Boomah & T.R.A.C. (Dub)
Random Movement – Cash Or Credit (Dub)
Joakuim – Des Fleurs (Dub)
Dave Owen – The Party’s Arrived feat. T.R.A.C. (Dub)
Ivy Lab – Missing Persons feat. Frank Carter III (Critical)

Kiki & Xmas



Happy holidays everyone! 🙂  I’m chillin’ in New Jersey with the fam.  Hope everyone is having a good time.  Still truckin’.  Trying to enjoy my last days of freedom before next semester starts.  Got a couple of gigs coming up in January so I will def. keep you posted.

I’m posting this RM December podcast.  I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this installment.  Really good track selection and just all around pleasant dnb for your ears.


Random MovementPodcast 40


Pennygiles – Rhodes Adrift (Random Movement remix)
Dynamic – Sweet Talkin’
Command Strange & Dynamic – Your World
dRamatic & dbAudio – Fractual Harmony
Loz Contreras – Snakehips Thang
Source Code – Keep on Running (Jaybee remix)
LSB – The Hurting
Velocity & Key – Rebirth
Mr Joseph – Forgotten Emotions
James Blake – Limit to Your Love (Lynx remix)
RoyGreen & Protone & Monologue – Mignight
Pennygiles – Ebony Queen
Jrumhand – Those Vital Elements
DJ Chap & Level 2 – Golden Years
Command Strange – Black Hat
Hybrid Minds – Meant To Be
Madcap & Jaybee – Riverside
Command Strange & Intelligent Manners – All The Stars Above
Rowpieces – Nisa
Skeletone – A Little More Time

Gymtastic Kiki

Podcasts are what make the gym tolerable for me.  I just go through the list on my ipod and cruise through my workouts.  I wanted to post this RM one yesterday but figured after not writing for 3 months, I could at least post something other than the usual Random Movement podcast that is always my go to mix…  I decided to post it the next day instead. 😉  Love this installment.  So many good tunes.

Random Movement – Podcast 36


BCee – Beyond Belief (Technimatic remix)
Krakota – ??????
Paul T, RoyGreen & Protone – Outlaw
Al Pack – Moments of Serenity
dRamatic & dbAudio – Far Away feat. Grimm (Total Science remix)
Technicolour & Komatic – Vermillion feat. Jayma (Random Movement remix)
SR & Digbee – Spitfire
Nookie – Only You (Bladerunner & Dawn Raid remix)
Redeyes – Mad Times
Random Movement – Dropping the Chips (Technimatic remix)
Unreal – Sheer
Chris Turner – Liquid Love (Kasper remix)
dRamatic & dbAudio – ??????
Stereotype – Juicin’
Cutworks – Beyond Your Smile
Superior Selectionz – Confounded feat. Collette Warren
Level 2 – Finding the Perfect Moon
Rowpieces – No Regrets (Rowpieces remix)
RoyGreen, Protone & Monologue – River
Soul Culture – Get Tuff

Backpacks, Highlighters & Kiki


School started once again.  This is my last year.  May will be here before you know it and I will have my masters!  Woot woot.  I’m excited for the next chapter of my life to begin.

There’s a lot of things going on with me these days but I actually don’t really feel like writing about it.  All good things so don’t worry.  Today I just got the urge to find the time to post some tunes I’ve been hearing and liked so let’s get on with it. 🙂

Calyx & Teebee – Elevate This Sound – Ram Records
I heard this and was speechless when Danny LO told me it was a Ram record.  I honestly can’t tell you the last time I bought anything on Ram.  It’s definitely been a minute.  Quality tune.  I just picked it up the other day.

Dj Chap – Don’t Wait For Me – Liquid V
I have had an obsession with Dj Chap ever since I heard “invisible” on a Random Movement podcast.  Love his productions.

Today’s Oldie:
Chase & StatusTake Me AwayRam Records 2008
I was curious when the last time was that I had actually bought something on Ram so I looked up their discography and voila it was this Chase and Status tune.  LOL.  A tune I was ridiculously obsessed with.  I remember sitting at my law office job tuned in to Bassdrive for hours on end and being mighty pleased every time I would hear it played.

I don’t have access to be my chicken scratch memo pad notes on what tracks I want to share cuz I’m in the computer lab at school but I did remember those two tracks for now and since I haven’t written in a bajillion years I figured this post would be a good start.  I think that I might have more time to post this semester because I’m relieving myself of the burden of having to post long entries.  I always feel guilty that I go so long without posting and always want to post really long posts to make up for it.  I’m going to make an attempt to be satisfied with just posting a track here and there or a mix whenever I get a free mo so hopefully that will get me in the habit of posting more.  We’ll see.  I promise you I really will try though!

I love SirReal mixes.  They are really good workout mixes to zone out to on the treadmill.

SirRealForget The Past


Spectrasoul – Memento
Drs feat Lenzman, Jehst & Riya – Holding on
Silent Dust – 1959 (Calibre Remix)
Technicolour & Komatic – The Secret
Command Strange – Candy
Seba feat Robert Manos – Nightrider
Soulculture – Summer Vibes
Velocity – Light in Nightmare
Rowpieces – Life can be so Beautiful
Spectrasoul – Away with me (Calibre Remix)
Technicolour & Komatic – Forget the Past
Random Movement – See you again (Runnin’)
Spectrasoul – Sometimes we lie
Joe Syntax feat Jono McCleery – Sightlines
Technicolour & Komatic – Ever After
LSB – Some Disco
Submorphics – Bullets over Broadway
Scott Allen – Inner Beauty
Rowpieces – Sumbuddy
LSB – All My Love (Technicolour & Komatic Remix)
Random Movement – Dropping the Chips
Marky – You Know
Extra Curricular – Last Day (Spectrasoul Vocal Edit)
Kyshido – Angel

F*@$%** U Fall Semester 2011, Love Kiki

Seriously so happy that there’s only 7 more days of this semester left.  It’s been the hardest, most depressing, most stressful 4 months ever…. dramatic much?   Yes, but I don’t care.  😉  I’ll be celebrating my freedom next week after finals with the rest of my dnb peeps at Plan B.  Expect to see me wilding out since I’ll have the next month off of school.  Woot.

VelocityLight In Nightmare
So into Velocity right now.  I’m probably late jumping on the bandwagon, as I always am, but seriously his shit is so dope.  Big up Japan!

Technicolour – Winter Rose
This track is the bizness.  So good.

Random Movement & Ben SoundscapePerpetual
I like the sounds that these two come up with.  Quality tune.

Today’s Oldie:
Ram TrilogyMindscan (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) – Ram Records 1999
Sick. ❤

FaironneMatter of Awareness
I love this dude.  His mixes are always sick.  I can just sit and zone out to them as I have been with this mix as I studied.  Wicked selection.


01. Physical Illusion – Talk To You / Fokuz Rec.
02. Against – Hidden Element & Against / Soul Deep Rec.
03. Command Strange – Sweetest Goodbye / Celsius Rec.
04. Schematic – Wherever I Am / Liquid Brilliants Rec.
05. Random Movement & Ben Soundscape – Many Things / Intrigue Music
06. Blu Mar Ten Feat. Stray – Blind Soul / BMT Rec.
07. Robert Manos – Madness / Secret Operations
08. Seba & Paradox Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – The Light / Critical Music
09. Derrick & Tonika – Follow The Stars / Fokuz Rec.
10. Inside Man – Venezuela / Vibration Rec.
11. Blu Mar Ten Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Whisper / BMT Rec.
12. Command Strange – Give It To Me / Fokuz Rec.
13. René Lavice – Spile / Rubik Digital
14. Marcus Intalex – Virgo / Dispatch Rec.
15. Komatic – Rectified / Celsius Rec.
16. Lenzman – Diamonds / Sun And Bass Comp.
17. Physical Illusion – So Naive / Soul Deep Rec. Dub
18. Chris Sabian – Self Belief / Phuzion Digital
19. Advisory & Scenic – Moving Deeper / Offworld Rec.
20. SpectraSoul – The Gift / Shogun Audio
21. Mr. Joseph – Sounds Cryptic / Telluric Rec.
22. Random Movement – 2 Dogs Down / Influence Rec.
23. Clarity – Omni Blue / Point Audio
24. Against & Hidden Element – On Cloud Nine / Celsius Rec.
25. Command Strange – Dreams / Fokuz Rec.
26. Sunny Crimea & Physical Illusion – After Midnight / Respect Rec. Dub

Thoughtful Kiki

I’m trying to make myself sound like I haven’t been neglecting you.  LOL.  I have thought about writing an entry so many times this month and then life has distracted me and all of a sudden it’s July 26… Dang.

Anyways, better late than never right?

July went by so quick.  There’s only 4 more classes of this second summer session class I’m taking left.  How did that happen?  I swear the class  just started.

I feel like we were complaining about summer taking it’s sweet time and then all of a sudden it just got here and was in full effect.  Lovin it.  I always love Chicago in the summer time.  I say that like it’s over, there’s still more of it left so I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

I feel like I keep repeating myself when I say that there are so many good tunes out but seriously it’s no joke.  A new dnb night has started and I’m looking forward to having a little dance party on a loud ass soundsystem (more details as the date approaches).  I will tell you that Calculon is coming for the August 11th edition though.  Woot.

Serial KillazThe Licence (Remix)
Great great remix.  Loves it.

I have a list of tunes that I’m digging but unfortunately can’t find good enough samples.  Hopefully I can conjure some up by the next time I post.

Today’s Oldie:
Krome & TimeThe LicenceTearin Vinyl 1995
So so so sick. I posted the remix so I reckon I have to post the original too.  I used to have such a Krome & Time obsession back in my early rave days.  Ganja Man is still one of my ultimate fave tunes, especially the Hype remix because it is so ridiculously awesome.

MakotoHuman Elements 5th Anniversary Mix
You can’t really go wrong with Makoto can you??  I feel bad cuz I don’t post that much and whenever I do I post a plethera of Random Movement mixes.  LOL.  I am aware of the fact that not everyone loves to listen to RM as much as I do, so I figured no one would mind if we did a little switch to Makoto.  Enjoy. 🙂


01. Makoto – Keep Me Down feat. Angela Johnson (Instrumental Mix Edit)
02. Marky & S.P.Y – Touch Me
03. Marky & S.P.Y – Love Affair
04. Lenzman – Lasers
05. Marky & S.P.Y – Ultranova
06. Flaco – Gonna Take Time
07. MC Conrad & Makoto – Golden Girl (Vice Versa Unreleased remix)
08. Level 2 – Last Train
09. Taxman & Original Sin – Together
10. Marky & XRS – Striptease
11. Nu:Tone – Coming Back feat Heidi Vogel
12. Total Science & S.P.Y – Magic Hour
13. Mark System – Hold It feat. Youngman
14. Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line (S.P.Y Remix)
15. Makoto – Tower Of Love feat. Paul Randolph (Intro Reprise)