Backpacks, Highlighters & Kiki


School started once again.  This is my last year.  May will be here before you know it and I will have my masters!  Woot woot.  I’m excited for the next chapter of my life to begin.

There’s a lot of things going on with me these days but I actually don’t really feel like writing about it.  All good things so don’t worry.  Today I just got the urge to find the time to post some tunes I’ve been hearing and liked so let’s get on with it. 🙂

Calyx & Teebee – Elevate This Sound – Ram Records
I heard this and was speechless when Danny LO told me it was a Ram record.  I honestly can’t tell you the last time I bought anything on Ram.  It’s definitely been a minute.  Quality tune.  I just picked it up the other day.

Dj Chap – Don’t Wait For Me – Liquid V
I have had an obsession with Dj Chap ever since I heard “invisible” on a Random Movement podcast.  Love his productions.

Today’s Oldie:
Chase & StatusTake Me AwayRam Records 2008
I was curious when the last time was that I had actually bought something on Ram so I looked up their discography and voila it was this Chase and Status tune.  LOL.  A tune I was ridiculously obsessed with.  I remember sitting at my law office job tuned in to Bassdrive for hours on end and being mighty pleased every time I would hear it played.

I don’t have access to be my chicken scratch memo pad notes on what tracks I want to share cuz I’m in the computer lab at school but I did remember those two tracks for now and since I haven’t written in a bajillion years I figured this post would be a good start.  I think that I might have more time to post this semester because I’m relieving myself of the burden of having to post long entries.  I always feel guilty that I go so long without posting and always want to post really long posts to make up for it.  I’m going to make an attempt to be satisfied with just posting a track here and there or a mix whenever I get a free mo so hopefully that will get me in the habit of posting more.  We’ll see.  I promise you I really will try though!

I love SirReal mixes.  They are really good workout mixes to zone out to on the treadmill.

SirRealForget The Past


Spectrasoul – Memento
Drs feat Lenzman, Jehst & Riya – Holding on
Silent Dust – 1959 (Calibre Remix)
Technicolour & Komatic – The Secret
Command Strange – Candy
Seba feat Robert Manos – Nightrider
Soulculture – Summer Vibes
Velocity – Light in Nightmare
Rowpieces – Life can be so Beautiful
Spectrasoul – Away with me (Calibre Remix)
Technicolour & Komatic – Forget the Past
Random Movement – See you again (Runnin’)
Spectrasoul – Sometimes we lie
Joe Syntax feat Jono McCleery – Sightlines
Technicolour & Komatic – Ever After
LSB – Some Disco
Submorphics – Bullets over Broadway
Scott Allen – Inner Beauty
Rowpieces – Sumbuddy
LSB – All My Love (Technicolour & Komatic Remix)
Random Movement – Dropping the Chips
Marky – You Know
Extra Curricular – Last Day (Spectrasoul Vocal Edit)
Kyshido – Angel


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