California Kiki

Back in LA. Looks like I left London at the right time, as the temp started dropping and a new variant wanting some attention. I lived in the Midwest for over 20 years, and 4 years in LA has made me forget what life in negative temps is like. 😂 That damp wet cold that showed up in London when I was leaving had me acting a straight fool. You would think I never experienced walking to the train with prickly cold cheeks as the wind made me cry.

I do feel a little less anxious about my dad’s estate. There’s still a long road ahead, as there’s still a lot of unfinished business, but it’s nice to get a little more clarity and closure on the house sitch.

It’ll be 1 year since he died in a couple of weeks, and it’s been hard that it’s taken this long to sort some of these things out. I have an amazing support network and I just have to trust that everything will work out like it needs to.

Planning some lessons for my classes that I have to teach tonight, after not having taught in almost 6 weeks. 🙃

This Flowanastasia and Nymfo hitting a little too on the nose for me today. 😂

Also really vibin’ to this Break remix.

Old Lady Raver Kiki

The North Quarter label night was so fun! It was great to see Greg and the music was amazing! Just good vibes and people dancing. I really enjoyed myself. Me and my old bones stayed out til 4am. I heard so many great new remixes. All round everyone just had wicked sets.

My time is London is coming to an end for now. I’m headed back to LA on Sunday.

Currently trying to get ahead on school work so I don’t have to frantically catch up when I get back.

I had been keeping my eye out for this Monty tune ever since I heard it on that Redeyes and Monty Outlines mix back in June and have pretty much had it on repeat ever since it got released. Really looking forward to his album. 🥰

Rinse Wash Repeat Kiki

Still in London. Still got heaps to sort out with the house. I’ve kind of developed a routine, so the process of going through all my dad’s stuff, albeit repetitive, has become a little easier. I had to sort out his clothes the other day though and that broke me. I have also somewhat figured what I need to do to get the house emptied and ready to be sold, and I’m still doing all my school assignments. Basically, I’m hanging in there. 🙃

Me and Kathy are going to see the homie Submorphics this weekend. I’m very much looking forward to this show: a) It will be great to see Greg! b) We all know how much I love Lenzman. c) The whole lineup is actually great and d) I haven’t been to a show in almost 2 years!

Ideally I’d post a North Quarter tune, but I’ve been listening to this Tatora & Satl on repeat for the past couple of days, so I think I should share that instead. 🥰

Isaac & Kiki

Going through a person’s life after they die is a trip. My dad kept everything… EVERYTHING. I found one of his report cards from 1949.

Cleaning out the house is coming along slowly. It’s definitely going to take some time. I’m here to get it done, so I have all the time to do it.

Decided not to go to the house today and do some homework.

Listening to Dreazz & Emery. It’s a track from 2015. I enjoy it cuz it uses the same Isaac Hayes sample from one of my fave Commix tunes “Hung Up.”

The Isaac Hayes original is such a vibe. Good easy listening for a cold, dreary London day. 🥰

London Kiki

So I made it here safe. Thankfully the COVID travel process for fully vaccinated was stress-free which really lifted a lot of the anxiety with coming here. When I was going to Sierra Leone for my dad’s funeral, the whole test process added to the grief and was a complete nightmare.

I had a huge assignment due for school, so I spent all week working on that and didn’t really see anyone. I only spent one day at the house going through Dad’s things. It was quite emotional going to the house and having him not be there. I did find some letters that he had saved from me and my siblings from when we first moved to America. They were very sweet and funny. I love that he saved them.

It’s rainy and I’m just lazing around listening to some DLR and reading this week’s chapters.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Degs Stan Kiki

My account is 100% becoming a Degs stan account. 😂 I was late to the game and had no clue who he was and now I just post every track he’s on. I’m doing my homework and listening to Askel & Elere. Enjoy your Sunday.

Bright and Early Kiki

I’m living a very disciplined life these days. I’m a procrastinator so this is soooo not my wheelhouse. LOL. I’m diggin’ it though. It makes me feel organized. I just have a lot to get done, so I actually can’t afford to procrastinate.

Don’t know how I missed this Alix Perez mix. It says it’s 2 months old. Stellar as usual. 😍

A Year Older Kiki

It’s my birthday today. I’m 45.

I’ve never been a person that cared about getting older, and I still don’t. But, 45 does sound old as hell. 😂

I’m missing my dad today. His birthday calls were always so sweet. 💜

I love those days when Spotify just gets you. I’ve been learning how to use Storyline to create learning objects, and you know how learning any program goes; I spent like 5 hours zoning out to dnb and trying my damndest to get all my triggers, layers, hotspots etc to work. The radio station based of my playlist was straight 🔥🔥🔥. Heard a bunch of “new to me” tunes.

I know nothing about Italian dnb. This is my first timing hearing these guys and I loved the whole EP.

I know who In:Most is, but didn’t really start listening to their stuff until last year. Found this old tune from 2017 and I’m loving it.

I also know of Athena. Hadn’t heard this track before though. It came out earlier this year. Such a pretty tune.

Sitting Up in My Room Kiki

Man I used luuuuuuuuvv this Brandy song when I was in high school.

I’ve said it before, Brandy and dnb are a match made in Heaven. So many great dnb tunes with her vocals. 🥰

I also really love this Intelligent Manners tune that has the vocal from “Almost Doesn’t Count”.

This wasn’t supposed to be a Brandy tribute post. LOL. I was just thinking about how it’s a good thing I like my bedroom, cuz all I do is sit up in it doing work — and that song popped in my head. I wasn’t even listening to any Brandy tunes. 😂

Currently vibing to Dan Guidance and Echo Motion.