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I had a really fun week last week.  LTJ was wicked.  Jessica won her MMA fight.  Good times.  This week is gonna be even funner 😉  yes I said funner.  Can you say S.P.Y.?  And it’s free??  What?  Love it.  I’ve been having these horrible marathon studying sessions and I guess having good dnb shows to go to is my reward for being a good student.  Thursday come quick yo!

Dub Phizix feat. Fox & ChimpoNarrow Eyes
Dub Phizix ❤

Yikes!  Love it.  It has that Buck Rogers feel to it.  Dope.

Lovin this one.

Today’s Oldie:
Shy FXJungle LovePermission To Dance 1992

Command StrangeFokuz Podcast #4


Glen E Ston & Dave Owen – Dwelling In You (DUB)
Komatic & Technicolour – Even After (FOKUZ DUB)
Level 2 & Chap – Sky Is The Limit (DUB)
Centrik & Grimm -Don’t Wanna Do This (DUB)
Hybrid Minds – Patience (FOKUZ DUB)
Incident – 3 Words (DUB)
Command Strange – Time For Miracles (STAGE 2 REC)
Dave Owen – Eyes On Me (DUB)
Command Strange & Dynamic – A Girl Like You (DUB)
Command Strange & Dynamic – Lost In You (FOKUZ DUB)
Cutworks & Julia Marks – Clouds (FOKUZ DUB)
Release – Trough The Lens (DUB)
Soundwall – The Life Moments (PLUSH)

LA LA & Kiki

These past couple of weeks have been a blur.  I’ve been studying non-stop and working like crazy.  I was in extra nerd mode because I was leaving for my trip and wanted to make sure that when I got back I wasn’t behind.  Sorry I’ve been neglecting you. 😦

I’m in LA right now.  Came to support my good friend George for his art opening and visit with one of my dearest and most treasured buddies Mollie.  They are both Minneapolis transplants and the best part is that some of my other Minneapolis besties came too, so it’s a fun group mini holiday.  I only wish the weather was a bit better.  It’s at least sunny though and that’s good.

I’m being very blogger like and  blogging from a trendy breakfast place with free wifi off of Sunset Blvd. 🙂

Tonight Stunna happens to also be here so I’m going to go see him and Bachelors of Science.  Woot.  If you are in LA you should totally come check it out.

I’ve caught up on so many mixes lately and there are some really wicked tracks floating around.  I know it was a while ago but dang that Seba NLDNB Podcast 2 is fire.  I love every track on there.  I also happen to love Seba so it’s a win/win situation.  I could go on and list all the mixes I’ve been listening to but I’ll spare you.  Just because I’m catching up on a month’s worth of mixes doesn’t mean you have to as well.

p.s.  I’d like to repost my usual disclaimer.  I know that some of these tracks I might talk about might be a bajillion years old but like I’ve said before, they are new to me.  I don’t claim to be an industry reviewer or what not.  I just talk about ish I like and if you like it too, cool. 🙂

Adam TenstaOk Wow (Seba Remix)
This is one of the tracks on that podcast that I was talking about.  This remix is so dope.  Luv it.


Today’s Oldie:
Shy FXSound Of The BeastSOUR 1994

Random MovementPodcast 18


Seba – Welcome to Our World
dRamatic & dbAudio – Tender Mood
Random Movement – We’ve Come Off The Shelf
Minotaur – Hey Yey Yeah
Seba – Future Sound
Paul SG feat. Ros – Toothless Grin
D Kay & Intoxicated – Shades
Will Miles – Preparation
Eclipse – Martini
Bonobo – The Keeper (Redeyes remix)
ATP – Hey There (Enea remix)
Style Disciples – Stay With You (Mutt remix)
Eveson – Life in the Balance
Flaco – Take it Back
Ink & Perpetuum – World Turns
Minotaur – EZ Does It
D Kay – Thinner Edge
Legion – Both Sides
BMK – Jazz Tone (Qumulus roll-a-phat-one remix)
dRamatic & dbAudio – Dreams of Life & Death

Picky Kiki

I’ve been listening to a lot of really great mixes lately.  It makes me crave going to an awesome dnb night.  I’m  too old to go to raves.  I feel really uncomfortable hanging out with 17 year olds…  and I should!  LOL.  They are 17!

I really just miss our dnb nights in bars.  All I really want to do is sit in a bar with my friends and listen to some good dnb.

Before people start bombarding me with responses about where there’s all these good nights in the city blah blah, I work.  I’m not trying to go see you mix at 3am and I don’t want to always have to go to Smart Bar.  I’m talking about the cute nights we use to have all over the city in nice intimate bars.  I’m about to be 34 on sunday so I think I’m allowed to be as picky as I want about where I want to go listen to my music. 🙂

SebaNever Let You Go
I know this has been making the rounds for a minute but I still love it.

Today’s Oldie:
Shy FXCall WaitEbony Recordings 1996

NotionDnB Forum Podcast


01. Andyskopes & Mike Rea – ‘Once more with feeling’ – (Influence Records – ‘The Conduit L.P’ Dub)
02. D.Ridgway & Suree – ‘White lies’ – (N/A)
03. Blue Motion – ‘Miles away’ – (N/A)
04. NotioN – ‘Because’ – (Phunkfiction Recordings Dub)
05. Kodo – ‘Fading moon’ – (N/A)
06. Sam KDC – ‘Peace by piece’ – (N/A)
07. NotioN – ‘I walk a loney path’ – (Influenza Minus Dub)
08. Submorphics – ‘Bullets over Broadway’ (Kjell’s Broadway Junction Rmx) – (N/A)
09. NotioN & Second Self – ‘Step with it’ – (Influence Records – ‘The Conduit L.P’ Dub)
10. Atmospherix – ‘Brain damage’ – (N/A)
11. Lynx & Aaron Jay – ‘Walkie talkie’ – (Influence Records – ‘The Conduit LP’ Dub)
12. NotioN – ‘iota’ – (Phunkfiction Recordings Dub)
13. Mortem – ‘Warehouse’ – (Eternia Music Dub)
14. Original Ninja – ‘Syren’ – (N/A)
15. ATP – ‘Shibuya nights’ [Jungle VIP Mix] – (Bassdrive Tunes)

Disoriented Kiki

Everything’s a blur these days.  I thought it was the 17th all day yesterday and then realised I was 3 days behind.  I’m super busy but it’s a good busy.  I had no transition.  I went from not working for a year to working 5 days a week.  I’m very much relishing in my days off and attempting to catch up on sleep.

NymfoGreetings Starfighter (track is in Samurai Music player)

Today’s Oldie:
Shy FXSimple TingsSOUR 1995

NetskyAnnie Mac Mini Mix June 2010


Netsky – Memory Lane
> London Elektricity – Just One Second (Apex remix)
> Netsky – Come Back Home
Nu:tone – Missing Link
> Major Lazer – Hold The Line (Cyantific remix)
> Netsky – Iron heart
Netsky – The magic russian bottle
> Netsky – Escape
S.P.Y. – Sunship
Netsky – Rise & Shine
> Magical Gravity – Best Of Friends
Netsky – Mellow
> Netsky – Lost in this world
> Logistics – The trip
Netsky – I refuse
> Miike Snow – Black & Blue (Netsky remix)
Netsky – Secret agent
> Netsky – Eyes Closed
Netsky – Prisma
> Netsky – Moving with you (VIP mix)
> Lenzman – Open page
> Dj Die & Interface – Bright Lights (Rollers mix)
Brookes Brothers – Last Night
> Netsky – Everyday
> Brooklyn – With All My Heart
Netsky – Starlight
> Culture Shock – Bad Red
> Nu:tone & Logistics – Bleeper
Netsky – Pirate Bay
Million Stylez – Miss Fatty (Drum & Bass remix)
B-Complex – Beautiful Lies (VIP mix)
Nu:tone – Beliefs
Swedish House Maffia – One (Netsky remix)
Netsky – Can’t hold on
> Netsky – Tomorrow’s another dub

Easter Kiki

It’s Easter this weekend and I have no plans.  I would drive home but the gas is too much to spend when you have zero dollars and my brother is going to Indiana so he won’t be here.  I’m actually not the least bit bothered by it.  LOL.  If anything it’s just a reminder how unreligious of a person I’ve become even though I spent 12 years in catholic schools. *shrugs*  I will miss out on the yummy food though.  That’s pretty much my fave part about these holidays.  I love grand eating events.  Fortunately there are bunch of good shows this weekend so I’ll at least partake in those. 🙂

Fred V – Simple Beginnings (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Shy FXPandora’s BoxEbony Recordings 1997

LiquidDnB.comBassdrive Show 03/20/10


01 – Flaco Space blues – Unsigned
02 – Alix Perez Morning Sun – Creative Source
03 – Facing Jinx Heart Strings – Peer Pressure Dub
04 – Mutt & aperture New Jazz Lick – Fokuz Recordings
05 – Squash Old Piano – Urban Chemistry Dub
06 – Davide Carbone Misty V.I.P – BS1 Records
07 – HalfLite French Fancy – Unsigned
08 – Mathematics Off Centre –
09 – Flaco Choose Me – Unsigned
10 – Furney ?? – Goodlooking Records
11 – Facing Jinx & Philth Blue Skies – Peer Pressure Dub
12 – Marky and A Sides Special Lady – Eastside Records
13 – Calibre D Bridge Pon de Rosa – ?
14 – Marcus Intalex My Soul – Metalheadz
15 – BCee Glitter Ball (Redeyes & Lenzman Remix) – Spearhead
16 – Alix Perez Sabre Old Flame – Shogun Audio
17 – Qumulus Vanilla – Vampire Records
18 – Funky Technician Welcome Aboard – ??
19 – dRamatic yellow days – ??
20 – Jahiem Put your woman first calibre rmx – Warner
21 – BrokenDrum Technosoul – Unsigned
22 – Random Movement Till doomsday – ??
23 – commix scarlet – ??
24 – Chase & status Lovers theme – Bingo Beats
25 – BrokenDrum Crying Game – Unsigned
26 – Calibre It’s you – Signature??
27 – ATP Tomfoolery – Urban Chemisrty Dub
28 – Davide carbone Loving me – ??31??
29 – BrokenDrum Souldancing – Unsigned
30 – Qumulus Losing Game – ??
31 – Fusion The Girls On Genesee – Urban Chemistry Dub
31 – Qumulus ?? – ??
32 – BrokenDrum Contemplation – Unsigned
33 – A-Sides Follow the groove – Eastside

Madtown Kiki

I’m in Madison aka Madtown.  Drove early this morning.  It’s only a 2 hour drive and since I wake up at ridiculous times I figure it’s best just to head out cuz there’s no traffic and it’s just me, dnb on my stereo and pitch blackness.  Love it.

I’ve resorted to my high school self today and have loafed around, eaten all the food in my mum’s fridge and watched tv.

Alix Perez & Zero T – Suffer In Silence (track is in the Zero T player)

Artificial IntelligenceBlind Eye
I love this track.  I’ve been looking for a sample for a hot minute.  I just got turned on to it cuz Random Movement played it last month on his podcast.  I guess it’s pretty old but just hasn’t been released.  Nonetheless it’s new to me and it’s awesome. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Shy FXThis StyleSOUR 1995
Man Shy really has some great old skool jungle tracks.  I am immediately taken back to my rave days.  Dope.

Big BudSoundtrax 4 Life @ Bassdrive 11/12/09


01. Paul B – First Picture [Dub]
02. Mikal – Mission [Soundtrax Dub]
03. Mikal – Destination [Dub]
04. Big Bud – Soul On Fire [Soundtrax Dub]
05. Derrick & Tonika – Humana [Soundtrax Dub]
06. Mikal – You Are The One [Pristine]
07. ?
08. Big Bud – Feeling Inside [Soundtrax Dub]
09. Flaco – Set You Off [Creative Source Dub]
10. Electrosoul System – Asteroids [Soundtrax Dub]
11. Eveson – ? [Dub]
12. Big Bud – Want You So Bad [Soundtrax]
13. Big Bud & Soul Connection – Dream Love [Soundtrax Dub]

Friendship Kiki

2 of my best friends are coming today.  As I’ve said before, I have a really tight knit circle of friends.  They are all my buddies from Minneapolis, we’ve been friends for about 13 or so years.  We are all scattered about now and only a few remain in Minneapolis but we are really good about planning holidays and going to visit each other and what not.  It’s awesome whenever we get to spend time with each other.  I know that my relationship with them is what makes me a better person.  It sounds sappy and corny but when my parents moved to Bangladesh when I was younger and I was nowhere near my brothers and sisters that do live in the states, these people were my family and that’s why I gush about them constantly.  They helped me realise how awesome friendship is and what it means to be a good friend.  My weekend will be filled with lots of hanging out and yummy meals and we all know that’s all I live for these days.  LOL.

Metrik – Forward Approach (track is in player)

Eros & SurakEnd of Time (track is in Eros player)

When I first started doing this oldie section I didn’t want to do all the obvious classics first. Now I’m just absent minded and forget to include them period.
Today’s Oldie:
Shy Fx feat. UK ApacheOriginal NuttahS.O.U.R. 1994
This track is so ridiculous it makes me speechless.  I remember going to raves back then and hearing this on a loud system and just seeing everyone lose their shit, me included.  So sick.  This is one record I unfortunately do not own.  I’m gonna look for a copy after I finish this post even though I think it’s blasphemous if you own a copy and dare sell it. 😉  This track is so the essence of my introduction to jungle.  Big big big ups to Shy Fx for this one.

Aaron JayInfluence Records Podcast 5 September 2009


01. Atom – Black Cherry (Influence Dub)
02. Mr. Joseph – Untitled (Dub)
03. Eveson – The Traveler (Dub)
04. Triad – Last Gasp
05. Seba – Pressure Point (Dub)
06. Notion – Step With It (Influence Dub)
07. Bal – White Heat (DUB)
08. A-Sides – Butterflies (MJ Tribute)
09. Flaco – Set You Off (Dub)
10. Serum & Bladerunner – Walk The Walk (Dub)
11. known artist – Jazm-Work It Mashup
12. Eveson – Deeper Green
13. Mr. Joseph – Kiss And Make Up (Influence Dub)
14. June Miller – Bright Eyes (Dub)
15. Cern – Eastern Gates (Dub)
16. Soul Intent – Babel (Creative Source Dub??)
17. Data – Tapeworm (Dub)
18. Dave Owen – Feeling Kinda Blue (Influence Dub)
19. Edward Oberon – Paradise (Dub)
20. Bachelors of Science – Song For Lovers (Lynx Remix) (Horizons Music)
21. Mr. Joseph – Things I’ve Seen (Dub)
22. Mosus & SPY – Drop Shadow
23. Spirit – Close Your Eyes (Dub)
24. Subject 13 & Amelia – Twisted Angel (Seba & Krazy Remix)
25. Mutt – Tearout Redeem
26. K-Dan – Truth (Dub)
27. Lynx & Kemo – Global Enemies (Flaco Remix)
28. Breakage & Rohan – Ruff Dub (Bassbin)

Operation Employment Kiki

Hmmm. I’ve definitely been quite easy going about my employment. I do apply for jobs everyday but I’ve also sort of been working for my friend and I had a severance package so I wasn’t that desperate. The work for my friend is dwindling now and my severance package has pretty much run out. I have to get my ass in gear. Fortunately I’m still not depressed. I am a person that believes everything happens for a reason. The only reason I’m writing about it today is because my mum suggested maybe coming home… gasp. And I’m actually thinking about it… gasp squared. I wouldn’t give up my flat or anything. I would just be making some money in Madison until I got myself back on my feet. My unemployment money covers my rent so that would be taken care of. I said I’m thinking about it. I’m still not really sold. I dislike Madison immensely. I find it stifling and boring as fuck. I’m just babbling about it cuz my mum brought it up this morning. We’ll see.

I need to buy some new tunes. LOL. I know I don’t have any money but there’s a whole new wave of dnb that I would like to add to my collection so I need to hussle a little more and get some spending money. I’m usually pretty content with my selection. I hadn’t really heard any tracks that I thought I would die if I didn’t own so I was ok with being poor and not being able to afford new stuff. The mixes I have been listening to lately have definitely changed my mind though so I guess we’ll have to add “Operation New Tunes” to my list too.

Dj Marky & SPYKinki Funky (track is in Marky player)

Today’s Oldie:
Shy FX & T Power feat. Di – Shake Ur BodyEbony Records 2002

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode #11


Survival – Sky
Freaknc & Mindmapper – Fangtooth [Dub]
Lynx & Hellrazor – Shady Pastimes
Martyn – Get Down
Mindmapper – The Seeker
Zyon Base & Hobzee – 1000 Paper Cranes
Linden – Sabotage [Broken Audio Dub]
Joe Syntax – Sentinels [Dub]
Icicle – Lost Hours
Substance – System-X [Black Reign Dub]
Nymfo – Follow The Signs
Mikal – Highway
The Funktastics – Honey
Grafix – Panorama [Dub]
Netsky – Starlight
Glen-E-Ston – One Life [Dub]
Stunna & Grand Marquee – Silent Dub
Druid – Sidestep [Point 9 Dub]
Deleted Scene – Mystery [Dub]
June Miller – Converge [Horizons Dub]
Fre4Knc – The Tube
Lenzman & Treez – Bear Trap
Proxima – You Ain’t Ready
Mikal – Distance
Break – Timeline Vip
The Invaderz – Can’t Explain It
Phobia – Hatcher
Lynx – Counterpoint
Spinline – Razzia
Craggz & Parallel Forces – Boogie Down
Nymfo – Cybernetic Disorder
Survival – Back Again