Picky Kiki

I’ve been listening to a lot of really great mixes lately.  It makes me crave going to an awesome dnb night.  I’m  too old to go to raves.  I feel really uncomfortable hanging out with 17 year olds…  and I should!  LOL.  They are 17!

I really just miss our dnb nights in bars.  All I really want to do is sit in a bar with my friends and listen to some good dnb.

Before people start bombarding me with responses about where there’s all these good nights in the city blah blah, I work.  I’m not trying to go see you mix at 3am and I don’t want to always have to go to Smart Bar.  I’m talking about the cute nights we use to have all over the city in nice intimate bars.  I’m about to be 34 on sunday so I think I’m allowed to be as picky as I want about where I want to go listen to my music. 🙂

SebaNever Let You Go
I know this has been making the rounds for a minute but I still love it.

Today’s Oldie:
Shy FXCall WaitEbony Recordings 1996

NotionDnB Forum Podcast


01. Andyskopes & Mike Rea – ‘Once more with feeling’ – (Influence Records – ‘The Conduit L.P’ Dub)
02. D.Ridgway & Suree – ‘White lies’ – (N/A)
03. Blue Motion – ‘Miles away’ – (N/A)
04. NotioN – ‘Because’ – (Phunkfiction Recordings Dub)
05. Kodo – ‘Fading moon’ – (N/A)
06. Sam KDC – ‘Peace by piece’ – (N/A)
07. NotioN – ‘I walk a loney path’ – (Influenza Minus Dub)
08. Submorphics – ‘Bullets over Broadway’ (Kjell’s Broadway Junction Rmx) – (N/A)
09. NotioN & Second Self – ‘Step with it’ – (Influence Records – ‘The Conduit L.P’ Dub)
10. Atmospherix – ‘Brain damage’ – (N/A)
11. Lynx & Aaron Jay – ‘Walkie talkie’ – (Influence Records – ‘The Conduit LP’ Dub)
12. NotioN – ‘iota’ – (Phunkfiction Recordings Dub)
13. Mortem – ‘Warehouse’ – (Eternia Music Dub)
14. Original Ninja – ‘Syren’ – (N/A)
15. ATP – ‘Shibuya nights’ [Jungle VIP Mix] – (Bassdrive Tunes)


2 thoughts on “Picky Kiki

    • lol @ rawwrawwrarr. i always think it’s funny that when people spell out dnb basslines i totally hear a tune. but anyways i totally agree. rawwrawwrarr is too much for me. 🙂

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