Aged Kiki

Yep, it’s my bday.  Another year older.  Wiser?  Maybe. 😉  School is school, work is work.  Same ‘ol, same ‘ol.  I am getting used to my ridiculous routine of work, study, work, study though so I don’t really have much to complain about.  I’m gonna hang with my buddies tonight and enjoy the bday.  Hopefully I get a chance to write again soon.

Komatic – Rectified

Submatic – Love Your Time

Pro LuxeMy Hands Are Wings Again

Loz ContrerasSienta

A SidesDOA Mix October 2011
3 hour mix from A Sides??  Yes please.  You have to go to the page to download the mix.  Read the interview and then scroll to the bottom for the link.  🙂


1. Kemistry – Goldie
2. Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) – Omni Trio
3. Black – Bangin Tunes 3
4. Terrorist – Ray Keith
5. Must Feel – Cool Hand Flex
6. Flammable (Cloud 9 Remix) – Johnny Jungle
7. Being With You – Foul Play
8. It’s A Jazz Thing (Ladies Mix) – Roni SIze & DJ Die
9. Music Box – Roni SIze & DJ Die
10. Dub Plate – Ray Keith
11. Return To Atlantis – LTJ Bukem
12. Breakin Free – Slipmatt
13. Warp Drive – DJ Crystl
14. Space Funk – Digital
15. Watch Out – D’Cruze
16. Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Remix) – Boogie Times Tribe
17. Dubplate (Original) – What’s My Code
18. Hit Man – Marvelous Cain
19. Set Speed – DJ Krust
20. Remember The Roller – Dr S Gachet
21. Champion Sound – Q Project
22. Presha III – Studio Pressure
23. Babylon – Undercover Agent
24. Your Sound – J Majik
25. Jump MK II – Studio Pressure
26. Drone – Dom & Roland
27. Soul In Motion – DJ Krust
28. Metropolis – Adam F
29. Just A Vision – Marcus Intalex
30. Human Nature – Makoto & Specialist
31. Back 4 More – Influx Datum
32. Make It Tonight – Hi Contrast
33. Plastic Soul – Shy FX
34. Deep – Nu Tone
35. Piper – Johny L
36. Side Winder – Photek
37. Together – Logistics
38. Space Invaderz (J Majik Remix) – Hatiras
39. Mistical Dub – M.I.S.T
40. Bring It On – Keaton & Hive
41. Friday – Dillinja
42. Bloodshed – S.P.Y
43. Cutslo (Explicit Remix) – Ed Rush & Optical
44. Forms – C.A.B.L.E
45. Waterboard – Optiv
46. Garbage Man – Calibre
47. Some Things Never Change – Dj Lynx
48. Miryad – Fierce & Survival
49. Did You Forget – TC
50. Dreams Of Life & Death – dRamatic & dbAudio
51. Circles (dRamatic & dbAudio Remix) – Adam F
52. Return To The Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y Remix) – LTJ Bukem
53. One DJ – A Sides
54. One DJ VIP – A Sides
55. Jelly & Ice Cream – DJ Die
56. Borderline – Fierce & S.P.Y
57. Real Badman – Evil Quest
58. Banther Herd – Drum Cypha
59. Rodigan – Mr Joseph
60. Patience VIP – Jubei
61. Innocent – Serum
62. Why They Wanna Keep Us Down – Serum & David Boomah
63. Touch Me – Cyantific
64. Special Dedication (Sigma Remix) – Top Cat
65. Waste Gash – Mutated Forms
66. Insecticide – Gridlok
67. Feedback – Fierce & Vicious Circle
68. Shake Down – Dub Phizix
69. Leviathan – NRanges & Uberman
70. Ugly Ducking – Calibre
71. Ultranova – Marky & S.P.Y
72. Clipper Man – Calibre
73. Temperature’s Rising (FT MC Fats) – A Sides
74. Monster – Original SIn
75. Tap Ho – TC
76. Levels – Crystal Clear & Stapleton
77. Touching Cloth – Twisted Individual
78. Fortress (VIP Mix) – DBR
79. The Editor – Dub Phizix
80. Fury – Fierce & S.P.Y
81. Skylark – Vicious Circle & Nocturnal
82. Being With You (Digital Hunters & Insight Remix) – Foul Play
83. Epic – Mikal
84. I’ll Be Gone (Ft David Boomah) – Acuna


1 Down, 1 To Go Kiki

Been listening to some good hip hop mixes lately a la Dj Scend.  Check them out if you are so inclined.

I turned in my final paper for one of my classes on tuesday and I just have a final in my other class next week and my first semester of grad school will officially be over.  Holla. 🙂

I’m getting excited to mix at the Klute show next week.  I totally need a good dnb show to blow off the overworked semester steam.

If you liked that Dj Delirious mix I posted a minute ago but were salty about the sound quality, he has kindly uploaded a better sound quality version for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy.

AtomDollyLynx Remix
This remix is so dope.

Today’s Oldie:
Shimon & Andy CMutationRam Records 1997

Mr. JosephDOA Mix (you have to go to the actual DOA thread to download the mix but trust me it’s worth it. ;))


01: Mr. Joseph – Coming Home // Telluric Reccords
02: Eveson – Highlife // Liquid V
03: Imagery – The Heat (Sevin remix)
04: Mr. Joseph – Sister Sledge – Easier to Love // Dub
05: Mr. Joseph – Kate White – Forever Weekend // Liquid V
06: Eveson – Peace // Liquid V
07: Level 2- Time To Do // Liquid V
08: Mr. Joseph & Andyskopes Ft Jett – My Opinion // Dub
09: Calibre – Glyde // Liquid V
10: Mr. Joseph & AndySkopes – Alone At My Desk // Dub
11: Llevel 2-Days Of Rain VIP // Liquid V
12: Mr. Joseph – Necessary // Liquid V
13: Mr. Joseph – 119 – How Long // Telluric Records
14: Sevin – Boomerang
15: Eveson – Wicked Dub // Liquid V
16: Mr. Joseph – Danger Room // Liquid V
17: Calibre – Reverse Engineer // Liquid V
18: Commix – Talk To Frank (Break remix) // Metalheadz
19: Zero T & Mosus – Shallow Grave // Print
20: Andyskopes & Mr. Joseph – Trash Talk // Secret Operation
21: Leks – Greedy // Fizzy Beats
22: Mr. Joseph – Rodigan // Liquid V

Relaxation Kiki

I worked 7 days straight.  I spent today just relaxing. 🙂

MethodusRubik DOA Promo


01. Naibu – Convictions ft. Key
02. June Miller & Rolling Mafia – Bright Eyes
03. Seba – Distance
04. Cybass – It’s A New Life for Me
05. Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me (Bop remix)
06. The Heights, Lukeino, Calculon & Sinistarr – First Crush
07. Flaco – Choose Me
08. Atmospherix – Deep Thoughts
09. Blu Mar Ten – Overwhelm (Seba remix)
10. P.B.K. – Earthbound (Implex & Enei remix)
11. Sicko – Honeybee
12. Calculon & Kelly Dean – Premonition (Stunna remix)
13. Commix & Logistics – Cold Kiss
14. Heavy1 – Livin in the Dark
15. Jaybee & Sinistarr – Shoiuld I (Heavy1 remix)
16. Enei – Dustclock
17. Sinistarr & Sol.ID – Jawnpiece
18. Heavy1 & Calculon – First Light
19. Calculon – Odessa (ASC remix)
20. Jaybee & Native – The Search

Twin Cities Kiki

I’m kinda excited for my Minnesota trip this week.  Did I already tell you I was going?  I don’t remember.  Anyways.  I’m going to Minneapolis this week.  Just to go hang out and see friends.  It’ll be fun. 🙂

BladerunnerBack To The Jungle

Beta 2 – Release (track is in player)

Phil TangentLunar

Today’s Oldie:
Craggz & Parallel ForcesFly LifeValve Recordings

Dj FlightPlay:Musik Promo Mix for DOA


Redeyes ‘Moves’ [play:musik]
L.I.S ‘Apple Fingers’ [play:musik]
Bal ‘Sweet Lips’ [White]
Insight ‘What Do I Care?’ [play:musik]
RedEyes ‘Sitting Back’ [play:musik]
Craggz & Parallel ‘Release’ [Product]
Capone ‘Friday’ [Hardleaders]
Need For Mirrors ft Stapleton ‘Greazy’ [V Recordings]
Skream ‘Motorway’ [Exit]
Proxima ‘Envy’ [play:musik]
Fracture & Neptune ‘The Limit’ [Astrophonica]
Barney Trouble ‘High Level Road’ [White]
Mosus & S.P.Y ‘Hundreds’ [play:musik]
Devlin ‘Brainwashed (Breakage’s Gutter Funk Mix)’ [Island]
Craggz & Parallel ‘Chamber’ [Product]
Sinistarr ft Agzilla ‘Emo’ [play:musik]
ASC ‘Metronomic’ [White]
Deep Blue ‘Immersion (Remix)’ [White]
Dan HabarNam ‘12 And Salty’ [play:musik]
Genotype ‘Dubwiser’ [Exit]
Mindmapper & Flatliners ‘Lemon Haze’ [White]
Crystal Fighters ‘In The Summer (dBridge’s In The Shade Remix)’ [White]
Mousse T ‘Monotony (Triad Remix)’ [White]
ICR ‘Sweet Smell Syringa’ [play:musik]

Days Off Kiki

I have 3 days off in a row.  Woot.  Yesterday was a me day.  I didn’t write, I just pampered myself and took care of my allergies and just chilled the fuck out.  Today I’ve been running non stop errands.  One of those errands you’ll be happy to know is picking up my new computer.  Holla.  I’m happy that I have that old one as a back but damn is it slow.  Anyways no use dwelling in the past.  I have a brand new laptop and I get to be back in internet land again. Yay.

10 more days and World Cup is over.  I’ll be both happy and sad.  I’ll miss my new World Cup buddies and being able to watch football pretty much everyday.  I won’t miss the nonstop working.  People need to have a break every once in a while.  It’s not good to go on 9 day, 8 day, 6 day working streaks.  It tires a person out.

My allergies are clearing up.  I finally gave in and bought the Claritin D.  I knew I needed to take it but I just feel so hopped up when I do.  It’s too strong.  Whatever.  I was so miserable that I just decided being hopped up for a couple of days wouldn’t be better than how horrible I’ve felt for the past 5 days.

I’ve been listening to so many mixes and have heard so many new tunes that I can’t even keep up.  I hope I remember them all.  It’s times like this that I miss my desk at my old job cuz I could always refer to my trusty chicken scratch post its.  I just keep having to make a mental note as I’m listening to a mix while working out or while walking to work.  Sometimes I remember…. most of the time I don’t. 🙂

It’s July 4th this weekend.  I have no plans.  I’ve noticed that lately as the years pass, I keep doing less and less on this holiday.  For some reason I seem to get left behind and my friends all go out of town.  LOL.  I’ll be working at night on the 4th but if anyone knows of any bbq’s during the day lemme know.  I will gladly come eat your hamburgers.  😉

Oh and btw, if you didn’t listen to that Dj Fu mix, you’re missing out.  Really good stuff.

All Thieves – Stars:  Zero T Remix (track is in player)
Been meaning to post this for a while.  This remix is so sick.  Everything about it just sounds wonderful.  Loves it.

Today’s Oldie:
SebaPlanetary Funk AlertLooking Good Records 1998

MakotoDOA/Serato Mix Series #9


01. Godfarm & ACMA – Blue Tone (Makoto remix)
02. Paul SG & Calculon – Hear Thru Me
03. Makoto & Deeizm – Stop
04. Makoto & T-ak – Climbers High
05. Random Movement – Hotter Measures
06. Vice Versa – Spacebridge
07. Quantrek – Love Affair
08. Heavy 1 – You’ll Be Over
09. Marky, Makoto & Sonic – Holy Tuesday
10. Makoto – Untitled (unreleased)
11. Makoto – Spnin’ (unreleased)
12. Akira – Steppin Stone (unreleased)
13. Flaco & Glen – Crescent
14. Naibu & Ena – Memories Of Rain

Exhausted Kiki

This weekend was really fun.  I’m spending today recuperating.

The SquareDOA Mix (click to go go article and dowload mix from there)


Train to Space – Sequent Industry (The Square Remix) [Free]
Fall Down – The Square [Portal Music]
You Got to Love – The Square & Disaszt [Dub]
Your World – Blue Motion & The Square [Good Looking Dub]
Breaking Dawn – Blue Motion (The Square Remix) [Esprit Dub]
I´m Gone – Blue Motion & The Square [Portal Music]
Falling of Ideas – m25, Nummix & First Function (The Square & Disaszt Remix) [Dub]
Motion – The Square [Drumwise]
Blue Planet – Wreckage Machinery & The Square [Dub]
Follow The Sunset – The Square & Disaszt [Dub]
Everything – Rootkush & The Square [Free]
Cold Like Ice – Dirrrty B [The Square Remix] [Esprit]
End of Days – The Square & Disaszt [Dub]
Inside Feelings – The Square & Eros [Urban Chemistry]
Admiration – The Square [Drumwise]
Youre Free – The Square & Jett (Dirrrty B Remix) [Portal Music]
Sounds – The Square, Logam & Jett [Corinthian]
Cinderella Story – ABM (The Square & Dirrrty B Remix) [Universal Music]
One More Try – Stereotype (The Square & Dirrrty B Remix) [Urban Chemistry]
Everything Disappears – The Square [Esprit Dub]
Keep Ur Hands On Me – The Square & Dirrrty B [Portal Music]
Unseen – The Square, Disaszt & Treo [Dub]

Le week-end et Kiki est égale à l’amour

How is it friday already??  The weather is still awesome.  I hope it stays through the weekend.  I have to go and meet with my staffing recruiter so this will be another quick post.  Have a nice weekend.

Breakage DOA Mix


Breakage – Posers (Digital Soundboy)
Code 3 – Response Call (Exit)
System – Near Miss (Digital Soundboy)
Marky & S.P.Y – Time Moves On (Digital Soundboy)
Breakage – Run ‘Em Out (feat Roots Manuva) (Digital Soundboy)
Breakage – Old School Ting (Digital Soundboy)
Groove Armada – Paper Romance (Doorly Remix)
Breakage – Over feat Zarif (Digital Soundboy)
D1 – Pitcher (Dub Police)
Zinc – Killer Sound feat Nolay (Skream Remix) (Bingo)
Benga – Little Bits (Digital Soundboy)
Breakage – Speechless (feat Donae’o) (Digital Soundboy)

Saturday Kiki

Yes I’m posting on a saturday.  I’ve had a bit of a crap week actually.  I’ll keep on truckin’.  I’m a trooper like that.

It’s early and I’m up and catching up on mixes I’ve downloaded and cleaning my room.  I’m in a dubstep mood and this mix is awesome so I figured I’d post it.  Enjoy.

EmalkayDOA November 2009 Mix


01. Emalkay “When I Look At You” (Dub Police)
02. Emalkay “Battle Suit” (Forthcoming Storming Productions)
03. Mungo Ft. Earl 16 “Hi Fi (LD Remix)” (Dub Police)
04. Benga & Walsh “Biscuit Factory” (Dub)
05. Skream “Metal Mouth” (Dub)
06. Emalkay “Solid State” (Forthcoming Storming Productions)
07. Subscape “Clear My Throat” (Dub)
08. The Others “Kingpin VIP” (Dub)
09. Noah D “Seeeriousss VIP” (Dub)
10. Bar 9 “The Beginning” (Dub)
11. Skream “Untitled” (Dub)
12. Trolley Snatcha “Circle K” (Forthcoming Dub Police)
13. Emalkay “Explicit” (Dub Police)
14. Emalkay “My Story” (Boka Records)
15. Von D & DJ Madd “U” (Forthcoming Boka Records)
16. Giant “Drum Stick VIP” (Dub) LOVE THIS! ❤
17. Doctor P “Badman Sound” (Forthcoming Dub Police)
18. Caspa “Ready Eddy” (Dub)
19. Skream “Metalick” (Dub)
20. 12th Planet “68″ (Dub)
21. Doctor P “Sweet Shop” (Forthcoming Circus)
22. The Others “Karma” (Dub)
23. Emalkay “Mecha” (Boka Records)

Whirlwind Kiki

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday.  I was trying to get myself back in gear after my trip.  It was quite busy and went by so fast.

The rave was pure insanity.  It was like it was 1995 yet I was 33 not 19.  I had a blast though.  My set was awesome and it was really great seeing my crew.  I couldn’t believe how many kids were there.  One candy raver ridiculously adorned in about 25 candy necklaces asked me if this was my first rave.  When I replied that I was 33 so no, he responded with “what were raves like back then?”  LOL.  Yes people I am a geriatric. 😉

I had a really good time with all my Minneapolis people too.  Went trick or treating with my friends kiddies and they were adorable.

I have a bunch of mixes to catch up on so I don’t really have any tunes for you just yet.

Today’s Oldie:
Matrix & FierceClimateMetro Recordings 2000

PhysicsDOA Promo Mix


01. Physics – Talk The Talk – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)
02. The Burbs – South London Sound – Brand:Nu Plate
03. Soul Intent – Babel – ?
04. Friction & K-Tee – Set It Off
05. Physics – Life Ending – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)
06. Resound – Kindred Mind – ?
07. Physics – Lifeline – Vampire Records
08. Mr. Joseph – She Drives Me Mad – ?
09. Bcee – Goat Tickler – Spearhead
10. Physics – Feelings – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)
11. Eveson – Without You – ?
12. Physics – Born Again – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)
13. Smote – Deeply In My Soul – ?
14. Mr. Joseph – The Final Points – ?
15. Physics – End Of An Era – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)

Galivanting Kiki

It’s strange to have nowhere to be in the morning.  I was hanging out with Reisha the other day and on numerous occasions kept thinking that I should probably go home and then finally remembered that I could probably just not go home if I wanted and it would be fine.

CC is here until wednesday.  We’ve been busy partying.  I’ll get to the resume blasting, pavement traipsing once she’s goes.  I’m not even going to try and pretend that I can be serious about my plight with guests and fun to be had.

Dbridge – Reversible Top (track is in player)
Loving this!

WileyWearing My Rolex (Utah Jazz Remix)
I can’t help it.  I love Wiley.  I’m gonna love any dnb remix with his songs. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Shimon & Andy CPrimal FearRam Records 1998

AtomDOA Spotlight Mix June 2009


01. Atom – Night flight[Sonorous];
02. Specific – Out of Reach [Influence];
03. Data – the Sprawl [Horizons];
04. Blocks & Esher – Hearshaped[Horizons];
05. ???;
06. ???;
07. Atom – Automatic [Sonorous];
08. ???;
09. Calibre – In Denial [Solu:r];
10. Atom – Robot Fight [unsigned];
11. ???;
12. Random Movement, Noah D, Mixmaster Doc & Focus – Sacrifice [unsigned]
13. Bal – Out There [Influence]
14. Instra:mental – Intervention [Exit];
15. Atom – Excursion [Sonorous];
16. Data – Abstractions [Metalheadz];
17. Atom – Red Snapper [Influence]