Saturday Kiki

Yes I’m posting on a saturday.  I’ve had a bit of a crap week actually.  I’ll keep on truckin’.  I’m a trooper like that.

It’s early and I’m up and catching up on mixes I’ve downloaded and cleaning my room.  I’m in a dubstep mood and this mix is awesome so I figured I’d post it.  Enjoy.

EmalkayDOA November 2009 Mix


01. Emalkay “When I Look At You” (Dub Police)
02. Emalkay “Battle Suit” (Forthcoming Storming Productions)
03. Mungo Ft. Earl 16 “Hi Fi (LD Remix)” (Dub Police)
04. Benga & Walsh “Biscuit Factory” (Dub)
05. Skream “Metal Mouth” (Dub)
06. Emalkay “Solid State” (Forthcoming Storming Productions)
07. Subscape “Clear My Throat” (Dub)
08. The Others “Kingpin VIP” (Dub)
09. Noah D “Seeeriousss VIP” (Dub)
10. Bar 9 “The Beginning” (Dub)
11. Skream “Untitled” (Dub)
12. Trolley Snatcha “Circle K” (Forthcoming Dub Police)
13. Emalkay “Explicit” (Dub Police)
14. Emalkay “My Story” (Boka Records)
15. Von D & DJ Madd “U” (Forthcoming Boka Records)
16. Giant “Drum Stick VIP” (Dub) LOVE THIS! ❤
17. Doctor P “Badman Sound” (Forthcoming Dub Police)
18. Caspa “Ready Eddy” (Dub)
19. Skream “Metalick” (Dub)
20. 12th Planet “68″ (Dub)
21. Doctor P “Sweet Shop” (Forthcoming Circus)
22. The Others “Karma” (Dub)
23. Emalkay “Mecha” (Boka Records)

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