Midwest Kiki

I retract yesterday’s statement about hibernation.  It’s lovely outside today!  The high is supposed to be 63…  you know you’re a midwesterner when you rave about how nice the weather is even if the numbers are just in the 60s.

I’m back on a Dan Marshall kick.  I never stopped really being on it, it’s just that now that I’m unemployed I tend to forget to listen to him and Jamo’s show but when I was working I remembered to tune in all day everyday because they came on after Spinn.  I work out to their archives constantly.  Love the show.  Big up Bassdrive.

I have a couple of tunes that I’m coveting.  Unfortunately I don’t know the names and I can’t ask anyone cuz I’m on some straight up “it kinda has that one kick and then goes dun dunn dun tsch” bizness right now.  LOL.  So I’ve decided that I will just hopefully discover the names of these tracks at some point and leave it at that. 🙂

Jubei – Outcast (track is in player)

SinistarrTwo Tone (track is on Facebook fan page in music section)
Love this one!

Today’s Oldie:
Dj DieNastyFull Cycle Records 1995

I used to have an unhealthy obsession with Optical.  Like his old skool production drove me insane, in a good way.  I got anything and everything I could of his.  I haven’t listened to this but I’m sure it’s lovely.  I know I can’t listen to liquid funk all the time.  Sometimes you have to switch it up. 😉
OpticalBreakbeat.co.uk Podcast


01. body&soul vs fourward – authority
02. Mindscape & Sleeper Cell – Epidemic
03. bse & eye-d – milkshake
04. audio – control freak
05. ed rush & optical – satellites
06. muffler – mindgames (dabs remix)
07. illskills – dubplate
08. Jade, mindscape & axiom – dirt diver
09. jade & mindscape – banshee
10. bse – camoflage
11. optical – whats the difference (1997) dubplate unreleased
12. c4c – stranglehold
13. brookes brothers – crackdown (shockone remix)
14. the upbeats – binge drinker vip
15. endgame – noisia


<3 Fridays <3

So I figured, 1 year older, why not change the look a bit.  I’m not really sure that I like it but it’ll do.  I’m too much of a miser to pay for an upgrade to have a better choice of themes so these free ones are all I have. Hwilde informed me that “your template is all girly now!”  What can I say, there’s obviously a 4 year old girl trapped inside me somewhere that decided this pink explosion was the next best move. 😉

I’m happy it’s friday.  Spinn, the weekend, no work for 2 days… Bliss.  I haven’t really been that into this week to be honest.

We all know I’m Bassdrive “all day e’rry day” but I recently discovered Dj Amnesty’s show and I’m hooked.  I tune into Bassdrive throughout my workday and I usually have specific shows that I’m locking in for.  For a while I didn’t actually know when his show was on.  I would come across a replay or just happen to tune in mid show every now and again.  Now I’m in the know and I’m a fan.  Definitely check him out.  Thursdays 7am to 9am CST / 1pm to 3pm UK.  I know that’s early for us on this side of the pond but you can also catch the archive on his website www.djamnesty.com.  I listened to his set the entire time I was at the gym yesterday and loved it.  Big up Bangkok!

Nusense feat. NC-17 – Just Heroes (track is in both players)

Today’s Oldie:
Shy FXWolfEbony Records 1996
Late 90s and Shy FX = Ravetastic.  Bangers for sure.  Love it.

DruidThe D.R.U. Show w/ Guest Mix from Atmospherix 050409


Nymfo – Follow The Signs
Devize & Shookz – Electric Brain
Loxy & Isotone – Ancients
Lenzman & Trees – Bear Trap
Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Rattled System
Spectrasoul – Dark Hour
Calibre – Go Back To Go Forward
Zero Frequency – Missing Blue [dub]
KI & Expect – The 98 Thing
Touchphonics – Shadow’ Bouncin
System & Phil Source – Fearless
Young Ax – Let’s Go
The Funktastics – Moanin’ [Spin Recordings dub]
Phat Playaz – Skyline [dub]
Druid – Lightheaded [dub]
Subwave – Dreamcatcher
Task Horizon – Lost And Found

(he just recently changed his name to Atmos)

Atmospherix + Sem – Get Down (Dub)
Loxy + Cern – Juggernaught (Revolution)
Nymfo + Icicle – Franky Mountain (RAM)
Sabre – Cellar Dweller (Horizons)
Bionic 1 – No Return (Hustle Audio)
Fierce + Break + D-Bridge + Nico – Galleon (Quarantine)
Cern – Shuddervision (Symptom)
Nymfo + Proxima – Headless Housfly (Frequency)
BMK + Coda + Krooked – Hush (Bios)
Calibre – Trip it (Digital Soundboy)
Nusense – Subtle Sounds (Hustle Audio dub)
Proxima – Vital Signs (Cylon)
HLZ – 140 dub (Influenza LTD dub)
Prolific – Mieration (Crunch)
Atmospherix – Never (dub)
D-Bridge – Bastion (Bingo)
Atmospherix + Sem – Deception (Influenza LTD dub)

Hi Kiki

Hello there. I’m alert. I’m prepared. I’m content. It’s Friday again already. I’m listening to Bassdrive. The past three weeks have flown by. I’m excited for the weekend. Woot.

Ross D – Do You Believe In Angels Remix (track is in the player)
Just heard this on Spinn’s show today. Love it. Party tune indeed.

Contour – Shine (track is in player)
This tune is sick. Dope.

Today’s Oldie:
Wots My CodeDub Plate (Total Science Remix) – C.I.A Records 2000
Awesome oldie. Always a banger.

I listened to this mix yesterday and loved it. Really nice combo of oldies and newbies.
Dj BalFebruary Studio Mix ’09


01. Bal – ? (Yet Untitled 80s Vibe Tune)
02. Ed Rush & Optical – Lifespan
03. Bal – Persona
04. D-Bridge – Creatures Of Habit
05. Roni Size – Watching Windows (Die Remix)
06. calibre – ?
>>> Photek – The Bleeps Tune
07. Matrix – Sleepwalk
08. Calibre – Always Lovin You
09. Jonny L – ?
10. Bal – All City
11. Calibre – Sokitume
12. SPY & Kiat – Close Encounters [SOUL:R]
13. Bal – Red River Valley
14. Die – Clear Skyz
15. Bal – Blow Up
16. Die – Something Special
17. Future Forces Inc – Strontium Jazz (Dillinja Remix)
18. Bal – Demon Lover
19. Jonny L – Intasound
20. Bal – Remembrance
21. Calibre – Same ‘ol
22. Bal – ? (Untitled housey)
23. Commix – Painted Smile
24. Ed Rush & Optical – Naked Lunch
25. Krust – Soul In Motion


I always see people drinking eggnog at these holiday parties on telly. You know how there are somethings that you’ve never actually tried but you know for a fact that you won’t like it? Eggnog is definitely one for me. Strangely enough though I like eggnog flavoured things: Eggnog latte at Starbucks… dope, eggnog flavoured ice cream… fresh. Actual eggnog… negatory.

It’s my work holiday lunch today. Hopefully there will be NO eggnog there. The other perks are just fine with me, half day, free food, and free drink, can you really beat that? Only 7 people work at my office and me and Allie are the youngest ones, so there’s no real PAAARTAY going on. LOL. I’m way more into a fancy pants lunch anyways though. 😉

I’m listening to Spinn on Bassdrive. Tune in dammit!

Adam Form – Halls Shine (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie:
Barrington LevyUnder Mi Sensi (X Project Remix)Greensleeves Records 1994
I was a huge ragga jungle fan. There’s a load of really great ones but this one was definitely one of my personal faves. Just like Brandy samples go so well with dnb tracks, I think ragga and old skool jungle were such a great comb0. Nice rowdy vibe at all times.

DecemMidnight Special 12/16/08


01.   Hobzee & Zyon Base – Rain on lens (Samurai Music)
02.   Calibre – Barca (Critical 2003)
03.   Henree & Eveson – Lomo (CIA)
04.   Specific – Down to You (Sonorous)
05.   Lomax – Come and See (Critical)
06.   Saburuko – Warped / Instra:mental remix (Horizons)
07.   Commix – Life we live (Soul:r)
08.   Naibu – Midori sour (Deep Soul Music)
09.   Break – All around (Symmetry)
10.   Data – Encore (Deep Soul Music)
11.   Calibre – Cant get over you (Soul:r)
12.   Furney – Fowardbound (Camino blue)
13.   Break – Enigma / Calibre remix (Quarantine)
14.   Break – Z step (Symmetry)
15.   Commix – Underwater scene (Soul:r)

It’s NOT Your Birthday…

I moved to Chicago 6 years ago. I was 25 and ready to party. Compared to what my life was like back then, I’m prolly the most boring person ever now. I went to school from 8 to 4. Worked at this restaurant from 5 to 1230 or 1. Partied from 130 til 330. EVERY NIGHT. This is no joke. I barely sleep as it is now but back then I don’t know how I survived cuz I really never slept. This went on for like 3 years. I met Reisha and CC at that time and we partied non stop.

One year on Reisha’s bday we went to Sonotheque. She drank a gazillion drinks and passed out in the bar, like full on sleep on one of the couches style. They kicked her out and were like tell your friend she can’t sleep in here. LOL.

Mine and Reisha’s bdays are exactly two weeks apart. We went to Sonotheque on my bday too (this was when Sonotheque was the shit and I used to go there like every week) and the bouncer looked at Reisha and was like “Remember, it’s NOT your birthday, behave yourself.” It was hilarious.

The reason that I’m telling you this story is because yesterday you would have thought it was my birthday and not Bass By The Pound’s. LOL. I had so much fun. I didn’t even get out of control drunk or anything. I just had a really good time. Everyone was in a good mood. Submorphics had a really great set. Total Science killed it. I danced a bunch. Submorphic’s buddy Sinistarr came in to town for the show and hung out. Stunna joined in the festivities too. Juju fell asleep but then woke up and showed up at Lava and I was happy she came and kicked it. Really good turn out for BBP’s anniversary. It was just an all round good night. It’s nice to drink a bunch, hang out with your friends, listen to good music, have fun and not be hungover the next day. 😉

Human Factor feat. Emma BrammerThis Way
Nice simple tune. I like the basic pretty ones every now and again.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj Zinc Hear No EvilPolydor 2003
Love this one. The Marky & Bungle remix is great too but the original was really good to begin with. I’m a Zinc fan. He has good tracks. I don’t really like a lot of his newer stuff but I do own a lot of his records.

SpinnThe Cycle (Dec 5 ’08 Bassdrive Archive)
No tracklist. Just 3 hours of good tunes. He had a guest mix from Aaron Bond on there too which I was totally digging.

Oh What Up Friday…

Normally, I anxiously await Friday’s arrival. Not that I’m not happy to see you Friday, I’m just surprised that you showed up so quickly. I can’t believe how fast this week went by.

It’s fucking cold. I know I live in the midwest but still, whenever winter finally makes an appearance it’s a surprise to me.

There’s an mp3 of Gerard’s show feat. Lenzman here if anyone’s interested.

Amaning – High Life (track is in the player)

Sinistarr – Recovery (track is in the player) I must say I personally am not usually that into Sinistarr’s stuff, but I am really digging his latest tracks. This one, and the other one I posted the other day, Detroit Diesel, are just fire.

Today’s Oldie:
The TerroristChopper (Shy FX Remix) – Dread Recordings 1996 Dancefloor stormers! Holla! There’s no way you can play this track and not have everyone go nuts. Banger indeed. Awesome.

I really don’t have any plans for this weekend. Whenever the cold hits my immediate reaction is to figure out how to stay cozy all day every day. I’ll be working on that for the next couple of days I guess. 😉

Spinn is on in at 9am cst. Tune in. I will be.

Have a nice weekend.

AtmospherixInfluenza Podcast 7 December 2008

01. Glen E Ston – Equinox (influenza dub)
02. Heist – Pinchers (Allsort)
03. Peyo & Sks – Without u (influenza dub) I’ve been coveting this track for a while now. Can’t wait for it to come out. 🙂
04. Calibre – Mr. Right on (Signature)
05. Paul SG – Grey Skin (Influenza dub)
06. Redeyes & Sweed – Kashmere (Bingo)
07. Paul SG ,Eros & Atmospherix – Green & Blue (dub)
08. Lomax & Focus – Five Weeks (Bingo)
09. Undersound – Happy go Lucky (Point 9 dub)
10. Stan & Mook – Legal (Soul:R)
11. Subsid – Rain & Sun (Deep Instinct dub)
12. Break – external (Engine)
13. Stanza – Kanashibari (Deep Instinct dub)
14. Spectrasoul – Panoramic (renegade)
15. Icicle & Proxima – The Echelon form (Crunch)
16. D-bridge – Bastion (Bingo)
17. Sonic Saturation – Fetal Movements (dub)

Chicken Scratch


This is what we’re working with people. LOL. Hot ass mess. I gotta come up with a better, NEATER, way to keep track of stuff. 😉

Man I was so groggy and tired yesterday. I was making drinks at my place for me, Stunna and Submorphics… Obviously I need to go back to bartending school because my goal was not to get us wasted but just to sit around and have a couple drinks. Anyways, I’m back to normal and guess what? Yep. It’s friday. Holla!

Spinn’s on Bassdrive. Tune in.


Parabolic – Ophelia’s Song (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie: PsidreamSecret LifeOhm Resistance 2004 This was an Ohm v Offshore 10 inch that I played to death. Seriously. I don’t exactly remember what was going on with me around this time but I do know that this track was the soundtrack for my emo period. I know I play a lot of tracks on repeat frequently but this session with this track was ridiculous.

Speaking of Offshore

Dj CleverBBS Bookings Podcast #15


Polar – Uneven – Warm Communications
Hi-Lar – Back on Trip (LXC Rmx) – Offshore
Instramental – The Dead Zone – Darkestral
Physics – Dreamworld (D Bridge Rmx) – Blindside
Thee Darkestral – Remote Value – Dub
Ed Rush, Trace, and Nico – Mad Different Methods – Nu Black
Martsman – Disharmonic Anti Anthem – Offshore
Calibre – Sokitume – Signature
Dissident & Engage – LHC – Dub
Polar – High Voltage – Warm Communications
Martsman – Klikoucha – Offshore
Sileni – Twitchy Droid Leg – Offshore
Martsman – Untitled – Dub
Deep Blue – Soho Code Version X – Offshore
Dissident – Society of Silver Skeletons – Hotshore
Martsman – Some Minimal Business (LXC Refix) – Subtle

Kiki Gummidge

I’m feeling awfully scatterbrained this morning and for some reason the word scatterbrained brings Worzel Gummidge to mind… Don’t ask me why, it just does.

It’s the weekend. Another day of being busy at work. I’m listening to Spinn but too busy to actually talk in the chat room. Boo.

I can’t find my list of tracks that I was gonna talk about which is weird because it’s always next to my computer which also probably means I probably accidentally threw it away yesterday. See what I mean, scatterbrained.

Today’s Oldie: Dj TraceMutant Revisited – Emotif Records 1996 Woh! This track is so sick. I used to be part of a dj crew in Minneapolis called JVC. Minneapolis is mostly a techno and house city but for a little while in the late 90’s JVC helped bring jungle/drum n bass to the peeps. It was a pretty cool time. We had this ridiculously amazing rave called Murderapolis. The whole Formation crew was on tour and they headlined the rave. It was so fucking fun. Seriously. To have all those people show up for a dnb rave and have it be such a success was really great. Dj SS opened up his set with this track and seriously everyone just lost their minds. Big up Trace. Good times.

Hopefully my awesome oldie makes up for me not having any tracks to talk about.

Have a good weekend.


Dj PreshaSamurai Music Show @ Bassdrive 10/21/08


1. Tokyo Prose – Echoes [RED SEAL]
02. Data – Muted [METALHEADZ]
03. Commix – Life We Live [SOUL:R]
04. SP:MC – ??? [???]
05. Lenzman Feat Jo-S – Emeralds [SGN:LTD]
06. Spinline – Cold Feet [S.O.M. MUSIC]
07. Soul Intent – Stone Cold Killer [N/A]
09. Sabre – Try Ya Luck [SHOGUN AUDIO]
10. Spectrum – Hotsteppa (Bulletproof Remix) [N/A]
11. Physics – UFO’S [N/A]
12. Calibre – Lazyrock [SIGNATURE – SHELFLIFE PART 2]
13. Lenzman, Redeyes And Lynx – Thief’s At The Night [N/A]
14. Tokyo Prose – Royale [???]
15. Code 3 – Delta [SHOGUN AUDIO]
16. Hobzee And Zyon Base – A Knife In Water [N/A]
17. Commix – Bear Music [HOSPITAL]
18. Luca – Screen In Motion [???]
19. D Bridge And Instra:mental – Translucent [DARKESTRAL]
20. MJ Cole – Sincere Bootleg [???]
21. Lomax – Resist [SOUL:R]
22. Commix, Nutone & Logistics – Coffee [HOSPITAL]
23. Calibre – Oh Please [SIGNATURE]
24. Nu:Logic – Tradmark [HOSPITAL]
25. Calibre – U Could Dance [SIGNATURE]
26. Mosus & Zero Tolerence – Monarch [SOUL:R]
27. Lynx – Shady Liaisons [SOUL:R]
28. Calibre – Trying To Remember [SIGNATURE]
29. Eveson – Crying Version [???]
30. Tokyo Prose – Apogee [???]
31. Commix – Underwater Scene [SOUL:R]

Git Up Git Out Git Something

Git Up Git Out is one of my favourite Outkast songs.

I don’t really feel like I did anything productive all week. Whateves, I will get myself back on track this weekend hopefully. First and foremost, laundry. I have no clothes to wear.

Last night Daniela took me out for a nice fancy pants meal. I really need to do that with my friends more often. It was just nice to catch up and eat some good food.

I don’t have any outrageous plans for the weekend. LTJ is tonight. I’m not going though, I’m just not in the mood for Smart Bar and I also don’t want to pay $15. Should be a good show. He doesn’t disappoint.

I’ve started listening to a bunch of new shows on Bassdrive. I usually just tune in to my regulars (listening to Spinn right now) but I just discovered Notion’s show and am loving it. God bless you Bassdrive. 😉


Logistics – Cosmonaught (track is in player)

Bungle – Be Like This (track is in player)

B-complex – In Your Sunrise (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie: Krome & TimeGanja Man (Dj Hype Remix) – Tearin Vinyl 1995 I know I’m picking another Dj Hype track but this one is just a great great remix. Classic. I loved the whole ragga jungle era.

I’ve missed my Format BFM mixes!

Format w/ Guest Mix from Tokyo Prose

Next Level Show 95BFM 10/11/08



01. St:Cal – Back Again [SOUL:R]
02. Zero T – Too Much [INTEGRAL]
03. Break – Enigma (Calibre REmix) [QUARANTINE]
04. Yorkee – Passage To Winchester [N/A]
05. Luca – Break And Enter [SAMURAI]
06. Cern – Life’s Curse [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
07. Spectrasoul – Peninsula [SHOGUN AUDIO]
08. Verse And D-Bridge – Solitude’s Weakness [CRUNCH]
09. Electrosoul System – So CLose [FOKUZ]
10. Hobzee And Zyon Base – Rain On Lens [SAMURAI]
11. Sinetz – Arabian Nights [N/A]
12. Icicle – Infectious Funk [SHOGUN AUDIO]
13. Johnny Hooves feat. Isotone – Trip [OBSESSION]
14. Mosus – Whistleback [ADVANCED]
15. Enei – Behind The Law [N/A]

Tokyo Prose

01. Commix – Bear Music [HOSPITAL]
02. Instra:Mental – Intervention [EXIT]
03. Tokyo Prose – Mastaba 2.0 [N/A]
04. Nu Tone And Logistics – Trademark [HOSPITAL]
05. Spectrasoul – Adoration [NU DIRECTIONS]
06. Tokyo Prose – Royale [N/A]
07. Luca – Red Sky [SAMURAI RED SEAL]
08. Tokyo Prose – Cadence [N/A]
09. Calibre – Electric Soul [SIGNATURE]
10. Lynx – Uno [CREATIVE SOURCE]
11. Tokyo Prose – Cerulean [N/A]
12. Klute – Dawn Of Reason [31]
13. Tokyo Prose – Since [N/A]
14. Luca – Speak Easy [SAMURAI RED SEAL]
15. Tokyo Prose – Apogee [N/A]


The internet was down all day at work.  Thank god I’d saved the draft before it went down.  Everyone was losing their mind.  Try working in an office from 9 to 5 with no internet.  Yeh.  Not fun.  Dunno how people did it before. 🙂

Anyway back to my original post….

Friday.  Yes. ❤

Bass Goes Boom tonight.  Headhunter.  Should be fire.

I’m kinda out of it.  I went to bed really early and then woke up at 1 a.m. because I really can’t sleep more than 4 hours.  Did some laundry, did the dishes, cleaned my room, then went back to sleep from 430 a.m. to 6 a.m.  Which is all fine and dandy but now I’m cracked out.  I really have to figure out how to sort out my sleep pattern.

Friday means what??  Spinn of course.  If you missed it go to his site and get the archive.  Good good ish.

I’m in planning mode.  I’m having a bday party at my house and am trying to get my self sorted.  I want it to be fun but not crazy.  I’m too old for crazy.

Heard this one on Spinn’s show today.  Pretty hot.

Cybass & Peixe Kru feat MeliantiMy Girl (Madmen & Poets Remix) It’s track #5 in the player

Also Stunna played this one on wednesday.

Radicall – Early Autumn (It’s not in the player but check out his other stuff)

Have a good weekend


HayzeInfluenza Media Podcast October ’08


Random Movement – Hotter Measure – DUB

Redeyes ft Sweed – The Night Is Over – SPEARHEAD

Electrosoul system – With You – INNERGROUND

Insiders – Burning RMX – DUB

Eveson – Hotwax- CHANNEL 82

Calibre – Mister Right On – SIGNATURE

Sabre – Gift You Gave VIP – DUB

Marcus Intalex- Skizm – SOUL:R

Alix Perez & Survival – Untitled – AUDIO TACTICS

Matrics & Fears – Climate – METRO

Mixmaster Doc- MR Scott – SONOROUS MUSIC

Zero T – Too Much – INTEGRAL

Bal – All City – BRAND NU

Marcus Intalex – Cabin Fever – SOUL:R

Bungle – Close Your Eyes – SONOROUS MUSIC

Soulmatic – Self Belief – GOOD LOOKING

Unknown – Sweet Love RMX – DUB

Mist – Play On Me – SOUL:R

Mixmaster Doc & Random Movement – My Sentiments – INNERGROUND

Furney & Tayla – Twenty Five To Live – TELLURIC

Sinistarr – Park Avenue – DUB

Redeyes & Eveson – State Of Mind – CHANNEL 82