I always see people drinking eggnog at these holiday parties on telly. You know how there are somethings that you’ve never actually tried but you know for a fact that you won’t like it? Eggnog is definitely one for me. Strangely enough though I like eggnog flavoured things: Eggnog latte at Starbucks… dope, eggnog flavoured ice cream… fresh. Actual eggnog… negatory.

It’s my work holiday lunch today. Hopefully there will be NO eggnog there. The other perks are just fine with me, half day, free food, and free drink, can you really beat that? Only 7 people work at my office and me and Allie are the youngest ones, so there’s no real PAAARTAY going on. LOL. I’m way more into a fancy pants lunch anyways though. 😉

I’m listening to Spinn on Bassdrive. Tune in dammit!

Adam Form – Halls Shine (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie:
Barrington LevyUnder Mi Sensi (X Project Remix)Greensleeves Records 1994
I was a huge ragga jungle fan. There’s a load of really great ones but this one was definitely one of my personal faves. Just like Brandy samples go so well with dnb tracks, I think ragga and old skool jungle were such a great comb0. Nice rowdy vibe at all times.

DecemMidnight Special 12/16/08


01.   Hobzee & Zyon Base – Rain on lens (Samurai Music)
02.   Calibre – Barca (Critical 2003)
03.   Henree & Eveson – Lomo (CIA)
04.   Specific – Down to You (Sonorous)
05.   Lomax – Come and See (Critical)
06.   Saburuko – Warped / Instra:mental remix (Horizons)
07.   Commix – Life we live (Soul:r)
08.   Naibu – Midori sour (Deep Soul Music)
09.   Break – All around (Symmetry)
10.   Data – Encore (Deep Soul Music)
11.   Calibre – Cant get over you (Soul:r)
12.   Furney – Fowardbound (Camino blue)
13.   Break – Enigma / Calibre remix (Quarantine)
14.   Break – Z step (Symmetry)
15.   Commix – Underwater scene (Soul:r)

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