Tulum Kiki

Man! I’ve already been back from Mexico for 17 days?? It doesn’t seem like that at all. Covid really took me out. I’m in somewhat tip top shape again and back on the bullshit… begrudgingly.

Locus. I had a really really really lovely time. Much thanks to my homegirl Alley Cat for letting me be her +1. I loved her set so much! Not only did she play D Kay and Lee’s Wax’d, but she played a dope SPY remix of Piper. I guess it made the rounds last year, but that was my first time hearing it. It sounded amazing on that sound system in the forest. I love the Jonny L remix and SPY’s version does not disappoint. She also played an Alibi remix of Kosheen’s Hide U that was new to me and it was 🔥🔥🔥! I’m aware that some of these tunes have probably been making the rounds for a minute, but you know me, I am a bit rubbish at keeping up with the latest releases, so sorry if I’m late to the party on some of these gems.

I keep trying to pick a favourite set, but I can’t. The days were so fun and it was just a blast to be in super nice weather and listening to loud dnb. I loved LSB and Workforce’s sets from the day venue. Fabio and Dom & Roland killed it. I love the cenote venue. Such a vibe. Saturday night I raaaaaaved. 😂 I definitely danced for 8+ hours. Klute absolutely smashed it. I didn’t know the majority of the tunes he played, but it all just sounded amazing and I was so here for it. Kemal and Rob Data and Ed Rush and Optical were everything you wanted it to be. I left backstage for their sets and very much appreciated brockin out with my old JVC homies that were there as well. Shouts to MC Brace and Virgo. We deffo got our proper stomp on. 🥰

All the emcees were on point. Everyone brought it! I started feeling ill on the last day, but I’m happy I got to enjoy the majority of the festival. I was sorry to hear about all the issues some festival patrons were having with cartel and police. I was with the artists since I was staying with Alicia, and we didn’t really hear about everything that was happening til way after it happened. I had a fantastic time, but I do feel that next time safety for the festival patrons should be the number one priority.

I don’t think I will go again if they have it next year. The main reason I had so much fun is because I got to hang out with Alley Cat who is a good friend and I didn’t have to deal with any bullshit. That was my second time going to Tulum, and even though it was wonderful, I don’t think Tulum is spectacular enough for me to spend money to go there a 3rd time. There are heaps more places all over Mexico that are even more fantastic and a lot less expensive.

All in all, a fab time with some great people and amazing music. 💕

I’ve spent the whole week writing thesis chapters. I know it’s old, but this Workforce remix has matched my temperament for the past couple of days. Such a great tune.


The Kanji Sessions

I’m sitting here practicing my Kanji.  Not like the whole Japanese language, more like just my bloody address.  I had to get Kate to come to the post office with me just so I could send some money home because the form requires that I write my address in Kanji in one of the spaces.  Kate is nice and does these things willingly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one day she just wilded out and was like “No bitch!”  LOL.

Anyway, it’s actually coming along nicely.  There’s one character that looks extra janky but this S.P.Y. mix is giving me the motivation to keep doing it over and over, and over, and over again, until it looks like it’s supposed to.

Bee tee dubs, this mix is not new.  I know you’re not surprised.  The homie Seb has been telling me to listen to it for ages and I only got round to doing it now and it didn’t disappoint.  I had kinda gone off S.P.Y. for a bit but this mix is def. the S.P.Y. that I like. 🙂

01 // S.P.Y – By Your Side [Spearhead Records]
02 // Nu:Logic – Everlasting Days [Hospital Records]
03 // Calibre – Second Sun [Signature Records]
04 // S.P.Y – Seconds to Midnight [Hospital Records]
05 // Submotion Orchestra – All Yours (S.P.Y Remix) [Hospital Records]
06 // S.P.Y – Cold Harsh Air (feat. Total Science & Grimm) [Hospital Records]
07 // S.P.Y – One Last Quest [Hospital Records]
08 // S.P.Y – Gangsta V.I.P (feat. Total Science) [Shogun Audio]
09 // Delilah – Go (S.P.Y Remix) [UKF]
10 // S.P.Y – Surface (feat. Kasra) (VIP II Remix) [Critical]
11 // Logistics – Colour Wheel [Hospital Records]
12 // Matrix & Fierce – Climate (Cause 4 Concern Remix) [Metro]
13 // Ulterior Motive – Sideways [Metalheadz]
14 // Quadrant – Scandal [Computer Integrated Audio]
15 // Eastcolors – Dreams (feat. Messy MC) [White Label]
16 // S.P.Y – Whoonga (feat. Total Science) (Chroma Remix) [White Label]
17 // S.P.Y – Stand Alone (feat. DRS) [Hospital Records]
18 // Dub Phizix – Bounce [SenkaSonic]
19 // Clarity of Lies – Hell’s Gate (feat. T Man) [Samurai Music]
20 // Bredren – Mechanica [Demand Records]
21 // S.P.Y – Step & Flow [Hospital Records]
22 // S.P.Y – BRSTL Hardcore [White Label]
23 // DJ Hazard – Time Tripping [Playaz]
24 // Little Dragon – Underbart (S.P.Y Remix) [White Label]
25 // Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force (Fracture Remix) [Phantom Audio]
26 // S.P.Y – Rise Again (feat. Suku) [Hospital Records]
27 // Digital – Deadline (S.P.Y VIP) [White Label]
28 // S.P.Y – Hammer In My Heart (feat. Diane Charlemagne) [Hospital Records]
29 // S.P.Y – Manicured Reality (feat. Lowqui) [Hospital Records]
30 // Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants (S.P.Y remix) [White Label]
31 // S.P.Y – Mystic Sunset (feat. Marky) (S.P.Y VIP) [White Label]
32 // S.P.Y – Warrior Dub [White Label]
33 // S.P.Y – Brooklyn Dub [Hospital Records]
34 // A-Sides – Moment In Time (feat. MC Fats) (S.P.Y Remix) [U Understand Me Music]
35 // S.P.Y – Riding the Void [Hospital]
36 // Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine (Matrix Remix) [Virus Recordings]
37 // Future Cut – 20/20 (Future Cut VIP) [White Label]
38 // Dimitri Vegas – Body Talk (S.P.Y Remix) [3Beat]
39 // Hazard – Bricks Dont Roll [Playaz]
40 // Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman (Upbeats Remix) [Drum&BassArena]
41 // Noisia – Stamp Out [Vision Recordings]
42 // Technimatic – Intersection [SGN:LTD]
43 // dBridge – True Romance (VIP Remix) [Metalheadz Platinum]
44 // Dr Meaker – Fighter (Unreal VIP Remix) [V Recordings]
45 // Enei – Get Low [Critical Music]
46 // Icicle – Dreadnaught (feat. SP:MC) [Shogun Audio]
47 // Voltage – Out of this World (feat. Ella Sopp) [Smokin Riddims]
48 // A Break in the Storm – Temptations [Symmetry]
49 // S.P.Y – Mucky Business [Hospital Records]
50 // S.P.Y – Legion (feat. Total Science) [Metalheadz]
51 // Dom & Roland – Outta Endz (VIP) [Metalheadz]


Jetsetter Kiki

I feel like the past couple of weeks have been a blur.  I finished my first session of summer school, got an A in the class.  Woot.  Had a pretty awesome July 4.  Went home to Madison and got to hang out with my bro and my nephew who I hadn’t seen in a year.  Got my dance on to Derrick Carter at WestFest this past weekend.  All in all, I can’t really complain.  Summer is in full effect and it’s hot as fuck.  Still don’t really have time to breathe but I’m trudging along.

Love this tune.  Love Seba always.  Can’t figure out if the tune is old and only get released now or actually new, anyways, it’s still dope. 🙂

Marky & SPYYellow Shoes
Finally it’s out!  Been waiting to pick this one up for way too long. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Special ForcesSomething Else (The Bleeps Tune)Photek Productions 1999
Wicked tune.

Bachelors of ScienceKMag Guest Mix July 2011


  1. Silvers Swans – Best Friend in Love (Bachelors of Science Remix) – Dub [00:00 – 02:34]
  2. Lenzman – Masquerade (Die, Interface, Cartwright Remix) – Metalheadz [02:34 – 06:12]
  3. Dub Phizix – Breathe – Ingredients [06:12 – 9:50] –> Intra:mental – Watching You – Non-Plus [07:16 – 9:29]
  4. Skream – Where You Should Be (Shy FX Remix) – Tempa [9:50 – 12:51]
  5. Data – Formless – Horizons Dub [11:03 – 16:06] –> Bachelors of Science – Sweat – Horizons [13:35 – 15:23]
  6. Loxy & Genotype – Ital Lion [15:37 – 19:18] –> Bachelors of Science – The Beautiful Life – Horizons [17:18 – 17:55]
  7. Lynx feat. Sense MC – For The Rebels – Detail [18:40 – 22:40] –> Bachelors of Science – Song For Lovers – Horizons [20:22 – 21:38]
  8. LoveLikeFire – St. Martins (Bachelors of Science Remix) – Dub [22:30 – 25:06]
  9. Spinline & Hydro – Blindfolded – Dispatch [24:06 – 26:24]
  10. Octane, DLR & Subterra Ft. Gusto – Red Mist – Dispatch [25:48 – 30:56] –> Bachelors of Science feat. Saburuku – Dreams Come True – Horizons [28:16 – 28:55]
  11. Ulterior Motive – All That We Are – Metalheadz [30:00 – 33:03]
  12. Octane, DLR & Ant TC1 – The Jazz Club – Dispatch [31:48 – 34:24]
  13. Icicle feat. SP:MC – Dreadnaught – Shogun [33:50 – 37:50]
  14. Marcus Intelex & S.P.Y. – Triband – Soul:R [36:28 – 41:53] –> Bachelors of Science – Wicked Ways – Horizons [39:35 – 40:47]
  15. Chook – You Are All You Have (feat. Claudine Muno) – Full Force [41:20 – 44:05]
  16. SpectraSoul – Lost Disciple – Shogun [42:50 – 45:55]
  17. Blu Mar Ten – If I Could Tell You (Stray Remix) – Blu Mar Ten [45:13 – 51:23]
  18. Submorphics – Post Modern Soul – Stunna Remix – Westbay [50:07 – 55:59]

Bad Student Kiki

I’m up at the crack of dawn because I didn’t do my homework and it’s due at 4 today.  Surprise, surprise.  Is it possible to teach myself to be more disciplined?  I reallly have been trying but maybe you really can’t teach an old (emphasis on the old ;)) dog new tricks!

Chase & Status feat. DelilahTime (Enei Remix)
Love this.  Nice remix.

Heavy 1Xiphactinus (Lenzman Remix)

SPY & Total Science – Magic Hour

Today’s Oldie:
Optical & Ryme TymeGhostbusterVirus Recordings 1999
Sick tune.  Always.

Random MovementPodcast 22


Bungle – Blue
dRamatic & dbAudio – I’m for Real
Command Strange – Bingo
dRamatic & dbAudio – Tru Vigilante
?????? – What Would You Do (Flaco remix)
Dave Owen & Jaybee – I Can’t Wait
Command Strange – Time For Miracles
Brother – After All
S.I.N & Mutated Forms – Right Now
LM1 – Zero Gravity (Jaybee Remix)
Dave Owen – Blazin’ Arrow
Loz Contreras – Rocking You
Command Strange – Because The Days Are Cold
Imagery & Liam Motive – The Commute
Phil Tangent – Forgiveness
Komatic – Seasons Sleep
Zion I – Venus (Bootleg)
Dave Owen – Eyes On Me
Brother – Deception
Command Strange – Mr. Lonely

Adios 2010, Love Kiki

Happy New Year peeps. ❤

I know it’s a random number but after narrowing down and then checking to make sure there were samples, 16 is what remained. 🙂

(In no particular order)

01. CalibreRose

02. All ThievesStarsZero T Remix

03. A.I.Blind Eye

04. BreakLate Drop

05. Total Science & SPYGangsta

06SPYHot Spot

07. Jubei & Alix PerezUntitled

08. Alicia Keys UnthinkableLenzman Remix

09. BCee & SPYNothing To Declare

10. Marky & SPYThe Doppler Effect

11. NymfoGreetings Starfighter

12. A.I. feat. SteoLet It Be

13. SPY & KasraSurface

14. Craggz & Parallel ForcesTurn The Page

15. Naibu feat. KeyConvictions

16. KjellThe Last Thing

Muted Kiki

I had a pretty nice weekend.  I feel like I’ve got a lot of things on my mind lately which kinda has the opposite reaction with me in that instead of babbling I tend to just stay quiet, alas I really don’t have that much to say. 🙂

BCee & SPYNothing To Declare
I really like this tune.  I’ve heard it numerous times and had no idea who it was.  Nice roller.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj SSWhiteFormation Records 1995

mSdos & BladeLiquid DnB Sessions Ep. 27 November 3, 2010


01. Duo Science – Fragmentos (Luv Disaster)
02. Qumulus & Clart- Dreaming (dUb)
03. Donnie Dubson – Yellow Tops (dUb)
04. Phil Tangent – Billies Smile (Soul:R)
05. soulTec – Add The Funk (dUb)
06. Submorphics – As the World Turns (dUb Free tune)
07. DJ Clart – Street Dreams Bootie (dUb)
08. Subsid – My Own Life (Future Thinkin dUb)
09. Flaco – Waiting for Love (dUb)
10. Champagne – The Pledge (Bonafide dUb)
11. High Speed Dubbing – Three Fortyseven (Stepping Forward dUb)
12. Random Movement – Kids in the Sea (Forthcoming RM’s ”Lucky Guess” LP)
13. Stunna – Face The Night (KYRO remix) (dUb)
14. Static – Follow You (dUb)
15. Jaybee – Cold Days (Influence dUb)
16. Mad Vibes & Feindsoul – King of Kingz (Sidechain dUb)
17. Derrick and Tonika – Mokhito (Camino Blue dUb)
18. Mav – ???????? (dUb)
19. mSdoS & Steez – Going Back VIP (Textures Music -City Soul EP Level 1)

01.  Blade – Bookem danno (dUb)
02.  Blade – Who we are (dUb)
03 . Blade – No more goodbyes (dUb)
04.  Unknown – Unknown (?????)
05.  Blade – Bagheera (dUb)
06.  Blade – Black smoke (dUb)
07.  Blade – Congo (dUb)
08.  Steez – Liquid nights (Aquasion rmx) (Textures Music)
09.  Blade – Vegas vip (dUb)
10.  Blade – Massachusetts (dUb)
11.  Unknown – Unknown (?????)
12.  Blade – One chance (dUb)
13.  Blade – Flowers & rain (dUb)

Lazy Days Kiki

I have no excuse for not posting for the past couple days.  I’ve just been feeling lazy and unmotivated and I’m also trying to catch up on sleep.

I didn’t get that job.  I’m not worried though.  I’m still trying to be optimistic about the job hunt and hopefully one will come my way soon.

I have nothing exciting to report since as I told you I haven’t really done anything exciting for the past couple of days.  I’m just looking forward to next weekend when I get to go home and see my fam.  My brother and his wife are coming with my nephew from New Jersey, so I’m going to go kick it Madison for the weekend.  Yay.

SPY & KasraSurface
Loving this one. Makes me want to dance.

Mad Rabbit & Jaybee6-2-1
This one is awesome.  Sexy, pretty and dark overtones. ❤

Today’s Oldie:
Doc ScottThe RiderAbsolute 2 Records 1992
Some serious old skool bizness!  Love it.

Chris.SUBSE Podcast 12


01. The Sect – Cybermen (Break Remix)
>>> Kemal – Bleed
02. Chris.SU – Datahub (Mindscape Remix)
03. Apex – Disconnected
>>> Malsum & Krone – We Are Not Alone
04. Chris.SU & Nymfo – In Our Mind
05. Optiv & MarkC4C – Bedlam
06. Octane, DLR & Subterra – Red Mist
07. Alix Perez & Noisia – Loose Ends
>>> Audio – Emissions
08. Optiv – Stereotype
09. Dom & Gridlok – London’s Burning (Prolix Remix)
10. Gridlok & The Upbeats – Jitters
11. Vicious Circle & Fierce – Section
12. Concord Dawn, Bulletproof & Cern – Burn At The Stake
13. EBK – Mud
>>> Siren – Broken Silence
14. Need For Mirrors – Medallion
15. Spinline & Nymfo – Winterdam
>>> DJ Hazard – Killers Don’t Die
16. Vicious Circle – Condors
17. Chris.SU & Axiom – Neuropolis
18. BSE & Nymfo – Kempi
19. Dom & Klute – Buy More Now
20. Mindscape – Bubblegun
21. Matrix – Shelter
22. Ulterior Motive – 2098
>>> Capone – Friday
23. Mindscape ft. Ryme Tyme – Sickness (Zero Method Remix)
24. Dose – Martyrdom
25. Chris.SU & Mindscape – Timerider
26. Audio – Jibba Jabba
27. Ed Rush & Optical – Point Blank (Mindscape Remix)
>>> Chris.SU & SKC – Crash
28. Silent Witness & Break – ABTN
29. Chris.SU & State Of Mind – Wanna Hear?
>>> Sub Focus – Timewarp VIP
30. Chris.SU – First Snow

Trudge Along Kiki

I had a pretty fun holiday weekend.  Me and Daniela kept each other company and it ended up being really nice even though our hood was really a ghost town.

Packed weekend  coming up.  I’m mixing at an art show on friday (will post details on that as we get closer), our friends John and Journy have their wedding reception, my niece’s baptism and of course World Cup final.  I get to see my family this weekend which is always awesome.

Mix recaps…  I love that Asides Knowledge Promo MixAsides has been killing.  I know that mix was a while ago (a while in mixland anyways) but I haven’t changed the mixes on my ipod in a minute.  Awesome tunes, awesome mixing per usual.  Wouldn’t expect anything less from Mr. Cambridge. 🙂

SPY – Xenomorph (track is in player)

AkiraDay Dreaming

Today’s Oldie:
Dj Zinc feat. Jenna GDon’t Bury MeBingo 2006
Not really that old but I was thinking of it this morning for some reason so I figured I’d pick it.

MethodusRubik Podcast 5


. Jaybee & Sinistarr – Should I
. 8Bits ft. Riya – On Your Mind
. Naibu ft. Key – Convictions
. June Miller & Rolling Mafia – Bright Eyes
. Seba – Distance
. Cybass – It’s A New Life For Me
. Lenzman – More Than I Can Take
. Jaybee & Native – The Search
. Heavy1 – Riot In Tokyo
. Jaybee – A Dark Days Night
. Heavy1 & Calculon – First Light
. Spectrasoul ft. D Bridge – Glimpse
. Stereotype – Oil Spill
. Calculon – Odessa (ASC remix)

Leisurely Kiki

My 3 days off has come to an end.  It was quite enjoyable.  I got to watch some football with my friends today.  It was nice to be watching it and not working it.  Gutted about Ghana. 😦

Have a good 4th.

Marky & SpyThe Doppler Effect
I really love Marky and Spy together.  True summer vibes this one.

Today’s Oldie:
Origin UnknownElevatorRam Records 2000
Love this one.  I miss those days when Ram ruled the dancefloor.  Rowdy bangers indeed.

June MillerCulture Shock 4


01. Triad – The Puzzle (??)
02. Nymfo – Sidewise in Time (forthcoming C.I.A.)
03. Hybris – The Cleaner (forthcoming Critical)
04. June Miller & Syntex – Sleep (forthcoming Horizons)
05. Noisia & Phace – Floating Zero (Vision)
06. June Miller & Heavy1 – Electric (??)
07. Chris Octane & DLR – Back in the Grind (forthcoming Dispatch)
08. Dabs feat. Wrath – Who’s Gonna Lead (forthcoming Icarus)
09. Nether – True Believer [Marcus Intalex RMX] (forthcoming Deep Soul Music)
10. June Miller & Mindmapper – Quartz Controlled (forthcoming Buried Audio)
11. Ulterior Motive – 2098 (forthcoming Subtitles)
12. Phace – Vintage (forthcoming Neosignal)
13. Sabre, Icicle & Noisia – Quarters (Critical)
14. Trentemøller – Metamorphis (In My Room)
15. June Miller & Mindmapper – Bermuda (??)
16. Digital & Morphy – Shanti (Exit)
17. June Miller & Mindmapper – Tundra (??)
18. Spherique – Sleeping Stars (??)
19. Scuba – So You Think You’re Special (Hot Flush)

Bromantic Kiki

I would ask one of my friends to come to the old Lava dnb nights with me quite frequently and he would always say “is it gonna be all dudes in there again?”  LOL  The truth is yes.  Dnb is always ultra bromantic and it’s just something that you get used to.  Today I was listening to Lenzman’s Flamethrower as I was working out and the dj had thrown some Kemo over it and it just sounded like such a dude track and it made me think of how most dnb events are usually packed with men… oh and please spare me the comments about me being sexist.  I’m fully aware of the fact that lots of women like this tune.  I was just saying that the sound of it at the time with Kemo rhyming over it immediately conjured up the image of a bunch of dnb dudes in a club getting their steady screwface head nod going. 🙂

SPYHot Spot
Can we talk about how much I like this tune?  I keep hearing it on a bunch of mixes.  It makes me want dance every time I hear it.

Ulterior Motive – Well Of Envy (track is in player)

Trei & DoseHot Food

Today’s Oldie:
Future Forces IncJeep BeatsRenegade Hardware 1996

FlacoRadio Del Mar @ Bassdrive 04/14/10


01. ?
02. ?
03. Drake – Best I Ever Had (Mutt Remix) [Bootleg]
04. Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Komatic Remix) [Bootleg]
05. Kubiks – ?
06. Artificial Intelligence & D Bridge – 3’s A Crowd [V]
07. Alton Miller – Time On 2 (Flaco Remix) [N/A]
08. Clart – Hatch [Ingredients]
09. Lenzman – More Than I Can Take [Critical]
10. ?
11. Artificial Intelligence feat. DRS – Blind Eye [V]
12. ?
13. Calibre & St Files – Devil Inside [Footprints]
14. Stunna & Indivision – The Red Sun [N/A]
15. ?
16. Random Movement – Cutting Thru Hackney [Innerground]
17. Flaco – I’m Thinking Of You [Stepping Forward]
18. Dave Owen – Nothin’ But Love [N/A]
19. ?
20. Clart & MsDos – Disco Inferno [Urban Chemistry]
21. ?
22. Random Movement – Believe No Other (Lenzman Remix) [Westbay]
23. ?
24. Flaco & Glen E.Ston – Crescent [Human Elements Digital]
25. ?
26. ATP – Skin Stretched Over Bare Bones [N/A]
27. Flaco – Choose Me [N/A]
28. ?
29. PH – ?