Track Attack Kiki

I’ve been wondering what this tune was for ages. I heard it on an Alix Perez mix last summer and didn’t for the life of me know what it was. I love Visages. This tune is dope. It’s on the Dark Guru EP on 1985 Music. I also really liked the track Egotrip. 😍

Lyin’ Ass Kiki

November? Smh. I’m looking forward to going to my mum’s. Gonna post up there until after Christmas. I’m teaching online anyway so it doesn’t really matter where I’m at.

I usually start my weekend writing down all the things I plan to get done over the course of the weekend and really just do them all on Sunday. Who knows what the point of lying to myself is. It’s a fun little game me and my brain play.

Currently lesson planning and listening to Alix.

Up and at ’em Kiki

I watered my patio flowers which are actually still alive and look like they are flourishing, I’ve done laundry, organized my desk and written 2 tests.  Not a bad start for a Sunday.

Got that Alix on repeat while I’m feeling productive. 😍

1985 | Music · Alix Perez – Black Spirit


Repeat Kiki

I’ve been listening to the Alix Perez mix on repeat for about 2 months straight now.  It’s so good.  Do yourself a favour and join the repeat club, and if you know what that track is that comes in at 14:14 let me know.  😁

AlixPerez · 2020 soulful dnb mix.


Went to see the homie Submorphics on Saturday.  What a fun night!  Great turnout.  Fab lineup.  Awesome tunes.  Props to the Xcellerated crew for a great event!  Maybe me and my old teacher bones will venture out to another event soon.

Spending my Presidents’ Day lesson planning.

Current tune on repeat 😍

Quiet Kiki

Have a quiet moment to myself while the fam took the kiddos to Disneyland.  The pics look like they’re having fun, but I really and truly was not interested in going. LOL

Been working so much the past couple of weeks that I just need a moment to myself to excel at napping, watch a bunch of TV, and just chill the fuck out.

Nap gif

These tunes are on my current playlist to keep the mood just right for the night I had in mind. 😊

Thought of this tune out of nowhere the other day.  13 years old and still lovely as ever. 


R & B & Kiki

90’s R&B is where it’s at yo.  So many good tunes.  I remember being soooo obsessed with Jodeci.  Really though, who wasn’t back then?  I woke up this a.m. wanting to listen to Jodeci, but it’s too slow to make me run on the treadmill, so Alix Perez and Specific’s “Love Bug” was just as satisfying. 😆

Things I Most Definitely Will Always Sleep On…

My best friend and his crew used to do this graffiti magazine called Life Sucks Die.  They would have this section called “Things You Might Have Slept On” and they would tell you about a plethora of ridiculous things that you never noticed before and they felt you needed to pay attention to.

I was listening to this all Steo mix by SirReal and the Alix Perez remix of Zero T’s “Refusal” came on and I was like “This is dope!”  I looked it up and saw that it came out last summer.  No surprise there.  I’m so out of the loop that I’m sure there’s a bajillion tracks that I probably won’t hear until I come across them in a mix like a decade from now.  LOL.

Anyways, it’s a nice remix.  The SirReal mix is dope too.  I’m a big Steo fan and appreciate hearing someone mix all of his features instead of me having to make an Itunes playlist. 😛


Phil Tangent – Bedouin Soul
Zero T – Walk Away
Calibre – Wilderness
Lenzman – Empty Promise
A.I – You Can Dream
A.I – Forgotten Truths
Zero T – Refusal (Alix Perez Remix)
Lenzman – My Tears
Zero T & Icicle – Go 4 Yours
Beta 2 – 2nd Page
A.I – Let it Be
A.I – What You Had
Zero T – The Sea
Zero T & Survival – No More
Zero T & Mosus – Call Waiting


I’ll admit it, you don’t have to try that hard to make me love a track that has a lady vocal and is liquidy.  Dude vocal… maybe you have to try a little harder.  I actually don’t know if there’s a lot of male vocalists that I can list off the top of my head that I want to hear on a dnb track.  Steo though, I’m down for sure.  His voice is dope.  It’s late and I’m up and wide awake for no reason, so I’ve created a little Steo playlist that is keeping me company.