Rinse Wash Repeat Kiki

Still in London. Still got heaps to sort out with the house. I’ve kind of developed a routine, so the process of going through all my dad’s stuff, albeit repetitive, has become a little easier. I had to sort out his clothes the other day though and that broke me. I have also somewhat figured what I need to do to get the house emptied and ready to be sold, and I’m still doing all my school assignments. Basically, I’m hanging in there. 🙃

Me and Kathy are going to see the homie Submorphics this weekend. I’m very much looking forward to this show: a) It will be great to see Greg! b) We all know how much I love Lenzman. c) The whole lineup is actually great and d) I haven’t been to a show in almost 2 years!

Ideally I’d post a North Quarter tune, but I’ve been listening to this Tatora & Satl on repeat for the past couple of days, so I think I should share that instead. 🥰


Kiki vs The Remix

Sometimes I have irrational anger towards bad remixes. 😂 I didn’t make it so there’s no reason to get so angry. SMH.

I just feel like if you are going to take the time to remix something, do it well! Do the original justice while also giving us a new take.

Anyway, SATL bringing the goods on this refix sparked joy on the elliptical this morning.

Summer is Over Kiki

Yeh right. Tell that to LA. I didn’t do much this weekend as it was 111°. The only thing I wanted was my central air.

The goal is to be proactive this week and complete a lot of tasks. I’m happy to say that I’ve been sticking to the plan and have managed to get a lot done so far.

There are a lot of awesome mixes out right now so I’ve been vibing as I scurry around.

Super excited about the Redeyes Selfportraits album coming out on The North Quarter this week. I’ve heard some tracks played from it already and they sound 🔥🔥🔥.

Currently listening to Satl on Integral Records’ Radio 1 Wind Down.


  • Mura Masa – I’ll be Alright
  • Tokyo Prose & Satl – Lights Down Low
  • LSB & DRS – Umbrellas
  • Redeyes feat [ K S R ] – Untitled
  • Satl – Yang
  • Satl – The Train
  • FD – Serious
  • Sam Binary – Surface Tension
  • Satl & Artificial Intelligence – Surreal
  • Phil Tangent – Wonder
  • Goldie feat José James – Open Truth
  • Redeyes – Untitled
  • Tatora – Blank Pages
  • Edlan – Affection
  • Artificial Intelligence & Satl – No Choice
  • Random Movement – Police State
  • Zero T & Steo – Refusal
  • Javano – Track 11
  • Satl – The Storm
  • Satl – Self Reflection
  • Satl – So Much Better
  • Harland – Leo
  • Satl & Submorphics – Untitled
  • Satl – Untitled

Sigh Kiki

I just feel so sad about the world these days.  I’m spending my Saturday sitting on my patio lesson planning.  This SATL tune came on and I just really felt it. 

The North Quarter · Satl – Don’t Even Ask

Social Distancing Kiki

How you guys doing?  I’m surviving.  I’m a teacher so I’m still working.  Holed up at the house becoming a Zoom expert like a majority of the world.  Thank God for these wonderful mixes and live streams keeping me sane.  That EZ 24 hour set from the other day gave me so much UKG life.   😍😍😍

Stay safe!

Satl with today’s selection as I plan for my lesson:

Christmas Treats

Leaving tomorrow to go to my mum’s for Xmas.  As much as I love living in LA, growing up in a cold climate makes me associate Christmas with bundling up, being cozy, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, snow and so on.  It’s not cold and I still haven’t worn a coat since I moved here.  LOL.  So I’m looking forward to the cold for two weeks and will gladly leave it behind again after that!  I just like my Christmas with a side of negative temperatures. 😊

SATL has given us a Christmas treat.  I’ve already listened to this mix loads.  It’s so good.  It’ll keep me company as I trek to the airport tomorrow with all the rest of the holiday travellers.

Satl – Coming Back
FD – Top2Bottom
Shy FX & T-Power – Everything (Ill Logic & Raf Remix)
Satl – Self Reflection
Redeyes – Fine Again
LSB – Untitled
Tokyo Prose – Trick Of The Light / Pola & Bryson ft. Lauren Archer – Night Dawns (Acapella)
Kyrist – Untitled
Submorphics – Untitled
Calibre & Zero T – Waterfall (Unreleased Mix)
FD – Untitled
Clipz – Down 4 (Myth Gully Mix)
Skeptical & SP:MC – Smelly Button
The Sauce – The Sauce
Myth – Untitled
FD – Untitled
Marcus Intalex – Cabal
Satl – Drifted
Skeptical – 8am to 1am
Calibre – The Sweet
Javano – Untitled
Anile – Untitled
Satl – Supposed To Be
Satl ft. Steo – All My Life
Artificial Intelligence – Broken Silence
Satl & Artificial Intelligence – Untitled
Satl & Artificial Intelligence – Untitled
Satl – So Much Better
Mohican Sun – Calgary

Grades & Kiki

It’s end of session grading time.  Thoroughly enjoyed just sitting in my classroom listening to this mix and grading.  😍

Kaava – LSB, DRS & Satl Showcase Mix for Signall FM April 2019

Click here for downloadTaken from Bassblog.pro


01 // LSB – Catching Lightening (feat. DRS) (Soul:r, 2016)
02 // LSB – Sketch For My Sweetheart (Soul:r, 2016)
03 // DRS – The View (feat. LSB & Tyler Daley) (Soul:r, 2015)
04 // Alix Perez & SpectraSoul – Undone (feat. DRS) (1985 x Ish Chat, 2017)
05 // Satl – Rattler (Integral Records, 2018)
06 // Satl – The Sleep (feat. Tali) (Integral Records, 2018)
07 // DRS – Playing with Fire (feat. Dub Phizix) (Soul:r, 2012)
08 // Satl & Harland – Alone (Soul Trader Records, 2017)
09 // Tali – Language (feat. Satl) (Fokuz Recordings, 2018)
10 // Satl & Malaky – A Minute After Always feat. Harland & Steo (Integral Records, 2017)
11 // LSB – Mist of You (Soul:r, 2015)
12 // Satl – Tears (Fokuz Recordings, 2017)
13 // Satl – I Wish (Fizzy Beats, 2016)
14 // DRS – This Ain’t Love (feat. Calibre) (Soul:r, 2017)
15 // DRS – Emergency (feat. Marcus Intalex) (Soul:r, 2015)

Wussy Kiki

The weather here has finally gotten warmer again.  It was like 2 weeks in the high 50s / low 60s, and you would have thought I didn’t spend 26 years living in the Midwest.  It really felt mad cold to me!  Temperature is relative though right?

Just sitting here writing a test, and listening to a little SATL.