DKay All Day Kiki

I mean, do you really need an excuse to listen to DKay?  I know it’s 2 years old, but I’m surprised I’ve never heard this mix before.  We all know how much of a DKay fan I am.  Shout outs to Dj Kali and that torn out magazine pic we had on our fridge for at least a year. 😂  

Starting off my Friday actually being productive and listening to some classics.  I went through a bit of a funk last week, but this week, I’ve really tried to turn things around and be positive.  I’m trying to make the best of this rubbish disaster movie we call 2020.

Music Intelligence DnB Podcast and Blog · DKay Promo Mix (Top 11 tracks mixed by Music Intelligence)


Forever Mood

Hi.  Sorry I’ve been M.I.A., we had a death in the family, and I’ve just been trying to catch up with everything over the past month.

I’m totes not up on the latest mixes or anything, but I did really enjoy this old DKay mix that I listened to, as I was driving on the PCH this morning.  Just banger after banger came on.  I usually listen to the same Dkay tunes over and over.  Totally forgot about this one with Dbridge though. 

Forever in a DKay mood. ❤

DKay – Beltout! Showcase #11

Oh my days…  Me and my old roommate Kali were quite the DKay fans.  We may or may not have had a picture of his beautiful face on our fridge… 😉

Awesome mix.  So many good tunes.


DKAY CLASSIX MIX – a decade of drum and bass

01. DKay – It’s On The Way – soul:r
02. DKay + DJ Lee – Touch – hospital
03. DKay – Black Magic – brigand
04. DKay + Kasra – Babylon – brigand
05. DKay + DJ Lee – Eternal Sunset – metalheadz
06. DKay + Intoxicated – Thinner Edge – integral
07. DKay + DJ Lee – Tuning – metalheadz
08. DKay – How Much Does It Take – brigand
09. DKay + Lee – Desire – brigand
10. DKay + D.Bridge – Nothing Is True – exit
11. DKay, Rawfull, Concord Dawn – Be There For You In The Morning Light VIP – dub
12. DKay + MC Eksman – Galaxy vs. Energy VIP – dub
13. DKay – The Martians – brigand
14. DKay + DJ Lee – Wax’d – metalheadz
15. DKay + Epsilon – A Greater Love – booty

Grownz Up Kiki

I have had a pretty good week.  I’ve been enjoying hanging out with friends and I haven’t been stuck in my apartment, so as far as I’m concerned, all is good in my land.

Yesterday I went to go see my old friend Joe’s band, Ceiling Stars and also went to go show support at The Exchange’s grand opening.  Good times all round.  It’s nice to have a variety of things to do.  Thinking, eating, breathing, inhaling dnb used to be okay when I was 19 but doesn’t work so much when you’re 33 so I welcome the mish mash of activities. 😉

Valentines day is this weekend.  For all of you that like to partake in this “holiday,” enjoy.  For all of you that are like me and could care less, continue living your life.  🙂   I will be spending sunday with my adorable niece so that my brother and his wife can go out.  Woot.

Danoo – Mystified (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
DkayIt’s On The WaySoul:R 2003
Love this record. ❤

StrayFabricLive Promo Mix
Loving Stray’s sound.  Nice experimental dnb.


Stray – Erase [CRITICAL]
ASC – Mirror Image [N/A]
System – Voices [EXIT]
Stray – Children [N/A]
Commix – Belleview (dBridge’s Belle-Reviewed Mix) [METALHEADZ]
Abstract Elements – Essence of Time [EXIT]
Noisia – Floating Zero [INVISIBLE]
June Miller & Syntex – Sleep [HORIZONS]
Sabre – A Wondering Journal (Rockwell Remix) [CRITICAL]
Sinistarr ft. Agzilla – Emo [PLAY MUSIK]
Lenzman ft.Riya – Open Page [METALHEADZ]
Judda – Pressure Plate [CRITICAL]
Commix – Justified (Spectrasoul Remix) [METALHEADZ]
Stray – Can of Cancun [N/A]
Stray – Saturday [CRITICAL]
Data – Termite [CREATIVE SOURCE]
Sabre – Peril (Stray Remix) [CRITICAL]

Christmas Card Kiki

I tend to get bored pretty quick so I changed my page again.  Nothing fancy.  Just switch up the look a tad. 🙂

I’ve been doing my Christmas cards all morning.  I don’t really usually send any but then people started sending me some so I of course have to send one in return.  I pretty much only send them to people in different countries or out of state.  If you live in the same state as me, sorry but you’re not getting one.  LOL.  My presence will have to do. 😉

Cinematic – Straight Time (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
DkayCasaliBrigand Music 2005
Not that old but I was just listening to it yesterday and figured it would do for today.

NaibuBreakbeat Exploration Guest Mix #4


01 – Seba – Dangerous Days [Warm Communications]
02 – Dillinja – Silver Blade [Prototype]
03 – Triad – Out Of Scale [X-Tinction Agenda]
04 – Photek – Knitevision [Science]
05 – Circa – Zone [??]
06 – Implex & Enei – Control [31 records]
07 – Omar ft. Estelle – Lay It Down (Triad remix) [Phunkfiction]
08 – Klute – Silent Weapons (Photek remix) [Certificate 18]
09 – Naibu – Along [Horizons]
10 – Teebee – Tsunami [Subtitles]

Brown Leaves Kiki

Wait… there’s no brown leaves on my street.  LOL.  Fall is here.  I kinda miss having a back garden sometimes.  It’s nice to witness that part of the change of the seasons.  I definitely don’t miss having to rake them up though.

This weekend was definitely the rowdiest I’ve gotten in a while… and when I say rowdy I don’t mean I got wasted and out of control cuz i don’t do that anymore.  I just stayed out real late and danced.  Geez, I’m obviously a geriatric when staying out late and dancing equals rowdiness.  😉  The Skream show was really fun.  Murderbot’s set was ridiculously awesome.  I really enjoyed it.

Klute is this week.  I always look forward to a Klute set.  He is just a really good dj.  Can’t ask for more than that.

A Sides – Butterflies MJ Tribute (track is in player)
This track is lovely.  So pretty.  Perfect tribute track.  Nice one A Sides!

Today’s Oldie:
DkaySerenadeBrigand Music 2005
Not that old, but still a dope tune.

Zero T is another person where I just like listening to his mixes.  Haven’t listened to this one yet but I’m sure it won’t disappoint.  I’m downloading it now. 🙂
Zero TFabric Live Promo Mix


01. Zero T – Cheap Intro (CIA)
02. Rasheed – Charade [Grooverider Remix] (White)
03. Alix Perez v Zero T – The Ladders (White)
04. Calibre + ST:Files – Devil Inside (White)
05. Ulterior Motive – Glued (White)
06. Spectrasoul – Guardian (Metalheadz Dub)
07. All Thieves – Stars [Zero T Remix] (White)
08. Rockwell v Zero T – Bone Structure (White)
09. Slam – Positive Education [Zero T Remix] (White)
10. Alix Perez – Myriads (Shogun Dub)
11. Halogenix – 5 By-Dub (White)
12. Shanie – What Way To Turn [Dillinja Remix] (Cyba)
13. Zero T + Bailey – Wasp Factory (White)
14. Spectrasoul – Mimic (Subtitles Dub)
15. Raiden + Khanage – King Stays King (Offkey Dub)
16. Optical – Slip Thru (Virus)
17. Derrick May – Strings Of Life [Remix] (White)
18. Dwele – I Think I Love You [Remix] (White)
19. Goldie – True Strings (Metalheadz)
20. Floating Points – K+G Beat (White)
21. Sabre + Alix Perez – Have It Your Way (Critica Dub)
22. Unit Souled – Missing Time ‘jam session’ (White)

Wedding Kiki

Friday has showed up yet again… why does she keep doing that?  Is this how unemployment is the whole time you’re on it?  The days just blurr together?  Seems like it to me.  🙂

Matt Martin’s wedding is tomorrow.  There is definite fun to be had.  It’s amazing that as many weddings as I go to as I get older I still have no desire to get married.  I just don’t see it happening.  I’m never like “oh I want that.”  My aversion must be uber strong with the amount of weddings I’ve been to in the past 2 years and still haven’t changed my mind.  LOL.  Diamonds are nice though. 😉

Spectrasoul – How Strange I Was (track is in player)

Dkay & Lee Tuning VIP (track is in Brigand Music player)
I heard this a really long time ago in a mix and was digging it.  I’m happy that it’s finally coming out.

Today’s Oldie:
Kaos, Karl K feat. Jae KennedyAll Night Long (Matrix & Fierce Remix) – Circle Recordings 2004
I really love this record.  I’m pretty sure that one of the reasons is because it samples one of my fave Daft Punk songs High Life.  It’s just kind of a happy track. ❤

I never got around to listening to the other mix of his that was floating around but this tracklist looks good so it’s worth a shot.
Jo-SDNBB Podcast 5 August 2009


01 – Drifta – Let’s Stay In Tonight [Dub]
02 – BCee – Consumed (Logistics Remix) [Spearhead]
03 – Zezo & Two Cents – Summer Jam (Calculon Remix) [Dub]
04 – Mutt feat. Grimm – You and Me [Good Looking Records]
05 – Dave Shichman – Other Mellow Colors [Luv Disaster]
06 – Enei vs. Implex – Spring Tune [Respect Records]
07 – Giorgiolive, Will & Wes & feat. Rafael Ponde – Morena do Mar [Beats Connection]
08 – The Insiders – All The Way [Dub]
09 – Jo-s – Ecliptic [Dub]
10 – Nusense – Integra [Future Thinkin]
11 – BCee feat. Jo-s – Mr. Bidigan [Spearhead]
12 – Nymfo – Kansas City Shuffle [Dub]
13 – Dramatic – Melodifunk [Dub]
14 – Spectrasoul – Tender Doubt [Celsius]
15 – Giorgiolive, Will & Wes feat. Eugenia Craviotto – São Paulo Nights [Beats Connection]
16 – Carl Matthes feat. Migliz – Broken Silence [Vampire]
17 – Submorphics & Random Movement – Strange Journey [Dub]
18 – Simplification – Old Times [DNBB]

Nationwide Kiki

I’ve got 2 back to back trips lined up in the next 2 weeks and I’m super excited about them.  The first one, I’m going to California with my mum for my cousin’s graduation.  My aunt lives in Oxnard but I’m going early and stopping in L.A. to go kick it with some buddies for a bit and then go meet up with the fam.  Friends and family?  You know that’s my great combo.  The following week is my best friend’s wedding reception in Minneapolis.  Talk about extended wedding right?  His wife keeps joking that everyone is going to be so sick of their nuptials by the time the reception rolls around.  I’m just glad I get to go hang out with my besties again.  So basically June is looking pretty awesome and lets face it, any time you don’t have to work for an extended period of time but are still getting paid is pretty dope.

Dj Marky & SPY feat. MiriDays Go Slo (track is in Marky player)

Today’s Oldie:
DkayQuiet EarthRenegade Recordings 2002
I know I just did a Dkay one the other day but this is one of my favourite tracks of his.  I don’t like to post oldies without having a link and there wasn’t one for ages.  Thanks to whoever posted it.  Awesome Renegade business.

StunnaInfluenza Media Podcast #12
I listened to this at the gym yesterday.  Don’t sleep on it.  It’s a great mix.  I like the Influenza Media podcasts.


– RIO (M25 + SUBSID)

Recess Anyone?

I have nothing interesting to talk about.  I just have too much work today and I’m annoyed that I don’t get to be outside.  Boo squared.

Fred V – To The Point (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
DkayBlack MagicBrigand Music 2005

Dj MarkyPodcast 17


  1. SPY ft Riya – On Your Mind [Dub]
  2. ?
  3. Calibre – All One Call [Good Looking Dub]
  4. Makoto – Good Old Days [Innerground Dub]
  5. Marky & SPY ft Madame Miri – Days Go Slow [Innerground Dub]
  6. Logistics – Murderation [Hospital Dub]
  7. Lynx & Kemo ft Master X & Simon Wiggins – Hotriders [Soul:R]
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. ?
  11. ?
  12. Jonny L – Intasound – [XL]
  13. Original Sin & Taxman – Seen [Ganja]
  14. SPY – Sunship [Spearhead]
  15. Claudia – Deixa Eu Dizer [Odeon]