Christmas Card Kiki

I tend to get bored pretty quick so I changed my page again.  Nothing fancy.  Just switch up the look a tad. 🙂

I’ve been doing my Christmas cards all morning.  I don’t really usually send any but then people started sending me some so I of course have to send one in return.  I pretty much only send them to people in different countries or out of state.  If you live in the same state as me, sorry but you’re not getting one.  LOL.  My presence will have to do. 😉

Cinematic – Straight Time (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
DkayCasaliBrigand Music 2005
Not that old but I was just listening to it yesterday and figured it would do for today.

NaibuBreakbeat Exploration Guest Mix #4


01 – Seba – Dangerous Days [Warm Communications]
02 – Dillinja – Silver Blade [Prototype]
03 – Triad – Out Of Scale [X-Tinction Agenda]
04 – Photek – Knitevision [Science]
05 – Circa – Zone [??]
06 – Implex & Enei – Control [31 records]
07 – Omar ft. Estelle – Lay It Down (Triad remix) [Phunkfiction]
08 – Klute – Silent Weapons (Photek remix) [Certificate 18]
09 – Naibu – Along [Horizons]
10 – Teebee – Tsunami [Subtitles]


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