Stoneage Kiki

My internet and cable just came back.  Thank god!  I was so bored.  A majority of my loafing about my apartment involves watching telly or surfing the internets. 🙂

I’m playing Shakedown at  Smart Bar tonight.  Come.  Me, Stunna, Submorphics, Lamebrane and Radiata.

LM1November Studio Mix


1. Requiem-Synaethesis (OutsiderCD003 dub)
2. KMC – Rotate (Micro Deep Beats dub)
3. Hoax – Southern (dub)
4. Derrick & Tonika – Luna Park – (OutsiderCD003)
5. Trax – Forward Motion – (OutsiderCD003)
6. Method One & Stunna – Travelogue (Vampire)
7. Johnny Beverton – Whatever You Want (Offworld dub)
8. Method One and Besk One – Between 2 Worlds (Vampire)
9. Decem & Glen Easton- Star City (dub)
10. Seba – Alpha 34 (Secret Operations)
11. Proluxe – Flight Of Love (Intelligent dub)
12. Kyro – Dark Desire (Redmist dub)
13. Solar Empire – Spellbound (Redmist dub)
14. Arje – Infinite Recursion (v16) (Offworld dub)
15. Lm1 feat. Jett – Tommorow (Vibez dub)

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