Partytime Kiki

I survived summer classes.Β  Woot.Β  It was touch and go there for a while.. πŸ˜‰Β  There’s 3 weeks before fall semester starts and I’m relishing in that little time to enjoy my summer holidays.Β  Like I’ve said before, any day where I don’t have to think about whether or not I did my homework or read the numerous pages in my textbook is a lovely one.

In dnb land I’ve become a robot.Β  LOL.Β  I was reading so much and doing so much work for school that I would just have a line of mixes that I was playing to keep me sane.Β  I’m so glad that the days of not being able to find dnb mixes to listen to are over cuz the past couple of weeks would have been pretty rough!Β  Big ups all the other bloggers out there that help us dnb maniacs find mixes and tunes to download and listen to. ❀

I’m happy to report that there is a wicked dnb event tonight which coincides perfectly with the start of my summer holiday.Β  Yes!Β  Tonight I will be enjoying cocktails with my besties and listening to dnb very loudly.Β  If you live in Chicago, you should be doing the same.Β  No cover, Caculon, Stunna, Submorphics, Radiata, Midway, Dr. Groo and MC Question Mark.Β  Can’t really beat that folks.

The Insiders – Limelight

Today’s Oldie:
Dillinja (Trinity)GangstaPhilly Blunt 1995

NymfoDj Broadcast Podcast


01. Friction – Someone (Rockwell Remix) ❀
02. Calibre – All Day
03. Marcus Intalex – Airborne
04. Rido – Core
05. The XX – Shelter (Alix Perez & Khanage Bootleg)
06. Break – Something New
07. Gridlok – Insecticide
08. Nymfo – Resolve
09. Martyn – Wonder Why
10. Marcus Intalex – Stark
11. Calibre – Reno
12. Nymfo & Cern – Proton Pack
13. State Of Mind – Ronald Reagon
14. Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt Bootleg

Irish Kiki

I used to really love McDonald’s annual patty’s shamrock shakes but last year I had a really gross one and it ruined it for me.

Happy St. Patty’s day.Β  I wrote this yesterday so I could just publish the draft from my phone and not have to boot up my geriatric laptop.

If you’re in Chi today you should come to Neo and support the return of Shakedown.Β  Subsonik, Stunna, Lamebrane, Midway, Radiata and Subverb will be on the decks.

Phobia & JubeiDouble Time (track is in Phobia player)

Today’s Oldie:
PendulumBack 2 YouTimeless Recordings

June MillerFabricLive Promo Mix


01. Sabre & Alix Perez – Javelin [Critical]
02. Phace – My Arae [Neosignal]
03. Sabre – A Wandering Journal (Rockwell RMX) [Critical]
Dan Harbarnam – Rendering the Garlic Boy [Cylon]
04. Sabre – Peril (Stray RMX) [Critical]
Rockwell – Tribes [Critical]
05. FD, Hydro & Keza – Remorse [Critical]
06. CJ Weaver – 6,000 Degrees [Subtle Audio]
07. Flatliners – Twisted Dreams [Break-fast Audio]
08. Stray – Saturday [Critical]
09. Data – Burning Paradise [Blackout]
10. June Miller – Nine [Inside]
11. Furi Anga – Spark and Flame [Shady Brain]
12. Breakage ft Kemo – Temper [Digital Soundboy]
13. Loxy, Ink & Genotype – Yellow Eyed Demon [Cylon]
14. Myrkur & M3t4 – Grains (June Miller RMX)
15. Mode – Overtures [?]
16. Spherique – Snowflakes Catcher [?]
17. Scuba – Tense (Ramadanman RMX) [Offshore]
18. Anile – Lessons to Become [Deep Soul Music]
19. June Miller – Neurosis [Horizons]

Stoneage Kiki

My internet and cable just came back.Β  Thank god!Β  I was so bored.Β  A majority of my loafing about my apartment involves watching telly or surfing the internets. πŸ™‚

I’m playing Shakedown atΒ  Smart Bar tonight.Β  Come.Β  Me, Stunna, Submorphics, Lamebrane and Radiata.

LM1November Studio Mix


1. Requiem-Synaethesis (OutsiderCD003 dub)
2. KMC – Rotate (Micro Deep Beats dub)
3. Hoax – Southern (dub)
4. Derrick & Tonika – Luna Park – (OutsiderCD003)
5. Trax – Forward Motion – (OutsiderCD003)
6. Method One & Stunna – Travelogue (Vampire)
7. Johnny Beverton – Whatever You Want (Offworld dub)
8. Method One and Besk One – Between 2 Worlds (Vampire)
9. Decem & Glen Easton- Star City (dub)
10. Seba – Alpha 34 (Secret Operations)
11. Proluxe – Flight Of Love (Intelligent dub)
12. Kyro – Dark Desire (Redmist dub)
13. Solar Empire – Spellbound (Redmist dub)
14. Arje – Infinite Recursion (v16) (Offworld dub)
15. Lm1 feat. Jett – Tommorow (Vibez dub)

Bday Bash Kiki

If you’re in Chi tonight the ONLY place to be is Lava…Β  Okay not really but I would love it if you came out to hang out and enjoy some dnb.Β  I think it’s a good opportunity for all my buddies to come and celebrate my bday with me.Β  I am mixing from 10 to 11 and Calculon and Radiata are playing as well.Β  Woot.Β  πŸ™‚

Today’s Oldie:
Rufige KruManslaughter (Grooverider Rider Proto ’96)Reinforced 1996
This track is sick.Β  I own it and I love it to pieces.Β  I try and mix it all the time but it is so slow.Β  Even on +8 I’m still pushing the record.Β  LOL.

I wasn’t going to post this cuz I know sometimes I tend to go on Random Movement overloads, but this mix is awesome.Β  I wish I was at the show.Β  I was running around for like 2 hours yesterday and listened to the whole thing on my ipod and it was dnb bliss.Β  Enjoy.
Random MovementThe Melody Inn


01. Random Movement – Waterlogged [Innerground]
02. Random Movement – Used Illusions [Dub]
03. Nu:Tone – Mercy Mercy [Hospital Dub]
04. Stunna – Back In Time [Outsider]
05. Will Miles – Always Bet On Black [Dub] ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ I really love this tune
06. Firefox & 4 Tree – Warning [Philly Blunt]
07. DJ Die – Something Special [V Recordings]
08. Total Science Feat. MC Conrad & Bungle – Soul Patrol*
*[Sunny Side Up Mix] [CIA Soul]
09. Random Movement – Roulette Addiction [Dub]
10. Tyler Straub – 2009 – [Dub]
11. Calibre – P.U.R. [Pissed Up Raver] – [Revolver Records]
12. DJ Die & Suv – War & Peace [V Recordings]
13. S.P.Y. – Moving in Circles [Soul:R]
14. Random Movement – Revealed [Dub]
15. Michael Jackson – Butterflies (A-Sides Tribute Remix) – [Dub]
16. Danny Byrd – Planet Music [Hospital]
17. Blue Skin – Singapore Sling [Liquid V]
18. Peshay – Nocturnal (Back on the Farm) [Metalheadz]
19. DJ Die – Reincarnated (RMX) [Full Cycle]
20. Wax Doctor ??? Doc Scott ??? Peshay ???
21. ??? – ???
21. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Follow My*
*Own Path, Dig My Own Grave [Dub]
22. Random Movement – Cuttin’ Through Hackney [Innerground]
23. Spectrasoul – Insignia [EXIT]
24. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – To Create A Mood [Innerground]
25. DJ Die – Clear Skyz [Full Cycle]
26. Marky, S.P.Y. feat. Madame Miri – Tapestry [Innerground]
27. ??? Makoto ???
28. Nu:Tone – Balaclava In My System [Hospital]
29. 4 Hero – 9Γ—9 (Marcus Intalex & ST Files remix) – [Reinforced]
30. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Saturated Fats [Dub]
31. S.P.Y. – Slum Dub [Soul:R]
32. Random Movement – Psychedelic Drainpipe – [Innerground]
33. Un-Cut – Chinese Silk (Calibre Remix) [Wired Productions]
34. Marky & S.P.Y. – Riff Raff [Innerground]
??? – ???
36. Rufige Kru – Riders Ghost [Metalheadz]
37. Seba ??? ft. Robert Manos – ???
38. Sable Gray – 3 Can Win
39. Heist Ft. MC Fats – While You Wait [Liq-Weed Ganja]
40. Dave Owen & Johnny Utah – This 1 [Dub]
??? – ???
42. Klute – Phone Call (Matrix remix) [Certificate 18 Records]
43. Lenzman & Riya – Open Page [Metalheadz]
44. Redeyes & Lenzman – High & Low [Integral]
45. Calibre – What U Need [Creative Source Records]
46. Calibre – Feeling Happy [Signature Recordings]
47. High Contrast – Return of Forever [Hospital]
48. Klute – Now Always Forever (Calibre Remix) [Commercial Suicide]
49. Alix Perez – Magnolias [Bassbin]
50. Random Movement – Hotter Measures [Dub]
51. Random Movement – Change For The Train Home [Innerground]
52. Random Movement – Machines Meek Magic [N/A]
53. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Rattled System [Integral]
54. Random Movement – Stare at the Sun [Timeless]
55. Saburuko – Clintos Basement [Inside Recordings]

Funky Kiki

It’s funny how you can be completely oblivious about categories of music.Β  There’s just so damn many.Β  Just the other day Radiata used the term skullstep and I was completely clueless.Β  I’m so liquid funk til I die that most of these terms are lost on me.Β  Skullstep can pal up with clownstep as far as I’m concerned.Β  Just not my cup of tea.Β  I don’t like weird, noisy, scary, angry dnb.Β  This is something that you have definitely learned about me by now, right?Β  Pretty, pretty, pretty, that is definitely what Kiki is about. πŸ˜‰

I was listening to 1xtra this weekend as I cleaned my place and I tuned in to Dj Target’s show.Β  He kept talking about UK Funky and I was unaware that this was a music category.Β  I recognised the tunes.Β  I am a Crazy Cousinz fan.Β  I think that I posted a track of theirs sometime last year even.Β  I was just unaware that they had a category name.Β  LOL.Β  Regardless I’m digging it. (Daniela I feel like you might like this genre.)Β  To be honest they were the types of non-dnb tracks that I was digging anyway.Β  I just like that now I can look under a specific category and prolly find stuff I like.

Loving this one right now.Β  Girly, pretty, dancey, wicked.Β  Woot.Β  Big up Meleka.

Meleka – Go (Crazy Cousinz Remix)

Back in dnb land… I’m excited for the Raiden show here in Chicago on thursday.Β  Raiden has been popping back and forth thru Chicago as he goes on different legs of his tour.Β  I’ve been fortunate enough to hear different snippets of him practising and he sounds wicked.Β  Really good tracks and just overall nice mixing.Β  You cant be crap anyways when you’ve been around as long as he has.Β  He’ll be at Smart Bar tomorrow.Β  I’m not going to lie… I can do without the openers.Β  I’m sure they are wonderful people but I just don’t have the tolerance for noisy dnb anymore.Β  I am a senior citizen dammit.Β  Like I said at the beginning of this post rowdy, loud, noisy, scary dnb is no longer in my vocabulary.Β  I’m just going for his set. πŸ™‚

I’m still trudging through mixes.Β  I’m so so behind.Β  LOL.Β  Bad Kiki.

SKS – Wiseman (track is in player)

Hiten – Turnover (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Future CutOverloadRenegade Hardware 2000
Loves it.

NymfoLive @ RBT


01. Spirit – Eastern Promises
02. Nymfo + Cern – Proton Pack
03. S.P.Y. – The Boy Who Cried Wolf
04. Break + Fierce – Hooligan
05. Nymfo – Social Isolation
06. SKC – Off Guard VIP
07. Proxima – Deep Space
08. Chris SU – Bandpassed
09. Nymfo – Flying Fortress
10. Martyn – Wonder Why
11. Break – Re-tech
12. S.P.Y. – Elite Squad
13. Phobia + Jubei – Cooper’s Dream
14. DJ Die – Clear Skyz (Break remix)
15. Icicle – Frozen
16. Ram Trilogy – Human Future
17. Lomax – Mercia
18. SpectraSoul – Mimic
19. Spirit – Spark
20. Proxima – Serengeti
21. Break – Empire
22. Dose + Menace – Pick Up
23. Ed Rush + Optical – Goodfoot
24. Proxima – You Ain’t Ready

Red Alert Kiki

No more wildin out… EVER. Remember that night that I stayed out til 5:30 a.m.? Well I got a fucking red light violation. Lame. I wish that shit didn’t take so long to process. My car is registered in my mum’s name and she kindly called to inform me of my $100 ticket that she received in the post yesterday. I guess that’s what happens when you’re rushing home cuz you have be at work in a couple of hours. Boo squared.

Last night was fun. I actually enjoyed Amit’s set. I got the news yesterday that Seminar is finishing. No more wednesday dnb night. I’m really bummed out about it. It’s been awesome to have, a local bar that I love, all my friends go to, and is a 5 minute walk from my house, be host to my weekly dnb outing. I’m just too fucking old to be traipsing around the city to go to dnb nights. I like to support my friends so I know I’ll still go out to dnb nights at other places but I can guarantee you it won’t be every week if it’s not within walking distance from my house. Sad. Sad that I’m a boring old cow and sad that my dnb weekly outings are finito.

Naibu – Piper Dream (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
AmitDual SenseCommercial Suicide 2003
I’m still in an Amit mood I guess. This track is dope.

RadiataBBS Bookings Podcast Feb 2009


01 Mixmaster doc – The Shakedown
02 Sinistarr – Recovery
03 L.I.S – Applefingers
04 Calculon – Lost
05 Klute – Ashram
06 The Square – Soul Crash
07 Noah D – Summon Riddim
08 Re:criminate – Linear
09 C.A.B.L.E. – Signifcant Other
10 Sight Unseen – Here 2 Stay
11 Break – Ringing Ears
12 Gridlok – Deadpan
13 Mayhem – Call my Bluff
14 Mayhem – Shibuya
15 Kubiks & Zetek – Final Thought
16 Edward Oberon – Fatal Hour
17 Mutt – Pin Drop
18 Sinistarr – Golgo 13
19 Electrosoul System – Bookworm

Productive Kiki

I’m on a roll people. It’s only 8:37 and I’ve already gotten a lot of shit done. That might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been up since 4:45 a.m. but still it feels good. I stayed late at work yesterday to get my work done so now I get to leave early and that has definitely put a magnificent start to my day. Yay. I’m also just really excited at the thought of not having to work for the next four days.

If you’re in Chicago tonight definitely stop by Lava! It’s gonna be a fun Seminar with Stunna, Submorphics, Radiata & Timid. D&B and Dubstep and all my friends? You don’t have to ask me twice. Black wednesday is definitely one of my favourite nights out in Chicago.


Utah Jazz – Leap of Faith (track is in the player)

Hobzee & Zyon Base – 1000 Paper Cranes (track is in both players)

Today’s Oldie: Absolute Zero & Subphonics – The Code – Renegade Hardware 1998 It’s the day before Thanksgiving so I figured why not get old and dirty and grimy and loud right? Awesome Renegade Hardware oldie. Gritty goodness.


Saw this mix on DOA and it was a nice listen.

Dj GozuNew Horizons


Technicolour – Le Corbusier
Chris SU & State Of Mind – Deeper
Dirty Harry & D Minds – Ghost Town
Mindscape – Vulture
Spectra Soul – The Tube
Dom & Roland – Sanity
Concord Dawn – Choloroform
Bungle – Be Like This
System – Near Miss
Fierce & Break – Keeper
Well Being – Lend Me Your Troubles
Zyon Base & Sol ID – World of Emptiness
Fierce & Survival – Prism
State Of Mind – Floor 14
Optiv – Inertia
Bungle – The Source

Shiver Me Timbers

I swear I said I liked autumn… not fucking winter. It is really cold outside. Dang.

It’s funny when you have these mini moments in your life where you reflect and you’re like, damn I’m an adult. We went out to dinner for Stunna’s bday last night and it was really nice. All I require for my night to be great these days is the company of my lovely friends and a good meal. I can guarantee you that was not the case when I was in my early 20s. LOL.

I’ve been listening a lot to that Paul SG Bios Podcast for the past two days. What a great mix. I know I talk about Paul SG’s production a lot but you should really check it out. Just awesome stuff. Some gems that I’ve picked out from the mix that I love are Touch and Memphis Blues which is a collabo with Caine. Just listen to the mix. You won’t be sorry. πŸ˜‰

Today’s Oldie: Cause 4 ConcernSkewer 2001 Renegade Hardware There’s something really sad and eerie about this track that just gets me. I love it. I remember I played it a lot. I just think all the elements have great impact once they hit your ears. I feel like it’s one of those tunes that you just kinda stand in the club and wish you were standing as close to the speaker as possible so you can just blissfully nod your head. Renegade Hardware was one of my main go to labels back then.

If’ you’re down to party tonight, Stunna’s having a bday jam at Seminar. Come out and hear him and Grand Marquee and Radiata. Should be fun times. πŸ™‚

I’m having a hard time finding a mix today.Β  This Hospital Podcast will have to do.

Hospital Podcast 68


01. London Elektricity – Bare Religion
02. Logistics – Cosmonaut
03. Distorted minds and Dirty Harry – Hoe Bass
04. N*E*R*D – Nerdstep
05. Timmy Vegas – Danny Byrd Remix
06. Chase & Status – Smash TV
07. London Elektricity – All Hell IS Breaking Loose
08. London Elektricity – Fast Soul Music
09. Roni Size – Drity Beatz Street Mindz
10. Commix, Logistics, NuTone – Coffee
11. London Elektricity – Outnumbered
12. Commix – Bear Music
13. Logistics – Eastern Promise
14. London Elektricity – Sat Nav

Tech Tech Tech….Techno

Adam F – Circles

Did you know there was a fancy pants video for this? LOL. This was my first time seeing it.

Everytime I’m thinking of a title for my entry I just let my brain go wild. I was thinking about how much techno I listened to this weekend and then I was like “tech tech tech” and it made me think of Circles. Whenever I break down my thoughts like that, I find it easier and easier to admit that I am indeed crazy. πŸ˜‰

My friend Mike was in town and so I ventured to one of the techno nights to listen to Atomly and Sassmouth. Great music, awesome djs. I actually am quite the techno fan but don’t really have anyone to gimme the lowdown on the new ish like I used to have back in Minneapolis. So basically whenever I get to indulge in some good techno I’m quite content.

I was completely spoiled by Stunna this weekend cuz he gave me some of the tracks I nag him about and some good mixes. I basically spent sunday cleaning my house and listening to my fave tracks and a six hour long bassdrive mix that Stunna had done a couple of weeks back. I’m three hours in, we’ll have to save the rest for when I decide to clean my bedroom. πŸ˜‰

No new tracks to talk about today because I am feeling awfully lazy, but I am happy to listen to the new BBS Bookings podcast.

Pretty slow day.


RadiataBBS Bookings Podcast August


01 Big Bud – Forever – Sound Trax
02 Submorphics – Chicago Blues – unsigned
03 Concept and Shnek – Gold Chain – Sound Trax
04 ATP – Post Haste – unsigned
05 Survival – Back Again – Integral
06 The Square – In Our Minds – unsigned
07 Calculon – Forsite – FF Recordings
08 Amaning – Street Law – Bios
09 Calculon – Mash Dem – unsigned
10 Digital & Lutin – Raggamuffin 16 – Function
11 Noah D – Voodoo 92 – unsigned
12 Carl Matthes & Tyler Straub – Avani – Break the Surface
13 Polar – High Voltage – Warm Communications

DnB Overload! Pt. 3

I told you there were a lot of mixes. πŸ™‚

BBS Bookings has an awesome podcast. You should subscribe to it on itunes. Just search for BBS Bookings and it should come up. They are currently on #9. It features Radiata with Entro MC. Recently on BBP we had this “discussion” about emcees. I love Entro. He totally understands the art of when to be quiet to enjoy the track and when to hype up the dj and the crowd. There’s a lot of emcees that follow that path and that’s great. Unfortunately there’s a lot that don’t do that at all. I’m not gonna harp on this topic. In a nutshell… SHUT UP, I can’t hear the track. πŸ˜‰

BBS Bookings Podcast May ’08 – Radiata & Entro MC


Kali – Take it Slow – ???

Lenzman & Submorphics- Heat of the Night – ???

Eveson – Bluebird – Channel 82

Cubist & ATP – Treat Me – Golden Orb


Atlantic Connection Ft.Random Movement – Destiny Calls – Westbay

Cybass – Japonica – Vibez

Rendered – Kubiks Remix – Trust in Music

Mathematics – Still Ill _ Social Studies

Telemetrik – Rouge City – BSE

I got to work and another lil’ gem was in my mailbox. A lovely all Offshore Recordings set by the one and only Dj Clever. Not too shabby! It’s still only 11:17a.m. and I’ve pretty much got enough dnb to last me the rest of my shift at work… We won’t discuss the fact that I haven’t done any work for the past 2 hours because I’ve been typing these posts. πŸ˜›

Dj Clever – Offshore Mix


01. Deep Blue – Soho Code
02. Echo – Inside
03. Sileni – Twitchy Droid Leg
04. Fanu – Defunct Drums’ Depression Decade
05. Deep Blue – Who Got the Beats?
06. Nucleus and Paradox – Think About It
07. Graphic – 1000
08. Martsman – Ago
09. Seba – Make My Way Home
10. Alaska – Rare Earth
11. Graphic feat. Beans – I Am Metal
12. Mav and Twister – The Tubes
13. Deep Blue – Soho Code (Version X)
14. Sileni – Twitchy Droid Leg (Graphic Remix)
15. Martsman – Step Up
16. Macc – Wrong to Perfection
17. Graphic – Heroine
18. Darkstar – Lily Liver (Starky Remix)