Irish Kiki

I used to really love McDonald’s annual patty’s shamrock shakes but last year I had a really gross one and it ruined it for me.

Happy St. Patty’s day.  I wrote this yesterday so I could just publish the draft from my phone and not have to boot up my geriatric laptop.

If you’re in Chi today you should come to Neo and support the return of ShakedownSubsonik, Stunna, Lamebrane, Midway, Radiata and Subverb will be on the decks.

Phobia & JubeiDouble Time (track is in Phobia player)

Today’s Oldie:
PendulumBack 2 YouTimeless Recordings

June MillerFabricLive Promo Mix


01. Sabre & Alix Perez – Javelin [Critical]
02. Phace – My Arae [Neosignal]
03. Sabre – A Wandering Journal (Rockwell RMX) [Critical]
Dan Harbarnam – Rendering the Garlic Boy [Cylon]
04. Sabre – Peril (Stray RMX) [Critical]
Rockwell – Tribes [Critical]
05. FD, Hydro & Keza – Remorse [Critical]
06. CJ Weaver – 6,000 Degrees [Subtle Audio]
07. Flatliners – Twisted Dreams [Break-fast Audio]
08. Stray – Saturday [Critical]
09. Data – Burning Paradise [Blackout]
10. June Miller – Nine [Inside]
11. Furi Anga – Spark and Flame [Shady Brain]
12. Breakage ft Kemo – Temper [Digital Soundboy]
13. Loxy, Ink & Genotype – Yellow Eyed Demon [Cylon]
14. Myrkur & M3t4 – Grains (June Miller RMX)
15. Mode – Overtures [?]
16. Spherique – Snowflakes Catcher [?]
17. Scuba – Tense (Ramadanman RMX) [Offshore]
18. Anile – Lessons to Become [Deep Soul Music]
19. June Miller – Neurosis [Horizons]


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