Kiki Roker

Al Roker is a weatherman right?  I swear you would think I’m a meteorologist since all I do is talk about the weather these days but seriously it’s gorgeous out.  I just came in from frolicking around outside…  okay I wasn’t frolicking but I feel like it paints a sunnier picture of how lovely it is outside if I say frolicking.  Bear with me people, the weather is a huge focus for an unemployed person like myself who spends a majority of her time inside her apartment. 😉

Last night was fun.  I miss not being able to go out and hear dnb regularly.  We have really awesome local dnb djs here in Chicago.  Love it. ❤

Nymfo – Matchstick (track is in player)

Rockwell – Stay Calm (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dj RedMad PLOTrouble On Vinyl 1996
I can’t believe I haven’t put this one yet.  I got so sick of hearing it on all those tape packs back then.  LOL.  Undeniably a notable jump up tune though. 🙂

FrictionShogun Audio Podcast 5


01. Lenzman & Jo-s – Fade Away [SOUL:R]
02. Alix Perez – Menacing Ways [SHOGUN]
03. Total Science & Riya – Redlines [CRITICAL]
04. Taxman – Dreamland [LIQ-WEED GANJA]
05. Ascend & Ultravibe -What Kind of World
06. Calibre & DRS – Judgement Day [SAMURAI]
07. Icicle – Xylophobia [SHOGUN]
08. Netsky – I Refuse (Shock One Remix) [SPEARHEAD]
09. Hazard – Against The Clock [GANJA]
10. Need For Mirrors – Gallows [SGN:LTD]
11. Total Science & SPY – Above The Clouds [SHOGUN]
12. K-Tee – Hypnotize VIP [SHOGUN]
13. Notorious BIG – Juicy

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