Content Chaos Kiki

My life is def chaotic at the moment. I’m somewhat content though, so it’s not as stressful as it could be.

This semester will be done in a couple of weeks. My program requires that I do a summer semester, but I’ll still get a two week break, which I’m very much looking forward to.

Shows are back in full force! The Xcellerated lineup this weekend tho… 😮

Getting all my work done early so I can go and proper enjoy myself. Totally thought my eyes were deceiving me when I first saw the flyer. I’ve seen Zero T, Artificial Intelligence and Commix before, but not Redeyes. We know how I love my French dnb.

Very excited to just go listen to great music and dance. 🥰

Up early doing aforementioned work and listening to some Zero T. So many bangers. That Groove Theory tune at the end! 🔥🔥🔥

Don’t mind me, just up raving and doing homework at 3:45 am on a Tuesday. 😂


Isaac & Kiki

Going through a person’s life after they die is a trip. My dad kept everything… EVERYTHING. I found one of his report cards from 1949.

Cleaning out the house is coming along slowly. It’s definitely going to take some time. I’m here to get it done, so I have all the time to do it.

Decided not to go to the house today and do some homework.

Listening to Dreazz & Emery. It’s a track from 2015. I enjoy it cuz it uses the same Isaac Hayes sample from one of my fave Commix tunes “Hung Up.”

The Isaac Hayes original is such a vibe. Good easy listening for a cold, dreary London day. 🥰


Went to see the homie Submorphics on Saturday.  What a fun night!  Great turnout.  Fab lineup.  Awesome tunes.  Props to the Xcellerated crew for a great event!  Maybe me and my old teacher bones will venture out to another event soon.

Spending my Presidents’ Day lesson planning.

Current tune on repeat 😍

Geriatric Kiki

This came on during my morning commute and it really put me in a good mood.  This song is such a vibe.  What a great start to my day. 😍

In other news, the homie Submorphics is venturing back to this side of the pond on tour, and I’m happy to see that LA is one of the stops.  Great lineup!  My old teacher bones haven’t been out to a dnb event in yonks!





I’m having another Commix day.  I never am disappointed by them.  Both of the times I saw them in Chicago were two of the most awesome shows, Empty Bottle and Lava.  Good times.


I love that feeling when a track comes on that you totally forgot about and realise how much you really enjoy it.  For me personally, Commix always hits my melancholy soft spot.  They give me this daydreamy, pensive feeling.  To this day one of my fave mixes of theirs was this 20 min mix they did on Fabio’s show ages ago of all of the tunes that didn’t make it on their Call To Mind album.  Love those dudes.

This tune came on and I totally forgot how lovely it is.  Perfect track for the dreary, wet snowy cloudy day I’ve got going on my end.



Will always love this one too.  I guess I’ll just make my day a Commix one for today. 🙂 (excuse the scantily clad beach babe.  It was the only video I found)


Kiki’s Sorted

I ended up not having to work on saturday which was awesome cuz I really needed a day just to relax.

I did a bunch of cleaning this weekend and caught up on all the mixes that I hadn’t had a chance to listen to.  There’s some awesome tracks out right now.  I actually have a bunch of tracks that I would like to spend money on and that hasn’t happened in a long time. 🙂

Phobia & Sato – Jitter

Today’s Oldie:
CommixHerbieCreative Source 2004

SebaNLDNB Podcast #2


01. Vince Watson – Spores
02. Nusense – Archery (Vampire Audio)
03. Andyskopes & Mr Joseph – Trash Talk (Secret Operations)
04. Spinline – Made Guy (Dispatch Transit One)
05. Seba – Future Sound (Spearhead Ltd)
06. Seba & Method One – Mr Downstairs (Secret Operations)
07. War – Rafale (Tech Noir)
08. Seba – Nostalgia (Warm Communications)
09. Andy Skopes & Mr Joseph – Call For Arms (Secret Operations)
10. S.P.Y. – Fields Of Joy (Critical)
11. Adam Tensta – Ok Wow (Seba Remix) (EMI)
12. Fracture & Neptune – Hot Spot
13. Seba – Vanity (Warm Communications)
14. Keza – Monkey Business (Dispatch Transit One)
15. Seba & Physics – Before I Can Breathe (Secret Operations)
16. Seba & Physics – The Music (Secret Operations)
17. Seba – Welcome To Our World (Spearhead Ltd)
18. LSB – Rolling Sideways (Spearhead Ltd)

Le Fin Du Kiki

Well, it’s not really the end of me, more like Le Fin D’ete.  The end of summer is in full effect.  It’s getting darker quicker, everyone is back in school, Halloween is almost here etc.  I’m bummed but not too bummed I guess cuz my autumn is looking pretty lovely.  I’ve got numerous trips planned that will not be affected by my lack of employment and that is always exciting.  I am just not that excited about cold weather, then again who is though?

Commix – Justified (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Engineers Without Fears (Dj Rap & Aston) – Spiritual AuraProper Talent 1994

You know me, I’ve never met a Random Movement mix I didn’t like. 😉  Enjoy.
Random MovementPodcast 1


Random Movement – When You Come Alive
Zero Tolerance & Mosus – Headspace
Sinistarr – Load Screen
Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – To Create a Mood
Brooklyn – Sidelined
Digital & Outrage – Sensor
S.P.Y – Innersoul
Spectrasoul – Guardian
Glen E. Ston & Dave Owen – Jazz Collab (untitled)
Lenzman – More Than I Can Take
Mixmaster Doc – Blue Dreams
Digital & Outrage – Stand Firm
Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Saturated Fats
Submorphics – Bullets Over Broadway
Edward Oberon – Paradise
Rufage Kru vs. Commix – Justified
Switch – Delayed
Andy Sim – Meander
Lenzman & Riya – Untitled

Dollar Bill Kiki

This new aimlessly wandering lifestyle I seem to have adopted is so odd.  If there’s anything anyone would say about me it’s that I’m usually a stickler for structure.

I’m still job hunting and I’m also doing some work for one of my friends as well as holding on to my current savings for dear life.  I have enough money to last me for a minute but at the same time I’m being quite stingy with my dollars.

It’s actually kinda interesting to not know what’s going on day to day.  I don’t know if I could do this on a permanent basis but for now I’m kinda enjoying it. 🙂

Commix Breaking Through
I could have sworn I posted this already but I was probably just waiting for a sample. Love it.

Eveson – Bluebird (track is in player)
I must say I really like Eveson’s vibe.  Pretty tunes.

Today’s Oldie:
Commix Midas Touch Subtitles Music 2005
I figured I’d continue on the Commix route. This track isn’t as old obviously but it’s still one of my Commix faves.

SoultecJuly Mix 2009


00.00 – M25 & Subsid – Rio (BU Remix) – ?
05.01 – A Sides – One Love – East Sides
08.14 – dRamatic & db Audio – Mesmerized – ?
13.36 – Unknown Vs Love Unlimited orchestra – Never Gonna Let You Go (Remix) –
16.54 – Quantrec & Heavy 1 – Independent – ?
20.08 – dRamatic – key Time Rhythm – ?
23.40 – Brother – Round About Noon – Fokuz
27.35 – Luca – Speak Easy – Red Seal – Music
31.30 – Glen E Ston & Decem – Star City Saga – ?
35.38 – Subsid & L Side – Cant You See – ?
39.10 – soulTec – baby Its You – Telluric Dub
44.05 – Johny L – Microdaze – Monk Recordings
48.27 – Lynx & Kemo – Global Enemy’s (Flaco Remix) – ?
52.21 – MJ Cole – Sincere (Eveson Remix) – Channel 82
55.55 – Layo & Bushwacker – Love Story (Fred V Remix)
59.48 – Unknown Vs Kanye West – Ride Time – ?
63.43 – Redeyes & Random Movement – Groove Thing – Spear Head
66.54 – Stereotype – Nothings Changed – ?
73.48 – Redeyes, Mutt & Random Movement – How Many Ways – Spearhead
77.33 – Jaheim – Put That Woman First (Calibre Remix) –
81.24 – soulTec – You Got Me Sugar – ?
84.56 – Calibre – Mr Maverick – Signature
88.00 – Breakage – So Vain (VIP) – ?
95.28 – Luca – Eastern Highway – Red Seal Music

Last Night….

This song is horrible.  I know this but I still love it.  I’ve already told you that I have no qualms about admitting my penchant for bad music.  

My head hurts.  I don’t know where my phone is.  I don’t know where my camera is.  Hmmm.  Last night = good times I guess right?  Really though.  I had a really good time mixing.  Fun times indeed.  I’m hoping my crap is at Stunna’s house.

Axiom Sputnik

Today’s Oldie:
CommixUndiscoLiquid V 2005

Ross Podcast #2


01. Ross D – Smooth Talker [Playloop Records Dub (“Musical D-lite” album)]
02. Crix – Disco [Dub] 
03. Ross D – The Music [Liquid Brilliants]
04. The Funktastics – Private World [Spin Recordings]
05. Greg Packer – Talk to Kenny [Interphase Digital]
06. Random Movement, Noah D, Mixmaster Doc, Focus – Sacrifice [Innerground Dub] 
07. The Funktastics – Moanin’ [Spin Recordings]
08. Peyo – Old Times [Good Looking Records]
09. Kaleidoscopio – Você Me Apareceu (Gui Boratto remix) [Irma]
10. Ross D – Love Child [Playloop Records Dub (“Musical D-lite” album)]
11. Ross D – To the Stars [Playloop Records Dub (“Musical D-lite” album)]
12. Random Movement – Back in My Life [Innerground Dub]