Boo.  I totally missed out on that Commix mix.  I meant to download it yesterday but never got around to it and then they took the link down.  Gotta be quick, I guess.

It’s Friday.  Holla.  I remember when my coworker at Adidas got a regular 9 to 5, he said to me that the weekends don’t get old and he’s totally right.  After working retail/restaurant jobs for 13 odd years, the thought of never having to work on a Saturday or Sunday is still the most exciting thing ever and I’ve been working at my regular 9 to 5 for a year. 😉

Paul SG & FX909Never Again (track is in Paul SG player)

RedeyesCruise Ship To The Stars (Chris Su Remix)

The track is in the Spearhead Records player.  This remix is fresh. I love it.

Today’s Oldie:
Brockie & Ed SoloEcho BoxTrue Playaz 2002

Dj Kane – Konga – Undiluted Records 2000 (track is in player)
I decided to do a double whammy on the oldies tip today.  I really wanted to just put the whole Showdown EP.  The Undiluted posse brings back so many interesting memories of old rave days in Minneapolis .  I remember Kane and the lot and our excursions to the Mall of America as well as rescuing them from a motel that another promoter had put them in that was hella ghetto.  They swore they heard gunshots and seeing as the motel was located on Franklin Ave., I wouldn’t be surprised.  Oh the good old Jungle Vibe Collective rave days.

Offshore Recordings has a podcast now.  Looking forward to checking out the first installment.

Dj CleverOffshore Recordings Podcast #1

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