Scatterbrain Kiki

Today is one of those strange days where my mind actually has numerous things that I want to write about but I can’t pick one, so instead I’m choosing to write about none of them.  Maybe I’ll be less scatterbrained and indecisive tomorrow… hmmm.

Switch & StunnaNightwatcher (tracks are labeled wrong click on Switch & Henree)

Altered Conduct – Inner Voices – Contour Remix (track is in player)
I heart Contour. 😉

Today’s Oldie:
Dr. OctagonBlue Flowers (Dj Hype Remix) – Mo Wax 1996
I have no clue why I was thinking of this track this morning but it just popped into my head.  Jump up Hype style.  Woot.

Dj CleverOffshore Podcast #2
I haven’t lisetened yet but the tracklist looks awesome.  You should go to if you want to subscribe to the podcast.


Boo.  I totally missed out on that Commix mix.  I meant to download it yesterday but never got around to it and then they took the link down.  Gotta be quick, I guess.

It’s Friday.  Holla.  I remember when my coworker at Adidas got a regular 9 to 5, he said to me that the weekends don’t get old and he’s totally right.  After working retail/restaurant jobs for 13 odd years, the thought of never having to work on a Saturday or Sunday is still the most exciting thing ever and I’ve been working at my regular 9 to 5 for a year. 😉

Paul SG & FX909Never Again (track is in Paul SG player)

RedeyesCruise Ship To The Stars (Chris Su Remix)

The track is in the Spearhead Records player.  This remix is fresh. I love it.

Today’s Oldie:
Brockie & Ed SoloEcho BoxTrue Playaz 2002

Dj Kane – Konga – Undiluted Records 2000 (track is in player)
I decided to do a double whammy on the oldies tip today.  I really wanted to just put the whole Showdown EP.  The Undiluted posse brings back so many interesting memories of old rave days in Minneapolis .  I remember Kane and the lot and our excursions to the Mall of America as well as rescuing them from a motel that another promoter had put them in that was hella ghetto.  They swore they heard gunshots and seeing as the motel was located on Franklin Ave., I wouldn’t be surprised.  Oh the good old Jungle Vibe Collective rave days.

Offshore Recordings has a podcast now.  Looking forward to checking out the first installment.

Dj CleverOffshore Recordings Podcast #1


I don’t really have much to babble about these days.

I feel like maybe I’m way to scatterbrained about getting ready to jet outta town.

I’m running around like Taz, that’s his name right? I’m prone to accidentally deciding things are a certain way so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m wrong and I’m also too lazy to look it up. Basically I keep whirring from place to place and spouting random nonsense. LOL.

I can’t believe how excited I am to see my family. They are dope.

There’s a couple of tracks I’ve really wanted to write about but I don’t have samples and I know that’s annoying but today I’m going to write about them anyways.

Random Movement – RM is killing it these days. Seriously. My fave song right now is Used Illusions. I’ve been coveting it for a couple of weeks and I hear it all the time on Bassdrive. So so so good. Tune in, I’m sure someone will play it or better yet check out his show, wednesdays 5 – 7pm cst. Also Smooth Transitions is fresh and I’m loving Revealed.

Style Control – Devil’s Wind Dope. Love it. Will Miles and Kjell. Nice duo. Check out other tracks in their player.

Today’s Oldie:
RemarcR.I.P.Suburban Base Records 1995
I figured this would be a fitting oldie. I can’t remember if I wrote about this already, I’m sure I did, but whatever, anyways, in my mother’s Sierra Leone culture we celebrate every 5 years after someone dies. My stepfather died around xmas 5 years ago so there’s a huge ceremony this year. I’m kinda into this idea of remembering a loved one cuz it’s not morbid at all. We have a ceremony where everyone tells their favourite stories about the person that has past and then there’s a huge party. It’s pretty fun. Classic dnb tune. Going out to my stepdad.

Already listened to this mix from Offshore’s Dj Clever. Good ish.

Dj CleverMix from In2It in SF 12/13/08

Instra:metal “Photograph” [Darkestral]
Commix “Bear Music” [Hospital]
Randomer “Puritan” [Offshore]
Ed Rush “What’s Up” [No U-Turn]
Liondub & Richie Spice “NY Run Red” [Liondub]
Future Forces “Intensify” [Renegade Hardware]
Instra:mental “The Dead Zone” [Darkestral]
Nucleus + Paradox “Think About It” [Offshore]
Martsman “Untitled” [Dub]
Jonny L vs. Instra:mental “Output 1-2” [Darkestral]
Martsman “Ain’t Her” [Dub]
Stakka & Skynet “Hold It Back” [Underfire]
Dissident “Such A Real World!” [Dub]
Phantom Force “Backlash” [Phantom Audio]
Visionary ft. Peter Rankin “Girlfriend” [Liondub International]
Martsman “Klikoucha” [Offshore]
Mutt “Feelings 4 U” [Horizons]
Martsman “Ago” [Offshore]
Uknown “Suicidal” [Dub]
Sileni “Twitchy Droid Leg” [Offshore]
Amit “Pirates” [Metalheadz]
Sileni “Black Rocket” [Offshore]
DJ Brain “Self Hunted” [Dub]
Martsman “Sir Gordon Jumpmeister III” [Med School]
Imogen Heap “Headlock (High Contrast Rmx)” [Megaphonic]
Shy FX & T-Power “Plastic Soul [D-Bridge Metal Rmx]” [Digital Soundboy]
Resound “Secrets” [Translation Digital]
Dissident “Society of Silver Skeletons” [Hotshore]
Randomer “Seeing Angles” [Alphacut]

Chicken Scratch


This is what we’re working with people. LOL. Hot ass mess. I gotta come up with a better, NEATER, way to keep track of stuff. 😉

Man I was so groggy and tired yesterday. I was making drinks at my place for me, Stunna and Submorphics… Obviously I need to go back to bartending school because my goal was not to get us wasted but just to sit around and have a couple drinks. Anyways, I’m back to normal and guess what? Yep. It’s friday. Holla!

Spinn’s on Bassdrive. Tune in.


Parabolic – Ophelia’s Song (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie: PsidreamSecret LifeOhm Resistance 2004 This was an Ohm v Offshore 10 inch that I played to death. Seriously. I don’t exactly remember what was going on with me around this time but I do know that this track was the soundtrack for my emo period. I know I play a lot of tracks on repeat frequently but this session with this track was ridiculous.

Speaking of Offshore

Dj CleverBBS Bookings Podcast #15


Polar – Uneven – Warm Communications
Hi-Lar – Back on Trip (LXC Rmx) – Offshore
Instramental – The Dead Zone – Darkestral
Physics – Dreamworld (D Bridge Rmx) – Blindside
Thee Darkestral – Remote Value – Dub
Ed Rush, Trace, and Nico – Mad Different Methods – Nu Black
Martsman – Disharmonic Anti Anthem – Offshore
Calibre – Sokitume – Signature
Dissident & Engage – LHC – Dub
Polar – High Voltage – Warm Communications
Martsman – Klikoucha – Offshore
Sileni – Twitchy Droid Leg – Offshore
Martsman – Untitled – Dub
Deep Blue – Soho Code Version X – Offshore
Dissident – Society of Silver Skeletons – Hotshore
Martsman – Some Minimal Business (LXC Refix) – Subtle

“I’m The One To Blame”

Came into work early today. Got a lot of crap to do. Better get to it. 🙂


Black Sun EmpireFiring Squad (SKC Remix)

I’m going to Seminar tonight for a little dubstep presha! Should be good times. Clever from Offshore is playing along with Cringer and BRC. If you’re in Chi you should come out. You know you’re pretty much guaranteed to see me at Lava on wednesdays… It’s a 5 minute walk from my house dammit!

Today’s Oldie: Everything But The GirlBlame (J Majik Remix) – Virgin 1999 I can tell you where I lost every record I’ve ever lost. LOL. The whole losing of the record is always so traumatic for me (god I love to exaggerate) that I remember the moment like it was yesterday. I love this remix. Like love love love it. It just evoked such a happy warm feeling that I always got excited when it came on. I loved the Everything But The Girl original and I just think that J Majik did a lovely job with the remix. I mixed at this huge new years eve party that year. It was about to be ’00 and the party was just insane.  I had a blast but there was seriously like 12 of us mixing from around 9pm to about 6am and all our records got mixed together due to the debauchery that was taking place. I’m usually pretty anal about watching over my records but these were all my really close friends so I was kinda lax about putting them away. When i got home the next evening, yes next evening, LOL, I was putting my records away and that record was nowhere to be found. It was part of a remix LP and I only had the other record with the other remixes that I didn’t like on it. Boo. I remember hounding Jimmy about whether or not he’d seen it and was so gutted. Lame. I know one of my friends probably has it but their record collections were all ridiculously huge and there wasn’t really any intense hunting going on to find it. I couldn’t find another copy of it around that time and just was so bummed. I had actually forgotten about it until today. I just found a copy online and bought it. Yay. This oldies section is doing wonders for replenishing my record collection. 😉

Operon – Australian Atmospherics Bassdrive 11/10/08



01. Kubatko – ‘Flying Without Wings’ (red mist)
02. Electrosoul System – ‘So Close’ (fokuz)
03. Glen E Ston – ‘Glow AM’ (dub)
04. Smote – ‘Living Soul’ (red mist)
05. Paul T – ‘Thirty Something’ (dub)
06. Switch – ‘Documents’ (fokuz)
07. Operon – ‘Want To Dance’ (dub)
08. Invisible Landscape- ‘Sunset’ (dub)
09. Well Being – ‘Without a Doubt’ (fokuz dub)
10. Kharm – ‘Elisa’ (dub)
11. Donnie Dubson – ‘Say Goodbye’ (fokuz)
12. Paul SG & Eros- ‘Green & Blue’ (dub)
13. Operon – ‘Whats The Soul’ (Vibez dub)
14. Spherique – ‘Falling Leaves’ (dub) Still really loving this one. That vocal is so pretty.
15. Subside – ‘Quiet’ (dub)
16. Brother – ‘Reversal’ (fokuz)


01. Craggz & Parallel Forces – Lost in Translation (Valve)
02. Raw Q – Vital Soul (Bingo)
03. Jaheim – Put that Woman First – (Calibre Remix) – (white Label)
04. Total Science & Marky – Tunnel Vision (CIA)
05. Greg Packer – Colourblind World (Interphase)
06. Dj Marky and Bungle – Back Like That – (White Label)
07. Random Movement – Her songs (Innerground Records Promo)
08. Solar G – Liquid Soul (white Label)
09. Makoto – Freedom Suite (Goodlooking)
10. DJ Roots e Theego – Sorriso de For V.I.P. (white Label)
11. Cinematic & P-R-S – Luminous Colours (Have-a-Break Recordings)
12. Ben Mono feat Bajka – Suburban Resident (Dharma One Remix) (Compost Records)
13. Bungle – Good Times (Liqweed Ganja)
14. Incognito – Raise (Nerada)