I don’t really have much to babble about these days.

I feel like maybe I’m way to scatterbrained about getting ready to jet outta town.

I’m running around like Taz, that’s his name right? I’m prone to accidentally deciding things are a certain way so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m wrong and I’m also too lazy to look it up. Basically I keep whirring from place to place and spouting random nonsense. LOL.

I can’t believe how excited I am to see my family. They are dope.

There’s a couple of tracks I’ve really wanted to write about but I don’t have samples and I know that’s annoying but today I’m going to write about them anyways.

Random Movement – RM is killing it these days. Seriously. My fave song right now is Used Illusions. I’ve been coveting it for a couple of weeks and I hear it all the time on Bassdrive. So so so good. Tune in, I’m sure someone will play it or better yet check out his show, wednesdays 5 – 7pm cst. Also Smooth Transitions is fresh and I’m loving Revealed.

Style Control – Devil’s Wind Dope. Love it. Will Miles and Kjell. Nice duo. Check out other tracks in their player.

Today’s Oldie:
RemarcR.I.P.Suburban Base Records 1995
I figured this would be a fitting oldie. I can’t remember if I wrote about this already, I’m sure I did, but whatever, anyways, in my mother’s Sierra Leone culture we celebrate every 5 years after someone dies. My stepfather died around xmas 5 years ago so there’s a huge ceremony this year. I’m kinda into this idea of remembering a loved one cuz it’s not morbid at all. We have a ceremony where everyone tells their favourite stories about the person that has past and then there’s a huge party. It’s pretty fun. Classic dnb tune. Going out to my stepdad.

Already listened to this mix from Offshore’s Dj Clever. Good ish.

Dj CleverMix from In2It in SF 12/13/08

Instra:metal “Photograph” [Darkestral]
Commix “Bear Music” [Hospital]
Randomer “Puritan” [Offshore]
Ed Rush “What’s Up” [No U-Turn]
Liondub & Richie Spice “NY Run Red” [Liondub]
Future Forces “Intensify” [Renegade Hardware]
Instra:mental “The Dead Zone” [Darkestral]
Nucleus + Paradox “Think About It” [Offshore]
Martsman “Untitled” [Dub]
Jonny L vs. Instra:mental “Output 1-2” [Darkestral]
Martsman “Ain’t Her” [Dub]
Stakka & Skynet “Hold It Back” [Underfire]
Dissident “Such A Real World!” [Dub]
Phantom Force “Backlash” [Phantom Audio]
Visionary ft. Peter Rankin “Girlfriend” [Liondub International]
Martsman “Klikoucha” [Offshore]
Mutt “Feelings 4 U” [Horizons]
Martsman “Ago” [Offshore]
Uknown “Suicidal” [Dub]
Sileni “Twitchy Droid Leg” [Offshore]
Amit “Pirates” [Metalheadz]
Sileni “Black Rocket” [Offshore]
DJ Brain “Self Hunted” [Dub]
Martsman “Sir Gordon Jumpmeister III” [Med School]
Imogen Heap “Headlock (High Contrast Rmx)” [Megaphonic]
Shy FX & T-Power “Plastic Soul [D-Bridge Metal Rmx]” [Digital Soundboy]
Resound “Secrets” [Translation Digital]
Dissident “Society of Silver Skeletons” [Hotshore]
Randomer “Seeing Angles” [Alphacut]

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