Momiji Kiki

I’m not too bothered by there being no seasons in SoCal. I am so grateful that I don’t deal with snow anymore that I’m ok with that trade. I do love fall though. It would be nice if I could just go on a “Momijigari” like they do in Japan. Momijigari is going on an autumnal jaunt to see the fall leaves.

Doing homework. Listening to some Smote. I used to be OBSESSED with this one tune of his on Innerground from back in the day. More than happy to jump back on the Smote train. 😊

I also listened to this mix while I was at the gym this morning. Not only do I love Zero T’s tunes, but I also really love him as a dj. His sets are just so good. 🥰

He plays Break’s Squash remix towards the end. That remix really is amazing. Still got it on repeat!


California Kiki

Back in LA. Looks like I left London at the right time, as the temp started dropping and a new variant wanting some attention. I lived in the Midwest for over 20 years, and 4 years in LA has made me forget what life in negative temps is like. 😂 That damp wet cold that showed up in London when I was leaving had me acting a straight fool. You would think I never experienced walking to the train with prickly cold cheeks as the wind made me cry.

I do feel a little less anxious about my dad’s estate. There’s still a long road ahead, as there’s still a lot of unfinished business, but it’s nice to get a little more clarity and closure on the house sitch.

It’ll be 1 year since he died in a couple of weeks, and it’s been hard that it’s taken this long to sort some of these things out. I have an amazing support network and I just have to trust that everything will work out like it needs to.

Planning some lessons for my classes that I have to teach tonight, after not having taught in almost 6 weeks. 🙃

This Flowanastasia and Nymfo hitting a little too on the nose for me today. 😂

Also really vibin’ to this Break remix.

London Kiki

So I made it here safe. Thankfully the COVID travel process for fully vaccinated was stress-free which really lifted a lot of the anxiety with coming here. When I was going to Sierra Leone for my dad’s funeral, the whole test process added to the grief and was a complete nightmare.

I had a huge assignment due for school, so I spent all week working on that and didn’t really see anyone. I only spent one day at the house going through Dad’s things. It was quite emotional going to the house and having him not be there. I did find some letters that he had saved from me and my siblings from when we first moved to America. They were very sweet and funny. I love that he saved them.

It’s rainy and I’m just lazing around listening to some DLR and reading this week’s chapters.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Don’t Hate Kiki

Do you hate me?  Please don’t.  The blatant neglect is not intentional I swear!  I want to say that I will just get rid of this blog all together but then there are random days like today where I actually have a free mo and decide to write.  I think I just feel guilty that there was a time almost 4 years ago that I was able to write about my dnb obsession every day and then all of a sudden I got all grownz up and am too busy to chat incessantly about my love for it. 😦

Enough with the emo confessions.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  🙂  Sorry I didn’t do a top tunes list for last year but I really don’t have as much of a tally of tunes as I used to seeing as  I don’t write every day anymore and therefore didn’t have enough data to make a proper list.

School has started again.  It’s busy and it’s hard but i’m not as unprepared for how hard these classes I’m taking are as I was last semester so I’m not depressed and I’m ready to take this semester head on.  Woot!

I have been listening to so many mixes as usual.  It’s so easy to live in a blissful dnb cloud these days as we have access to so many mixes and so many radio stations.  Gotta love it.


Eveson – Deeper Green
This song is hella old but I see that it finally got released on the new Liquid V Club Sessions Vol. 4 CD.  I’ve loved this tune for so long.  ❤  So pretty.

Today’s Oldie:
EvesonLazy DayzAvalanche Recordings 2007
Not that old but I’ve got Eveson on the brain cuz I was working out to an old mix of his this morning.  Good stuff.

Break – Symmetry Podcast 001
Super excited to listen to this one.  Woot.


0:00 Break – They’re Wrong [Symmetry]
4:46 Sato – Clap Your hands
8:27 Mikal – The Chant
9:34 Optiv & BTK – Blindstruck feat Fokus
11:24 Mute & Mako – Form
16:12 Octane & DLR – ?
17:50 Spinline – Untitled
18:46 ?
21:42 Octane & DLR — Stick and Move feat. Focus
25:00 Hydro & Halogenix – Scarlet
>>>> Naibu – Long Way Out
27:36 Blu Mar Ten – Sweet Little Supernova (feat. Rochelle Parker)
31:15 ?
33:07 Silent Witness feat. Sara Mitra — Leave You
37:30 ?
45:15 ?
53:42 Break — Hot Love [RAM]
55:44 Xtrah – Cyrax [Symmetry]
1:00 Break – ?
1:04:11 Break – Something New
1:05:50 Critical Impact – Only Girl [ClearSkyz]
1:09:31 ?
1:12:50 ?
1:15:45 Octane & DLR – Back in the Grind (Cern & Dabs Remix)
1:17:35 Mortem – The Touch (Sabre Remix)
1:19:49 ?
1:22:01 ?
1:26:26 ?

Kiki Raises The White Flag

I admit defeat.  Graduate school is officially the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  I still am enjoying what I’m learning but dang, there’s so much work and it really is becoming a bit overwhelming.  Don’t worry I’m not gonna get all emo.  I’m hanging in there.  I can’t wait til this semester is over though.

Some good dnb shows come up in the Chi so that’s at least something to look forward to.

Always good to see A Sides.  He never disappoints. ❤

The following week Calculon will be back throwing down at Smart Bar.  Love Calculon too.  Will be an awesome distraction to hang out with the dnb homies and listen to some good tunes as finals approach.  If you are in town make sure to come hang out.  You know there are good times to be had!

Been loving this one for a minute.  Nice vocal.

Command Strange & Intelligent MannersMore Than You Know

T.E.E.D. GardenCalibre Remix
I know sometimes I get a bit Calibre happy on the tunes but this one is so pretty I had to post it.

Today’s Oldie:
MatrixCan’t StopMetro Recordings 2002
Old dnb rocks my world.  Love this tune.

Sevin – 1xtra Guest Mix
I just recently started hearing Sevin tracks.  I’m officially a fan.  Loved this mini guest mix on 1xtra.  You’ve prolly already heard it but I’m posting it anyways. 🙂


01 // Penny Giles — Au Revoir Blackbird! [Good looking]
02 // Imagery — Flying Trapeze [dub]
03 // Sevin — Tonight [Rubik]
04 // Mr Joseph — Wondeful Feelin [Liquid V]
05 // Random Movement — Heard it in my head [Rubik]
06 // Flaco — Northstar [Rubik]
07 // Jaybee — Dry Air [Instinct Audio]
08 // Sevin — Really old computer [Soul Deep]
09 // Penny Giles — Momentary Switch [Dub]
10 // Sevin — Lost in translation [Stepping forward]
11 // Sevin — No Wonder [Prestige]
12 // Sevin — Monday Blues [Soul Deep]
13 // Fugees — Fu-gee-la (DnB Bootleg)

Adios 2010, Love Kiki

Happy New Year peeps. ❤

I know it’s a random number but after narrowing down and then checking to make sure there were samples, 16 is what remained. 🙂

(In no particular order)

01. CalibreRose

02. All ThievesStarsZero T Remix

03. A.I.Blind Eye

04. BreakLate Drop

05. Total Science & SPYGangsta

06SPYHot Spot

07. Jubei & Alix PerezUntitled

08. Alicia Keys UnthinkableLenzman Remix

09. BCee & SPYNothing To Declare

10. Marky & SPYThe Doppler Effect

11. NymfoGreetings Starfighter

12. A.I. feat. SteoLet It Be

13. SPY & KasraSurface

14. Craggz & Parallel ForcesTurn The Page

15. Naibu feat. KeyConvictions

16. KjellThe Last Thing

Spring Is That You??

I’m so desperate for winter to go away that I’m excited at even an inkling of sun and warm weather.  It’s sunny and 40 today.  Not bad, not bad.  Keep it coming please. 🙂

BreakLate Dr op

Today’s Oldie:
Jumping Jack FrostOsmosisFormation Records 1994

Zero TFootprints Showcase for Kmag


1. Everything But The Girl ft. J Majik – Blame [Virgin]
2. Doc Scott – Swarm [Metalheadz]
3. Breakage ft. Kemo – Tempa [Digital Soundboy Dubplate]
4. Zero T + FD – After All [Subtitles All Good Things EP]
5. Ulterior Motive, FD + Keza – Sticky Tape [Dubplate]
6. Calibre + St:Files – Devil Inside [Footprints 001]
7. A.I. ft. dBridge – Three’s A Crowd [V Recordings Dubplate]
8. Break – Late Drop [Critical]
9. All Thieves – Stars (Zero T Remix) [Dubplate]
10. Ulterior Motive – 2098 [Subtitles Dubplate]
11. Slam – Positive Education (Zero T Remix) [Dubplate]
12. Digital – Logged In [Dubplate]
13. Zero T + Bailey – Robots (Ulterior Motive Remix) [CIA Dubplate]
14. FD + Script – White Horse [CIA Dk Dubplate]
15. Original Sin – Kiss [Playaz]
16. Dakuan – Chronic Break [Footprints Dubplate]
17. Ed Rush + Optical – Void [Virus]
18. Zero T + Bailey – Wasp Factory [Footprints 001]
19. Ulterior Motive – Featherweight [Subtitles Dubplate]
20. Beta 2 – Cabin Phever [Footprints 002]
21. Zero T + Need For Mirrors – Charlatan [Footprints Dubplate]
22. Zero T + Ulterior Motive – Breach [Subtitles All Good Things EP]
23. Need For Mirrors – Sick In The Head [Footprints Dubplate]
24. Zero T + Mosus – Shallow Grave [Footprints 002]
25. Dwele – I Think I Love You (Remix) [Dubplate]

Janitor Kiki

My new roomate moves in on saturday so I’m in full on cleaning mode.  I’m using this as the perfect opportunity to move stuff around too.  Alas I am also figuring out that the reason that some things are in the places that they are is because they can’t really go anywhere else.  🙂

Dbridge – Wonder Where (track is in player)


Today’s Oldie:
Mask & SwabeCame & Conquered Dope Dragon 1998
Yeh yeh yeh.  Dope Dragon made it’s way back to the oldies.  What can I say?  I really loved that LP.

The SquareStudio Mix Vol. 5


01. On The South – m25, The Square & First Function (Jynx Remix) [Silk]
02. Palm Trees – Andy Sim [Think Deep]
03. I Want It – Remembrance & Microbe [Human Soul]
04. Without U – Peyo & Sks
05. Eleven Yards – Paul Sg [Unsigned]
06. Only U – Stunna & Grandmarquee [Unsigned]
07. Slings & Arrows – Paul Sg [Think Deep]
08. Reconstruction – Arje [Beat Addicted]
09. Good Enough – Trifonic (Glen E Stone & The Square RMX) [Unsigned]
10. Hit The Ground – Fred V [Point9 Audio]
11. Green & Blue – Paul Sg, Eros & Atmospherix [Vibez]
12. Imagination – Andy Sim ft. Naomi Hayley [Unsigned]
13. Dust Storm – Lm1 & The Square [Unsigned]
14. Still Standing – Abm (The Square & Dirrrty B RMX) [Universal Music]

Whistle While I Work

I’ve been a force to be reckoned with this week.  Like I said before, my boss is going away next week and so he’s been piling on the work.  I’ve come in like every day at 7 or so and have just been toiling away.  Employee of the month for sure. 😉

Spectrasoul – AlibiBreak Remix (track is in Spectrasoul player)

Today’s Oldie:
CalibreBulletsSignature Records 2005
Not that old but still awesome.  I woke up with this really somber feeling and this track popped into my head.  I just love Diane Charlemagne’s voice.  As cheesy as it sounds, her vocals really encompass the soul of the track.  The bassline is just so simple yet moving.  I’m no music journalist so I’m sure I should have come up with some better ways to describe this track but whatever.

Found this one on DOA.  The tracklist looks awesome.
RezaMix For


01. Edward Oberon – La Vacca (soundtrax dub)
02. Zyon Base & Hobzee – One Thousend Paper Cranes (samurai dub)
03. Sinistarr & JJ – Logarithm (sonorous dub)
04. Chris Inprespective – Serial Thyme (dub)
05. Atom – Nightflight (sonorous dub)
06. Eveson – Dirty habit (future thinkin dub)
07. Glen E Ston – Lost Love (dub)
08. Smote – Deeply In My Soul (dub)
09. Paul T / Edward Oberon – What Do I Do (dub)
10. Flaco / Glen E Swan – The Girl Can Move (dub)
11. Sabbia feat. Wiosna – Soulmates (Paul T remix)[vibez dub]
12. Phatplyaz – No Name (dub)
13. Paul SG & Andy Sim – A treasured moment (dub)
14. Brother – She Said (fokuz dub)
15. Submorphics – California suite (dub)
16. Deep Jazz – Choose One (bios dub)
17. Statesman – Secret Door (dub)
18. Decem – Papercut (dub)
19. Big Bud – Soulsista (soundtrax dub)
20. Stunna / Smote / Submorphics – Sweet Passion (santorin dub)
21. Sable Gray – Perfect Storm (bios dub)
22. Sinistarr – Park Avenue (dub)